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Current *Salute.*
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I've never managed to finish a roleplay before. Unfortunently they died! However, I believe that there could be one day that I will finish roleplay-stories...But not today.
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Call an ambulance! Call an ambulance! But not for me. *Points gun.* Damnit I ruined the meme because of a spelling mistake.
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I'm crazy.
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Today...We POG. And tomorrow... We SPOG


Hello there! I am just a literate 16-year-old kid! Sure I am an accepting guy and I roleplay with anybody, no matter what age group you are in. I am from Sweden and my city is called: Norrkoping!

Contact information?

Discord: nesymerp1#7100

I have, quite many ideas to show and mashup so how about we can create a story together! You may PM me or do a thread! I love roleplaying with new people! Nevertheless, my favourite subject is basically science and would like to become an astronout! Very tough job but I'm willing to work towards it!

Interested in some plots? Sure! It's in my interest thread. Also, we can remove elements and merge things as I'm very openminded. Though we'll have to talk and communication is important!

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Dark Cloud 12 mos ago
My guy I sent you a link to a D&D game.
Demonic Raven 1 yr ago
My dude just watch the fire works this happens more often than you think. But the dude constantly complains about not getting a partner but doesn't take any advice. That should hopefully catch you up to speed!
Heiress of Ice 2 yrs ago
Hey thanks for the like! ^-^
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