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Current @GhostMami I know right?! Been thinking of doing one at some point.
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If anyone is interested in joining Hotel Valhalla feel free to apply we are open for new players. :)…
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As a McDonalds worker, on the McRib, I make these every single day and they are messy as fuck and the sauce gets everywhere. And your fresh quarter pounders arent really fresh and thawed and are nasty
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The dumbass Cheeto/Oompa Loompa is finally gone yay!
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Happy birthday to me Iā€™m 29 now lol


Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

Skyrose RP Universe Created & GMed & Co-GMed by: @Morose,@BlueSky44

Knight RP Universe Created & GMed by: @Kirah

Nexus RP Universe Created & GMed by: Me @Nallore!

Tales of Asgard, Beyond the Storm 1x1 with @AngelBites15

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Sierra Finley

Location: Camelot, Merlin's Tower
Skills: N/A

Sierra had told Willow that she was a bit nervous about meeting her parents and getting to know them, and rest sounded really good right about now as well to. She had slept for most of the night peacefully, waking up in one of the rooms that were within the massive tower, she stretched out slightly and yawned. She started to go and get changed into some clothes she had been wearing the day before, making note to ask Merlin for some more. Wearing the same set of clothes for more than one day always did make her feel dirty for some reason, as Sierra headed down the stairs closing the door behind her.

Sierra could smell some cooking as she headed down the stairs, looking over she saw Red, Tinker, Hansel, and Gretel there talking amongst themselves. Some food was being cooked on a nearby stove in the kitchen like part of the tower, as she took a seat and waved towards the group. "Good morning." Sierra said, noting that Merlin wasn't there looking over towards the others. "Where's Merlin?" Sierra asked as Tinker turned to look at her. "Still resting a bit he should be down soon though." She told her, Sierra nodded as Gretel came over with some food with some scrambled eggs and bacon on it which she quickly started to dig in.

Layla Hood

Location: Camelot, Merlin's Tower
Skills: N/A

Layla woke up and stretched slightly, her cat snuggled up in her lap as she reached over and started to pet him on the head, the cat purring happily. Layla smiled as she gently lifted her cat setting him down to the side of her, looking over at her sister she tossed her pillow at her sister's head. "Time to wake up lazy head." Layla told her, as she started to get changed today was hopefully they would be able to meet their father. Once she was fully changed Layla grabbed her things and started to head down the stairs. Looking over seeing the other adults in the room talking amongst themselves and Sierra sitting at the table and eating some breakfast.

"Good morning." Layla said giving them a wave as well to taking a seat at the front of the table as Gretel came over and giving her a plate of food as well to. Looking at Sierra's it was the same, which she didnt mind at all as Layla started to dig in hearing Sierra's question where Merlin was she was curious as well to. Hearing Tinker answering the magic he used must have worn him out then if he was still sleeping as well.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.
Skills: Mist Control

The dragon stared at the two pairs of puny demigods in it's lair and started to stand up on it's four legs it's massive wings started to spread they almost were able to touch ceiling of the massive cavern. It started to roar rather loudly as it started to breathe fire, their only exit being sealed by a wall of fire. Madalyne caught the gem looking at it for a moment, feeling a really strange and dark presence coming from it hearing a whisper saying only she would be able to hear it. 'Release me now mortal and i'll give you all the power in the world.'

Madalyne was about to run towards the only exit only to be blocked by the wall of fire, turning around to face the dragon, as it fired again, managing to easily destroy her mist clones of her friends. Madalyne turned to Nancy, it was a really risky thing they were inside of the massive mountain after all as well to. "Hey Nancy? You wanna try bringing the ceiling down?" Madalyne suggested it really was risky since they were inside otherwise they would have to fight the massive fire breathing lizard.

Bethany Bell

The Kyln -> Klara's Ship
Skills: N/A

Once everyone had their things Bethany quickly followed everyone else towards the hangar looking over towards the Guardians standing by their own ship. Noting all of the bodies that were laid out in the hangar as well looking at them and then over towards the ship that Klara had came in on. "Finally we can get out of here, i'm not going to go to jail again anytime soon." Bethany said as she quickly went up the ramp and took a seat. and strapped herself in like Klara said.

Bethany saw the Guardian's ship flying off out of the hangar noting the canon fire coming out and trying to hit them, they eventually made it out and made some distance between them and the Kyln. Bethany turned hearing some kind of scratching sounds and a crate being knocked down. Seeing a cute little alien creature tumbling out staring at it for a moment and then over at Klara the thing was kind of adorable looking. "Looks like you got a stowaway."
@HomeSteadLady Hi there and welcome to RPG. :) If you ever want to RP or chat sometime feel free to ask. :)
@Ellmearra Howdy and welcome to RPG. :) If you ever want to RP or chat sometime feel free to ask. :)

Callie Johnson

Location: Magda Memorial Housing Complex
Skills: N/A

Callie watched as Max started to use his magic to make the room a little bit more secure for all of them which was good thing then and they could have private conversations without being spied on. She listened to the others as they said their thoughts, Sunshine already had her mind made up, maybe this place was actually good. But she could only really see the bad that the Hellfire Club had done, they were the ones who killed the Morlocks after all in the first place.

Though they all have spent years fighting and hiding as well to, and this was probably the only time that they could get some time to breathe James did make a good point on that. "I'm alright with taking some downtime and learn more about this place then I guess." Callie said, though she was going to still be on her toes a lot of the time, she trusted the people around her, just not the people on the island just yet. Callie turned to laugh slightly at Casper as he spoke to Ben and shook his head slightly, her friend was always a go with the flor type a lot of the time anyway.

Kristina Smith

Location: Magda Memorial Housing Complex
Skills: N/A

"I'm fine with staying around seeing what this place has to offer." Kristina said, she was outed as a mutant now anyway and knew that she couldn't go back to DC and go back to classes like nothing happened now at this point. She watched as Max used his powers to ward the place off, so that they could be protected from telepaths and other magic users. She didn't know Max all that well really as he complained about the use of his magic sometimes going haywire and messing up. "Maybe try to relax sometime and not be super flashy all the time Harry Potter." Kristina said teasingly as she looked over at Sunshine.

"If you could sometime show me that academy place or whatever later?" Kristina asked Sunshine, she was curious and wanted to use her powers more freely here as well to. Being a mutant in DC wasn't fun at all really having to hide who you are for the most part and avoiding stores and restaurants that had mutant detectors inside of them. She listened as everyone else continued to talk and give their thoughts about this place as well to.

Cassandra Reed

Location: The White House - The Oval Office
Skills: N/A

Cassandra looked at Matt and smiled towards him grateful for the help as he helped her back into the Oval Office, when Bonnie came over to take care of Raynor. She would have helped but she wasn't a medical professional really as she watched Alex escort Ricky into the room and waved towards him. It was good to see him again, though she hoped that he wasn't secretly a skrull but seeing his reaction seemed to be genuine. That or he was a skrull and a really good actor she gently gave her boyfriend a pat on the shoulder and looked at him, as she listened to the radio as Sparky brought up the proper protocol for something like this. "I got it." Cassandra said to Bonnie and Amelia seeing that she really wanted to. "If Alex lets you, you could fly Air Force One to Geneva." She said while looking over at Alex and Ricky.

"We secure the White House make sure that there aren't any other Skrulls around, and once everything is all clear we can head over to the Geneva Convention afterwards." Cassandra told him as he took a step away and started to switch the radio channels. "The Oval Office is clear and the president is secure, lock down the White House." Cass radioed in looking over towards the others watching while Bonnie tended to Raynor.

Evelyn Holder

Location: The White House - Outside the Oval Office
Skills: N/A

"Good to hear that." Evelyn said to Matt and smiled towards him as she went over and stood by Ricky as Alex escorted him into the room and started to debrief the VP on what was going on right now. "Though i'm not really a SHIELD agent I work for Serval Industries." Evelyn pointed out, she wasn't going to leave Ricky's side until he was cleared on not being a skrull.

She watched as the team's doctor going over and taking over to tend to Raynor it looked like he did have a concussion seeing him vomiting onto the floor. She listened to Cass as she told them the plan was, she wasn't sure how long it would take to secure the White House, and then get to Geneva on time before the aliens could finish their invasion.

Maria Novikova

Location: Skrull Prison Ship - Bridge
Skills: Power Absorption (Captain Marvel's Flight & Superhuman Strength

Maria watched as the dolphin started to try and get her to follow, and started to awkwardly swim while keeping both herself and Carol from drowning. She was breathing heavily as she managed to somehow find a life raft, seeing both Flynn, Sue and Tony there on it. "Glad to see the three of you are alright." Maria said giving them a slight smile as she started to pull herself and Carol onto the life raft rolling on to her back breathing heavily glad to not be swimming for now. She looked around and couldn't see the others which wasn't a good sign at all really.

When she turned to see that Carol wasn't breathing, she quickly sat up, going over resting her head on her chest still hearing a weak pulse. She had never done CPR before, only ever watched it in the movies and TV shows, she started to do the chest compressions a few times, then tilted Carol's head back slightly and pinched her nose doing mouth to mouth. She kept doing this until she was able to revive her, turning to Flynn. Sue didn't look like she would be able to help, and Tony was having problems with his arc reactor leaving only her and Flynn to try and find the others. "I'm going to try and find the others." Maria said before jumping back into the water looking at her dolphin friend hoping that it would help some more as she reached over and gently patted the creature on the nose. "Mind helping us find our other friends?" Maria asked it.

Camp Forges:

Lauryn smiled at Demetri as he continued to work on his little project leaning back against a nearby work table as he set up the remaining pieces that would be for the outside. "Maybe you are a Legacy of him." Lauryn said giving a slight shrug, Legacies were pretty common, though mostly with the Roman's. She stretched slightly as she started to grab a few cog looking pieces and whatnot, turning to look at Demi. "Alright so, going to do the more technical parts now, you said you wanted to collapse into something right?" She asked him, they needed to design the inner workings now, unless he wanted just the guitar itself that is, then they needed to be welded all together. "Unless you want it to just be a normal guitar."

Dining Pavilion:

Some of the Harpies continued to clean up the last few remaining tables, while one of them was waiting for both Janelle and Cassian to move so that they could clear out that table as well. The Harpy looking rather annoyed at Cassian, as he played with his pan flute some more, finding it as a weird little device that he had on his hip. A few seconds later Rosie and Chiron were just walking into the Dining Pavilion to get some food as well to. The two of them would be able to hear what they were talking about, and that she had made a Prophecy for three quests and some of the details as well to. Rosie turned to see both Cassian and Janelle there and waved at the two of them as she took a seat in her usual spot. "Hey there guys." Rosie said to the two of them.

Hephaestus Cabin:

The Hephaestus girl listened to Michel as he mentioned what he had been doing, and tempted to say something, but seeing that he was sulking decided to not really talk. If he was in a bad mood then she wasn't really going to be happy getting yelled at or anything like that really and went back to their card game. They started to talk about some video games as well as a few movies that were coming out pretty soon as well to, the girl occasionally looking back at Michel.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Camp Half-Blood, The Arena
Skills: N/A

Bryan gave Zeke a little bit of a smirk towards him. "Of course i'm not going to go easy on you at all." He teased his half brother as he looked at the group of new arrivals. Turning to face Zeke and gestured towards them, getting a bit of an evil idea, knowing that Zeke hated Kristin for the most part for whatever reason. "Hey isn't that your girlfriend over there?" Bryan said whenever Zeke did look, he would suddenly be knocked down onto the floor. The training sword was now pointed at Zeke's neck with a bit of a smirk as he then pulled it away and offered his hand to help him up. "Also i'll just fight dirty just to get back at you." Bryan said with a slight laugh.

Kristin winced slightly seeing Zeke getting knocked on his ass a little bit, he probably did deserve it for whatever reason, turning her attention towards Stella and smiled some. "I can teach you how to use a dagger properly if you'd like." Kristin told her, she was really good with most weapons that she could get her hands on. "Just let me know whenever you'd like some training and i'd be happy to help you out." Kristin told her with a smile as she watched Bryan offer a hand to help Zeke back up to his feet.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Camp Half-Blood, The Big House -> The Armory
Skills: N/A

Kiera looked over at Leda and giggled slightly, she didn't really have much of an issue with skinny dipping or having any of the naiads gossiping about it. "I do like a good spectacle about it, though it's more romantic at night though in my opinion." Kiera said to her girlfriend, as her eyes scanned the sets of armor. They looked for the most part pretty standard leather armor which didn't look super interesting or protective to her in her opinion. Kiera continued to look until she spotted a set of armor that looked really cool to her at least as she gestured towards the set on the armor stand.

"What do you think of this?" Kiera asked as she went over towards it and pulled the top part off of the armor stand, feeling it was surprisingly really light. She went over and grabbed the arm pieces to and started to look them over, running her hands over the celestial bronze that was on the armor as well to Kiera looked at her girlfriend and smiled some towards her. "I could try it on in front of you if you'd like?"

Madalyne Crane

Location: Camp Half-Blood, The Woods

Madalyne smiled somewhat and hugged Niah as she watched her best friend getting up and leaving with Nancy towards the Roman's portion of the camp feeling a bit bad that she was kicking Nancy out of her spot right now. She turned towards her niece and smiled giving her a hug, as she started to think about how to tell the two of them that she was a monster now as well due to her curse. She looked a little bit nervous as she eyed the two of them before finally speaking. "What do you guys know about werewolves?" Madalyne decided to ask looking between Arthur and Andy.

Joanie made a sound and started to nibble at Nancy's hair, the usual sign that the baby dragon was getting pretty hungry and would start setting something on fire if she didn't get her way either. Over at the Roman's side of the camp, they would see Leandra sneaking out of the Praetor tent for some reason and headed down over towards the cohort's tent. The rest of the Legion seemed to be having a little bit of downtime some were playing some card games on a few tables set up outside they would turn to wave at Niah and Nancy as the two of them walked past.

Nadia Petrova

Location: Hotel Valhalla, Feast Hall of the Slain
Skills: N/A

"No, not really honestly it'll be interesting to see some of the others here trying to restrain themselves from killing one another though." Nadia answered Lara as she reached over and grabbed herself a sandwich and started to eat it while listening to Baldur make his announcement before turning to look at Runa. "We could go to your room or something and hangout there if you'd like?" Nadia suggested to Runa, knowing that her friend really did hate being in large groups like the feast all where there was thousands of einherjar around. She took a sip from her mug of mead as she thought about Runa's next question.

Ragnarok was going to happen eventually no matter what happened, it can only be postponed and being in Valhalla where you could die permanently now was really scary. "Everything will be alright and we will be safe." Nadia said trying to reassure her friend gently patting her on the shoulder turning to look at Lara again and nodded liking that idea.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Hotel Valhalla, Feast Hall of the Slain
Skills: N/A

Baldur turned to look up at Astrid as he approached the Thane's table asking about what the Valkyries, and nodded slightly they couldn't be forced to stay they had their own lives unlike the einherjar who had to stay within the halls of Valhalla. "You'll all take shifts a few hours at most, once you finish then you are free to go home and go about your normal duties just let all of the other Valkyries know." Baldur answered her, hopefully that will work for them.

Arnora took a moment to look at Dalisy and Klara where they were sitting before turning her attention over towards Lara suggesting that they should stay as a group and nodded towards her. ]"That would be a good idea, more protection in a group of friends who can trust one another." She said as she wondered if Dalisy would be willing to or not since she didn't like a lot of people other than her and Klara by the looks of it.
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