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Apologies for my absence and letting things go by without activity for so long. There's some major upheaval happening with my work the last couple months and it's pulled my attention away, plus left me not in the best of headspaces.

It also seems like I'm not the only one swamped with things in life right now as it looks like the there's been a lot of silence not just here but elsewhere.

I think it's best that this is called for now. I don't have it in me with everything that's going on to give this the attention it deserves, and if I can't devote the time and effort needed I can't expect others to. I'm sorry to those who recently applied and were accepted to only have this end before they could join in.

Down the road, if things calm down with my job and I'm able to refocus on hobbies, I'd like to try my hand at this concept again. But, for now, I think it's only responsible to officially put a stamp on this game.

Thank you for everyone who joined, especially those of you who were intent on sticking around. I hope to see you all again for a game in the future.
he's a postie boy

He's a postie man.
Love seeing a nice, steady flow of posts coming in. I've got some snowstorms arriving this week and I'm still recovering from a week of sickness, but I'll find time between to begin working on my next Spidey post.
So, life's been kicking my ass. I want to stick around here but I'm finding that I don't have the time or energy to devote to this without losing balance in other aspects of my life. And I've been sitting on a 99% completed post for a month now, so if I can't find the time or energy to finish 1% of a post and proofread, that tells me I need to just accept it and move on.

Unfortunately, I'll have to drop out of this. Maybe next time one of these springs up a couple years down the road, I'll try my hand at Static again, but for now I need to make sure I'm finding the right balance between things.

Best of luck.
I wouldn't know what that is because that would require me to post in the first place.
Hound subscribes to the "post and edit in the days that follow" philosophy.
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Guy who checks his Guild notifications at work, says he'll reply to them when he gets home and promptly forgets. Oops.

Apologies for the radio silence lately. Been a combination of very busy and distracted by other hobbies so I haven't made much time to post. Entirely my fault, honestly. I'll hopefully have something up this upcoming Sunday- soo three days from now.

Looking forward to it.

I'm a bit under the weather at the moment, but I'll get my next Spidey post up when I've recovered.
The following players have not yet replied in the OOC or PMed me directly; thus, they will be moved to inactive status tomorrow. After fourteen additional days of no contact/posts, they will be removed from the roster entirely and their characters will be available for others to apply for: @Supermaxx @Natty @Webboysurf @Redcord

On a cheerier note, @Megsychan is accepted as Flag-Smasher. You can add your sheet to the Character tab and begin posting in the IC at your convenience.
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If I don't have something up this week, kick me.

@TGM@Sep Starting Monday, if either of you is unable to get a post up by the two-week deadline, I can move you to inactive status since you're still expressing a desire to participate.

@Bork Lazer Glad to know you're still working on a post for this.
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