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Current @GhostMami I know right?! Been thinking of doing one at some point.
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If anyone is interested in joining Hotel Valhalla feel free to apply we are open for new players. :)…
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As a McDonalds worker, on the McRib, I make these every single day and they are messy as fuck and the sauce gets everywhere. And your fresh quarter pounders arent really fresh and thawed and are nasty
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The dumbass Cheeto/Oompa Loompa is finally gone yay!
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Happy birthday to me Iā€™m 29 now lol


Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

Skyrose RP Universe Created & GMed & Co-GMed by: @Morose,@BlueSky44

Knight RP Universe Created & GMed by: @Kirah

Nexus RP Universe Created & GMed by: Me @Nallore!

Tales of Asgard, Beyond the Storm 1x1 with @AngelBites15

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The Big House:

"Well Leandra is from Camp Jupiter, the Roman version of this camp they have been living here since June, Romans and Greeks tend to have tensions with each other while Mary is from here." Chiron explained as he noticed her starting to tear up at the thought of not seeing her family ever again. He wheeled himself over to Stella and gently rested a hand on her shoulder, it was common that campers didnt always stay all year round and were permitted to just attend here in the summer.

"You can go back home anytime you'd like though I would recommend staying here for a bit and learn to defend yourself. You'll see them again I promise you, and we'll find out who your godly parent is once they claim you." Chiron told her, when he heard the door opening and saw that it was Rosie coming in. "She's on her way over now." Rosie said to Chiron, and gave Stella a friendly smile. "Do you need anything?" She offered, seeing that the girl looked a bit upset.

Apollo Cabin:

"The supplies are good usually the fawns here provide what we need." Alexandra said using the Roman term for the Greek's Satyrs, she turned to look at Mary as she went off on Leandra and sighed slightly, taking a step back. "Though maybe you could help me with something later i'll get you when I need you." Alexandra said to Leandra as Bryan stared at Mary and shook his head slightly, sometimes he thought that she was more of an Ares kid than anything with that anger of hers. "No problem Mary, need anything else while your here?" He asked her.

Bunker 9:

"Though i'd also get a Hecate kid to like enchant it or something make it look at least human, unless you wanna go by the name Pegasus for the rest of your life." Lauryn said teasingly as she went over and motioned for Demi to come over. "Theres a toolbox over there if you can go and get that for me." She asked Demi as she stretched out and inspected the pipe seeing that it looked like it was leaking a bit, which wasnt good at all really.

"So what did you want to make anyway that way I know what you need, also who's it for? Cuz otherwise I don't know what supplies are needed." Lauryn decided to interrogate Demi a little bit trying to know what it was actually for and what supplies that would be needed for as well to.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Dining Pavilion -> The Shrines
Skills: N/A

Kiera gave a slight shrug she wasnt really sure either honestly as she noticed that Zeke had gone and sat down next to Nancy, she knew that he usually got along pretty well with Nancy. "I'm not sure really though he seems close to Nancy for some reason from what i've seen." Kiera said shrugging slightly and smiled as she took her girlfriend's hand and stood up. Going out to the canoe lake would be a lot of fun as she smiled to Leda. "That would be really nice, the lake isnt super busy right now anyway because of the weather so it would just be the two of us probably." Kiera said giving Leda a wink it would be pretty romantic there to as she walked out of the Dining Pavilion.

Kiera noticed both Arthur and Andy were working on making a snowman from the looks of it and gave the two a friendly smile and wave. "Hey you guys." She said as she continued to make her way over towards the shrines. "So how did you want to do this, divide and conquer, or work on cleaning them one at a time together?" She asked her girlfriend.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Dining Pavilion -> The Big House.
Skills: N/A

Kristin smiled when Janelle said that she would go to and nodded towards her. "Perfect, lets get going then." Kristin said as she offered her hand out for Janelle to take and started to make her way towards the Big House. She noticed that Andy and Arthur were making some snowmen while Leda and Kiera were heading over to where the shrines were to clean them most likely. It felt like a awhile ago that both Jason and Janelle were new to the camp as well to. "Do you guys remember when you first got here?" She asked turning around to look at Jason and Janelle as they were at the Big House now.

She opened the door seeing Rosie again along with Chiron and the new girl and smiled towards her. "Hey there." Kristin said as she gestured to both Jason and Janelle. "Thats Jason and Janelle, and i'm Kristin it's nice to meet you. We can take you on a tour of the camp whenever you are ready." She said offering a hand for Stella to shake.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

"I think mixing our groups together would be a good thing then, we can learn each other's tactics more and i'm fine with mixing up leaders for whoever wants to lead the teams anyway, we should run it by Chiron in a bit." Madalyne said as she watched Kiera and Leda leaving, she would be a key player for the war games for sure. Madalyne shook her head slightly letting out an annoyed sigh when Zeke winked at her, that felt really annoying.

Nancy's vision would suddenly fade away, and she would find herself in what looked to be the Labyrinth again she would see Madalyne, Andy and Mary. They were running from something it was to dark to see as the group approached what looked like a bottomless pit as well, Madalyne was carrying a stygian iron sword in her hand with a symbol on the blade of it. When something large flew out of the darkness and impaled Madalyne through the stomach, dropping the sword and the Gem from their quest onto the ground and her body falling down into the pit as a black tentacle was reaching for the two items when the vision suddenly ended.

Madalyne started to nudge Nancy a bit seeing that she was in some kind of daze. "Hey Nancy are you alright?" She asked her friend knowing that look pretty well there was some kind of vision that she would occasionally have same thing that happened when they went on the quest for the Gem, and what had happened before the greeks came to camp as well.

Cassandra Reed

Location: Quinjet, Medical Area
Skills: N/A

Cassandra looked at Spider-Man for a moment. "Theres a few TV shows as well to for Star Wars." She pointed out seeing that he was surprised about the books, her attention turned towards Sparky. "Have you thought of any names of the little girl?" She asked mostly out of curiosity as Bonnie inspected the area around Niah's leg and got up to get a better look. Seeing the weird black splotches on her skin didnt look good at all as Niah explained how she lost her leg from a demon bear. She didnt have any kind of skill really to help other than basic combat first aid.

"Maybe we should contact Dr. Strange about this?" She asked looking over at Bonnie for a moment, he was the one to help her when she had contracted M-Pox and helped her on the road to recovery really quickly and get the cure from her after all. It was Bonnie's call after all whether or not they should get in contact with him.

Evelyn Holder

Location: Missouri -> Robert E. Lee Animal Shelter
Skills: N/A

Evelyn looked at ZuZu seeing a tentacle coming out of it's mouth and poked at her cheek, and gave the kitty a smile as she opened the cage and picked the cat up into her arms. "Would you like to help us out little guy?" Evelyn asked, as she gently scratched ZuZu behind the ears and chin and smiled. "And would you like to come home to Serval with me? I'm sure that John Watts would really love you." She said to the cat, she had a feeling that Watts would be really annoyed having a cat wondering around his lab as well to.

She started to fall in love with the cat as she turned to face the others seeing that Goose had found two more Flerkens who looked rather large. Hearing Mar-Vell explaining that they were about to lay some eggs which was really weird and she had been de-aged to a twelve year old and sent to the mojo-verse and then becoming an old woman there as well to. Seeing that Fluffy started to lay eggs in front of them, and shook her head slightly. "I agree we should probably take them with us, unless we can't while they do that." Evelyn said she had a feeling that the animal shelter workers would be freaked out by cats suddenly laying eggs everywhere.

Maria Novikova

Location: Bridge
Skills: N/A

Maria nodded slightly as everyone else seemed to agree with putting Princess Anelle on the throne she rolled her eyes slightly towards Tony for a moment. "Don't listen to him, once we get you on the throne we can try and help your people find a home somewhere." Maria said trying to reassure the Princess as she gave Director Hill a slight nod. She did need learn how to defend herself after all, and learn how to fight as well to.

She did graduate from the SHIELD's Operations Academy, and learned how to fight from the instructors there as well as she motioned the princess to lead the way. "If theres a spot on the ship where we can help you defend yourself, or we can do it here." Maria said to the princess.

Nadia Petrova

Location: Helheim
Skills: Sword Fighting

Nadia watched as both Runa, and Klara taking out some more of the dragur as she couldnt see anymore coming out of the trees yet which was probably a good thing then. But they were in Helheim after all as well to so more of the undead could come out of nowhere anyway, and not to mention the gatekeeper. Nadia had a feeling that he would still be guarding the gate as well, she looked back at the castle in the distance once more. She was glad that Runa still had the compass the castle looked rather large as well to and she didnt want to wonder around blindly.

"Lets get going." Nadia said as she managed to decapitate the one that Runa had attacked and waved for them to follow her, and quickly made her way closer just as she could hear another loud howling sound from the undead coming. Eventually she stood in front of a really large wall blocking off their entrance. "Think Betty could jump us over it?" Nadia asked turning around to look at Klara.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Niflheim
Skills: N/A

"Sounds like a good plan then." Arnora said giving Lara a smile as she picked up an oar and then handed it over to either Lara or Astrid to take hold of. "Lets just row our way there, and keep the cloak up but go as slow as we can and just make it look like that the boat is just drifting." Arnora suggested as she could see the massive ship coming into view now, seeing that the undead and jotunns a lot easier now as they were loading supplies as well as troops on.

Arnora looked at the three of them. "You'll know when the ship is frozen, but if I don't resurface don't come back for me alright?" Arnora asked looking at the three of them. Elizabeth gave a slight nod as Arnora started to take off anything that was to heavy leaving her axe on the ground giving them all a nod before slowly and carefully getting into the freezing cold water.
This looks interesting
@x Shimmerfall Hi there and welcome to RPG! If you ever want to RP or chat sometime feel free to ask! :)

Callie Johnson

Location: Emma Frost Memorial Hospital - Terrigen Ward
Skills: N/A

Callie flinched slightly when a bunch of tech in the room started to explode, looking over at Zari the only person in the group who could mess with technology shook her head slightly when she threatened Echo with bodily harm for singing. Though she wasnt sure why he was singing for her when he could clearly hear Veil speaking. She looked at Moneta as she told them that they had been out for five months, Callie shook her head slightly it felt a lot shorter than that actually.

"How did you guys get us here?" She asked, as Dr. Nemesis quickly went to reveal Havok still frozen in a block of ice, but no Sapphire. Which she started to worry, she was the one to attack X-Cutioner which caused him to trigger the last bomb. "Is Sapphire okay?" Callie asked, she didnt really care or was interested in the whole ceremony thing at all honestly she wanted to know that everyone else was alright.

Kristina Smith

Location: Emma Frost Memorial Hospital - Terrigen Ward
Skills: N/A

Kristina jumped slightly when stuff in the room started to explode she sighed slightly when she realized that it was just Zari and started to lay back down and relaxed somewhat now. She shook her head slightly they had been in ice for five months that was something she was having a hard time processing. She watched as the robotic eyeball in Dr. Nemesis's head popped out and hitting Casper in the head was kind of entertaining to watch.

She looked as Dr. Nemesis revealed Havok and started to thaw him out, she wanted to know where Sapphire was as well to and wanted to thank her again for saving her life again. "If she's okay I want to see her, and thank her again." Kristina said, though she didnt want to experience getting frozen like Captain America again anytime soon.

Bethany Bell

The Kyln
Skills: N/A

Bethany nodded slightly at Runa, though gambling wouldnt really be helpful unless they were playing a game against some prisoners or whatever for something useful that could get them out of here. Beth simply rolled her eyes at Drax as he introduced himself, yep this guy was certainly dropped on the head as a kid. "Yeah you definitely do have some screws loose in that noggin of yours." Beth said sarcastically when she heard a familiar voice and turned to see Annie coming over with some green skinned woman, reminding her of those green aliens in Star Trek she couldnt really remember their names.

"Hey Annie, have you seen Lance or the others?" Beth asked and looked at Runa knowing that she was hoping to find Lance sooner rather than later, before turning her attention to the green skinned woman who knew Drax. "Hi i'm Beth, and thats Runa nice to meet you." She said she wanted to go and find the others and hopefully find a way out of here.

Sierra Finley

Location: Camelot, Pub
Skills: N/A

"He looked kinda weird and creepy honestly." Sierra said to Willow giving a slight shrug as she listened to everyone else as they talked and Merlin managed to locate where Jack was which was a good thing then. Megan had a point why they couldnt simply just teleport over there or something when Merlin answered. "I can get us as closely as I can any closer and someone would detect us easily." Merlin said as he stood up and handed the key back to Megan.

"Those who want to come, let me know now." Merlin said as he started to wave his hands slightly as a small portal appeared revealing more wooded area. And started to step through, Sierra didnt like the idea of having to stay behind and decided to jump through the portal as well to. Sierra stumbled through the other side of the portal and looked at the others on the other side it looked like they were safe for now which was a good thing then.

Layla Hood

Location: Camelot, Pub
Skills: N/A

Layla smiled and took a sip from the water her sister had given her. "Thank you." Layla said as she watched Merlin using his magic and opened a portal. "I'm going." She said as she got up from where she was sitting and made her way through the portal shortly after Sierra did. "Red, Gretel and I will hold the fort down here then, no sense in leaving the place unguarded." Hansel said to Merlin as he gave them a nod. "Go ahead i'll be alright." Red said to her daughter and smiled towards her giving her a quick hug, before stepping back slightly.

"Yeah this is kinda getting a bit boring." Taylor said she kind of got bored rather quickly and doing nothing wasnt to much fun either, and she usually ended up just stirring trouble a lot of the time. Taylor stood up and stretched slightly she wasnt sure if Rosalia was going to leave the pupper behind or bring her with them. She made her way through the portal now as well to, with some of the others the area didnt seem to be dangerous or any guards really either for that matter.

Rumple's Hideout:

The dumbwaiter was a little bit cramped for Jack, as the little elevator of sorts started to ascend, on the other end he would be able to hear Rumple talking to Maleficent. "So when can we expect you to get back then?" Rumple asked her as her voice could be heard as well to. "I'll be back from Earth by tomorrow morning. Any news to report on the other children?" Maleficent asked, Rumple was silent for a moment before answering. "They were in Camelot and managed to escape, we will have them by the time you get back." Rumple said, leaving out the fact that Jack was already in his custody. "Make sure that they don't escape again." Maleficent said before there was silence now.

The Big House:

Chiron looked at Stella as she started to bombard him with a lot of questions and smiled towards her as he adjusted the blanket covering his fake human legs. "I usually use them so that way newer people to camp aren't freaked out as much and makes me feel more like the rest of you." Chiron answered as he finished making some hot chocolate for Stella and handed her the mug, before wheeling back slightly closer to the fireplace to get warm.

"It is usually about who your godly parent is, they will usually claim you after a few hours once you get here. Monsters usually always hunt down people like you, and either kill you for sport of for food usually which is never safe for anyone outside of camp even your mortal family would be in danger to. We train you so that way you can protect yourself and your family. If you choose to leave camp during the year, and come back in the summer, or if you choose to stay here all year round." Chiron said as he reached into a nearby bag and threw a piece of jerky to Seymour the large tiger trophy above the mantle who caught it easily and ate at it happily. "An Oracle are people who see prophecies, and then send people out onto quests. The people at the barrier are trained to protect the camp from monsters who stray to close to camp or in situations like yours help safe those who are just coming to camp."

Apollo Cabin:

"Both of you just relax, alright? This is going to sting a bit." Bryan said as he took out a suture kit and then started to get ready to sew up the claw marks on Mary's back slowly. It didnt take to long for it to be stitched up and handed Mary some nectar just a little bit, and smiled some. "The stitches should disappear after a few hours, just don't tug at them or anything like that unless you want some scaring. The nectar should get rid of the Manticore poison in you." Bryan said to Mary

Alexandra looked at the wound in Leandra's shoulder and rolled her eyes slightly seeing the damage and stared at her for a moment. "Did you pull a manticore stinger out?" Alexandra asked, usually pulling things out like arrows from the wound always did more harm than good and usually it would cause the bleeding to be worse since it usually kept the wound from bleeding profusely. Usually Alexandra was always gutting stuffed animals for prophecies kind of like the Greek's Oracle but she was good with medical stuff as well being a child of Apollo. She finished up sewing the wound looking at Leandra for a moment and patted her on the shoulder. "You are good to go now." She told Leandra as she handed her some nectar as well.

Bunker 9:

"What? I didnt say anything at all to her, it was a secret just between us girls." Lauryn said jokingly as she led the way down the trail that led towards Bunker 9. It didnt take to long for them to get there, it looked like it was a large cliff face just close to the water as well. She opened the door and walked inside holding the door open for Demi to get inside, it was the Athena and Hephaestus cabin's little haven. The Argo III was hanging above them, suspended by a few cranes as some Athena, Hephaestus and even a legionnaire or two most likely kids of Vulcan were working. In the middle of the floor was what looked to be a submersible of sorts as well to that looked like it was slowly getting finished.

"Alright c'mon, lets get your butt to work. Then we can do your side project thing." Lauryn said as she climbed up some ladders that would be coming out of the Argo III that led directly into the cargo hold of the ship. Lauryn made her way towards the engineering area rather quickly and started to get to work.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

"I'm always nice to them, they just like talking a lot of shit all the time, they are more like the kids from Aphrodite's cabin." Kiera said with a slight laugh and shook her head as she finished eating the rest of her breakfast as she listened to her girlfriend. The gods choosing sides didnt sound like a good thing at all, and took a moment and looked at some of the other campers who were there and wondered how long the influence from their godly parents would flow into camp. "That doesnt really sound like a good thing at all." Kiera said softly.

Kiera got up and leaned in to kiss Leda once more. "So did you want thirds and fourths?" She asked teasingly, knowing that Leda would probably end up eating some more. She was ready to go out and help tend to the shrines as she watched the two Roman leaders and their friend talking and Zeke approaching, wondering what they were talking about.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

Kristin nodded to Jason as she finished up eating her breakfast and got up giving what little was left to the brazier for her mother, and went back to the Ares table. "C'mon lets get going then." Kristin said giving Jason a smile, she was curious who the newer camper actually was and wondered how they got to camp as well.

Isaac smiled and nodded towards Janelle as he continued to eat his breakfast as he noticed Kristin making her way over towards the table and waved towards her. "Good morning." He said to Kristin and she smiled and returned the wave. "Good morning you two." Kristin said as she turned to look a Janelle for a moment. "Rosie said that there was a new camper and Chiron wanted me to give the tour I offered Jason to come with, did you want to come to?" Kristin offered.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Dining Pavilion
Skills: Mystiokinesis

Madalyne smiled when both Niah and Nancy agreed with the idea, and now they just needed to get permission from the Greeks if they could let them loan the Argo III for the games tonight. She looked at Zeke for a moment. He always seemed to be really annoying in her opinion for some reason it always felt like he was pushing her buttons on purpose sometimes with the way he spoke. "I was going to ask and see if Chiron would let us use their ship and see if the greeks would want to join in to after this actually" Madalyne said, catching Andy waving to her and smiled returning the wave to her niece.

Madalyne continued to eat her breakfast while occasionally giving Zeke a slight glare, she knew that Nancy was fond of her greek half brother so didnt really say anything right now. She was close to finishing up eating the rest of her breakfast now as well, and wanted to get things started as soon as possible.
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