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1 mo ago
Current @GhostMami I know right?! Been thinking of doing one at some point.
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4 mos ago
If anyone is interested in joining Hotel Valhalla feel free to apply we are open for new players. :) roleplayerguild.com/topics/…
6 mos ago
As a McDonalds worker, on the McRib, I make these every single day and they are messy as fuck and the sauce gets everywhere. And your fresh quarter pounders arent really fresh and thawed and are nasty
7 mos ago
The dumbass Cheeto/Oompa Loompa is finally gone yay!
9 mos ago
Happy birthday to me I’m 29 now lol


Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

Skyrose RP Universe Created & GMed & Co-GMed by: @Morose,@BlueSky44

Knight RP Universe Created & GMed by: @Kirah

Nexus RP Universe Created & GMed by: Me @Nallore!

Tales of Asgard, Beyond the Storm 1x1 with @AngelBites15

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RisenSun 2 yrs ago
Its literally been a year but I have returned!!! & wanted to say Hey :)
Mistiel 2 yrs ago
Miraboreasu 3 yrs ago
My condolences. I lost one of my dogs last month after eleven years, and it was so painful.
Love Dove 3 yrs ago
Hi, I see you looking at my profile a lot. (Not complaining of course.) I just thought I would peek in and say hello. Okay done being creepy. *slips back into shadows*
Lexibon 3 yrs ago
Hedgehawk 3 yrs ago
It is Nallore, now that is a throw back to when i was first here!
ByronicHero 3 yrs ago
Why hello there and good evening from Norway!
Wishing you a great evening/morning/day/night~

Just a random stranger wishing you all the best.

Winter Star12 3 yrs ago
Should I be worried about my anime mega milk near you?
HalfOfLancelot 3 yrs ago
:O Hi, Miss Nallore!
TGM 4 yrs ago
A wild Nallore appears!
RumikoOhara 4 yrs ago
Must be slow if you're haunting my Thread
The1Rolling1Boy 4 yrs ago
We can fight on the title of Grope master my dude.
Hedgehawk 4 yrs ago
DeadDrop 4 yrs ago
Heh, like what you see - roleplayer!?
TGM 4 yrs ago
who u
BoyMom035 4 yrs ago
I would love to give you cookies if I could :)

It's a different way of making them I was a little skeptical about, but oh Lord they came out good :)
Mae 4 yrs ago
*wavewave* Hello!!
Persona 4 yrs ago
I see you on my profile page ;]!
rocketrobie2 4 yrs ago
Oh man I cant wait for the new Life is Strange! It's probably pretty far off but I'm so Stoked!

Did you hear that theres a TV show in the works too?
Landaus Five-One 4 yrs ago
Love the kitty in the cup. :)
Mistiel 4 yrs ago
EA is the worst. Their servers are cheap and of crappy quality compared to a company like Riot, Rockstar Games, or Ubisoft. I am not happy about the Andromeda early release and wish EA's current executive board would go die in a fire.
Tulpa 4 yrs ago
Cyndyr 5 yrs ago
I see you lurking. Haven't spoken to you in a while. How are you?
Spriggs27 5 yrs ago
*steathly Gropes the grope master* I never knew you were from Philly Nals, I'm from Philly too hell I'm still in Philly.
Cyndyr 5 yrs ago
I love your avatar.
[Runs away quickly.]
Dark Eternity 5 yrs ago

Dark Eternity 5 yrs ago
Yeah. Had a rough last year, but everything is going find now. In a relationship with the best person I could have thought of and living together. I can't feel better at the moment ^^
Dark Eternity 5 yrs ago

How iz you? Long time no see :)
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