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@The Irish Tree

Perhaps. ;)


Anyway guys, I forgot to say that I may be going to the super big anime convention in LA this week so there might not be an update this weekend.

I'll still try to write the update, of course. Just... unlikely.

Awright! Here's the update!

And while I permit characters taking on a tale solo, I do request that these minor tales be taken with a fellow player or two. Which reminds me, some major Tales will require more characters or all of the characters to do.

As was said in the IC post, your character/s can ask Takeshi for company in a Tale.



Our collab will start shortly. Really sorry for the delays.

Won't be Google Docs tho, just the site's PMs. I hope you don't mind.
Shizuyama Wilderness


~ @Restalaan (GRI) ~

The Brigand lines could not hope to stop Gringor, who was like a boulder when he attacked them. Felling the first line, the male High Orc crashed into the second line and brought with him some of the Brigands as shields against the Firethrowers. The mages stopped their stream of fire when Gringor was executing his maneuver, more because they needed to move again rather than respecting their comrades' lives.

The Firethrowers split up as Gringor reached them, moving to the sides. Now, the High Orc was surrounded and the mages unleashed their torrents of blue flame upon the monster. Only this time, Gringor was too close to the Firethrowers for him to move out of the way. The flames reached him and he felt his skin burn from the searing heat. His monstrous physiology endured for now but would soon give in to the unceasing fire.

But the fire ceased. One by one, the jets of flame stopped as the Firethrowers were taken out. The mages realized too late that Gringor was not their only enemy in this fight and soon, the whole Varjan search party succumbed to the darkness.

Gringor could douse the flames still on him by rolling, patting or pouring soil on himself. The fire had not gotten below his skin, fortunately. The forest around him was still on fire, but most of the Varjans lay dead on the grass. Slain silently by an entity some of them did not even know was there.

Isolated House


The hound biting Io's arm immediately let go after the Lich wrapped the lust-inducing scroll around it. Apparently a female, the Wardog immediately singled out one of the other hounds and the two fought each other. 'Fought', wherein one of the Wardogs was simply trying to repel and run away from the other who very much did not want to fight.

With that out of the way, Io cast forth her wave of undead energy on her zombies and the Wardogs fighting them. The hounds were quickly turned undead, and under the thrall of their new Lich master. With the small fighting force assembled, Io sent them to handle the remaining Varjan Brigands.

"Kai! Nooo!"

Unfortunately, Io's undead were too late to assist the villagers. There was only one left and a Varjan Brigand managed to land a fatal slash upon him before being harassed by the Lich's newly-acquired Wardogs. The Brigands tried to fight off both the Zombies and their former hounds but the monstrous creatures superior, driving off the attackers.

The last villager laid dying on the side of the building, his wounds too grievous to heal. And he knew it. "Miss Foreigner, please... you have to save the merchant with the iron mark." He rasped out his last words. "He... he's my brother. I was... trying to steal the mark to stop him from dishonoring his family."

"Please, look for him. He's a good man..."

Yagata Shipyard


~ @AzureKnight (SHI) ~

"Well Keith, shall we begin?"
Shizuka Kannazuki

"Oh, so you know my name, huh?" Fatal Pulse noticed Shizuka's apparent knowledge of him. He had not revealed his true name yet and seemed quite offended that it was already known beforehand. "Just you wait, blue boy! Once I get access to my 'resources', I'm totally gonna look you up and read all about you! See how you like it!"

When Shizuka unleashed a magical blizzard from his palm, Keith twirled and spun his sword to block the incoming hail hurtling towards him. Many of the icy shards were broken by his blade, but just as much got past his defense and pierced his body. But despite getting mangled by ice, Keith did not seem to feel his drastic injuries. "...Maybe I should've used a second sword." The sword he used was also worn down from striking the hail.

Keith lunged at Shizuka as retaliation, closing the distance with immense speed. But upon striking the azure swordsman, Keith found out he only struck an image made of mist. Shizuka managed to thrust his sword into Keith's back, which elicited a rather girlish scream. "My gonads!" Suddenly, Keith gripped the sword impaled upon him and kicked Shizuka away. The mercenary then pulled out the azure swordsman's blade from his back, still unaffected by his wounds. "But you're gonna have to do better than that, and now I have your cool sword. Now then--"

Turning around, however, Keith was greeted with three Shizukas staring down at him, thanks to Liliana's illusion spell. "Alright! Now which one of you stabbed me in the back?"

Shizuka did not have control over his mirror images, but he felt as if he knew what they would do.

Liliana greeted the Varjan forces coming to reinforce Fatal Pulse. When the first Varjan Brigand swung his axe at the initially human-sized warrior Fairy, his eyes widened in surprise when his weapon hit naught but air. Liliana had shrunken to avoid the axe, and darted past the Varjan ranks and easily evading any attack made her way. All the while, slashing and hacking with her magical sword.

As the Varjans fell to Liliana, the tiny warrior soon felt something hover over her. She could only spare a glance as an empty box was dropped onto her, trapping her inside the darkness of the crate. Weight was put on the box to prevent Liliana from simply pushing it off. Even with the Fairy's diminutive size, they were not taking chances.

"We've got the fly! Go help the boss!"

Shizuyama Wilderness



Terauchi Temple

"Chopsticks... I suppose I can try to learn."
Lunatea Vern Farnsworth

Takeshi could only let out an amused chuckle at Lunatea's efforts in wielding the eastern eating implements. "Hey, look on the bright side. You can't get worse than this so you can only improve from here."

It was then that Skarsneek appeared with the Hangai sisters. His gaze briefly stuck on Atsuha before his attention returned to the male Goblin. He raised an offended eyebrow at Skarsneek's initial words and its implications but he got up to listen more closely at his news about Sorae.

"Sorae said she'll come and join you later. Hopefully, she does and not go on her own. Personally, I think we need to watch over her. She might go and do something stupid."


Takeshi let out a deep sigh at Skarsneek's debriefing. "...So that was why they were not at the beach. Damn it. Why did this have to happen..." He then bowed his head at the male Goblin. "You have my thanks for locating Sorae. Once we've rescued my father, I will get to the bottom of this... massacre and bring justice to these traitors." He declared, his tone merciless. "I'll greet Lady Sorae once she arrives here."

Then it was Kerry who arrived with news from Takamori.

"Takeshi, I got good and bad news. Good news, Takemori stands with you. Just call him and he'll be there. Bad news, his adopted daughter, Setsuna, sided with the Varjans in exchange for revealing Shizuyama's hidden routes. You may want to get the word out that your secret pathways and hideouts may be compromised..."
Kerry Maros

"More traitors, then." Takeshi remarked. "It appears it is not only the Varjans we have to watch out for. I suppose it is not very unsurprising. Our island has its fair share of the wicked and selfish, thinking of only themselves and never the harm they do upon others." Bowing his head at the Hornet, he expressed his gratitude. "Thank you, Kerry, for seeing Takamori. Although, I worry about his daughter. Hmm, this is the first time I've heard about her..."


While Yuki was welcomed by the taskforce members present at the moment, most of the humans in the temple grounds still regarded their yokai helpers with suspicion and wariness. Something that was starting to change when some villagers were willing to talk to the taskforce regarding their problems.

There were also the individuals that Takeshi had asked the taskforce to look for. They would be instrumental in saving the captured Lord Oja.

Takeshi Oja was at the temple grounds, ready and willing to assist a taskforce member in their ventures.




Current Legendary Tale in progress
Hey guys! Ol' Paul just got a power outage so update will be delayed a bit.

Sorry y'all!
Alright! Once @AzureKnight finishes the Hangai Sisters part of his post, we can have another early update! Wooo!



No problem! Like you said, your characters are by themselves which means we can collab for the week so you don't get bored waiting for the next GM update. However, I myself am a busy person so it would be speedy but not that speedy.

We'll start once the update drops.
Early update because everyone posted. Yay! New terms have been added too in the Characters Tab. Check them out if you have time!



I missed this detail in your sheet but you have to specify Yuki's race more. 'Yokai' is just another term for monster. Basing from her appearance, she could be some type of Oni. Let me know if you want help regarding Onis in this setting.
Unknown Inn


~ @AzureKnight (ATS & HIN), @Restalaan (SKA) ~

"She. Was mine to do. Not yours. Your ass owes me one. And I'll have it."

Sorae was about to retaliate when Skarsneek smacked her behind. The naginata was ready to strike, but Sorae chose to hear out the male Goblin for now. She said nothing in response to Skarsneek's words and quietly allowed the taskforce members to leave the inn and the bloody aftermath of the prisoner execution.

But as the group conversed outside, they were joined by Sorae who had words for them. "Yokai." She began. "I'm going to stay here and look for clues regarding my family's killers. But you should head back and tell Takeshi-sama that I will help him fight against the Varjan invaders. In fact, I'll be heading out to see him once I'm done here. Mind telling me where he is staying at?"

Once that question was answered, the taskforce's mission here was done. They could head back to Terauchi Temple to break the news or go somewhere else.

Shizuyama Wilderness


~ @Restalaan (GRI) ~

The rock Gringor hurled at the mages missed when the target simply ducked to evade it before resuming burning the forest near the male High Orc.

Gringor's loud bellow caught the Varjan party's attention, now pinpointing the monster's precise location. However, they had to dive out of the way when Gringor's chopped tree fell upon them. With their attack disrupted, Gringor leapt from the tree that he had rode as it fell. His axe fell upon a startled mage, instantly taking him out. The other mages managed to levitate away before Gringor could get to them, hiding behind a human wall of Brigands.

The mages raised their arms once more and streams of blue fire arced over their Brigand protectors and towards Gringor. The male High Orc could evade the flaming streams, but not for long since the mages would soon predict where he would go. Still, Gringor could see isolated Brigands get pulled down into the grass and even saw one of the furthest mages get taken down as well.

Isolated House


"That many will not be an issue. Please stay inside."

The wounded villager bandits watched Io face the Brigands by her lonesome. They watched her walk out, their weapons still drawn. While they imagined many things of her, they never expected her to be a spellcaster when she pulled her grimoire out and cast forth a bolt of lightning at the Varjans and their Wardogs.

The magical bolt arced at the first Brigand before jumping to another, then to another, then to another. The lightning bolt jumped three times before the next Brigand wisely dove into the ground to avoid the lightning magic which crashed into a tree and searing its bark. Four of the Brigands were electrocuted by the spell and knocked unconscious and out of the fight. However, none of the four Wardogs were deterred and descended upon Io.

A hound immediately leapt and clamped its jaws on the Lich's arm, trying to drag her down. The attempt was futile thanks to Io's innate monster strength, it didn't even hurt that much. But it did immobilize her arm, likely preventing her from casting any more spells until she was free from the canine.

The other Wardogs were poised to strike, but Io's newly-reanimated Zombies came to her aid. The once-male Varjans were now clearly women, possessing attractive bodies, albeit bloodied and damaged from being violently killed earlier and all. The three other Wardogs were quick to notice the new threats and quickly pounced on the undead. But while Zombies were not at all deft, they were pretty hardy. The Wardogs were too quick for the Zombies to catch but the Zombies were too durable for the Wardogs to actually hurt.

"She needs our help! Come on!"

The four surviving villager-bandits exited the house to fight the three remaining Varjans. A Brigand hurled a javelin which impaled and killed a villager before the two groups entered melee.

Shizuyama Wilderness


The Varjan Footmen could only watch as Kerry burst her cyclone and sent the Varjan arrows all over the ravine. The bowmen did not have time to take cover and so, were struck with their own projectiles. Then, the Hornet moved to the Footmen climbing the ravine. Arrows gathered by the cyclone shot at them and hit them in their backs, sending them plummeting to their doom and filling the air with their screams.

An exhausted Kerry landed near the awestruck villagers and waited for any Footmen who still remained and ascend the ravine. But none came, only the screams of panic and fleeing came from the Varjan invaders down below. This fight was over.

"I heard their screaming, yokai. You gave them what they deserved." The villager complimented the Hornet. Likely an unwanted one. "Thank you for what you have done. You may be yokai, but we will never forget what you have done for us. We will be heading to the temple haven, but will probably avoid the roads. They seem to be infested with Varjans."

After bidding farewell, the villager refugee group made their way to Terauchi Temple. This task was done and Kerry can go with the villagers to the temple or go somewhere else.

Yagata Shipyard


Everyone, including Fatal Pulse, was confused when Liliana apparently summoned forth an ordinary, unremarkable cow. Being conjured from magical means, the Varjans were still apprehensive of the bovine. "This... this isn't gonna explode, is it?" Fatal Pulse warily asked.

When the warrior Fairy slapped the cow, the beast made an agitated 'moo' and dashed towards Fatal Pulse and the Brigands in order to leave the small warehouse as soon as it could. While the Brigands were disoriented a bit from the stampeding animal, Fatal Pulse merely stepped to the side to make way for the cow before deftly evading the ice shots aimed at his feet. His eyes fixed upon the fleeing Liliana and Shizuka, realizing that the seemingly-nonsensical bovine spell was but a distraction.

Sword in hand, Fatal Pulse began to gave chase. The taskforce duo had left the warehouse through a side door and began to take to the sky, but Fatal Pulse took brandished a small, cylindrical object and pressed a button on the end. He then hurled it at the fleeing Liliana and Shizuka, the cover of the mist did not matter as the object was an explosive. An unusual one that simply emitted a bright flash of light and a loud sound that sent ears ringing with noise.

With the duo back on the ground, Fatal Pulse was immediately upon them. "Leaving so soon? The party's just getting started!" He said as he leaped into the air for a diving slash against Shizuka, who at least was far enough from the Nolkro to regain control.

Shizuyama Wilderness


The fight began in earnest, with none of the warriors aware of the spores Alice was breathing out. But when the Mad Hatter charged the nearest warrior, she saw him take a unique stance and suddenly disappeared.

Alice then felt as if she had been slashed at the body. Maybe she was, she simply did not see it. Her monstrous physique made sure no blood was spilt, but the pain was true enough. She then noticed the warrior she charged was now behind her. Was this the 'Heavenly Strike' technique? Alice found out she could weather its blows, but a continued assault might put her in a pickle.

And the warriors did not appear to be yet affected by the spores, Alice will need a plan of action if she wanted to last long enough for her ability to win this fight. The second warrior closed in, and began a series of slashing attacks against Alice.

Upon arrival at the rendezvous location, the port village of Otomo, at nighttime, Yuki met with the enigmatic Inari monster Lady Kyouko. She told Yuki that she was sort of late to the meetup but was glad that she showed up anyway.

Lady Kyouko briefed Yuki of the situation: The Varjans have invaded Shizuyama and has blockaded the island, surrounding it with their fleet and making ship travel impossible. So in order for Yuki to get to Shizuyama, she will have to be teleported to Terauchi Temple, the current home base of Kyouko's Taskforce. The Inari monster told Yuki to help out wherever she could, and not to be too hurt by the words and actions of the anti-monster Shizuyama.

Yuki was teleported by Lady Kyouko herself and a mysterious cloaked figure. She saw bright, white light surround her and before she knew it, she was no longer at the port.

Terauchi Temple

Yuki found herself in a chamber in what appeared to be a temple. There were monks praying at the shrines but upon her arrival, one of them kindly escorted her out of the room and into the temple grounds.

The temple area was walled and filled with tents and people, refugees from the invasion. The gold-colored leaves of the surrounding trees made the place beautiful, but the sight of despondent villagers marred the sight. Still, this was Terauchi Temple and Yuki could already see some yokai hanging about. Presumaly part of the taskforce since it was made very clear that there were no yokai in Shizuyama prior to the arrival of the taskforce.

Samael had spent time resting in the temple base. He had the opportunity to leave the island and the bloody war it was involved in, but chose to stay for now.

"Thank you. For the meal. It's delicious."
Lunatea Vern Farnsworth

"Using your hands for your food is barbaric, but I guess you're a yokai and all." Takeshi remarked. "Still, you want me to show you how to use chopsticks? It's pretty easy for me and all my friends and family but I've met foreigners who could never get used to them." The young Oja proceeded to give Lunatea a pair, and gave himself a pair as well. "Just hold it like this..."

"By the way, tell your friends too that I'll be happy to help this 'Kyouko's Taskforce'."




Current Legendary Tale in progress

As discussed in the PMs, she's accepted and I'll write her in on the next update. Which might be around the corner once @AzureKnight posts.

@Dark Cloud

I'll add it soon, don't you worry about that. Also, yokai is just another term for monster.
Going to be out of town for the next six days, but hopefully I'll not be late for the next round of posts.

I'm torn between Io's zombies always getting a smexy upgrade, or that being a recent quirk so I just kind of made it ambiguous for now (she's clearly just got too much memory to go through to recall off the top of her head for that specific spell!)

Actually that was me putting on the canon side effects of raising the dead. Typically, raising the dead turns those resurrected into Zombies - which are monsters - who are all girls, which means males raised from the dead turn into girls. (Although, there are special circumstances for a dead man to return from the dead keeping his sex)

Is that alright with you? You don't have to worry about the raised zombies once Io is done with them. I'll be taking care of them.
EDIT: Also, I didn't want to say anything but I really don't appreciate the last two posts above mine. I understand that it is a bit annoying that I left but it was a little hard for me to be able to control what happens in my life at least at that point. I'll try my best to communicate better but the irritated way you've responded isn't very nice.

If you left and came back I'd say welcome back, not 'so it would seem your back' while I appreciate you letting me back you didn't make me feel very welcome. Sorry for bringing this up but it bothered me quite a bit.

Rally sorry for the attitude, but I was just from a stressful flight at that time so I was feeling... well, pretty irritated.

And I didn't mean for that opening phrase to be insulting. I just thought 'Welcome back' was redundant since it's already been used.
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