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Current Apex Legends Season 9 is minutes away! Hyped to start playing!
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"Why should I want to make anything up? Life is bad enough as it is without trying to invent more of it." - HK-47
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I LOVE Guacamelee. It's a fun metroidvania presented very uniquely among its peers. An actual gem of a game
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the Soulsborne games are my "sit back and chillax" video games. Idk what that says about me
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I feel -super- sick today. Apologies if I can't get around to all my posts.
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@Shiny Keldeo

Just a heads' up, I'm still very interested but around the end of this month I'll be moving to another state. So I'll probably be fairly inactive, but hopefully can jump in once I'm more situated in my new home.

LOCATION: Edge Of The Blue - Bottomless Sea
MENTIONS: Nobody in particular.

Mirage began backpedaling as the beast swerved forward even as he shot it, the tenacity of the maw-possessing tentacle startling the man until Link came along with his javelin toss; The shattering impact of the weapon seeming to be enough to drive the beast away, but the last of his six shots went into the creature anyways to assure it pissed off back into the depths. "That'll teach 'em to think we're food!" He cheered, a light chuckle escaping him as he thought aloud, "Heh, bamfoodzled. I could start my own brand..." As he reloaded his weapon. Cautiously backing up, he decided to spout out some obvious advice. "If that thing was any hint, we oughta stay away from the railings so we don't get snacked on."

Accidentally, Mirage bumped into the Engineer's dispenser. Turning to look at the device, he was surprised when it popped out a small ammo box, specifically for the weapon he was using. "I've gotta get me one of these." He remarked, taking the ammo to restock on what he'd lost in the battle thus far. He didn't have much time to be in awe of this machinery as something larger came up on the ship for an assault: Mirage moving from his position to space himself from the others as to not be grouped up in one place, though it seemed this creature was good at splitting them up anyways, as it's attack on the ship caused Mirage to go into an action-slide across the deck to avoid it's assault, his thoughts mainly on the fact that Shippy was being assaulted, and that they'd been left to make sure that didn't happen.

Spinning himself around to face his opposition, Mirage became a hypocrite and found his back against the railing after avoiding the attack. Momentary observation meant he noticed each section of the bone-fish seemed to have some sort of weird red and blue orb in it's center-- And he wasn't a genius by any standards, but that looked like as good of a weak point as they'd get as Peach blasted at it to damage it's bony armor. He took aim from his sitting position, the spinning sections making his aim a bit difficult but he opened fire anyways, attempting to hit those smaller sections to see if it'd deal some damage.

Mirage's shots may have came with momentary hesitation, his heart almost feeling like it stopped for a split second as he saw a figure in the distance, plummeting towards the seemingly bottomless body of water. His mind had shot to the idea of there only being two opposing forces out there, and that had to be one of their people, right? He couldn't make out who it was in all the chaos, but knowing them or not... It kind of made him wish he knew more about the reason these folks were willing to fight so hard and dangerously. Yet these thoughts drifted as his clouded mind realized the fight itself was important, and the focus right now. He didn't need to think about any further goal, just focus on the fight.

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LOCATION: Edge Of The Blue - Bottomless Sea
MENTIONS: Blazermate, Ms. Fortune, Ace Cadet directly.

Thankfully the Bella rescue effort had worked out, and Mirage was personally glad that a few shots on his end had been able to help the girls. Unfortunately as they gained distance, he would become less and less helpful because the sea surface group was getting closer together. If he tried to support them with his gun now, the chances of hitting one of them would go up drastically. He wasn't about to be known as "That guy who accidentally shot the tentacle fighting kids and unicorn man". But, y'know, there was plenty of worry about aboard Shippy still. He pulled up his armor plate to his forehead and began to reload, having emptied his gun in the process of protecting Sakura during her rescue effort, and turned to Blazermate as she gave him some insight on the Engineer's buildings.

"Oh, cool! So it's like a Replicator! Less ammo problems are a plus for me!" He responded, knowing nobody probably knew what that was, but it helped him aid himself in understanding the ammo producing machine. He was glad ammunition wasn't a concern right now, as with the situation off the deck seemed to be getting worse. Somehow that big sea monster had healed while he was distracted and now it was pissed off again. He thought it was going to bite the dust a minute ago, but now it seemed to be in a direct three-way battle with the tentacle kid and King Bowser, who had now revealed his ability to turn into... A cat... Thing. "Ah, man. I wouldn't be caught dead looking like that." He spoke, mostly to himself, but figured if he transformed like that it must have been for a good reason. He was really out there giving it his all, and Mirage felt guilty that he was incapable of aiding in such a large-scale situation. He'd have to make it up to the King somehow once they all got out of this.

For now, the best he could do is attempt to support Shippy and it's crew. He had been horrified at the idea of the Atomos crashing into the waters, but it had thankfully stopped in mid-air somehow. Glancing about, the sight of Link pointing his weird tablet-thing at it came into vision, though he had no idea if the guy had caused it to stop or if he was just getting a picture of how crazy the chains looked. He bit the inside of his cheek, guilty in being unable to help those on board the Atomos in their time of need. Hopefully they could hurry and make repairs, or at least evacuate. And if it came to the latter, then Mirage would do his part to make sure the boat was safe for the crew to be brought down.

Which seemed to be Peach's idea, too, as she sent Ace and Nadia off to fight in the waves. That was quite the loss of firepower on the boat, but they'd manage! He'd just have to pick up the slack or something, right? Though he wasn't about to start skewering creatures quite like Nadia could... And that Cadet had a bit more oomph than he did, too. "No worries! We'll be keeping this ship locked down!" He boasted to the duo, not wanting them to worry. Not that... He thought they would be, what with the sentry gun, and the other combatants, and... He felt anxious about his words momentarily, and Nadia was already long gone so no take-backsies.

Getting back across to the cannon he'd been using was a simple enough task in concept, but he kept finding himself distracted with these damned fish! A few jumped out as he moved, attempting to bite at him but a panicked shift of his body allowed their teeth to meet his shoulderplates instead, the man freaking out as they landed on the deck of the ship. In his panic he began to stomp them rather than shoot; Figuring if the Arc-Star had hurt Shippy, the boat wouldn't take well to him shooting a hole in it's deck. Unfortunately one of the fish had managed to actually grab a hold of his boot, teeth digging through and slightly digging into his toes. His response to this was to keep said foot firmly on the ground, using his second foot to press the creature down and kill it. God, these things were irritating! "At least this crap can't get worse, right guys?" He asked in a slightly pained but humorous manner, the overheal from Blazermate helping with his foot but he still felt the horrid sting.


Mirage's attention turned to a notification of his Decoy being hit, the man seeing a tentacle had tried to chomp on him for breakfast! There was no hesitation in Mirage riddling said tentacle with bullets, much more confident in his shots from this range as he shouted a panicked "No!" with every shot. He aimed specifically for the 'head' of the tentacle, wanting to teach it a lesson about biting sea-fairing folk like himself! He'd fire up to all six of his shots if that was what he needed to make it retreat, or hopefully die, because Mirage now realized upon looking at this horrid monstrosity that he absolutely hated tentacles and he wanted this thing erased off the planet. Guns were exceptionally good at doing that with things he didn't like, at least in his experience.
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@Potemking Thank you for the clarification. I can explain more about just what the competitors have access to so you're less unsure.

The enslaved gladiators are kept isolated in their private cells. They are removed only to be experimented on/tortured and to compete. They have a collar around their neck at all times until the games begin. This collar inhibits all abilities, and makes you feel weak at all times. Each competitor is given their gear and costumes to change into and wear prior to the games starting. The death games are all broadcast on Mojoworld and the audience loves colorful costumed characters. This is an in-game explanation for why you can have absolutely any costume you want for your character.

You are given the same gear each time - what you had on you at the time of abduction. Your supplies are replenished at the start of each fight. Likewise, any damage to your costume was repaired.

Mild injuries are healed. Severe injuries are only patched enough for you to continue fighting. It is possible, if you desire, that your character has sustained longterm damage from the games. This can be a limp, huge scars, burn marks, hearing loss, etc. It could even be a missing limb or eye or damaged organ. Mojo's people would replace any damaged body parts with cybernetic ones if it ensured they could continue competing. If you wish to have any of these, it is entirely your choice and we can work out the details. All you would have to do is let me know.

At the time of the escape, these characters were being prepared for a gladiator match and as such have freshly repaired costumes and a full stock on their gear and supplies. However, if your character relies on ammo or a finite amount of something, they'll need to be careful using those items moving forward as they will not get automatic restocks and there are no guarantees they'll land on a world where they can find suitable materials to replace them with.

This is very informative and appreciated.

Bruce definitely had an easier time surviving having been restocked for every fight, though I'm certain he's struggled quite a bit and could possibly have some scars to show for it. As far as cybernetics go, I think Bruce could keep his limbs intact but would really have to worry about his body keeping up with the punishment dished out to him. Each fight takes it's toll and simply being human means Bruce will fall apart physically before he ages out of his prime without interference. It's possible he's had to have internal augmentation to keep him going at peak performance value, possibly making him more durable in general so he won't fall apart on them easily. Things like a replacement spine are what I'm thinking of, so he's more durable but also not given much of an edge outside of being a better punching bag if things go south.

As far as supplies go, I didn't expect anything less. It could be a rough road, but that's just how it is. He'll use caution where he can and attempt to not squander his resources, but will expend them if it can prevent a bad situation. If an environment doesn't provide tools or something new he can take for his own use, then he'd simply have to do without. And that might put a hamper on his effectiveness, but nobody's just giving him magic bloodsport handouts anymore to keep him alive. Which he might need to get into a mindset for that, as he may be getting used to the restock mentality and have to come to the realization he's pretty boned if he doesn't use his resources well now. But Bruce can pick up on this fairly easily, I think, so at least that part of the problem won't exist for very long, if at all once they escape.
A very interesting concept, especially since I'm not familiar with that particular comic. You kept the attack/abduction vague, so actually, I'm not going to ask you to remove that part. I am curious, though, what sort of gear does this Bruce even have and utilize? Without his money and resources, what tools and weaponry can I expect from this Bats?

Very reasonable question! Given Bruce can't just afford everything he'd ever desire to fight crime, he's taken the TMNT approach of mainly scavenging supplies for gadgets or jury rigging a lot of things to work. Though Donnie usually has an assortment of tools and between him and Bruce I think they can make basic stuff happen. Some of the things I've had in mind are tools the TMNT already have access to, along with some lesser-rigged bat gadgets. Some of the TMNT stuff is like the eggshell smoke bombs, which are just dried shells with a hole poked in it to drain the contents, then filled with flash powder and sealed back up with wax. Then the electricity grenades that are composed of old baseballs, batteries, and metallic rods. Without upgrades, batarangs are basically just fancy little sharp boomerangs or shurikens so I think they're fine at the end of the day. The grapple gun I didn't think was out of Bruce's reach either, as it's just a glorified grappling hook with extra durability at the end of the day, and the Turtles have had grappling hooks in the past.

Aside from that, Bruce probably still has a lock-picking set, a laser-torch (Something Donnie usually has for his own work and for utility when he needs it) and a high-intensity flashlight that is probably around 1000 lumens. *Possibly* a blow-dart gun of Donnie's design, and enough knowledge to create makeshift darts himself. And with access to flora, he can probably experiment a little and make something that's toxic or has paralyzing properties. Maybe even medicine from the wildlife, even if it's not exactly the most well-working stuff.

Bruce might start out lacking a bit, depending on how much of a prick Mojo is. As he's already been stuck in Mojoworld for a bit already, unless his equipment is gathered and/or restored after his victories, he's probably had less and less to work with unless he can also scavenge off of people he's defeated. I planned for him to do a lot of scavenging as we go along, and try to improvise with whatever he can get his hands on to help push himself further into helping the group, and achieving his own goals. So while these are just things he'd start with, He could gain a lot of new things in the future depending on where we go and what he can get his hands on reasonably.

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