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Current He will be a hidden Mudcrab boss in Elder Scrolls VI, coming 2031.
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There'll be a decent Kingdom Hearts RP one day. One day.
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Sorry, spider. Your free trial on life expired as soon as you decided to come down onto the couch.
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You don't like a third party flying in on a car from halfway across the map to shred you after you just barely managed to kill another squad? Funny, neither do I
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Woke up on the floor today, apparently I fell off my bed and didn't even notice lmao


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๐•ƒ๐• ๐•”๐•’๐•ฅ๐•š๐• ๐•Ÿ: M.S Marlow - Main Deck

Having been minding her own business, Isla was taken by surprise as she felt a nudge. It felt a bit wet and cold for a hand, but as a woman who tried to stay positive, she enthusiastically assumed it was an approach to join up during departure! She turned to look at the source of the touch, her sight looking a little too high as she had expected a person, but then her view panned downwards towards the beautiful Ninetails that seemed to just be begging for a pat or two!

Her eyes sparkled, instantly infatuated with the creature. 'This is WAY better!' She thought to herself, the disappointment of it not being a person fading within seconds. Though it caused a chill through her hand, Isla couldn't help but give the snowy gal a good ol' fashion petting. "Ain't ya jus' the cutest thing?!" She said, the petting continuing. "Yes ye are, lassie! Yes ye are--"

Like a flashbang in a damn war zone, Isla had no time to react to a photo being taken. Her excited face turned into a dazed one, cold hand drifting up to rub her eyes though it was a fairly quick recovery. More confused than angry, it at least wasn't hard to find the culprit as he was walking directly towards her! For a moment she squinted at him during the recovery of her sight, but his words caused her face to fall more neutral: And Isla's neutral expression was a resting smile!

"Awh, noh!" She insisted in response to his apology, not wanting that cute 'mon of his in any trouble. "She's jus' the happiest angel! Havenae a problem with me, dear!" Last thing she wanted was for there to be bad terms out here! When an island would barely have a hundred folks on it, you didn't want 'em on your bad side! Besides, it was like that snow angel knew she was looking for some pals; Little compassionate thing doin' favors out of the kindness of her wee heart. Or maybe she just actually wanted the pets, and Isla was trying to justify her thought process.

Before she could actually bring up the situation though, her gaze fell on something else at the sound of a snort. A Machamp, except he was a bit different! Not only large and in charge, but wearing a pretty fancy outfit to go with it! "Och, what's wit' that feller there?" She questioned to the man that blindsided her in the most literal way, until she noticed the big bulky fella gesturing upwards.

Like a goldfish looking at food on the water's surface, Isla's gaze met the waving lass up above. Her hand drifted back to that cute Ninetails for a moment for a few more pets, as she thought about what was going on. She seemed to be gestured for them to come to her? Or one of them in particular? She sure as heck didn't know the lass, so the only other suspect she had was the photographer right beside her.

"That burd wit' you?" She asked, figuring she could go up and investigate if he said no. And if he said yes, well, she'd feel like she did her good deed for the day by lettin' him know! Even if it was such a damn obvious sight that you probably couldn't not notice it. And if they were together, maybe they had space in their group! And if they again, weren't, then maybe they could group up anyways! There seemed to be a lad up there already, from the sound of it. That'd make four? Four was a pretty solid number. She couldn't help but think positively to herself:

'Och, yeah. It's all comin' together.'

๐•€๐•ค๐•๐•’ ๐”พ๐•’๐•ง๐•š๐•Ÿ๐•ค

๐•„๐•–๐•Ÿ๐•ฅ๐•š๐• ๐•Ÿ๐•ค: @Bartimaeus
๐•ƒ๐• ๐•”๐•’๐•ฅ๐•š๐• ๐•Ÿ: M.S Marlow - Main Deck

Isla wasn't a troublesome passenger on the boat, but she had been an extremely friendly one. Over her time spent on board it was hard to not spot here in one place or another, conversing about a certain species of Pokรฉmon or just taking notes on the sea-bound creatures she saw. The sweet taste of the fresh sea air and the sight of the approaching island was making her extremely jittery. As nice as the cruise was, it was far from her current interest, and she couldn't wait to slam her feet down on solid ground. She'd eaten her fair share of food though, and would probably miss the quality when she got to the island.

Her knuckles lightly rubbed from her top lip to the bottom one, listening to the PA system and what information they had to provide. "Safety in numbers, bless that." She spoke to herself, wondering if she should strike up some conversation and find a group for herself. Surely she couldn't be the only one around here that'd be looking! If that was the case, it'd be embarrassing at best for the poor gal. So she set out, eyeing a few potential travelling companions. But as she approached them...

"Moment o' yer time, petal?"

"Sorry, busy getting ready with my group."

"Looks like ya could use a bud for the road!"

"Um, I'm here with friends."


"Sorry, we're full."

Well this was going great!

The researcher pouted to herself for a moment, feeling stuck. Adjusting her sunhat (Which she bought during the cruise, she couldn't resist) she decided to take a moment, as the boat hadn't quite made it to the island yet! She had time, and just needed to calm down a little! What was it if she couldn't find anyone, anyways? She was dependable! She had her best buddies in her bag, it wasn't as big of a deal as she was making it out to be. If it happened, it happened! If not? Well... It wasn't her first solo venture, for sure.

She went for a drink, deciding on a bottle of Pocari Sweat to rehydrate and cool it. The refreshment caused her shoulders to raise in delight, a small but notable smile on her face as she took a second to relax. She noticed someone else coming up to get a drink, but became distracted by spotting a flock of Wingull's. Excitedly she walked past that guy to get a better look by heading towards the railing with an exclamation of "Yaldi!" in an tone most amazed. Sooner than later the flock was gone, flying off into the horizon.

Her path had brought her to another curious sight, though. A rather nauseous looking lass keeping close to the railing, face looking like she was holding back a floodgate! Isla wasn't a full-fledged doctor, but it wasn't hard to identify a bit of sea sickness. Her heart went out to those that had issues with the seas: Such a beautiful thing causing them pain and strife. It stung, in it's own way. She'd spare that one, not wanting to yap up a storm on some poor girl until she pukes: That wasn't considerate at all.

Gaze going back out towards the island, she took an occasional gulp from her Pocari Sweat bottle as she began putting a mental checklist together of tasks to complete once she was off the boat. That wasn't far off, after all.
Mirage & Rika

LOCATION:The Maw - The Depths
MENTIONS: Geralt, Peach, Sakura, Bella, The Proxy

As Peach was rescued by Sakura and Geralt, Rikaโ€™s rapidly constructed plan came to fruition. The lumbering thing, already lured back to the charge by Mirageโ€™s bolt, became utterly infuriated by the crane rumbling and rattling away inside it, and after some smashing and thrashing it got itself into the room with the pit. There, unable to jump or climb up to reach the crane, it became effectively stuck for as long as she kept wiggling the controles, screeching up at the source of the noise with great fury.

The sounds it was making were hideous things, but at least it was adding to the noise in the room, giving the others room to breathe, recover and then escape. With that in mind the ship girl started gesturing with her free gauntlet for them to move out towards the door while she was keeping it distracted, a move that would let them all get out while leaving her behind to make some kind of mad dash afterwards.

Mirage, however, seemed to take this in the opposite way. Rather than run, he took Rika and the Proxy's loud noises as an opportunity to move farther forward. He carefully eyed the Proxy as he moved, the gurgling and stomping being great motivators for wanting to get rid of it. With the others out of the picture, it just meant there were a lot less distractions that could pull the Proxy out of it's cage. So all they had to do was knock him in, like putting a golf ball, or something! He had no intentions of leaving Rika behind to do this herself, who knew what was happening outside the room with all the rumbling? It was very possible Rika would have an issue getting to the exit herself. She wouldn't be the first abyssal he helped today.

Managing to scurry up to join Rika at the controls, he looked over the situation for a moment, noting the now empty room and the very angry, eyeless meat sack that was throwing a tantrum right next to the pit. "All that's left is to give 'em a whack with that crane." He seemed fine with letting Rika operate it since her plan had worked out so far, though the sight of the controls and the damage from her gauntlet made it clear things were a little difficult. "Need a hand?" He asked with a slight tilt of his head.

The girlโ€™s eyes widened a little at the idea, and then she looked momentarily sheepish at not thinking of that, before nodding in agreement to it.. However as he, and to an extent she, expected, Rika didn't have much luck hitting a swing. The crane was slow and when combined with the way her gauntlet was blocking things and the arm twisting she was having to do to even hold the controles she didn't have any success.

โ€œYeahโ€ she whispered in response to his request for help, before scooting a bit to the side while sliding the controle over to him, attempting to ensure that the move to hand over control didn't interrupt the noise making.

Mirage took a moment to familiarize himself with the controls, not being complicated by any means but he didn't want to embarrass himself too much. Good thing the Proxy didn't have arms, as with how low the crane was dangling, it could probably just grab the damn thing at this point. Realizing he had to keep the thing in place while the crane positioned behind it, he took his Dart Gun in one hand and put it to work: As the crane positioned behind the monstrosity, Mirage's darts rattled the top of the cage to try and at least buy time by keeping it in place.

With the darts deployed, he pulled back on the controls and brought the crane in for a good smack against the Proxy, hoping to send it into the pit below. Not exactly the speediest tool, but hopefully it'd be enough.

If it wasnโ€™t, while he was at it Rika had tried to sneak her way round to the cageโ€™s entrance and, once there, lined up her two cannon to give it the extra kick it needed to be tipped into the drained abyss bellow.

LOCATION:Al Mamoon Northeast - Rocket Inc.
WORD COUNT: 1,286 (+3 EXP)
MENTIONS: Midna, Jesse, 'Number Two', The Dragonborn.

Mao eyed Midna, noticing her not only floating past (He had already seen her doing this, but seeing her go over the panels was infuriating) but also commenting that the beginning was dangerously close. Looking down at the surrounding panels, a lot of them took him back towards the start if the arrows could be believed. "Thanks for the warning," He commented, the relief of not being sent back overcoming his frustrations for the moment.

With that, Midna also pointed out where the end path of the maze was. All that was left was to deduce the last few panels and head that way; Where she would be putting down defense in case this was leading to an ambush. "I don't need luck!" He retorted to Midna's kindness, taking light offense but not really giving off an aggressive enough tone for it to mark him down as angry. Overconfident, possibly. As he was about to take a step in the wrong direction, Jesse attempted to warn him: The Demon spinning off course, though not back to the beginning, at least.

Squinting behind his glasses, he was mildly offended by being told to calm himself down. He was perfectly calm! She just didn't know what he was like once he wasn't! And she'd be spared knowing, as she seemed to pick out the rest of the path easily, allowing Mao to follow suit. Arriving at the end was tiring, to say the least, but aside from looking a little green in the face, he was in one piece. "Guh... I don't want to see another one of those panels as long as I live." He complained, managing to compose himself as the rest of the group gathered up. Luckily he was too sick to his stomach to get angry over the fact that Necronomicon suggested that they jump over the panels, though he was hit in his pride a little from such an obvious oversight.

Just one more motivation to fight these Resistance members.

Figuring there were plenty of folks capable of using an elevator, Mao had no issue with Jesse calling it down. He was eager to board, however, in case there was trouble down below. He offered Midna a glance, not sure if she'd be doing that shadow-lurking thing again, but regardless he poached a small spot in the elevator, his small frame not taking up a large amount of space compared to the larger members of the group.

It seemed the Resistance wanted to buy time with mooks; Mao was quick to jump into action when the elevator stopped, but surprisingly tried to keep his axe out of it's most practical use. Attempting to not kill, Mao still laid down immense pain with brunt strikes from his axe to an X-Naut that sent it barreling into more of the opposition, but mostly kept to blocking with his axe while attacking with firm kicks or grabs. There seemed to be no interest in friend-hearting these ones, but it made good practice for this 'mercy' crap he was having to take part in. Maybe they'd be less violent after they squashed the stronger members? There was only one way to find out.

Mao had landed himself in a rather unfortunate situation during the last ambush. The mooks were varied, people were distracted, and he had a few too many enemies on him in particular. Spur of the moment led to him frantic to defend from all sides from his over eagerness to go into the fray, and to even his own surprise, four mechanical limbs emerged from beneath his coat, saw spinning, drill revving, and surgical scissors snipping. The sight caused the enemies to recoil in their own surprise and fear, but Mao was eager to get to work.

Using the saw as a tactic to keep enemies away rather than cutting through them, Mao focused on delivering blunt damage with his drill and catching X-Nauts by the fabric of their suits with his scalpel before tossing them like trash. What was originally a situation where he appeared cornered turned into a "You're stuck in here with me" scenario, as Mao caused havoc with his newly rediscovered toys. After cleaning up his portion, his new limbs retracted back under his coat, seemingly disappearing all together. There wasn't any visible sign they actually existed. Truly a dangerous concealed weapon, all things considered.

The kitchen caught Mao's attention: Before having to continue he snagged what food he could, snarfing it down with a satisfied expression, not entirely aware of what he even snagged up with how fast he went about it. A meal was good for the body, though! And after the injuries he took earlier, he'd take any good his body could get.

The rest of the elevator trip was concerning. Mao couldn't help but wonder how far down they'd gone, figuring a building shouldn't be designed with such depths. Yet, as the elevator opened, and the wind tested to try and send them away, Mao gripped the elevator railing with one hand while the axe in the other helped him keep grounded. Soon he was out, and expecting danger, he took the calm moment to pop open a bottle of BBQ Sauce to gulp down, it being the closest thing he had to a drink anyways. Magic reserves restore, he looked over the edge at what seemed to be a bottomless pit before tossing his empty BBQ bottle down in curiosity if he'd hear it break.

As the others thought about the plan, he sat there for a moment and listened. But never heard the shatter.

Instead, Ciella's huffing got his attention. "Ah, shit." She seemed eager, and considering Midna was the only one who really showed reason towards friend-hearting the Resistance members, Mao figured Ciella took part in the previous killing. With no hesitation and an axe over his shoulder, he darted for the propulsion ramp and went flying after her. Not an air-bound creature by any means, Mao found it both exciting and terrifying to experience flight. He crashed down into the arena, feet meeting the ground and causing a small crater zone where the metal beneath the sand could be seen.

His gaze first fixated on the group before them, noting the familiar faces among them. Following that though, the appearance of Number Two brought a tightened grip onto Mao's recently obtained war axe. "Sworn my ass, they're just under your control!" He'd deal with her soon enough, but for the moment, she wasn't a threat. They just had to knock down her defenses, then she was easy pickings.

"Not sure what these new guys can do, but I know that black fur-bag and the old guy are dangerous. Don't need him conjuring more monsters or healing anyone." His quiet, but aloud thoughts came as the fight initiated. He thought for a moment on how to handle this, before his knowledge of his own Striker gave him an idea.

"Ara Mitama!" He called, the Demon appearing in a quick and effective manner. Mao held his axe forward, as Ara Mitama targeted the Dragonborn with it's Taunt spell. "You back up for round three, gramps? This time I'll whack you over the head with your own axe!" He boasted towards the Dragonborn, taunting him further.

Not foolish enough to dash into the group of more notably dangerous enemies after his experience with the mooks, he took to a slow pacing towards the left, simply distancing himself a little as to not have the Seekers bunched up together in a bundle for some sort of AOE. He was ready to fight, but knew it'd be messy. He only hoped that this went smoothly, and that Midna didn't have more to complain about afterwards.

Dakota Rhett

November 29th - Time Unknown - The Velvet Room

What was turning out to be a peaceful slumber was easily interrupted by the sudden boom of thunder than rang in Dakota's ears, eyes shooting wide open with a gasp. An attempt to move showed he was restrained, the young man grasping the harness as his eyes darted about the area, slowly taking in the details of where he was. The seats, the metallic appearance, and the horrid mixture of engines and explosions that made this place sound like any B-grade war movie he'd watched in his life. He'd been here before, more than once. This dream always played out the same way, and seemed to have no real purpose behind it, which caused his panic to disperse into a bit of annoyance at not getting to sleep peacefully.

But something was different this time, Dakota discovered. As he undid his harness and pulled himself to his feet, the repeated visits to this dream had made him wonder what was behind that door. Now it was open, and to spice up this repetitive experience, he'd check out this new development. One step at a time, he slowly traveled across the aircraft, wincing at each explosions as if it could be the one that hits his plane. And with the way it shook, it wouldn't surprise him if they were getting hit.

Panicked by this sudden thought, he was quick to enter through the newly opened door. His mouth opened to speak, but nothing came out. No matter how hard he tried to question the situation, words couldn't escape him. Instead his eyes rested on the source of light in the room, and the sleeping police girl that he didn't recognize in the slightest. His head tilted in confusion, though his attention was quickly snatched by an ominous voice, view shifting to the mysterious figure in the cockpit.

Finally? I don't even know who you are.

Eyes widening at the sight of the empty pilot seat, the lack of alarm from the mysterious individual seemed to imply this wasn't a huge deal, but he also hurried him in a calm tone to take a seat. Dakota followed the man's suggestion, sitting down and swiveling back to face the front of the plane. Igor's words pulled him from viewing outside in any regard, his tone carrying some sort of effect that brought the young man's full attention.

Hell... I feel more lost. It's kind of a purgatory, really.

An explosion, yet again. The blast was visible from his seat and Dakota couldn't help but stare at the sudden brightness in the dark. Soon, it all twisted to black, leaving the outside of the plane devoid of detail. A void of black that felt like it lead nowhere, to the point he wasn't even sure if they were moving anymore. Despite this being a dream, he felt sick. His stomach was in knots, and he was getting a little anxious from all of this.

So sudden, that my life was thrown off track. I put all my eggs in one basket, and it came back to bite me. Where I thought I was free, I've come to realize life without passion is a boundless cage, still.

Dakota's view follows Igor's gesture, the young man looking over the plane. Despite how strange it was, it did feel safe. Something inside gave the young man some peace here, like he could just sit and relax with his own thoughts, without hinderance from anyone else.

I feel lighter here. As if there's something truly comforting, even in the carnage surrounding this plane.

Bringing his view to the console, the rampart wheel being something Dakota attempted to stop: But it torn from his hands in a fashion that nearly made him feel like his wrists would be snapped. A hopeless gaze ventured forth towards an explosion that blew open the void, exposing a sky with many planes, more than the boy could hope to count.

"Lost souls circling the drain, day by day, until you go down."

Dakota winced at these words. They sparked fear in his heart, the idea of death being a terrifying one. He didn't want to end up as one of those that the shells finally hit their mark on: He wanted to persevere, and make it through. He wanted to find a road to happiness in his life after feeling like he'd lost it. Were the solutions tied to this huge-nosed individual, somehow?

I don't want to drown. How am I supposed to find my worth, though? I'm just a shell of what I used to be, and a cowardly one at that. Is there really something out there for me to find? I'm just not sure...

An odd hopefulness gave him warmth, though it faded as negative thoughts clouded his mind, and his view. Igor's nod wasn't directed at him, and it caused Dakota to turn and try to look, noticing an awake but drowsy police woman, the same that had been napping before. His eyes locked onto the lever, and the hand she had upon it. As it was pulled, the young man's eyes widened, attempting to scream as his plummet began.

The force of the air felt like it could cut his skin, a moment in his fall his view of both the sky and ground were fully obscured by the clouds, leaving him with nothing but the sounds of war, which came back into view as he flew downwards, gaining speed and getting ever closer to the explosions rocking the surface. Fear set in, unable to make a sound, but simply thinking of his demise with two repeated words:

I'm falling!
I'm Falling!

I'm falling!

"Falling asleep in class, man..."

. . . . .

Dakota Rhett

November 29th - Morning

His eyes shot open, shifting from a slumped position to instead sit straight. His fingers combed through his hair, trying to clean it up a little as he looked for the source of the voice that woke him up. To his left was a guy with a concerned expression, eyebrow raised seeming utterly confused by Dakota's napping. "You're lucky you have that tall dude sitting in front of you, or the prof might've noticed." He remarked in a quiet voice, eyes back to the front as he tried to look involved, himself. Either not expecting a response or he didn't want one, as to not make their interaction obvious.

Rubbing his eyes, Dakota recovered from his sleeping state fairly quickly. Or tried, eyeing the front and trying to listen in. His thoughts blocked out most of that, however. That whole situation with the plane was a dream again, but why were there so many details this time? Who were those people, and why'd the guy in the fighter helmet have a nose longer than most sub sandwiches? Shuddering, he tried to get past that, as he realized details from the dream were disappearing, here and there. Leaving large chunks missing. There were a few words that rang in his head, however, with that same voice of authority.

"Soon you will wake up, but whether you face reality -whether you awaken- is up to you. And should you find your worth, we will surely meet again.โ€

Back pressing against his seat, he bit the inside of his cheek with a frown. Dream or not, finding his worth... That was a goal in his life. He had no idea what to do with himself, and while he was blessed with the chance at university, he hadn't been making much use of it thus far. He had no real progress on a path he'd chose when he talked to his parents, who judged him. He could feel it. Looking online just got him more messages of demand for him to work harder, or words of success for The Spark. He was dead weight, now. A fire that burned out before it even really began. This 'worth' was something he wasn't really aware of himself having, but it at least reminded him to not give in too easily. He had a semester at least to try and figure himself out, that'd be enough time.

If he kept falling asleep like this, though, he wouldn't last. So there was a chance he'd not have the time he was speaking of. Shaking his head, he decided enough was enough when it came to second-guessing, at least for now. As disinterested as he was to begin with to fall asleep, that hadn't really changed now. He just couldn't get motivated about anything, and it was as frustrating as it was saddening. No amount of attempting to hype himself up or getting himself involved lead to him feeling any better. He just wanted to feel comfortable, was that too much to ask?

With the wolves of doubt nipping at his ankles, he was starting to genuinely think it might be. Despite being willing to still try, he had a lot of doubts that just wouldn't fade. All of it was honestly making him sleepy again, and he felt like he'd be napping again before long. Only thing keeping him awake was the idea of the guilt he'd feel for letting the guy beside him waste his kindness. Looking in his direction, all Dakota got was a small thumbs-up gesture, which caused an honest grin to shine on Dakota's face. He offered the same thumb gesture back, before focusing on the lecture with a little more intent.
I say go for it, doesn't harm anything.
Tactical helmet Igor is not something I knew I needed in my life
Been busy working on some other stuff, but I managed to get a few important things written down in a compact manner. Excited to get started today!


Been working on some NPC things, might get a bit of it done tonight along with some minor locations for a little bit of worldbuilding fun.
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