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Writing about myself has never been my strong suit but I'll give it a shot. I'm Periodity, or whatever shortening of that name you can imagine lol. I've always loved fantasy rpgs, books, comics, manga etc and I recently started getting into writing! Thats why I'm here now, to try out roleplaying for real. In the past I've done a few roleplays with friends such as in dnd and stuff but It'd be fun to try out some roleplay-only writing. Anyways thats me, don't be afraid to say hello!

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As the grand metal giant's voice boomed, a few of the townsfolk nearest to them subtly took a few steps back. Mechanical constructs were known by some to exist but they were by no means a daily sight. As for Katja, she was stunned, gazing upon the large figure above her. The voice was so foreign to her, but it was soothing in a sense. She thought it had sounded like how her books had described a whale's song. Katja stood up and brushed her robe off before giving a courteous bow. "That is correct!" the woman hastily answered. "In fact, I have come to join the MILOV's crew. I am Katja, Katja Veniro. It is an honor to make your acquaintance, Mamjir Warden of Iron." She responded in a friendly manner, trying to hide her feelings of awe and slight unease toward the broken-down machine towering above her. "Would it be reason enough to assume you are here on similar business, Mamjir?" Katja continued as she gazed upon Mamjir.

She had never been the brightest when it had come to the more advanced mechanical scriptures in the old library, but she did take an interest in tinkering here and there. That was however nothing compared to what amazing feats of metal were happening inside the being in front of her. Just as she was about to ask Mamjir about himself, the crowds bustling cut her train of thought. The MILOV was landing. The ship eclipsed the light behind it, casting a shadow on the dock. Its hull hissed with steam as if it was exhaling after a long journey. The bay was like one you'd find anywhere at sea, but instead of water, there was a long fall into an abyss. The ship rested upon large metal beams which hung over the edge, letting the ship rest.

A long gangway was cast down from the ship, one wide enough for the large cargo that was often delivered. A figure stepped down the archway, momentarily obscured by the light behind the ship. He was a stern-faced elf with a gaze that seemed like it could pierce armor. Watch leader Miriat stepped off the gangway and proceeded to look upon the crowd, almost instantly recognizing who was there for delivery and those who were just there hoping for an easy trade. It was a skill that could only have been learned through years of this kind of work. "People of Kallokian! On the behalf of the MILOV, I hereby request all of you who do not have delivery or some other sort of business with the ship or its crew, disburse. We will NOT be trading wares today." Miriat proclaimed to the crowd, many of which left in a grumbled disappointment. Those who remained received their deliveries as it was carried off with some help from the MILOV's very own orc chef. Left behind was a small hill worth of cargo ready to be shipped off to a new location. Miriat took another glance at the people who remained on the bay before noticing the clockmaker Gregor and his smaller associate, as well as the young Bactrice. "You there, I presume you have wares that need delivery?" @Expendable @Conscripts

Katja, who had stood by Mamjir as it all went down, turned to the larger figure and asked "Shall we? " and gestured toward the Watch leader.
You bring up very good points! As I've said before, running a bigger RP like this is very new for me so I appreciate the help :]

Let us not have such a strict turn based order then (I've just grown used to that system). I'll have a post ready for tomorrow which'll advance the scene!
Oh well, I believe it's @Expendable's turn (going by the order that came after the introductory GM post) :]
Hi everyone, we'll be continuing without @Deja for the time being. I have not been able to get into contact but I'll hold the position open for them. So for now we'll just carry on!
Hurried steps clacked on the cobblestoned road as Katja Veniro rushed through the upper parts of the city. She let out a sigh before catching her breath and realized she was utterly lost. Losing one selfs direction was common when just arriving at a new place, but Katja could swear she had a knack for it anyways. The streets were filled with people going about their day, one of which she approached hurriedly. She had spotted an older man with kind eyes who seemed to know the ins and outs of the city's layout.

"Excuse me, Sir, I seem to have taken a wrong turn and am lost. Might you tell me where I can find Docking bay 3?" She asked and bowed slightly. She did not know the customs of this foreign city so she thought it best to act as courteously as possible.
The older man simply stared for a moment before bursting out in a wheezing chuckle,
"Yer not from around 'ere ey wee lass? I agree that our city be mighty grand, but ye do realize you could walk in any direction an' end up in one of the ports. From there, ye simply follow the edge of the city until ye find it. And no need to be so proper lass!" The man scratched his ear and grinned
Katja smiled, slightly flustered as the simple solution was to have just done what the man had suggested from the start, but she figured that she had shed too much time.
"I'm afraid I do not have much time to wander and as such, could you be so kind as to point me in the direction of the docking bay?" she asked again swiftly. The older man simply pointed behind him,
"Tis' right down the hill over 'ere. Just continue runnin' forward and you'll find it."
Katja bowed slightly again and headed off, the hilt rustling against her backpack filled with the essentials.

As she ran down the cobbled hill, she could see a single ray of sunlight shining through a newly formed hole in the cloud cover above. It was then she noticed the large airship, the MILOV. She stood still for a moment, feeling her heartbeat as both excitement and a hint of fear filled her. It would seem that many more than her had noticed the arrival of the aerial vessel as streams of townsfolk rushed past her in an attempt to reach docking bay 3. Katja quickly followed the stream down, ending up at the back of the crowd which hindered any further attempt to reach the docking bay. She stood on her toes trying to see ahead as the bustling crowds cheered at the new arrivals. Deciding she had no other choice, she squeezed through the small gaps between people, uttering quiet apologies such as "Excuse me" and "Forgive me but I must pass". Finally coming out at the end of the gathering, she fell onto her knees before looking up in awe at the MILOV which practically shone in the radiant light.
I'd imagine they stick to horse carriages for the time being. Using the industrilization for reference, automobiles came rather late and were primarly used by the upper class. A very barebones, automobile could exist, but they aren't even near the standard for the majority of people
And there we go, the first post is (finally) up! The [GM Post] is only a way to start this RP and will be used if we ever decide a 'Time skip' or something related is required. From here on out, we'll all be in charge of driving the story forward utilizing our own characters and the pre-made crew.

If there are any questions or uncertainty, be sure to ask them here or PM me privately. Happy sky sailing :]
[GM Post, Intro]

Flight 1

Location: Just outside of Kallokain airspace, above cloud elevation

Time: Early afternoon

The ship rumbled as it descended through the clouds. There was always some turbulence as the ship passed cloud covers, with winds aching to tear the grand airship apart. But so far, thanks to the ship's endurance and its crew, the MILOV had continued to serve its purpose through any storm or unfortunate happenings. Inside the cockpit, the Watch Leader's voice echoed through the large room adorned with navigational devices. "Captain, I hear we have new recruits joining us today" Watch Leader Miriat proclaimed in his usual formal manner. Captain Olivia stood upright and looked over Pilot Suries shoulder who was busy holding the MILOV steady. It had been quite some time since the MILOV would have that much crew to look over her. "Well now, we have even more eager souls to join this vessel." Captain Olivia gave a slight smile as she peered out into the clouds covering the massive windshield in front of them. " Be sure to give them a warm welcome then, Miriat. I expect you to show them the ropes once they're onboard." the Captain ordered as the ship violently shook once more before coming to a calmer descent. Miriat simply nodded and stepped out of the Cockpit.

"You really think some greenies are going to be able to manage this work, Captain?"Pilot Surie asked as he held the helm from spinning out of control. "It sure took me a while to get settled into the... 'quirks' of working on this ship" he continued. He was careful not to badmouth the MILOV in any way, knowing how personally his Captain took opinions of her MILOV. Olivia stayed quiet for a moment before slowly answering his carefully put question "I do not see why they would not. When I was just a lass, I was already scrubbing the deck shiny!" Olivia optimistically put it. Surie sneered a look over his shoulder as Captain Olivia went on about her life on this ship. He received a piercing gaze back as the captain noticed. Surie quietly returned to look out into the clouds, waving his hand behind him "Alright Captain, I ain't one to presume I suppose. I just hope they're all willing to gamble some. I'm already running dry on last months pay. " he chuckled and held up his lucky die as the ship exited the cloud cover. Olivia took a moment to walk over to the assortment of speaking tubes situated on the left wall. She opened the latches on all of them before beginning her announcement "Crewmates, we are landing in Kallokian in a few minutes. Newbies, go give Miriat a hand. We are supposed to have more recruits waiting on the ground" She closed the latches and turned to face the ship's pilot "I've got a good feeling about these new recruits." Olivia added with a determined smile.

The echoed voice of the Captain's announcement traveled through the pipes and into all parts of the ship. In the kitchen, the large orc named Herrman was joyfully preparing today's meal, excited to finally be able to buy more ingredients. The smell that came out of the kitchen was practically enchanting and he smiled quietly singing an orcish chant. It had been a while ago they landed in a port town, especially one in the north.

In the engine room, the large machine screamed and ached, hissing with steam that filled the room. Piko's clanking was almost entirely drowned out as she relived the tension built up in the ship's core. The stress landings had on the ship was particularly great on the engine, an issue that Piko had tried to fix many a time. Alas, she sighed as the core finally settled down into a low rumble. She wiped the sweat from her forehead as the heat from the engine finally began to slightly dissipate. "That's it girl, just smooth sailing from here. she spoke to the core as she wiped some soot off it. "They're running you ragged huh? I'll give you a maintenance check as soon as we land" Piko patted the chassis of the core and sat down, letting out a deep sigh.

At the very top of the ship, Navigator Finmig had been enjoying one of his usual naps in the ship's very own crows nest. Despite the rumbling, he had been able to take these small breaks. In fact, he might have even found the turbulence reassuring, like a violent lullaby. He tipped his hat up from his face as Olivia's announcement echoed through the speaking tube. He yawned and put his hands behind his head and grinned. "Finally. Some fun." the halfling Finmig told himself just before returning to his slumber.

On the upper deck, Watch Leader Miriat walked over to the docking gear, preparing everything was in order before they land. He let out an annoyed sigh. Soon he'd have even more former ground farers to look over so they wouldn't just trip overboard and cost them a fortune in a search for their remains.

Location: Kallokian, Docking bay 3

The many docking bays of Kallokian was as busy as ever. Crowds of people from all over swarmed as soon as new ships with exotic wares and services landed. Merchants, mercenaries, hunters, and passenger vessels, all came to Kallokian which had made the city a bustling center of trade in the north. The cobblestoned ground was pummeled by the assault of horses and people who frantically traded with the docked ships.

The city had a total of 6 docking bays for airships located at the edges of the town, forming Kallokian into a hexagonal shape. While the bays were typically always filled with aerial ships, docking bay three stood unusually empty with only some smaller hunting vessels docked by its corners. However, that would not stay true for long as in the distance, the shape of a grand ship breaking through the clouds sailed toward the town. As such, the people of Kallokian began flooding the bay, hoping to potentially get their hands on some new wares. Others had already been situated there and awaited their deliveries which the MILOV carried.

Among the masses, there were those who did not seek to trade, nor awaited any deliveries. They were the ones being recruited for a job that would carry them through the sky and off to foreign lands. They'd have to get there soon, for the MILOV ran on a tight schedule and could not stay in the port town for long.

@KaliW @Expendable @Deja @PerfectThought @Conscripts

Hi everyone! As you know, today the first post in the IC will be posted. The first post will be explaining how the MILOV docks at Kallokian as the crew loads up cargo. To those characters who are already a part of the crew, they'll be arriving with the MILOV and helping the Watch Leader to greet the new recruits. To those just joining the crew, they'll instead be on the dock, or just arriving there to be picked up. The Watch Leader will most likely do some rather swift interviews with everyone joining, he's got a knack for seeing through people.

The post will be up later today! On another note, the layout of the MILOV is now on the first post of this thread, go give it a gander :]

Hello Deja! Are you finished with your character sheet? We'll be starting tomorrow (partly because Fridays are rather busy for me), so it'd be great if you're done by today.
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