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Being a sub is much worse than being a regular teacher. Even the first couple of days as the new teacher are better than being a sub, so I totally understand your position. There are plenty of shitty things about that profession, but being a sub is truly down there in the gutter of shitty things.
Nobody is evil. We have this nice layout for posts that @Exit was nice enough to allow us to use, so I think we should use it. I realize that the 'summary', the cards/icons, and all that adds a lot of clutter, but I think we're doing fine so far.

So, we need a couple of additional hits on this Boss/Big Bad and we're good. I believe @Rockette@Archangel89@Salsa Verde are the closest to it, including myself and @DeadDrop, but I'm not going to double-combat-post. I'll pick up on Peter & Christina in my next post, instead.

At some point after all this, I'll do a push-everyone-together kind of post and move us forward into the city. The idea is that they'll find an old, underground facility that seems to have been a collaboration between the Intelligence & Navigation divisions.

Do you work as a teacher? Substitute?
Use this code or I'll kick you out of the RP, god damn it.

Man, I might have to field another character myself if this keeps going.

No problem. Take some time to settle in and see if this forum will be something to invest time in—enjoy!
Thank you! I found this AI art website some time ago: WOMBO. You write some text/words in, choose a style, add a supporting image if you want to, and then it spits out some unique art. If this didn't exist, then making the cards would be a pain in the ass, because browsing for art can take a long time.

This could probably work well with arena roleplays, sure. Haven't thought about that, as the original intent of my 'game system' was to just be a simple anti-godmodding thing, so I don't have to have conversations about that with people. The numbers behind the scenes that I take care of are extremely simple, and it can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be.
Hello, who are you? This game is not a free for all. You have to apply and get approval before posting characters.
Oh, @Exit is the master mind of all these layouts here. At least I asked for permission before stealing it all, heh.

Super. I've got nothing to comment on. Where do you want Falden to be specifically within Astaria? I'll edit the world map with it included. Put your sheet in the character tab when you're ready.

Here's your ic-post banner:

@Salsa Verde
Do you really want to say this in a thread run by a language teacher? Mommy will definitely lose her shit ;)

I made a character banner for Peter. It's in there in the character tab.

Also, I went ahead and structured the code for your post so that we're using the same layout. Seeing as you've got two characters, this code will be a perfect template for you, and everyone else for that matter! If it's just the one character in a post, it can get a bit repetitive with the image, but the damn "quote" line is always off if you don't include the picture. I guess it could be adjusted somehow, but I'm not that smart when it comes to code.

So, here's your post in full. Check the 'raw' button to get it. The summary is at the bottom of it all. Maybe a few words there for us dummies around here with short memory? That would be splendid, love.

We'll keep it unique to Peter. I was thinking about how it fits with the rest of his theme—you know, being around death/eternal sleep. Sleeping is also a good remedy for a slew of problems in people, so it goes well with the healing aspect of his character.
Oh yeah, just look at the aesthetics of this thing. Perfectly on theme with the golden glow/sparkles that you described:

Okay, looks good to me! Put it into the character tab.

I was probing about the sleep effect to see if I needed to make it a proper thing for the combat 'system', and maybe even have its own little card. Would you be okay with others being able to create sleep effects? Otherwise it can be a unique thing to Peter.
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