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say sike right now
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when I was a kid, I called someone a bitch on neopets and that's honestly the most hardcore I've ever been. I peaked there
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Tumblr really isn't that bad unless you intentionally nosedive into drama. I've had one for years and haven't had a single issue. If you're curious, go for it!
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@Poohead: When you're halfway through a drawing you think is perfect, then flip it and realize "I have fucked up"
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PSA: Don't talk to your cashier about coronavirus. I can guarantee we're all sick of hearing it from both sides. Just keep your mouth shut and buy your shit.


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Is this still open?

Yes it is! It's kinda old, but the majority of it is the same :)
MV's Fandom Search
(also original pairings)

Hello! Rather than have a bunch of separate threads clogging up the section, I figured it was time I put them all together in one. Not sure why I didn't do it sooner, but uh...Well here we are. I'm pretty chill, so please either post here or PM me if anything catches your interest!

Basic Rules

  • I highly appreciate patience, and fully understand any hiccups on my partner's end!
  • I post at a...casual level? Mid-advanced? I don't know, I just try to match what I'm given. I can get carried away when I have inspiration, so my posts might be randomly really long at times compared to the usual length.
  • I am not interested in smut. Haven't been into it for a while. General romance is fine, but I'm looking for bonds between characters that are not based on sex. Fade to black moments may be okay.
  • I am over eighteen and must ask that my partner is too. Nothing personal, it's just for my own comfort. On that subject, I will only play aged-up characters. My writing tends to get dark, and even if romance isn't involved I would still prefer to not write such things about a child, no matter the source material. Adult ages all across the board, please!
  • Related to above, my writing is littered with adult concepts and cursing. If that makes a potential partner uncomfortable, then I may not be the right person to RP with. That said, I do try to stay within limits when reasonable.
  • Outside of MxM plots, I prefer playing females for my main character, at least when it comes to romantic settings. Please don't let that scare you! If you have something in mind, feel free to bring it up. The worst I can say is no.
  • "Pairing" doesn't only mean romance. It could just be who the main characters are, whether it be friendship or otherwise.
  • Writing samples available! I might ask for one in return.
  • Modern settings are where I'm most comfortable, or at least non-specified/loose time sets.
  • PM is my top preference. Thread, e-mail, and Google Docs are also available. I'm open to Discord, but I much prefer something with larger area to type/won't fucking post if I hit enter by mistake.

Original Pairings

  • Prince/Knight/Whoever x Thief
  • Dragon x Human/Rider
  • Death x Victim
  • Guardian Angel x Charge
  • Fallen Angel x Human
  • Demon x Human
  • Alien x Human
  • Immortal Being x Human Companion
  • Suggestions welcome!

Available Fandoms

Annnd that's it! I will update this thread when/if my cravings change and with new fandoms. Thank you for reading! <3
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