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there was a fire! (metaphorically)▅▅
be there in five (hyperbolically)▅▅



owenhe/him ・ 19 ・ ♍︎ ・ infp

you love him, you hate him, here’s here to stay! (subject to change.)

film & tv student on the west coast of wales with a penchant for the same three (3) character archetypes and slice-of-life genres. seemingly very stubborn about this whole roleplay thing if my on-again-off-again history is anything to go by. here for neither a good time nor a long one. nothing i do looks good on mobile devices at this point.

i’m transgender and bisexual, and very out of patience for those who engage in bad faith, so just keep a wide berth if you’re one of those people on here.

▅▅car seat headrest radiohead my chemical romance black country, new road marina rina sawayama arctic monkeys every time i die phoebe bridgers mitski system of a down bastille yard act paramore

▅▅the umbrella academy paper girls scream (mtv) orphan black the walking dead the good place haven buffy the vampire slayer

▅▅spider-man juno blade runner american psycho tallulah the godfather final destination scream mad max


▅▅♫ running out of time
▅▅– paramore


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