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In Avalia 3 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Yenworth is bustling with merchants from all over, even into the evening. All sorts of species come here to trade and barter. A few merchants take residence here, but it is mostly a rest spot and a trade center building. Markets galore with all kinds of stalls are all over the place. There is a small brothel named the Yenworth Ladies, that can be found by the docks.

Many sailors port here to rest and eat the Yenworth Inn and Tavern.

In Avalia 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dusk
Location: Roshmi --> The Leaky Tap Tavern and Inn
Interactions:@nasty Nabarra @Helo Orias @CitrusArms Aiko
Equipment: Dress and thigh-high socks(Slits on the inner sides of the sleeves), Black boots, Pouch with amas, Lipstick

"Excuse? No, no, Koldar! I LOVE it! The passion of a woman is fierce and cannot be matched!" Yuka had been all smiles with her elven companions earlier that day. She had graciously took up the pretty male fox's offer to go to a tavern and there they had spent the day. It ended up being a tavern called The Leaky Tap Tavern and Inn. She had heard all good things about the place and was quite excited to find out that had been their destination. Yuka spent a good amount of time flirting with the wolf-demihuman bartender Alatri in order to try to get free drinks that afternoon and ended up getting one or two on the house. It wasn't long before Yuka was a little tipsy and subtlely flirting with her new companions, Koldar his cousin, and Aiko, on and off, while dramatically bringing up controversial topics as if they were nothing, asking the three of them if they enjoyed intoxicant substances other than alcohol.

On a more serious matter of business, she had explained during the day that she was interested in taking down King Kasai and the twin-headed dragons specifically. Her eyes had been lit up with excitement at the idea of vengeance and war. The light-hearted manner she took upon as she was speaking about it all would probably convince a fellow or two that she was referring to a game. Strangly to her comrades perhaps, she had never asked their motives or intentions. As the sun set and the tavern started to get busier, Yuka looked at the three and grinned.

"I'm ready to eat!"Yuka announced and slapped the wood of the bar, "Let's chow down! Oh and mysterious masked lady-"She pointed suddenly at Nabarra, "What's your name, cousin of Koldar?"
In Avalia 15 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dusk
Location: River Port
Interactions:@Tae Raven @baraquiel Ismael @Kazemitsu Kharne @Potter Saoirse
Equipment:Outfit visible from Disguise Ring,Armor(Not visible); Chest plate is enchanted with Armor of Absorption, Map of Avalia, Water Flask, A bag of elf and demi-human ears and tails, Ama pouch with 2000 amas on hand, Three large red potions, Wayfinder, Hygiene supplies, Rose-scented Perfume, Location Sender, Shower Tube, Transmission Bracelet, Bedroll, Water Purifier,Axes with returning enchantment,Her backpack

Annya had struggled to get up once the onslaught on her body had taken. The intense feeling going through her back and ribs convinced her she'd be covered in bruises in no time. She felt dizzy and her head had ached, but she had played it off best she could. After making sure Kharne was alright to travel, she had proudly commended the humans for their amazing work. She had not been able to see too much detail of what had gone on, but she knew they had aided in finishing off the trolls. She immediately pushed for details as they started to move again. In the event of a crisis, it was clear they could be dependable. She couldn't wait to train them to properly wield their abilities to their fullest potential. She wasn't sure how long it would take or even how similar it was going to be to wielding light magic, but if they had already been able to figure out how to summon it, then perhaps it would be quicker than her learning experience.

By the afternoon, the group had arrived at River Port. If Annya hadn't been so nauseous and dizzy from a possible mild concussion, she would have been a lot more excited to be greeted by the sound of seagulls. Luckily she had been there once before and was able to get to the health center first and foremost so that she and Kharne could be treated. That hadn't taken too long thankfully. After paying 20 amas for the services, she led them down the road and to the docks. She gestured to the beautiful ocean with a smile. The sights of many civilians moving about the boardwalk with treats in hand would greet them.

Children laughed as they ran about the sand while others enjoyed the water. Music of a dwarf on the beach played a string instrument filled the air. Annya knew perhaps the humans would be exciting to enjoy such an atmosphere, but she insisted they go into an Inn to rest up for a few hours. She led them to a four-story blue wooden building called "Inn by the Sea." She paid 50 amas for two rooms. Each room had two beds, so she had to pay a bit extra for a third bed in the room for the girls. It would do for the night as they felt out the safety and security of the town. She had scouted it out before and it had seemed suitable, but she wanted to make certain. If all seemed well, she'd make a purchase of a home for them to stay in. Annya then allowed them to make use of their food provisions and rest and chat for the next few hours. However, she left the room at some point for twenty minutes and came back with a transmission bracelet that she had purchased. She immediately handed it to Kharne and insisted he take it.

The sun started to set and Annya jumped to her feet with an energetic smile,"Everyone! I say we go and enjoy ourselves a little huh? Explore? It's been a hard day and I'd like to let you guys enjoy the night. Then we can meet back up here in three or four hours. Four hours at most!"

Annya turned to face Kharne, "Kharne, remember that bracelet I gave you today? We can use that to contact each other. I made sure ours were connected. If you'd like, you can chaperone Ismael out and you two can go explore while I take the girls for a little shopping. This will be a good opportunity, certainly for fun, but also to scope out how safe our surroundings are. "

In Avalia 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

"Welcome to the Odds and Ends of Riverport."

Male Outfits - 60 amas each

Sword - 200 amas

Dungeoneer Pack - 100 amas

Female Outfit - 80 amas

Full Set Leather Armor - 50 amas

Steel Dragonborn Helmet - 30 amas

Dwarf Outfit - 70 amas

Mysterious Potion - 20 amas

Beauty Enchanted Ring - 200 amas

Female Steel Chest Piece - 75 amas

Male Steel Chest Piece - 70 amas

In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
River Port

See Wiki Page for establishments and shops

The smell of salt and moisture in the air had greeted the newcomers into River Port. The sound of seagulls filled the air. The buildings that spanned down the road were humble. They seemed to be housing buildings for the civilians here. The roads here were cobblestone. All sorts of species of people moved through the road. The citizens had been stared with interest as a Helius had arrived earlier that day and two winter fairies had come off with a dwarf. Though this wasn’t too surprising, as another dwarf had come into town earlier that day as well. As dusk had set, the sound of music and laughter filled the air as those who dwelled in River Port sure loved their night life.

In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Time Skip

Day 1: Moonday, Juume 21st
Time:7pm, The Summer Solstice

As the world tried to recover from the declaration of war, the day seemed to settle down for the most part. It became abundantly clear to all of Avalia that King Kasai and the Twin-Headed Dragon had discussed their alliance. King Kasai forfeited his control of his kingdom to the dark elves, as well as his army. His decision was publicly defended by officials as a move to ensure the safety of his citizens but was met with outrage by not only Roshmi but from all of Avalia. Meanwhile, the Sun Elven King and Queen have been kept out of the public eye as the dark elven army has started to close in on their kingdom, estimated to arrive at nightfall.

After the arduous battle with the Trolls, Princess Annya, though weakened, managed to lead her group successfully to River Port, enthusiastically complimenting them on their great work the entire way. After visiting their health center, she moved them to an Inn to rest for a few hours. Meanwhile, Princess Rosaria and those with her managed later in the day to come upon a carriage on a nearby road with a driver more than happy to bring them aboard. Princess Mikazuki would have also most certainly taken her leave with her followers out of Roshmi by nightfall.

Now as we reach dusk, the sun sets with a last explosion of color before the engulfment of night. A deep saturation of warm colors was thrown across the canvas of the Avalian sky as if the Gods were painting, pinks, yellows, and even purple tints detailed the clouds. This art was only momentary, however, as dusk set in over the land, promising starlight to all who gazed upon it.

In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 10am
Location: Jungle
Interactions: Jomari @baraquiel, Caelan @Alivefalling, Rosaria @Potter, Nuallán @13org Aurora @chrysocoma
Equipment:Clothing,Backpack, Sketchbook with drawings, various drawing supplies, iPhone, a PBJ sandwich, charging cable, strawberry pocky, earphones, and a pouch with two rations of food, water flask, a bar of soap and a few other portable hygienic products.

An elf came running from between the trees toward the monster, claiming he was going to distract the monster, only to be grabbed by it a moment later. Sophie's pupils dilated as it picked up the male. "No no no!"She cried and tried to wave her hand again, attempting to make the lightning bolt as she had before, but it was all to no avail. It wouldn't happen again. All she could do was watch in horror as the blood and flesh fell from the creature's mouth. The sounds she heard would probably haunt her forever. Her heart sank as she noticed there were two more trying to fight it for them. She almost called out to the others that they had to go back for them, but she knew deep down that no one had a chance against that thing.

Sophie hung her head, nausea overcoming her. She remained silent for the next ten minutes until Rosaria's voice reached her ears. She glanced up at the woman but did not reply. She slid out of Caelan's grip and stumbled backward clumsily. She then wrapped her arms around herself, trembling in fear and shock as Rosaria told them the name of the creature and that they had been in its territory. Sophie was mildly aware of the pixie that had been hanging on her, moving about her shoulder to jump into her backpack. She couldn't blame the pixie for going in there.

When Rosaria congratulated Sophie, she said nothing about it. Her gaze was pulled to Aurora when she started doing some strange hand movements after Nuallán had spoken to her. The girl began to hum. The world around them soon seemed to be glittering and peaceful, despite what they had all gone through. It didn't take away how ill Sophie felt, but it did soothe her anxiety a little. She gave a small smile towards Aurora to display her gratitude.

Jomari, on the other hand, did not seem soothed at all. She moved on instinct to kneel at his side and rub his back as he vomited.
Once he had finished, he asked, "What the fuck did you get us into?" Sophie wasn't one to word things in such a way, but she felt the same. They were in way over their heads.
In Avalia 14 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 10am
Location: Port Vanarosa; The Ship
Interaction: @Potter Tigerlily @Alivefalling Barboda @Tae Lizzie
Equipment:Black coat with fur trim on the hood, dark-colored, plain male clothing, sword with unbreaking and return enchantments, strength enchanted gloves, 2 medium red potions, hygiene products, timeteller, wayfinder, a flask, standard backpack, accordion, transmission bracelet and an ama pouch with 1740 amas.

Helio glanced at Lizzie as she informed him. It was slightly comforting to hear that their deaths had brought more peace into the world, but it still went against his belief system. Fairies had been raised, even in battle, to kill only in self-defense and spare as many as one could. But if it was all true, that Helio had already sullied his hands with the blood of hundreds, then would anything ever absolve of him of his past anyway? Maybe he was just a doomed man at this point. He shrugged it off as there was nothing to be done about it now, and instead listened to Lizzie's next statement. She made sense in his eyes, if the crew had all been killed, then it could be a long time before people noticed they were gone, especially if they had all been criminals. Still, anyone could tell off that bat that Barboda was not paranoid. For him to be warning them, there must have been good reason.

Barboda then confirmed they were from the light elf army and Helio understood why he was warning them. "The light elf army would never enslave people. If that's who you killed, Barboda, then they'll be here within the day." Helio also now understood that what Lizzie had said, was a lie if Barboda's words held true, which was no shock since she was a pirate. The light elves were stuck up and assholes at times, but they'd never enslave others. If they had been all the way out here, he had to wonder if they had meant to summon humans out here in secret perhaps. Could the man in the cell have been a human that had been summoned? Shouting from below reached his ears and further curiosity befell him as well as Lizzie seemingly.

Then suddenly Lizzie invited them to her quarters, and this interrupted all his productive thoughts. He gave Barboda a smirk and gently elbowed his arm as if to say, We're in.

He followed Lizzie with no hesitation. "Who am I to reject such a polite invitation?
In Avalia 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 10am
Location: Jungle
Interactions:@Tae Raven @baraquiel Ismael @Kazemitsu Kharne @Potter Saoirse
Equipment:Outfit visible from Disguise Ring,Armor(Not visible); Chest plate is enchanted with Armor of Absorption, Map of Avalia, Water Flask, A bag of elf and demi-human ears and tails, Ama pouch with 2000 amas on hand, Three large red potions, Wayfinder, Hygiene supplies, Rose-scented Perfume, Location Sender, Shower Tube, Transmission Bracelet, Bedroll, Water Purifier,Axes with returning enchantment,Her backpack

Annya groaned as she tripped to the ground and hit it with a harsh impact. She attempted to push herself up with determination, only to find herself yanked backward and yanked into the air. The blood rushed to her head as the world became a blur of color. Faster than she could think, she was being smashed into the ground. Dizziness overcame her as a sharp pain filled her body with every slam into the ground. The taste of blood filled her blood and the fast, repetitive motion seemed to steal her perception of the world. One thought managed to pass in the madness through her mind.

No... I can't fail here.

She cried out in pain and frustration at herself as she let light imbue her armor in her desperation. Letting a troll grab you was the worst thing you could do as outpowering one enough through strength alone was near impossible. If Kharne wasn't doing any better, then she'd have to hope that she could burn the troll's hand enough to let her go, but even then, she had no chance to assess how hurt she was. Could she hold it off on her own even then? ...She had to. The humans were counting on her and she could not embarrass herself in front of them.
In Avalia 24 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 10am
Location: Lower-class district of Roshmi, in the plaza right near the Nest
Interactions:@Tae Mikazuki @hide on mana Kuroi @nasty Nabarra @Helo Orias @CitrusArms Aiko
Equipment: Dress and thigh-high socks(Slits on the inner sides of the sleeves), Black boots, Pouch with amas, Lipstick

Yuka’s eyes opened up wide and she grinned down at the approaching vulpine. She listened to his words with some interest, her grin never faltering. What he did not seem to understand was that she had specifically come to the commoners knowing their often ignorance and lack of adequate education. It made a good framework to create gossip. Whether or not what she was stating was truthful did not matter. It did not even matter whether or not they all believed her. The odds were greatest in a populace of commoners that at least a few of them would be interested enough to talk about it. Then it would spread like fire from the bottom up to all of Roshmi just as she planned.

When it came to empathy towards parents losing their children, a King who made a choice to side with his child’s killers was not a good example of that. She had no idea what had been classist about her words, but she was excited to have possibly offended him. Joy filled her and she giggled out loud as he referred to her as prettied up. “Empathy! Woooow!”Yuka repeated and applauded him along with the others, “I sure did get a rise out of you, huh? Hahahaha!”

Looking down at Kuroi, she met his gaze with a smirk as some agreed with Kuroi’s words. She bent her head left and right as she examined him closely with a smile, commenting “I actually like your style! Fantastic work!”It did not matter as she had heard enough applause to her own to know her point had got across. Yuka had a retort to perhaps win back some opinions to further the cause, but none other than Princess Mikazuki came into the battle, doing all the work for her.

Yuka listened as the princess confirmed her words and seemed to even go against her own father publicly, wishing to end the Dark Elf alliance. She was a little thrown off as she had hoped the two of them could have been mortal enemies who had amazing hate-sex someday, but she found herself quite fond and understanding of the girl instead. One could certainly not choose their parents! Yuka had learned that the hard way. The crowd seemed to eat up Mikazuki’s words and started roaring and applauding in even more agreement than before.

”Yes! From the mouth of King Kasai’s daughter Princess Mikazuki! Sooo brave!”Yuka exclaimed, applauding along with everyone else, but she was mostly applauding her own luck. A new challenger approached not too long after that and she spun on her heels as the masked female spoke to her. She had even come up on the roof with her to meet eye to eye, which Yuka appreciated the vibe of a dramatic stand-off. As she spoke, Yuka poked a finger for each point and question she brought up. She sure seemed mad! It seemed like there was someone with a similar mask accompanying her off to the side, down below on the ground. Yuka giggled and closed the distance between them, bounding up to her happily, ” That poor cunt is a-okay! I made sure he landed in some hay. You see I am very thoughtful…” She drew off and gave her a peace sign, winking, ” And very kind!”

”As for the rest of questions… I am totally interested in what you got going on! I’d like to hear more. The more the merrier as they say-Ooooh!”Yuka continued her reply, only to ooo and gasp at the end of her statement as her attention was soon stolen again by someone very stylish in the crowd(@CitrusArms) as the folks in the area started to clear out of the plaza. She waved over the vulpine-like creature that had been spectating, ”Yoohoo! I like you. Come have a chat with us!”

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