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Hey I was wondering if you’re OK with doing this type of Broadway if you are interested please message me back
I just hope that you’ll be able to see this message and reply, because I’m really needing a good role-play right about now I am bored as all hell I just finding someone to just interact with
Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a particular role-play but sometimes I tend to do for minor instances.

It’s not everyone’s favorite type of walkway, but it is something that feels mature and it’s something I could be able to balance out it.

Just want to have your character try to be able to do things with my character in a typical school setting, you know things of that nature.
I’m up for a bit of smut rp
Hey sorry for the long wait but I’m back
Oh gosh hey there
Hey, u feel lost
Hating them alot
Just had things with my family again, thier annoying
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