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Current I just force Bork or Shiva to RP when I need a GM.
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I think the main thing with any IC is a good pitch, I've joined plenty of RPs because the pitch was good (but rarely do I care about how pretty the thread is).
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Some questions are just curve balls though. Traditionally the answer to "Do you support white supremacy?" is an easy no, unless you're either an idiot or racist or probably both.


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Sounds great!
I am so SO interested in this!

Currently powering through a book about the Terror and the French Revolution so I feel this setup!
I'll try to post over the weekend, just hella busy during the weekdays this week.


Nora had left as the others faded out of the room. They were not her friends. She did not like most of them. And she trusted them even less. They were bound by the promise of coin and Vargas commands alone. Fragile strings, weak ribbons of loyalty that she suspected would tear apart at the slightest tug. She would keep them steady with her blade if she had to. The big man would be useful if it came to it.

She retreated into the small room she had in the back of the Faded Lantern. A small candle burned on the table, just as she always requested. There was nothing to discover in her room and everyone in the Faded Lantern knew better than to try and steal from her. She had only had to teach the lesson once for it to be understood that her quarters were strictly off limits to everyone but the young serving boy that Vargas paid to clean. One lost hand sent a clear message in any language.

Nora had handed a list of supplies to Percy on her way. Some more gunpowder, two bags of bullets, and all that she could think of for an expedition into some ancient ruins. A good length of hemp rope. She expected trouble. She expected a lot of trouble. Bandits seemed likely, other thieves seeking lost treasures. Secrets never stayed secret for very long. Her mind was free from the warm, enfeebling embrace of the wine she had been offered. Her thoughts were clear. She was wary. She trusted Vargas. She trusted his greed, it was predictable, and she knew that so long as they returned with enough coin to pay their debts he would have no interest in betrayal. However, the others she did not trust. They were fat with water. They were drunk with comfort. She would watch them carefully.

She would watch them carefully Nora thought as she settled into an easy sleep. She hoped that the others would be wise enough to spend the night in bed, resting and preparing themselves for the voyage ahead. She was a morning person and she would find them all before the sun had risen.
Val wouldn't have stopped. She wouldn't have listened to the shouted wait, but she was tired. So tired. Running wasn't as fun as she remembered. Running while being shot at was distinctly less fun than she could remember. She panted, leaning against a nearby wall and turned her fading eyes in the direction of the demonic monster that the Frenchman had turned into.

She wasn't sure why he had stopped running. Not at first. She thought the magical command was pretty clear about not stopping. The giant red letters and foreboding verbiage caught her attention right as she was about to toss an insult or two at the sulfur smelling fiend in front of her. She let out a deep sigh and thought for a moment about what to do. Planning was never her jam. She hadn't expected things to get hot so fast. She could feel the gun in leather satchel. It felt heavy and it felt hot. She wasn't going to use it. She wouldn't. She wasn't a killer. She wasn't like the others.

"Fuck it, let's go see what RESTRICTED really means," Val said with a shrug and a cough as she stumbled towards the Frenchman and the door. Hiding was far better than running. The others could be flash, she preferred to vanish into the shadows of some cold corridor.

Fair call, just let me know if this kicks off again in the near future!

I'll toss something up in the next day or two if it's my turn. :D
Yeah, same here, I don't mind waiting for a couple of more people.
Er, just because I know its been a bit, can I get a roll call to see who's still in and up for this RP?

Here and ready to explode enemy mechs. :D
No rush, I'm still here, just always super busy at the start to middle of the week.
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