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Hey there! I've had to dip into a semi-hiatus lately, but this one craving keeps nagging at me. It's a huge longshot since it's pretty niche (and kinda dark), but here it goes.

Basic premise: YC constantly (and likely secretly) causes MC to remain ill in some way. This could be out of a fear of loneliness, a need to be considered useful, or just in general enjoyment of caring for a person/saving a life. I think this could fit into a lot of different things, so I have a list of ideas (original and fandom) below.

Some quick notes:

  • I'm looking to write against a Male or Non-Binary character, with my own being Male or Female depending on my partner's preference.
  • We're not here to romanticize or sexualize abuse of disabled individuals or those who can't reasonably consent, so MC will be able-bodied and minded throughout the plot. Dub-Con is as far as I'll go, though the character I play can also be fully aware and consenting to anything and everything.
  • I'm more interested in stories that lean towards character studies than anything with a massively extravagant plot. Something where our characters are isolated with mostly only each other is probably what I'll go for the fastest.
  • I don't have much in the way of over-arching plot...Let's come up with something together!
  • Whatever illness MC has can be as mild or severe as we decide. It could be simple like a persistent flu, or we can crank it up to 11 with something that is downright life-threatening.
  • You get major bonus points if YC isn't human! Mine will most likely be human, but we can talk about it.

Some stuff about me:

  • I am 21+. My partner needs to be the same. I'm in my late-twenties, so the older a writing partner is the more comfortable I feel.
  • I greatly enjoy angst/darker themes such as drug use, cursing, and any level of violence/gore. If someone is exceptionally squeamish, then I may not be the best person to write with. That said, please let me know of any concerns and I will adjust!
  • As above, this could also include psychological torture, possible self-harm, and emotional trauma. Not a necessity, but it's all on the table. Anything that turns the story into something gritty to mix with hurt/comfort fluff is what I crave!
  • Romance not required! Smut is entirely optional and so is romance! Family bonds are just as good.
  • In terms of smut, I'm not a pure smut type of person. We're looking at a 60/40 - 80/20 plot-to-smut ratio depending on chemistry. I love characters who can have fun with each other + have realistic flaws and emotions.
  • Also related to smut, I'm pretty flexible when it comes to tame and extreme kinks. I have some hard no's, but I'm down to swap F-lists if someone is interested.
  • My post length varies, though I average about 2-4 paragraphs. Inspiration can hit me hard, so my posts might be randomly long if the scene's good. Quality over quantity and all that.
  • Post times will vary. I'm in the US and work the average office job, so I'll be lurking around throughout the day (Pacific time zone...I think?), but IC posts tend to be saved for really slow days or after work/weekends. A post or two a day is what I strive for if I have the time. If not, at the very least a post a week.
  • I fully expect proper grammar. I want to write with someone who loves writing and shows it.
  • I'm pretty ghost-friendly. Life happens, things don't last forever. Pop back in whenever you feel like and we'll get something going again!
  • Doubling isn't my thing. If a partner isn't into playing a certain character for their own interest, then we just aren't compatible.
  • PM is my top preference, but I'm down for anything my partner prefers.
  • Writing samples available! I might ask for one in return!

Now for the fun part! These are just some ideas I have, mostly fandom to be honest, but I'm totally open to suggestions! Fandom ideas can also be used for original settings.

And that's about it! Definitely don't be shy if you have any ideas, even if they're not like the ones listed above! Thank you for reading! c:
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