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I studied Bio in high school once.

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Princess Lys
Lord Ru'Tev

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Chres spared Karina a sideways glance, his face expressionless. Casually, he pulled out his flask of ale and handed it to Karina.

“Alcohol makes everything better, Karina.” He said in response.

“Does it now?” Princess Lys injected.

She snatched the flask out of Chres’s hand and took a swig for herself. But no sooner did the alcohol touch her lips, did her eyes go wide and she spat it out in Chres’s face.

Chres gave the princess an unamused look.

“Thanks.” Chres said flatly, while wiping the alcohol from his face.

Lys winced apologetically as she hesitantly handed the flask to Karina.

“It’s a far shot away from wine. I’ll tell you that much.” She said to Karina.

Lord Ru’Tev cleared his throat to interject.

“If I may, the hour grows late.” He said. “It is well time to take the lift back down. We must swap out your visitor bracelets for guest bracelets, before showing you to my guest chambers.”

He then eyed the princess. “Princess.” He said with a nod. “I believe you and I are in need of a one on one conversation.”

The Princess nodded at the suggestion earning her a smile from the Lord.

“Very well then, let’s head to the lift.”

Tayla glanced from Octavio to Jen -she grimaced at Jen’s unkempt attire- and then back to Octavio. She then looked down at Lynx. The cat that thought it was human

“You don’t think I have to worry about these two weirdos hitting on me, do you?” She asked Lynx audibly as she followed the rest of the group to the lift.

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“The hell?” Tayla said, taken aback. Her back stiffened at his touch. She froze. The memories of abuse flashing through her mind. She blinked. That was then, not now. She breathed, and with effort quieted the panic.

Now all she felt was confusion and… maybe just a bit weirded out… Was the man a masochist or something? The thought weirded her out further. Perhaps taunting him had been a mistake…

A little ways away, Sil zipped her way over to Karina in a panic.

“Oh puddles! This is bad bad bad bad! Icy-rina! That was your chance to sweep her off her feet!”

Chres rubbed his head awkwardly as he noticed that nobody else seemed to want to make an effort to help. More likely than not, most of them probably didn’t care to help Tayla. But as Týfurkh continued to ask for water, Chres eventually relented and pulled out his flask of flavored water.

“I got-” He started, but then hesitated.

Wait... Was this his flask of water or was it his flask of ale? He opened the flask and took a swig. Nope it was the flask of ale. He took a second swig of ale before putting it away and pulling out his other flask.

Sil zipped frantically back and forth in front of Karina. “What to do? What to do?” She said.

“Got the water r-” Chres started as he raised his flask.

“THAT’S IT!” Sil shouted excitedly. She then zipped back to Chres and snatched the flask out of his hand.

“I- Wait- Sil! That’s too heavy for you!”

Too late! Sil fell towards the floor under the weight of the flask.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” She yelled as she flapped her wings fervently.

Sil halted her fall just inches from the floor. “Can’t… let… him… win….”

With visible effort, she hovered the rest of the way to Tayla with the flask.

“Puddles courtesy of Icy-rina.” Sil said with a smile. “You had her really worried there!” She then looked back to Karina and gave her both a wink and a thumbs up.

Tayla raised her brow. “The hell?” She repeated even further confused. Dumbfounded, she spared a confused glance in Karina’s direction.

The hell is wrong with these people? Tayla wondered.

She looked back to Týfurkh. “Thaaaaaanks…” She said awkwardly after getting cleaned up.

What was a woman to say after an ordeal like that? “I’ll just…” She took a slow but noticeably large step away from Týfurkh and Karina and towards Octavio and Jen. “Yeeeaaaah…”

Lord Ru'Tev
Princess Lys

Interaction with: @13org

“For the record,” Tayla smirked as she leaned against the wall right next to an arrow slit. “-that batch of prison cells were just as dull as the rest.”

A sudden strong gust of wind howled through the opened arrow slit bringing with it a white and green gloop of… something… which flew in from the outside. The gloop splattered across Tayla’s mouth and neckline.

Outside, a flock of geese could be heard flying overhead.


“Such a thing would be difficult, Lieutenant.” Ru’Tev stated, quickly cutting Tayla off as she freaked out in fit sputters and coughs. Though he ignored her, his eyes seemed to light up with glee at the girl’s misfortune. “We test the staff for Chameleons daily.”

“Ew-ew-ew! Is it in my mouth? Oh my god!!! It’s in my mouth! Eeewwww! I can taste it! I can…” Tayla retched onto the floor, emptying her breakfast.

“Though with a bit of bribery or extortion… I suppose such a thing is not impossible…” Lord Ru’Tev said as he continued to ignore Tayla’s outburst.

“You know what’s impossible…” Tayla said sickly from the floor. “That slit… it’s barely wider than my wrist… And the poop… It practically flew at me at a horizontal angle…. Like… how does that even work… How the hell... even… Oh god… there’s more…”

Princess Lys grimaced. Her brow raised as she watched Tayla empty her stomach yet again. “So are we just like going to continue to ignore that and not help her? Is that what’s going on here?”
Plot Point

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Karina Frost
Lord Ru'Tev

Lord Ru’Tev’s eyes fell upon Karina as soon as the woman spoke. The man’s mouth twitched in annoyance. His eyes narrowed in suspicion in realization regarding the trap he had been snared within.

For a second, his eyes glanced toward the Tavern’s entrance, as if hoping to see the medic pop in at any moment. With no medic in sight, he then looked back to Karina, exhaled, and forced a smile.

"Lady Frost, am I correct? What a pleasure to meet you! You sure are a ways from home, aren’t you? Although I suppose that’s nothing new to your people." Lord Ru’Tev stated nonchalantly.

"You know, Lady, this is most unusual. If you had wished to speak with me, might I suggest you send my people a request for an audience? After all, I am a busy man." His smile widened as he spoke the words.

Karina's smirk wasn't affected by Lord Ru'Tev's words and snarky comments. Both of them knew how bad the situation was for him right now and how much worse it could become. She still had the upper hand in that conversation.

"I see you still remember me, Lord Ru'Tev. Impressive, considering how adamant you seemed to be in ignoring my and the princess' requests for an audience... I was starting to think you was actively trying to avoid us... But I am sure that isn't the case. Otherwise, that would mean you had absolutely no interest in searching for any help until now that you were forced to face the population and hear their voices..." Karina said, her smirk even more apparent as she was sure that would wipe the smile off his face. Especially since the patrons were all hearing their conversation.

"Regardless of what were your intentions back then, we are here once again to offer our cooperation. We believe that the people deserve as much safety as you have yourself in your guarded manor, Lord Ru'Tev." she continued, inflaming the moods of the other patrons even more by insinuating that the Lord himself was much safer than they were.

The crowd muttered briefly.

"You mean the well guarded mansion dangerously positioned atop the prison which I act as the warden to?” He asked, brow raised.

He eyed Karina up and down, taking the woman in. The lord appeared to relax in his chair. This had become a battle of politics. That was something Lord Ru’Tev could do.

"Fine then, if you insist on doing this here, so be it.”

Lord Ru’Tev turned to the tavern’s patrons. "My subjects. Context is required to understand what you are hearing here. This woman, Lady Frost, is daughter to The Mirage, Viktor Frost. The High General of the Empire’s army. She has come here to me by The Mirage’s own command.”

Mutters again broke out through the room.

"Furthermore she appears to have an imposter at her side walking around and claiming to be our very own Princess El’lysael. And even if this imposter just so happened to be the real princess, I would think that would make her a traitor, would it not? Either that, or a prisoner… And you-”

Lord Ru’Tev turned back to Karina, a gaze of confidence in his eyes. "-her captor.”

Whispers spread like fire throughout the Tavern. Suspicious gazes turned towards Karina.

"Have you ever stepped down from your castle to see the filth that runs below it? You might be safe atop your castle, but for the people below... That might be another story. After all, I am sure most of your guards are too worried keeping your mansion, high atop the prison safe." Karina said, still confident despite Ru'Tev's words.

When Ru'Tev turned towards the patrons and 'exposed' her as the 'daughter' of Viktor Frost, Karina's expression didn't change. Instead, she merely waited for him to finish before she began speaking again.

"You will refer to me by my full title, Ru'Tev. I am Lieutenant Colonel Karina Frost. I come here as an envoy of the Military of Touch." she said, raising her voice so all patrons could hear. The tone on her voice changing ever so slightly. That, coupled with the fact she dropped his title as a 'lord' was a delicate warning to Ru'Tev.

"Do you think the Military of Touch would send a high-ranking official without a very good reason? The rumors that we heard about coordinated crazed attacks proved to be concerning enough to warrant dispatching a high-ranking official to assist in this issue. An issue that might be grave enough to threaten all nations." Karina continued.

"Despite that, you 'conveniently' refused to meet us. Again and again... You should be careful, Ru'Tev... your actions might be misunderstood by some as being rather suspicious... Almost as if you are trying to hide something by avoiding us like that..." Karina continued.

When Ru'Tev mentioned the princess, calling both her and Karina traitors, even saying the princess was being kidnapped, Karina couldn't help but let out a satisfied expression. Ru'Tev made quite a gamble by trying to expose her like that... Unfortunately, the girl accompanying them was indeed the real princess.

"Your words, Ru'Tev. Would you care to repeat them? Accusing a high-ranking officed of the military of touch of being a traitor and kidnapping a royal is already a very serious issue... But accusing someone of royal blood of being a traitor would be enough to warrant an execution... Wouldn't it?" Karina said, with a dangerous stare as she looked towards Ru'Tev.

"But even an execution might not be enough... After all, revealing the princess' identity so openly when she is on a dangerous mission, endangering her own life might incur the wrath of the King himself... I wonder what he would do if he knew his dear daughter was put into grave danger due to the words and actions of an insolent Lord, who doesn’t respect those with Royal blood…" Karina said, shrugging as she provoked Lord Ru'Tev even further.

Lord Ru’Tev raised his eyebrow upon hearing of a coordinated crazed attack. This appeared to be news to him. Such events were rare and often unheard of. The suspicion was still there, but less certain.

"An execution?” He said coolly. "Is that how they do things where you're from? The enemy is at my doorstep and you think it wrong of me to question the company she brings with her?”

"Princess El'lysael, would you mind approaching this insolent lord and prove your identity?" Karina said, turning back as she looked towards the princess, making a discreet bow and extending her hand towards the princess, with her palm facing up, similarly to how one would escort someone important in a social event.

The tavern fell silent, the only sound, the drumming of fingers upon a tabletop in the far corner of the room. Lord Ru’Tev turned his gaze towards the sound. A fair young lady of age 17 sat in the corner. She had made sure to properly prepare her appearance for today, but had refused to wear anything too formal.

Lord Ru’Tev narrowed his eyes in suspicion as the girl glanced wryly from Ru’Tev to Karina and back again. The lord opened his mouth to speak but was immediately cut off by Princess El'lysael, or Lys as she preferred to be called.

“Well milk my mother,” Princess Lys cursed, “this whole conversation has been a right mess hasn’t it Lord Ru’Tev?”

Whispering broke out among the Tavern’s patrons. Ru’Tev raised his head ever so slightly as the girl’s crase language and turned his attention back to Karina. "You honestly can’t expect me to believe that this girl-”

“Really Ru’Tev? It’s only been like what? Only a little over three years? Do you really not recognize me, or have I grown so… womanly… that your eyes don’t make it to my face?”

Lord Ru’Tev blinked, as if caught off guard.

Lys raised her brow. “You showed me around the ‘safe’ areas of the prison. I rudely asked if I could see your brother in his cell, but you politely turned me down. Said it was ‘too dangerous’.”

Lord Ru’Tev narrowed his eyes and gave Lys a good stare, then… recognition. Lord Ru’Tev turned his eyes back to Karina. His expression, now serious.

"Princess El'lysael… Does your father know you’re here?... With such… company.”

“He does not.” Lys smiled. “So far as I know, at least.”

"So, you’ve joined forces with the Empire then? Turned away from your own people?”

This comment wiped the smile from Lys’s face. She rose to her feet, looking more regal than one ever knew she could.

“Never!” She exclaimed. “It is my father who has abandoned his people! Fighting a war he cannot win. Allowing the Cult to rule in his stead.”

Lord Ru’Tev frowned at this accusation. He had of course heard of the Cult assisting the King in the war, but to say that they were the ones ruling right now…

“When my father loses this war,” Princess Lys continued, “The Empire will need someone to rule in his stead. Someone who can bring the people with her. By assisting the Empire, I do not betray my country, but rather I cleanse the stain my father’s latest actions have made upon the throne!”

Lord Ru’Tev put his hand to his mouth contemplatively. "Why is it that you people are here?” He asked.

“I believe my friend here mentioned it already. They are looking into a series of incidents. Incident involving multiple Crazed. Crazed who have been attacking Empire supply lines in an unusually coordinated manner.”

Lord Ru’Tev looked back at Karina. The distrust was still there, but he now seemed willing to listen.

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There was a particular sort of exasperation that would overtake actors hidden backstage. Every fumbled line drove the dull knife of a feeling further, leading to grit teeth and forehead sweat until it was finally one's turn to perform. Octavio wasn't one to show irritation so openly, so he settled on a grin that certainly looked real, but felt as if it would make a creaking noise if one got too close. Ru'Tev, their target, the man they were meant to sway through shared repartee, stepped on and involved in improv comedy regarding... the colorful world of human anatomy. The steps he took towards Karina's table had a heft to them.

Octavio exhaled a draconic puff of breath at her words. "The stage's actors are already in motion. Fortunately I'm here to intervene." He leaned a bit closer to her. "I believe the proper terminology from someone of your background is a pincer movement."

Not wanting anyone, illusion or companion, to take his place in the spotlight, he approached the now injured lord in a series of strides only found in fine men who traveled across smooth floors and not the wilderness. Octavio's facial features spoke before his words, a grim frown that demanded the lord's attention. His robes and armor were no longer that of nobility, yet Octavio's armaments retained a lightness and dignity to them. Only mild changes to his typical script would suffice.

"M'lord, it is splendent luck that we have met, yet everything but misfortune for what may come. I am a traveling priest representing the land and her people, a mender of the harm brought about by Divergents."

Lord Ru’Tev groaned audibly as the latest addition to his growing list of morning annoyances approached him.

“Pluck out my eyes.” The Lord cursed with a hiss.

“Another Priest of the Senses? Today? At this very moment?” He grumbled under his breath.

”And in a tavern, no less! How scandalous.” A bemused Tayla chimed in.

Lord Ru’Tev eyed her sharply with a look that would silence anyone. In response, Tayla held up her hands innocently, smiled, and retreated back to an empty table with Týfurkh.

Turning his attention back to Octavio, Lord Ru’Tev put on a smile that did not meet his eyes.

“Greetings Reverend. How nice to see you on such a… pleasant day. I must say, for a people who like to preach about the sinful act of living in land that scorns The Lord of Senses’s fortune, you all certainly do like to show up here quite often.” He said, as he painstakingly raised his broken foot and set it on the chair positioned across from him.

"Sin must be quelled where it is most wicked, m'lord. And I cannot speak for my brethren, but when in a region as rife with misfortune such as this, venomous drink and sultry women are naught but obstacles." Octavio fired a glare at Tayla as he spoke. In response, Tayla returned a mocking smile. Lynx had opted to keep his distance, but perceived the two members of his party the way a man would see two alley cats fighting over a fish bone.

Octavio's hand made a flourish in the air without shame, as a pair deft from twirling knives could do the same to scripture. "This day is anything but pleasant, m'lord. Calamitous acts around these lands are growing more severe by the day." One of his hands made a partition around his mouth. Tradition dictated that one lowered their voice in tandem with the movement, but Octavio spoke much, much louder.

"Men of the faith and the nation's people speak of growing unease. They say even the prisons could start to pose a threat."

More than a few heads turned at Octavio’s words. Instantly, the Lord’s mood shifted. His gaze almost seemed to darken. And… was that a murderous look in his eyes? Was it suspicion? Or did he just not appreciate people touching on topics that threatened his position and livelihood?

As soon as it appeared, the cold atmosphere seemed to vanish. He turned to Octavio, and took the man in, along with the strange familiar accompanying him and sitting awkwardly in a chair.

“A traveling priest with a familiar that appears to think its people?” Lord Ru’Tev said coolly.

He eyed Octavio for a minute before stating, “You’re referring to the incident.”

A little over a year ago, Horizon’s Dip had experienced its first jailbreak in centuries. Due to a malfunction in magic nullifying equipment, at the dead of night, many Crazed managed to breach the security of the prison. Free from their bounds, many Crazed escaped Horizon’s Dip and fled into the surrounding lands. While several of these Crazed were quickly captured, many remained on the run to this day.

The jailbreak had resulted in massive collateral damage to the surrounding settlements including many settlements in the neighboring Empire of Touch. It was well known that the Empire had used this jailbreak as his excuse to invade the Nation of Sight. Some even believed that the Emperor somehow orchestrated the event! A theory further supported by the investigation that followed after.

“Perhaps you were unaware,” Ru’Tev continued, “-but the failure to our equipment was an act of sabotage. Any threat that this prison might pose is one caused by external interference-” Ru’Tev eyed the priest intently as if to emphasize his point, “-not one born of negligence. This prison… it is what keeps you safe.”

Lynx shifted his weight but said nothing. The clashing of so many personalities made him want to scurry off, yet he resisted.

"What keeps us safe, m'lord." Octavio turned a foot and slid his leg with the movement, allowing onlookers a better view of his body and the spectacle it was opening. The worst case scenario for most street artists was their audience walking away, but the main event had couldn't quite manage that with a broken foot.

"Fate is a cruel but patient guide.” His voice projected across the tavern. “She teaches us to expect the unexpected, to never let one's guard down or become accustomed to routine. If it has already been, external interference may happen again. Fortunately, there is a possible solution, a provision of sorts..."

Lord Ru’Tev chuckled softly at Octavio’s words, as if laughing at an inside joke. He cocked his eyebrow, a bemused smile on his face.

“Ooooh? And what might that be?” Ru’Tev said, humoring Octavio.

The bulge on Octavio’s throat wavered. He hadn’t expected the Lord to acquiesce so readily, even if his words had a concerning undercurrent to them.

“A state of unity among the righteous. Through cooperation we’ll see to it that the prisons remain sturdy and her prisoners inside. Things have been unfortunate enough as of late, so a more proactive approach would be most useful.”

This time Ru’Tev flat out laughed in Octavio’s face. “And what are you going to do to secure these prisons, with mechanisms that you know nothing about? Will you bless them under the lord? Pray away the ill fortune? Or do you plan to preach to the prisoners and magically un-craze them?”

Lord Ru’Tev waved Octavio away with a chuckle. “No.” He said. “It's the most crazed thing I’ve heard all day! The church offering to help us?! The people they call ‘sinners’ just because we live here, sacrificing our luck day in and day out, to keep miserable hypocrites like you safe?

“But we aren’t safe!” Chres shouted from the back of the tavern.

Everyone in the tavern, including Lord Ru’Tev craned there head in an attempt to make out the person who spoke up. Only with Lord Ru’Tev’s current limited mobility, he was unable to make out Chres. Chres had made sure of it by positioning himself behind another group of patrons before speaking up.

“What was that?!” Lord Ru’Tev challenged the unwelcome interruption, in a voice that sounded like half a growl.

“My daughter, she was murdered that night when the prisoners escaped. Chres growled back. “They snuck into my home and murdered my little girl!”

Mouth twitching, Lord Ru’Tev started to speak but was quickly cut off by another of the tavern’s patrons.

“I hear one of them Crazed slew all of Ms. Hayeth’s goats that night for no particular reason sides just being there. ‘Sploded them he did. Was a right mess.”

“They killed my brother who worked at the prison!” Said another. “He was on duty that night. Just doing his job.”

“Perhaps it’s time for a change!” Chres shouted. “Perhaps it’s time for any kind of change!”

“Enough!” Lord Ru’Tev slammed his fist down on the tavern table. An act that somehow managed to give Lord Ru’Tev a giant splinter. Though given the misfortune common to the region, perhaps the act of getting a splinter from what should have been a largely smooth surface was unsurprising.

The lord drew in a deep breath and cursed as he turned over his hand and worked to pluck out the splinter. Dropping the splinter to the floor, the lord breathed out and rubbed his brow with his thumb and forefinger.

“All I wanted today was a bit of peace and a nice meal to go with it.” Ru’Tev spoke. “But considering where we all live, perhaps that was too much to ask for.”

The Lord lowered his good hand and turned to the tavern’s patrons. “Sabotage or not, you are right to be upset. The incident did all of us harm… Harm that, perhaps I’ve either been too busy or too foolish to address. You all sacrifice to keep this prison and settlement running. We all have sacrificed to keep things in order.”

Lord Ru’Tev paused. He looked down to his hands. “We all have sacrificed.” He repeated.

Slowly he balled his hands into fists. “My own family has sacrificed… My very brother… Locked away by my own command… Trapped in his cell to this very day… A constant, painful reminder…”

Lord Ru’Tev raised his head and looked back at the tavern’s patrons. The remorse he held faded from his face. Instead, it was replaced by the faintest hint of a smile that crossed his lips.

“Reparations are in order.” He said. “Monetary reparations…”

The words lingered in the air. Some of the patrons began to whisper excitedly.

This was not a good situation for Octavio to find himself in. Coin was to men what seed was to birds, and he consciously resisted the urge to examine the man’s clothes for these reparations he spoke of. It was worse then, he knew, for the rest of the tavern. Their emotions were about to swing in another direction if he remained quiet.

“Lives which have been lost will never be repaid for in full. I urge the rest of you onlookers to ask yourselves: What is more important, letting oneself recover from the pain of one tragedy, or preventing another from shattering our lives once more?”

He wondered if a shady priest rejecting gold seemed uncanny. In another life he would have found a way to involve himself with these reparations the lord spoke of, but he had a party now. A lot of them. People with morals too, to his chagrin.

“I believe it is time to address this harm, Lord Ru’Tev.”

“He’s right!” Chres roared channeling his own grief and anguish to sell his words. “My little girl is dead! This man’s brother is dead! Countless others are dead! Perhaps a bit of coin will buy Ms. Hayeth some new goats, but our friends and family are still dead! Who’s to say it won’t happen again?!”

At this point there seemed to be a divide in the tavern. Some seemed keen on accepting the money, while others were against it.

Chres further pressed the issue. "It is not money that we need, it’s action!”

Some cheered to this, while others hesitated as if worried that agreeing with Chres would hurt their chances of getting coin. The tavern grew rowdy. The situation was starting to get out of hand.

“QUIET!” Lord Ru’Tev roared. The arguing stopped. Heads turned to Ru’Tev.

Before continuing, the lord shot Octavio with an accusatory glare. “It is clear to me that we are not all of one mind here. While reparations are still on the table, you people are the ones we rely on to make this settlement work. It would be foolish of me to not take your desire for change into consideration. However, I implore you to understand that the Faith of the Senses is not the way. People like this priest shun our people. They will not support us in the matter we require…”

Lord Ru’Tev hesitated for half a second, his pride seeming to hold his tongue. Finally, he relented with a sigh. “I will… use my clout with the royal family to look into better solutions.”
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Karina Frost

mentioned @fetzen@HokumPocus

"If you ask me, Týfurkh is the one who deserves to get his foot crushed. Not Mr. Nice Lord." Sil said suddenly, having zipped over from Chres’s table.

"Can you believe the nerve of that -what was it she called him? A tiny pecker?-" Sil paused. Head tilted to the side as if pondering the meaning of the phrase.

The pondering lasted only a second. With a quick shake of the head she continued, "I mean, how dare he swoop in on Icy-rina’s whittle puddle poo like that!" Sil said while pounding her fist into her open palm.

Akai couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as she heard Sil, trying to understand her reasoning as she suddenly came nearby, saying that Týfurkh was the one that should have his foot crushed.

"You mean that arrogant, round little guy that keeps refusing to talk to us?" Akai asked, looking at Lord Ru'Tev.

"Considering the way he talks, I am sure lots of people around wanted to have Týfurkh's courage and do the same." Akai said, laughing.

The moment Sil finally explained why she thought that Týfurkh should be punished, Akai had to try her best to not just burst into laughter.

"Maybe that was the reason Karina was so invested in bringing Tayla to her side back then, right Sil?" Akai asked, her face turning bright red as she continued to try to hold the laughter.

"I never knew you had such a taste, Karina! I was almost certain that you were more of a domin-'' Akai said, teasing Karina as she tried as best as she could to hold the laughter with her hands.

"Can familiars be frozen solid? I wonder if they get hypothermia..." Karina said, interrupting Akai and throwing a sharp, cold look towards her, whom despite that, still couldn't stop laughing behind her hands, despite trying to hide it a bit better.

"Hey! Don't you blame me! Sil was the one who said it first!" Akai said, raising her hand in protest.

Sil sighed as she hovered over to Karina’s side and patted her on the shoulder sympathetically. "It’s okay, Karina. There’s no need to freeze Lynx. Akai and I both support you and your taste buds. Tayla will come around… I’ll make sure of it.” Sil said with a wink.

“As for Tiny Pecker there-” She pointed her thumb at Týfurkh and then put her hand to Karina’s ear and whispered, "-Don’t worry. He’ll get what’s coming to him.”

As Akai saw Sil going to Karina's side and gently patting her shoulder and comforting her, Akai simply couldn't hold it in anymore and was literally just rolling on the floor, laughing.

"Sil, Sil, just... Wait. Just hear me for a second..." Karina said, pleading for Sil to stop and hear her, especially as Sil mentioned that Týfurkh, or "Tiny Pecker" as it was apparently his new nickname, was going to get it.

"There is no... 'coming around', nothing to 'support' and there is definitely no 'me and Tayla'..." Karina said, with a heavy sigh as she held her hand to her face and tried to explain to Sil that it was all a misunderstanding.

“You mean, not yet there isn’t.” Sil said with a wink and a smile.

"Akai, I don't know how or why, but I feel this is somehow all your fault..." Karina said, looking to Akai with a sharp stare.

Unfortunately for Karina, Akai had just completely lost it. Her intimidation attempts weren't enough to make Akai stop laughing.

“Sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh.” Sil shushed Karina as she slowly floated away back towards Chres’s table. “Don’t worry. I got this.”

And with that, Sil was gone. Assured in her mind that she had the right of things.

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Týfurkh did not know at this point which kind of shock was more drastic for him: The fact that he apparently had hurt the Lord quite a bit more severely than intended, or Tayla's quite dramatic intervention. Honey ? Love bug ? Teddy Bear ? Týfurkh's mind was stunned enough at this point to not really notice the subsequent 'Big, dumb idiot' anymore -- which probably was not that bad a thing after all.

Stuck somewhere between an outraged Lord Ru'Tev, now paying a lot of attention to put it mildly, and Tayla whom he really hoped was just doing the theatrical performance of her life, Týfurkh took a bunch of moments to settle into the new situation and find his words again. He definitely had not expected things to 'escalate' this quickly.

"Crazed ? Oh please!" he exclaimed towards Ru'Tev, trying to give his words the attitude of an indignant husband. "Of course she is not! She just has a different opinion about my clothes! She thinks it is a bulky mess, but I think it is one of the best things you can do while in a divergence! Everyone can step on anybody's foot at any place, or you could just ram your toes against some solid thing at any time! Neither of these events will bother you much if you wear protective boots, which is exactly what I'm doing!"

“Oh, of course!” Ru’Tev spat sarcastically. “How silly of me! Why hasn’t anybody living in this hole thought of that?! Oh wait, I know! Heat exhaustion for one. Or worse yet, taking a tumble down the hill of the crater, denting their armor, and getting impaled from within. Concussions. Sudden overexertion. Having a stray knife veer of course and stab them in-between the metal plates of the armor. Geez, I wonder how many times we’ve seen any of that happen here?”

Whether Týfurkh was truly convinced of his words ? He didn't really feel like being to tell that himself, he just kept going based on spontaneous ideas. "I seriously apologize for what has happened, but I beg you not to put all the blame on me. You just turned around so quickly I couldn't stop in time, and that would have happened to other people as well."

No, he absolutely did not want to go into the prison of this damn place. He'd rather enjoy listening to Sil talking about puddles for days on end!

"See! Just like I said. Just a big, dumb idiot with -and I can’t emphasize this enough- a very tiny pecker." Tayla made a gesture with her hand just to further emphasize her point about Týfurkh’s alleged tiny pecker.

Lord Ru’Tev looked at her mouth agape before looking back at Týfurkh. “Are you sure she’s not Crazed? You know I lock those people up, right?”

”How dare you! Of course she is not crazed! She just has difficulties to admit that anything else than a very tiny pecker would be way too much for her to handle, so she always tries to divert the focus away from herself. Also she can’t keep her bubbly mouth, Isn’t that right ?”

Týfurkh pointed his head down into Tayla’s direction the same moment as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders to squeeze her against him a bit. A not so gentle bit to be honest for he wanted Tayla to suffer that small bit she absolutely deserved!

Tayla winced from Týfurkh’s tight squeeze but forced a smile on her face. She then reached up and smacked him on the back of the head. Of course, in order to do so, she had to do a short hop. "Honey!" She said, looking aghast. "Watch your mouth! This is a public space!"

She then quickly turned her attention back to Ru’Tev. "But yes. These are things I’m working on." She said, giving a smile as sweet as she could muster.

At this point, the giant realized he, theoretically, could have very much disposed of her by just giving the Lord’s question a positive answer. What kind of a dick move would that have been though ? And it was too late for it anyway, now he had very much joined the boat and Lord Ru’Tev could declare both of them to be crazed quite happily, he thought.

”One question, if you allow for it: If the divergence is so dangerous and so much of a nuisance, why do you run a whole settlement inside of it ? Couldn’t you run that prison with the minimum amount of people absolutely necessary and keep the rest out of this place ? Then, from time to time, you could shift duties so it’s not always the same people who have to bear the burden ?”

The Lord eyed Týfurkh in annoyance, as if wondering whether the man deserved any further attention from him. At that moment the serving woman approached Ru’Tev’s meal in hand.

“Um… my lord…” She said hesitantly. “We have your meal ready.”

Ru’Tev blinked. “Senses woman, am I just surrounded by Crazed? Have you not seen my foot? Go and send for the doctor already!”

The woman hesitated. Looking from the meal in her hands to the lord. Ru’Tev sighed. “Just put on the table.” he said.

“Yes my lord.” She said with a slight bow. After placing the meal on the table, she said, “We’ll send for the doctor at once!”

Lord Ru’Tev, grumbled and grabbed hold of the tableside to help hoist himself up onto a nearby stool.

Releasing herself from Týfurkh’s grip, Tayla moved forward to assist him.

Lord Ru’Tev eyed Tayla and sniffed but accepted her assistance. “At least there are manners in there somewhere.” He grumbled.

He then eyed his food, took a bite, and then glanced back in Tayla and Týfurkh’s direction. He frowned as if dismayed to see that they were still there.

Sighing, the Lord relented. “The prison is built on top of ancient ruins. These ruins have strange magic nullifying properties which have an area of effect. With effort, we have found ways to reroute this effect to areas of our choosing. However, the further we route it from the ruins, the less effective these nullifying powers become. Therefore we have no choice but to build the prison at the heart of the Divergent. There is no other way around it.”

The Lord took another bite before wincing from the pain in his foot. He looked back to see that Tayla and Týfurkh were still there. The lord groaned and put down his utensils annoyance. “And you both are still here!” The lord looked up towards the ownership of the Hangache. “Will somebody please remove these people from my presence? I believe they’ve spoiled enough of my day already.”

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"MOTHER F#$%-"

Suddenly alert from the scream. Tayla poked her head inside. Their target, Lord Ru'Tev, had collapsed on the ground cradling his broken foot.

Tayla smirked. Well, there was no way he was escaping from them now.

Abandoning her post, she walked up besides an amused Chres. The man leaned back in his chair and downed a sip of ale.

Tayla frowned. What had been the point of giving him one of her flasks of water if he was just going to drink soon after?

"What happened?" She asked.

“Our good old tin man crushed the good lord's foot.” Chres said smiling.

Tayla raised an eyebrow. A lopsided grin on her face. "So you going to jump in then?"

“Nope.” Chres said as he took another sip of ale. “I think I'm good here.”

Tayla sniffed. Her head rose in disapproval.

Chres eyed her, frowned regretfully, then opened his mouth as if to walk back on what he said... But, Tayla was already gone. The man wasn't worth another second of her time.

Tayla rushed up besides Týfurkh and grabbed his left arm with both hands. Tugging his arm downwards, she hugged it between her chest. Acting as if she were Týfurkh's significant other.

"M-m-my foot..." Ru'Tev stuttered. His eyes were wide and he looked as if he were moments away from going into shock. "Pierce my eardrums!! My foot... it's broken!"

Tayla, snapped her head towards Lord Ru'Tev and gasped. "Honey! Look what you've done!" Releasing her grip on Týfurkh's arm she tossed it to the man's side. "See?! This is what I'm talking about, Love Bug. Your tin can isn't the fashion statement that you think it is! It's just a bulky mess that gets in the way of me and your supple skin." Tayla said, flashing Týfurkh the sweetest smile she could muster.

It was a smile that didn't fit her face. In fact, she could feel the corners of her mouth and eyes twitching under the stress of faking it.

"Fucking hell!!" Lord Ru'Tev shouted at Týfurkh. "Are you daft? Do you not know that we are in a bloody Divergent?! What are you thinking wearing that thing in this place?"

Tayla pushed Týfurkh aside playfully. "That's what I keep telling him!" Tayla said. "I mean how are we even supposed to keep the mood going when things get spicy? It literally takes him an extra 30 minutes just to get undressed!"

"To get undress?!" Ru'Tev sputtered seeming dumbfounded. "Bloody my Senses. Do you two louts not know who I am?"

"An... unfortunate victim?" Tayla said trying to play dumb. "Taken to his knees by our everlasting love?"

"Everlasting Love?!?!?!" He said exasperated. "No, you imbecile! I'm the lord of this town and prison!"

Tayla gasped, clasping her mouth with both hands. "A Lord?! For real?! Oh Honey, Remember? You were just telling me a second ago how you always wanted to meet a lord in person! And look, here we are!"

"Senses woman! What is wrong with you? Do you not realize what this means? With the snap of my fingers, I could have your 'Love Bug' tossed into a cell for negligence. Everlasting love be damned! You better start acting your place before I tear that love in two!"

Tayla released a second gasp and fell to her knees in a bow. "My Lord, I didn't realize you had such power! Please, your greatness, forgive me and my big, lovable Teddy Bear. He's just a big, dumb, idiot after all. A big, dumb, idiot who likes to over compensate with an oversized bow."

Placing her palm to the side of her mouth, Tayla whispered just loud enough for both Týfurkh and the Lord to hear, "Don't judge a book by its cover. His really is just a tiny pecker."

Lord Ru'Tev turned flushed in the face. "Are you Crazed woman?"

He looked around to the other patrons in the Hangache. "Am I the only one here who thinks this woman might be Crazed?!" He asked the people in the tavern.

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Tayla shrugged when Karina thanked her. As if it were no big deal.

"He smells like puddles!" Sil corrected.

Chres frowned and eyed Akai. "Coffee, huh?" He said. "Gives me energy, huh?"

"And super it's delicious!" Sil said happily.

"Familiars don't have taste." Chres muttered.

"None what-so-ever!" Sil agreed proudly.

Tayla smirked as she slinked outside the room. There she guarded the back entrance.

Chres nodded as Karina took her place, just before Ru'Tev entered and started his meal.
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