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Current After rewatching The Hunger Games movies I want to do a 1x1 RP with it now.
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@GhostMami I know right?! Been thinking of doing one at some point.
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If anyone is interested in joining Hotel Valhalla feel free to apply we are open for new players. :)…
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As a McDonalds worker, on the McRib, I make these every single day and they are messy as fuck and the sauce gets everywhere. And your fresh quarter pounders arent really fresh and thawed and are nasty
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The dumbass Cheeto/Oompa Loompa is finally gone yay!


Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

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Carolina Reed

Location: New York City Building Interior
Skills: N/A

Carolina watched as Sabertooth grabbed onto Lance and picked him up, she was about to charge after him but Lance managed to light himself bright enough to blind him temporarily to drop him. Carolina quickly made her way towards Lance to try and help him up, when the ground started to shake more violently, and everything came tumbling down before them. Carolina saw a quick silver flash grabbing Guin before disappearing. Then the building completely collapsed ontop of her and Lance, covering the two of them in rubble and dust and then everything went black.

Carolina's eyes slowly started to open and they stung as dust from the rubble got in them causing them to water, and then she started to cough. Everything hurt as she slowly started to look around, she was still alive some how she wasnt sure how long she had or if the air pocket had enough for her. "Lance are you there?" Carolina called out to him.

Cassandra Reed

Location: New York Streets
Skills: N/A

Cassandra watched helplessly as the entire building came crashing down on top of her sister and Lance, Quicksilver managed to only save one person, and that was Guin. She was hoping that he'd get the three of them out in time, but he couldnt, as the dust started to settle down Cass turned to Mary and nodded. "You dont have to tell me twice." Cass said as she quickly bolted over towards the rubble, and started to try and pick up rocks and rubble to move out of the way.

She was doing her best to hold back her tears as she moved more of the rubble as quickly as she could, she didn't have any kind of super strength or anything like that to get to her sister and Lance. She was hoping that she and Lance were still alive down in there she looked over towards Mary hoping that she could do something to move things faster.


The girl looked over at Maddie with a confused look. "What is a Wookie?" She asked a bit confused, when Mad Hatter spoke and smiled a little bit seeing the oil lamp would do perfectly. "Well we happen to have been working on something for awhile now and been getting as much information as possible but, Jafar happens to have a little auction event going on tomorrow evening. some guests are coming there to an auction of rare items, we come in posing as either potential buyers or sellers. While the auction is going on we sneak off, Jafar has a large vault where he keeps everything there we replace that lamp with the genie lamp." Mad Hatter said grinning a little bit.

Aurora shook her head slightly, she wasnt liking the idea of going into the lions den really to get a lamp and leave, as she looked towards Willow and smiled towards her for a moment. "We just need the lamp nothing else really, it'll draw to much attention if we steal more than one thing." Aurora told Colby she was hoping that the plan would work pretty well.

Sierra Finley

Location: Atlantica
Skills: N/A

Sierra groaned slightly as Megan went to tend to the wound, as she looked towards Jack and gave him a slight nod. "First time getting shot at and getting hit actually I think i'll be fine though." Sierra said towards Jack as Belle continued rowing the boat as they were getting closer to shore now, Hook's men were getting smaller now but were doing their best to keep up. "So what now?" Sierra asked looking over at Hansel and Gretel as they looked down to see the crocodile following them, Hansel fired off an arrow at it, which the crocodile quickly went under the water. "We get to shore, find someplace to hunker down for a little bit and then go to where we are meeting those people." Gretel answered Sierra.

Belle got the boat to shore and the other prisoners who were on the boat quickly got off looking towards the group. "Thank you." One of them said before quickly running off into the woods. Belle went over and helped Sierra up and out of the boat while looking around, one thing she knew about Hook's men were that they wouldn't stop hunting them down. "They'll keep looking for us, so we should keep moving." Belle said as she started to make her way towards the tree line.

Layla Hood

Location: The Moors
Skills: N/A

"Well what do you look forward to then if you did want to go back then?" Layla asked looking over at Rosalia from what she had gathered she didn't really have much of a home back where they were raised. "I mean if you are here you could get a fresh start or something if you wanted to." Layla told her as she turned towards her sister and nodded giving her a thumbs up, letting her know that she was alright, as Layla leaned back slightly listening to what Merlin was talking to Rose about was. She wasn't sure if she did want to have her memories back or not since she was pretty young back then.

"No problem." Robin said looking at Cassi and smiled towards her, as Red turned her attention towards Cassi asking about getting Rose's memories back as she spoke. "I'm not sure what it would do, but it is Rose' choice if she wanted her memories back or not though." Red said while looking over at her daughter and smiled some towards her. One of Robin Hood's men came over and whispered towards him and turned to look at them all. "I have to go and attend to something i'll be back in a few." Robin said as he got up and started to make his way back over towards the main tent.

Bethany Bell

Asgard, River Near Baldur's Hall
Skills: Shadow Travel/Shadow Manipulation

Bethany closed her eyes and then started to shadow travel herself again getting closer towards one of the massive kaiju like monsters and then held out her arms as she started to use her shadows and the massive creature's shadows as well. She managed to tie the creature down as well, securing it as best as she could, but it really wasnt her best work. 'I'd rather not get smacked again by a giant ass space lizard's tail again, if we can knock out Runa's brother sooner the better.' Bethany said through the mental link to everyone.

Beth turned to see Runa smacking her brother as hard as she could with her staff making her wince slightly seeing him bleeding a bit from the hit as well. She hoped that Runa would be able to take out her brother as Guin came over and kicked him in the head, seeing the Asgardian looking rather pissed off now. "Uh I think you guys are making him even madder than he is right now." Beth called out to Runa and Guin.

Cassandra Reed

Location: SWORD HQ Interrogation Room B9 - Earth 257
Skills: N/A

Cassandra listened to Darcy as she answered Sparky's question, turning to look at her for a moment before turning her attention back at Darcy when she asked for their real names. She had read Dr. Doom's file a few times in the past and knew that he was pretty bad and the Fantastic Four were always fighting him most of the time. "I don't understand his last name really, but his full name is Victor Von Doom, he's from the Latveria region. If you don't believe me then look him up in your database i'm sure there is someone with that name, or even look at the traffic cameras where we appeared i'm sure that they appeared sometime before we did." Cass answered Darcy hopefully that would get her to believe what they were saying.

"As for Luminous that is her name as far as I know of her, but she's still a very dangerous threat, we've seen what she can do in person." Cassandra said while looking back at Sparky, she wasnt super sure what they were talking about with her. Maybe she was from here to but was taken as a kid but didn't have any kind of memories here when she was really young.

Maria Novikova

Location: SWORD HQ Interrogation Room Z11 - Earth 257
Skills: N/A

Maria turned to look at Agent Rambeau, as she started to use the table and brought up various images of her, Raynor and Flynn doing various acts of terrorism. She had no clue what made this version of her so radicalized and what they had done was really horrible and seeing what Raynor had done was horrible to. But she was willing to look past it if Raynor really did and truly regretted what he had done here in this reality. She took a moment and started to think what to say next and hoped that it wouldn't get them into any kind of trouble really as Maria leaned forward.

"I'll be honest and may sound really crazy but the three of us." Maria said gesturing towards herself, Matt and Flynn before speaking again. "We aren't from this reality at all." Maria said as she thought a little bit before holding out her hands, a side effect of her powers was that she could sometimes gain the memories of those that she had drained in the past. "A side effect of my powers are that I sometimes experience memories of those that I have touched. If you or someone here has an ability like that have them look into my memories, you also have some fancy tech here I dunno if your tech here can do let someone's memories playout in front of everyone." Maria suggested, she closed her eyes for a moment and sighed turning to look at the agent. "I have a wife and newborn daughter back home, I really don't want to end up getting killed for something that my counterpart here has done."

Nadia Petrova

Location: Hotel Valhalla, Floor 100 Arcade
Skills: Vitakinesis

Nadia turned towards Runa and gave her friend a slight smile and nodded towards her. "Yeah just a little bit crispy I guess." Nadia said jokingly towards her friend wincing slightly as she moved her hand a little bit. She reached down and started to try and heal herself from her injuries but couldn't really do much she silently cursed herself. Nadia was glad that Klara and Runa were able to release the remaining Einherjar free, and Runa managed to open the door. "Hi there?" Nadia said as the Einherjar started to lower their weapons again and started to relax when one of them spoke. "Sorry didnt even realize that there was a door at all." One of them said as they lowered their weapons.

"It's alright." Nadia said gently resting a hand on Runa's shoulder, they needed to go and meet with Baldur and Odin as soon as possible and anyone else there to. When one of the Einherjar entered the room getting the others attention and then looked towards the group of girls. "The others that had died suddenly all appeared in the feast hall." One of them said Nadia smiled slightly she was glad that Loki did actually keep his word she turned to look at Arnora's earlier question. "I'll probably spend sometime training really, or maybe relax and find some board games or watch some shows." Nadia answered her as they made their way towards the elevator.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Hotel Valhalla, Floor 100 Arcade
Skills: N/A

"I'm going to go to my room and just take sometime to relax really." Arnora said towards Lara and smiled towards her as she started to follow shortly behind Runa and Nadia as the other Einherjar started to calm down now and that the news was true as well. "We need to go and see Baldur and Odin along with the Thanes as soon as possible." Arnora suggested as she looked over at Dalisy for a moment, she wanted to know if Loki was still there or not.

"Lets go down to the feast hall." Arnora said as she turned and started to make her way towards the elevator again before getting Dalisy's attention. "Is Loki still in his cage?" Arnora asked, she knew that Loki was able to project himself with his magic, but other than that she knew that he was still physically inside of his cave. Arnora then pressed the button as she called the elevator to come and pick them up at their floor.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Arena.
Skills: N/A

Jace looked towards Jason and gave a slight shrug. "I honestly don't remember, I was talking to you guys, then a cold sensation and then darkness, and then waking up on the floor." Jace answered his half brother honestly, taking a moment to look over at where the Roman leaders were still talking. "Did I miss anything?" He asked out of curiosity, Kristin took a moment to answer some of the questions. "Lauryn, and Zeke got possessed by an Eidolon and attacked each other. And then the Romans came over to tell them what was going on and what happened earlier." Kristin answered.

Kristin looked over at Zeke and nodded slightly, other than hearing Nancy pretty much yelling she got the feeling that the Roman Praetor was mad for some kind of reason. "Are you alright Zeke?" Kristin asked mainly out of curiosity she watched Stella she looked a bit distressed as well when Eva came over towards her half sister and gently rested a hand on the younger girl's shoulder. "Are you alright, Stella, whats the matter?" Eva asked Stella. Kristin looked over at Leda and then Kiera as she made her comment and shook her head slightly at the reality show joke.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Arena
Skills: N/A

"It's what season two now of that show?" Kiera asked looking over towards Leda as she joked towards her refering it to the show like they had seen during their journey to New Rome on the Argo III. Things seemed to calm down now by the looks of it, but still Kiera got the sense that things were pretty tense at the moment. Kiera eyed the Romans who were gathered they more or less had seated themselves and were talking amongst each other while still eyeing the Greeks.

"So what exactly happened that you pissed off your Roman half sister Zeke?" Kiera asked looking over at him, she was really curious why Nancy had snapped at him, loud enough for the whole entire camp to actually hear. She watched as the Hecate cabin kids were gathering up and started talking amongst each other and got her curious as to what they were doing as well to before turning her attention to her girlfriend. "I'd totally take that bet if they start fighting again." Kiera said to Leda.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Arena

Chiron turned his attention towards Cassian, oaths were serious things to make and werent to be taken lightly at all and shook his head towards him agreeing with Niah on that. "Oaths aren't to be taken lightly at all, and I don't think promising anyone to keep a secret would be wise at all." Chiron told him while turning his attention over towards Nancy. "You are welcome to remain here for as long as you need to, and I'll make sure that the peace will be kept personally." Chiron started to think for a moment if the messenger had come to him or not and shook his head slightly, something must have happened unless an Eidolon had managed to get their hands on the messenger.

"I don't think I did unfortunately. Since the Ediolons are here, they may have possessed them and prevented the message from coming through." Chiron said, he then started to think of something that both parties would be willing to work with before speaking. "I would suggest one or two Greeks and one or two Romans to act as a liaison, one Greek stays with the Romans and attend any meetings that your senate has, and one Roman will attend any meetings that the head cabin councilors all have." Chiron suggested that way things won't get as lost.

Madalyne was much calmer now as she looked towards Mary and apologized, she looked down for a moment and then over towards Nancy before speaking. "I'm sorry as well to for my outburst as well to, and I totally understand." Madalyne said she then turned towards Cassian crossing her arms over her chest, as much as she wanted to believe that she was pretty sure that what happens in a Prophecy you can't change ones fate at all. "I'm not so sure, sadly in my experience prophecies aren't able to be changed." Madalyne said sighing slightly while looking at them all. "If it's possible could we get this meeting started?" Madalyne asked Chiron, as he turned towards the others. "Unless theres something else we should talk about we should get the meeting started then." Chiron said.
@Seiya Hi there, glad that you are showing interest in the RP, sadly however though we aren't really accepting any new members currently. However there are other PJO related RPs in the works I can tag you if you'd like once I do get them started if you'd like.

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