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Fer heard the call. It seamed that even in other worlds, using knowledge of the local nature was exploited by rangers and scouts. Though the young hero was not versed on the local fauna, he was sure that a nocturnal animal would not be so easy to give away his position to prey and predator. Even animals such as Owls would only use their calls when completely necessary. As it was, the nature around them knew that something was amiss. The usual sounds of natures had been missing.

This meant that the sharp whistle of the arrows as they sped towards their target was audible enough for even novices such as them to hear it. Their closeness to the action allowed them to even hear audible thumps as the arrows silently ended the lives of the guards. Used as he was to seeing death, the young shield hero still shook his head at seeing lives ended this manner.

However, he was sure that the people whose lives just ended, would not have any remorse in ending his or Cole’s life. Who knew how many lives, innocent or not, their hands had already ended. Life was cruel wither in this world or back on his own.

Marcino sure knew his stuff. The bodies slumped away from the entrance. This would prevent any onlooker from noticing the dead bodies before it was time. Fer felt his sword bearing companion move. He hoped that his lovely winged warrior would have no need of his protection as she covered their rear. As it was, he was sure that newbies such as he and Cole would probably need more protecting.

Fer followed Cole quickly covering the gap between he woods and the cave’s entrance. He gave the dead guards a closer inspection ensuring they were truly dead but the old mercenary knew his job. The guards probably never even knew they had died. The young hero wondered if there was any sort of belief in the afterlife in this world. His eyes shifted from the dead bodies to the cave.

The light of the cooking fire enough for him to see the inside. He heard sounds behind him and glancing back took note that Marcino and Auriel would be covering the rear. Looking back he noticed multiple bandits eating dinner.

"Surrender or die. You face The Heroes of the Sword, and shield. We will show you mercy in the name of the Kingdom if you throw down your weapons."

The young shield hero sighed inwardly. Cole, ever the good person was giving them an honorable chance to back down. They had lost the benefit of a surprise attack. However, one has to role with he punches. To help drive the point that it would be a bad idea to fight them, Fer quietly puts up his left forearm and quietly say “Morph shield: Tower shield”

The green gleam is evident to all as his brazer suddenly materializes a shield. Being veteran enough to not be intimidated by the flashy display, the bandits jump to action. Marcino, true to his experience, puts an arrow down the troat of a would be alarm giver preventing more people from coming.

That is, until Cole unleashes a power attack at the assaulting bandits. Two go down easily. A slight tinge of jealousy is felt by Fer who has yet to acquire any sort of usable skills for his shield. He wished he would have had more time for research from what Auriel found out. Still, he is not empty handed and moves to Cole’s left to cover his flank.

He used his shield with a bashing maneuver on one of the two. His motion would also require them to separate to get Cole. This would hopefully give Cole the opportunity of doing a one on one confrontation. Fer was using the same technique he had used with the orange balloon monsters. His aim was to cover Cole's flank as he slashed. He hoped that their previous collaboration would be fruitful. The cave’s layout enabled them to block the entrance and limit anybody going around them.

The Shield hero felt the whack of the sword the bandit swung at him, deviating the strike and hopefully getting him off balance. He would now move to Cole’s right allowing his partner to strike at the open bandit while Fer covered any strike coming from the other side. The dance of death had started.
Also I am soooo glad to be back finally. I felt so uneasy not writing and so guilty 'in making you wait' eventhough I had little choice in the matter.

You dont have to worry about making me wait. I mean, it kinda slows the creative juices and I have to make sure I remember where we are in the story but that is about it. In truth, it only makes me nervous because I need to get back into character and remember where I want to go lol.

Yeah, I have to delve more into Arn's back story. I will do that sooner or later with the other story line. I hope that it meets your expectations and it is interesting and thought out.

I look forward to your post.
So I know I did not advance the story much and I know I am fixated in the whole Thread and connection bit but I feel like this would actually be a way for Arn to even attempt to have hope in helping Eilis. I am not sure what you have in store for her and I am not going to say that Arn will succeed but I feel that it should at least give him some sort of focus other than just body guarding you know.

Also, I figured I needed you to set the next scene lol. I am not trying to be lazy but I was not sure what I could thrown in there. I feel like Arn would not bombard her with questions as she already will probably experience that in the morning.

Like always, I appreciate direction and advice. I dont want you to feel like you are responsible for guiding the story unless you want to be. I am good with being the puppet too lol.

"I will always be yours."

Arn smiled at the words. To him, who had little of value except his two swords and the melted locked of his mother, the words held a much deeper meaning. It somehow felt like they anchored him. Despite his stoic and always controlled behavior, when he was not in battle or performing some official duty, he felt aimless. He could only imagine what the broken pieces of Ith may feel if the Sorcerer King had been more successful when he caused the moons to fall.

The words rang in his soul like a vibrant pure bell. The sound made him feel even more warmth emanate from him. Yet as the wave propagated and it reached deeper into his connection with Eilis it changed and distorted become dissonant. The sour note then travelled back to him.

"I will always be yours."

This time, an uneasy feeling began to nag at him. The voice, though belonging to Eilis was distorted. The image of her bathed in magical power and sheeting of pure raw passion came to mind. The words of the dark-haired witch also echoed in his mind. She belonged to another. Even if unwilling, a part or the whole of his lovely protégé was bound and feed another.

The Master Mage tightened his grip on the small frame of the lovely girl. He held on protective, jealously. He would not share her. Eilis was his. She belonged with him and to him.

He loosened up his grip a bit. Where had this sentiment come from? Was it from a place of innocence and need of connection that had been missing in his life since the passing of his mother? Or was it from the recent crack in his armor that lusted after the power he had witnessed?

Logically speaking, Eilis was an invaluable magical mystery that needed to be studied. The near miraculous extent of that power boggled the mind and inspired. In the hands of either the Empire of the Kingdom she would be a formidable weapon. It was his duty as a member of the Belesian military to gain control of this power and use to end the current invasion.

Emotionally speaking, the girl was a piece of his life that he had always know it was missing. The void that his mother had left, the need to feel connected, had been slowly devouring him. To the point that he had even considered acknowledging the advances of the women who had shown interest in him. A few might have actually loved him. However, there had been no connection. Not in the way that he now had with Eilis. It pulled at him like a magnet. As if their meetingn was inevitable and had always meant to be.

He looked down at her. She snuggled against him. Her form nestled against him and his body. His arms, while not big in musculature, still seemed to be enough to cover her. To any onlooker, it would seem that the pair were indeed affianced. The fact that this was only a ruse that may soon be discovered when the dawn came, made Arn feel a little sad.

His feelings confused him. The webbed and eddied like the flow of a river. It was the white rapids that he could handle for some reason. The violent tossing of his feelings allowed him to concentrate on their control and made him feel in control. It was the calm and lazy areas, the deeply deep pools that can engulf you and drown you that scared him.

When he looked into the mirror surface of his feelings, he could see his face reflected. But then, a shimmer later, it was as if a completely different person was looking back. A person he did not know, a person who he felt he should know and who knew him very well.

The battlemage used on of his hands to brush the hair of his lady. He needed her anchoring. He sighed, his chest expanding and contracting against the pressure of her head. Arn could smell her scent as his hand continued to slowly and carefully ding his fingers in her hair. The motion and his easy breathing became rhythmic.

Slowly, he returned to his meditative state. He let his body step into the pool of his emotions that connected him to the Aether. The Thread felt different. It was as if for the first time, he was actually connecting with it in a deeper level. The power around him pulsed alive. He stood in the brilliant Thread as if in a river. The flow of it was strong and he soon found that it was flowing towards Eilis.

Arn followed the flow. He needed to find a way to exploit their connection, enhance it. Perhaps in this way he could either sever the connection with the other person or completely cleanse his lady from the necrotic touch of the black tendrils.

He arrived at the edge of her Thread. Nothing he had experienced so far could prepare him for what was ahead. So he forged on unto dawn.

"I am not sure what I can tell you, it is not like I exactly know what they precisely did or why I feel like I at times get pushed aside. As if I am not in control of my own body anymore. Watching from a backseat, not capable of reacting or changing anything."

Arn listened to her explanation and his eyes projected a silent apology. How helpless she must feel being unable to control her own actions. His own inadequacies and powerlessness during youth paled in comparison to this. He could not change the past, even the past which had just occurred less than a few hours ago. His mind returned to his need to liberate her. Slavery, wither by physical chains or by magical means, was something he would never tolerate. Especially not on someone like Eilis.

"When my body reacted in that moment to assault you I was terrified, I screamed internally unable to stop the very destruction of those who had shown me kindness and whom I cared for”

He purposely held her tighter. As if he intend his body to be a sort of security blanket or an achor she could hold on to, or a shield that would protect her from her own fears. He shushed her softly. “You do not need to explain. I was there. I known and the Knight Captain knows you meant no evil.” He brushed her hair, his hand projecting warmth in every stroke. “I am sorry that you were scared and I could not help you.”

"I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I had hurt you..."

He gently cleared any would be tears from the corner of her eyes. He gave her a conforting look. “Eilis, it will take much more than that to hurt me.” He puffed his chest out in jest. “Do you not know I have survived fires, being fired upon, and once or twice almost killed myself from Mana drain?” He smiled at her. “No my lady, the only way to hurt me is to keep me from your side.”

"No, not really, I wasn't hurt too terribly and you took great care in doing as little damage as possible." She sought out his warmth again, crawling as much against him as she could, downplaying her pain.

Arn obliged her and she was very nearly cradled against him half sitting on his lap with her head against his chest. She was so small and light that he could almost hold her like a child. His chest almost hummed with warmth as if her need for him automatically caused a release of his mana to her. Their connection kept getting stronger and he could feel more than know what she needed.

"I will do anything you ask of me. Because at this point I am not sure if I even trust myself anymore." She leaned her head against him. "But I know I can trust you. You are my Sun. My reliable consistant Sun. I would follow you into the Deep Sky itself."

Hearing her words caused a wave of warmth to spread over him and pass on to her. He had no idea he was as important to her as she was to him. The wartth spread to his face and he swallowed to calm himself down. “Eilis, you think too much of me. Sun I am not but I will be whatever you need me to be. I am yours. The only thing I ask of you is be remain by my side. I will figure out a way to bring you freedom.”

He started to get choked up. The Master mage did not know how he was going to fulfill this promise but he knew that he must. Eilis deserved a life free of the binds that marred her beautiful body and soul. Arn sighed and he looked placed his chin over the top of her head.

“you must rest and recover. Do not worry. I will not leave your sight even if Ith were assailed by a thousand moons.”
The metal armed lad had been otherwise pulled away to other more fertile pastures to sow….whatever wild oats are. The young dwarf had heard that saying from one of the farmers which had given him a lift and stated that schools such as Hoseforn’s were great for sowing them. The insinuation was lost on the sheltered mind of the cadet however. Arn finished his draught of ale after Finn had also drunk to his health. This insinuation was the least of the pressing conundrums that began to rise in his mind. He had many questions.

The answers did not manifest from the bottom of the mug he was drinking from no matter how convenient it would have been. No longer the center of attention, the cleric in training considered what had transpired. Finn had stated that his uncle, a man who had once been of great renown and which had fallen to neglect due to his dabbling in magic that went beyond the socially accepted practices of shamanism, rune crafting, and to a very small extent the healing magic of a cleric. Why had his uncle chosen to embrace another family?

Something else that baffled him was the whirlwind of emotions that had manifested themselves in his stomach like a maelstrom that threatened to engulf him and sink him to depths of uncertainty. These feelings were the kind of which he had never felt before. Had his father played a part in his uncle’s departure? What exactly had transpired to make such a celebrated figure be so taboo? Would he face the same treatment after his own stay at Hoseforn’s?

At this difficult time in his life, the wise words of his old drill sergeant were like a life preserver in the raging waters of confusion. “When in doubt, stuff your face full of food and mead!”
The table in front of him practically groaned and was filled to the brim with food. The other people at his table started to talk to each other. While the young dwarf still did not know his reason for being at this place among other unknown variables, he figured the best way to attack this issue was to treat his time at Hoseforn’s as a mission. The first thing was to gather information.

His hands reached for the delicious smelling dishes all around him. Dwarves had no social norms or etiquette when it came to feasting. This was evident in the hearty portions and quick disappearance of the food from Arn’s plate. While they were not pigs when it came to eating, they still where not shy in their delight of enjoying food. Indeed, it was actually considered a compliment to the cook when food disappeared from plates and was consumed heartily.

The constant shoveling of food actually helped the dwarf to stay out of the various conversations around him and afforded him the opportunity to really take a look at his table mates. The Dwarves kept just enough tabs on people in regards to military movements and political situations that could translate to said military movements. Apart from that, very few interchanges of culture between nations ever transited across the huge gates of Iron Keep.

This meant that ignorance was a two way streak. He knew very little about those on his table and in turn, those around his table, save probably Finn, knew very little about him and his people. Arn’s eyes delighted on the variety around him as much as his taste buds delighted on the bounty of food.

Taking in every detail he could, he began at one end of the table to his right and swept it towards the left making sure to commit to memory as much detail as he could of the people fate had managed to sit around him. He began with the water soaked girl who had commented on Finn’s metal arm. At the time, Arn had only slightly nodded in her direction.

"Rune magic? Runecrafting and regular crafting really do go great together."
He remembered her comment and while not blatantly staring he took in her sight really looking at her for the first time. She was very well put together. Slender frame and riged, almost bark looking tan skin made her look like a pretty flower come to life. While dwarves did not really have a type of woman in general, they were not blind and appreciated the physiology of other races if nothing more. Kyera was attractive for sure and it did the young cleric no harm in acknowledging that.

His face shifted to the left as his hand picked up piece of bread which he dipped in what looked like hearty stew and then lifted the soaking morsel to his mouth. The young cadet appraised his so called cousin and the two girls who sat opposite of him. The pink haired, fluffy tailed girl with big almost bunny ears was for sure eye catching. He had never seen anything like her before. Not in the limited amount of books that was available to him. Basedon the reactions of others at the table, the purple skinned, spectacled horned Anisel specifically, the dwarf inferred that Selene was not a common sight.

An almost inconceivable smile quickly fluttered along his lips but he hid it behind a mug of ale. While he did not necessarily have anything against mages, he enjoyed the banter between the human Ixus, whom he recognized as having been the one to get bumped upon his arrival, and Anise. The blonde haired Calven seemed to be a child trapped in a grown up body. Apparently, Arn was not the only one who did not fully appreciate the boy’s bubbly demeanor.

His ears caught more than he intended from the trio to his left. “Our own persons, by our own efforts,” Arn digested the saying Finn had offered the lass named Valeria. The girl had light hair matching that of his so called cousin and looked very much human. However, the hue of her skin led the observant cadet to bet there was more to the delicate porcelain like face. To a dwarf, family was first and foremost. The honor of the clan needed to be upheld over your own desires. Unknown to Arn, this was the reason why Krum had fallen to whispers. He had pursued a passion and neglected his rightful place as the heir to the StoneHammer clan. Indeed, the young cleric was only at the school to add the necessary skills of being a battle field medic. In this way enchance his own honor and by association, that of the clan.

The sweet dulcimer like voice of the lady directly in front demanded his attention as he gulped down a hearty helping of sweet roasted ham. ”Meh I’m only in this for the money…”
The cleric raised an eyebrow in a mixture of agreement and denial of that statement. It was almost a dwarven trait to pursue riches and glory. However, very few did so as adventurers. Lorelai intrigued the young cadet. Not only because she was very exotic but also because she gave off an air of self-assured deadliness that made a few hairs on his back shiver. He was not necessarily afraid but for a dwarf who had been raised all his life in battle, reading your enemy’s battle ability was a skill that was pounded into you quite literally.

He was surprised how much complete strangers were willing to disclose to each other. While emotionally speaking, this opened up conversation and fostered friendships. Logically, it was beyond the dwarf’s understanding. However, this did not stop him from gathering any and all data.

"Just how far could these cases span over Ealinata...?"
He stopped mid chew as the conversation turned away from magic aptitude, mythical progeny, and other mundane subjects to actual practical concerns. While the dwarves did little to react to the woes of the rest of the world, even the Iron Keep had experienced a certain increase in patrols and the feeling of some underying danger could be felt in the upper echelons of leadership. Of course, as a lowly foot soldier, Arn was not privy to information that could be useful. Not tht he would disclose any information as readily as his fellow students were doing. Instead, he kept his peace and kept chewing.

"So in other words, we really don't know anything do we..."

Arn grunted as the food trying to go down his gullet and the chuckle that tried to escape it collided. He coughed with his mouth closed and grabbed his mug of Ale to help the invading food to wash down. Knowing full well that his near choking would bring attention to himself, he decided to get in front of the awkward moment by tackling the bull by the horns and also introduce himself as politeness dictated.

He cleared his throat as he stood up to his full 5 foot height and in a clear voice proclaimed. “I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you already.” He nodded to Cal and Finn. “I would like to introduce myself to the rest of you here. I am Arn second son of Thur of the HammerStone clan. Proud vassals and banner men to the BattleHammer clan, protectors of the Iron Keep. It is a pleasure and honor to make your acquaintance.” With that he gave a sweeping dignified bow to all on the table and promptly plopped down.
@vancexentan sure man do your thang. I will be here like I said. hope you get top marks.
Arn had finally started to release his death grip upon himself that was leaving his knuckles white and the back of his hands red. When the bow wielding white haired lad asked something than never in his life the dwarf would think he would hear outside the hushed whispers of the Iron Keep Halls.

"Excuse me, you did just say your Arn HammerStone? Are you related to Krum HammerStone?”

The young Cleric lost all his composure. He snapped his head in the direction of the young bowman so fast that his speed would have broken his neck had it not been resting on a properly muscled roped neck of a dwarf who had been training for almost 50 years as a cadet. His already big eyes extended greedily across his face occupying more real estate in an effort to visually understand how the name of his estranged uncle could be proceeding from a human lad.

Back in the deep halls of the mountain kingdom few spoke the name of the once celebrated blacksmith. Those who did, spoke in an negative tone. Not out of disrespect, but out of pity and shame. Two words that should never be linked to a dwarf that wanted their names to be sung in glory in the Ale houses of the kingdom.

Arn had never met his uncle, having not even been born when the man left the close knit dwarven community. He had only learned bits and pieces from hearsay and small talks he had with his mother. His father would never speak of him and while he did not openly renounce his brother, it was clear that the memory of the once famous warrior was not welcomed in the HammerStone clan.

The young Cadet uttered an almost babbling “What.. HO.... How…?” The obvious disbelief and total shock in his voice readily apparent to any one within ear shot or paying attention. His current behavior would have been quite and affront to his military training and stoic people.

Indeed, his drill sergeant often said. “Control your emotions, surprise is like getting caught with your pants down…it makes it easy to get Fucked!”

The fates seem to be smiling upon the young dwarf. A distraction came in the shape of an accidentally tail swipe given by the strange, yet enthralling, fox girl whom Arn had tried to analyze via his peripheral vision. The timely arrival of two demon looking individuals and an interesting colored haired girl to their table, coupled with the good natured teasing of the curiously tinted pleasing silver haired girl at the end of the table, allowed Arn to calm himself and gather his wits about him.

As if this obvious hand of luck was not enough, the appearance and sudden commanded silence of the entire hall as a group of eye catching individuals further diverted attention from the erring dwarf. He silently thanked the fates and hoped that this great amount of luck would not negatively affect him in the back draft.

It was almost evident how he neatly packed his emotions back in order as efficiently as he packed his ruck sack for a long march. The stoic face that he presented to the world appeared once more on his face and his hands once again interlocked like the gates of Iron Gate Fort.

The young dwarf waited patiently as some food and introductions went around. Once he had the full attention of the white haired bowman again he proclaimed clearly. “Please excuse my sudden outburst. Krum HammerStone is my uncle. Please forgive my forwardness but If I may, how do you know that name?”

Finn was smiling at Selana as she finished introducing herself, Valencia and himself. She was really pushing herself out of her comfort zone. He glanced back to Arn as he got his attention once again. Being formal with him. He smiled at the dwarf and said, "Well that would mean we are cousins. Because I call him Uncle as well. My father and he are close friends, and he spent some time with us over the last four years." He paused to give the dwarf a moment to let the confusion set in. Before pulling back his left sleeve. Revealing the ghostly glow of the core of his prosthetic. "Where he made and has adjusted this for me."

A sudden wave of jealousy and cryptic anger swept over the dwarf, the origin unknown.

Cousins? How could a human be considered family? Had his uncle gone as far as to mate and form a family with a human? If so, were there other cousins unknown to him in the world? Why had his uncle preferred the company of humans over that of his own flesh and blood?

Arn’s mind was a whirlwind of emotions. Thankfully, other than a slight twitch to his left eye and the tightening of his hands, not much was revealed. His voice was controlled as he hoped to ask the questions that flashed in his brain in a more proper way.

When the young man showed him the prosthetic his mind raced even more with questions that threatened to make the young dwarf almost faint. However, thanks to his strong mental fortitude instead Arn was able to produce a forced. “That is very interesting. He made this?” His tone was tinted with disbelief but with hope and wonder.

Finn's smile faded slightly, as the Dwarf barely moved a muscle. Not even seeming excited at the prospect that in this vast world, they knew the same man. Krum mentioned a falling out with his brother before. Perhaps Krum's brother had a larger influence on his son's outlook on his uncle. Or perhaps it was the cousins comment. Humans never did get along with Dwarves... perhaps dwarves had the same feelings towards humans? When he asked if he did make this he tilted his head to the side, glancing at the table he grabbed a fork with his left hand and spun it between his fingertips as easily as one would with real fingers. "Indeed he did. He also made my leg as well." He added with a smile. Pulling his pant leg up enough to see the blue glow of the core just above the boot. "Also excuse me for calling you cousin. I just grew close with the man, he's gruff and ornery at first. But a good man. Just don't break any of his creations...." He said with a chuckle...suddenly feeling old bruises long gone pop up on the back of his head from a head smack from the few times he did break one or both of them.

Arn’s eyes were glued to the arm first and the leg second as the archer showed him the marvelous items. A deep sadness settled in Arn’s soul as he felt cheated from having interacted with a man capable of such wonders. His face remained calm but his eyes briefly showed that slight sadness to the world.

The young cadet gave a slight shake of his head. “No excuse need to be given. You must forgive me. You see, I have never met my uncle.” His eyes went back to the prosthetics. “However, I had heard that he was capable of great works of metallurgy but nothing could have prepared me to witness such a marvelous work. You are very lucky.” He then looked at the young bowman. In the young dwarf’s eyes there was a slight tint of sadness and longing.

As quickly as it appeared it was gone. “Please forgive me. I do not believe I caught your name.”

Finn did catch the hint of sadness in the dwarfs tone and in his eyes. " I'm sorry, I didn't realize you didn't meet him. " He said scratching his ear. When the Dwarf asked his name he answered, "Finn Reinheart. It's a pleasure to meet you Arn Thurson of the Stonehammer clan Vassals of the Battlehammer Clan ." He said offering his left hand for a handshake.

Arn extended his own callused hand and taking the metal forged one. It almost felt as if he was holding his own uncle. For it is said, that a blacksmith pours their very soul into their creations. The young dwarf offered Finn a slight smile as he nodded in deference.

"You honor me and my clan addressing thus. I shall take no further of your time." The young cadet let go of the archer's hand grabin his mug of Ale raised it towards Finn. "To your health." And he took a swig, downing the drink in one gulp. He was going to need a few more of these before he could steady his emotions.


oK, well I am standing by to continue playing
Arn, ever the cadet, had focused his attention beyond the immediate party at his table, to analyzing those at other adjacent ones. He noticed that the vast majority of the student’s were humans. Which made sense as the race proliferated and reproduced at much faster rates than Dwarves. Non humans were the obvious minority with small pockets sitting close together with those of similar backgrounds or race.

He was just finishing appraising the weapons of a what looked like a some beast men looking group when he heard a sound that made the hairs on his back stand straighter than a phalanx of spears ready to receive a Calvary charge….the clearing of a throat meant to catch your attention before being addressed.

“Hello there, I couldn't help but notice you staring at the empty space in front of you. Here, face us instead,"

The young dwarf’s head swung slowly to this left slower than the Three-ton metal and stone doors of the Iron Keep. Finally, his eyes caught sight of something that made his skin craw under his chain shirt. The eager and smiling face of a blonde lad was looking straight at him. The boy’s eyes bright and expectant made the cleric in training swallow hard.

Arn tightened his interlocking fingers so hard that a lesser race’s skull would have been crushed between them. His mind raced trying to find excuses to avoid interaction. However, there was no possibility for tactical retreat. Especially when the deadly first introductions were fired into him like a cloud of ballista bolts.

"My name is Calven Fallard - but you can call me Cal!" the blond chirped happily before pointing to the magus next to him, "...and this is my lovely roommate Ixius Delthrane! We’re both from the Magus’ Librarium if you’ve heard of it."

The dwarf offered a slight nod to to Cal and in the direction of Ixius. He may abhor the idea of being chummy with strangers but he was still required to show proper etiquette and respect. Keeping the majority of his body taunt and facing forward so that only head was turned in their direction, the dwarf took a deep breath and then produced a properly respectful and polite voice.

“Greetings, I am Arn Second son of Thur HammerStone and Vassals to the BattlerHammer clan. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Yes, I have heard of the Librarium.” He immediately snapped his head to the front as if to signify that he had done his social obligation of being polite and that the conversation was over.

As he did so, his heart dropped as yet another new comer showed up. The dwarf started to scan the other tables nearby. He was looking for some sort of dwarven looking body that he could excuse himself to under the premise that he might know them. At least, if there was a dwarven person then they could be quiet together.
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