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Geralt of Rivia

Bottomless Sea

Lvl 7 (41/70) -> Lvl 7 (43/70)

Word Count: 772 words

In rather short order, the tides of battle were turning. The assault on Shippy slowed to a crawl, as those on board the living boat fought and destroyed the single remaining enemy of any note. The strange, flying, animated skeleton-fish exploded bit by bit and dissolved into Dust and Spirit, which Rika crushed. Nadia pulled off a reckless but necessary gambit to survive her attack on the monstergirl, redirecting her momentum and probably giving herself the world's worst case of nausea. At least she wouldn't be conscious to feel it.

It was Bowser and the Cadet that Geralt was focused on now. They were both durable enough to last a few hits, if Geralt's memories of the Cadets own brand of hunters served. Bowser's own durability was obvious. He wasn't worried about them getting killed, which meant he could focus. He'd cut his own fire as soon as they'd gotten close enough to risk hitting them, but kept the smaller guns shooting at the mass of rampaging fish that might have turned on Sakura and Bella should they decide to get closer.

Speaking of the smaller Shipgirls, Geralt smirked a little at their positioning. Sakura was clearly trying to protect him and Bella, which to those not quite in the know would just seem hilarious. Geralt's new knowledge, however, told him that the Street Fighter was more battle-savvy than one would expect from a teenage girl. She'd seen his relative immobility, and knew that without rigging, he'd be ripe for the picking if the Ordnance Platform were destroyed or damaged. Bella's case was obvious, as her massive tail gun required time to aim, making its use in close combat unwieldy at best. If either of them were attacked like this, especially by a more mobility-based opponent, they could be vulnerable.

Bowser's climb, and subsequent beating at the hands of their current target, was actually a bit hard to watch. It was clear he was betting it all on this, charging right into her and exchanging blows. The Koopa King grabbed the tiny terror, withering under her ultimate attack, but still managing to pull through and grab her.

And it was at that moment that the enemy of their enemy proved to not be much of a friend. Sure, destroying the pillar Scylla was on wasn't overtly hostile, but it put their prospects of victory in danger. The Ordnance Platform's guns turned to bear down on the massive monster, threatening a repeat of the devastating barrage he'd given earlier, but remaining silent for now. It hadn't actually tried to kill them just yet, despite the Seekers technically starting the fight with it, so for now, a threat it would remain.

Once more, golden chains appeared from the ether, stopping the movement of the collapsing pillar, and Geralt's peripheral vision caught Link's tablet, aimed at the fight. He'd nearly forgotten about the Hero's handy little device, and it had saved their hides twice just now.

Speaking of which, the other thing it had stopped was now swooping back to grab Bowser, who Geralt could see had Friend Hearted, and dragged with him into the ship.

Sakura must have missed it, as she asked him and Bella what had happened. Obliging, the MegaWitcher answered. "Bowser grabbed her. She's on the Atomos now."

Beyond that, he had no idea what happened aboard the Atomos. It was up to them now. Instead, Geralt called out to Sakura, who was now moving towards the broken spire, and Bella. "I'm moving!" And, after a pause, he added, "Slowly!"

Comedic timing aside, the Ordnance Platform slowly crawled across the water towards Tentalus. Geralt assumed a dramatic pose, a single finger pointed at the monster, guns aching to fire. "Listen to the girl!" He yelled, his size and deep voice making the command carry despite the much larger distance between him and the target of his order. "We don't want to fight you any further if we don't have to!"

He meant it, too. His own history with monsters wasn't quite as bleak as he'd told Sakura, since it would definitely hurt the point he'd tried, and honestly mostly failed, to make. He didn't know enough to know if this was a sentient, thinking being in front of them or a mindless beast. A dragon or a Fiend. If it listened, if it saw that it was clearly outmatched and turned tail, he'd let that be the end of it. But if it charged? If it tried to hurt Sakura, or Bella, or any of these other crazy kids he'd come to know?

He'd slaughter it like a pig.
Geralt of Rivia

Bottomless Sea

Lvl 7 (39/70) -> Lvl 7 (40/70)

Word Count: 319 words

Geralt snarled as a massive eel-faced tentacle charged for him atop his Ordnance Platform. This little kid was starting to piss him off. Drawing his silver sword in one and and quickly making a Sign in the other, Geralt smirked as Aard activated mid-lunge. The Sign, as overcharged as the rest of Geralt's abilities with his new size and Stamina, dazed the lunging appendage, which recoiled in pain from the burst of telekinetic force. And that was when Geralt's hastily-concocted plan began.

The two crane arms of the Ordnance Platform moved, rising towards the peak of their range of movement and turning slightly inward, towards the reeling eel. As they neared the top of their range, the cables released, sending the hooks and their extremely heavy steel cables flying. Timed with an instinct only possible through extensive practice (Or absorbing the Spirit, instincts, and lived experiences of one who had done that practice), the cables both landed on top of the eel, dragging it down, closer to the main gun.

The main gun which Geralt was aiming directly at the head of the eel.

The main gun which fired as Geralt closed his left fist.

The main gun which obliterated the head of the eel, leaving behind nothing but a smoking crater where it used to be.

Geralt laughed, reveling for a moment in victory, before turning his guns towards Bowser and letting loose with the smaller cannons, targeting the tentacles that were attacking the Boss. At the very least, he could slow this girl down a bit. The others could get the satisfaction of pummeling her into submission.

Don't worry Sakura, I heard you! Things weren't looking too bad for them, overall. Bella was no longer being shaken about like a dog's chew toy, Sakura's newest Friend wasn't trying to kill them, and at least there was one less eel tentacle thing to worry about.
Geralt of Rivia

Edge of the Blue- Seaward Bay

Lvl 7 (38/70) -> Lvl 7 (39/70)

Word Count: 468 words

With a shower of blood and viscera, Geralt's bombardment did its job, and did it damn well. The giant monster that was previously attacking the smaller, monstrous-seeming girl was now sporting a massive hole, leaking its vital fluids into the water, and....desperately trying to escape?! That raised a number of questions Geralt wasn't quit ready or qualified to answer at this moment, and it also raised the question of what to do now that the one they'd ostensibly tried to rescue was chasing it down.

"This is what we get for helping..." Geralt muttered, turning his guns on the scores of vicious fish that had appeared in response to the blood and chunks of tentacle monster filling the ocean. He could see the Seekers aboard Shippy doing the same, and edged the Ordnance Platform closer to the living vessel. The undersized weapons platform, sadly, could only move at a disgustingly slow pace, and soon Geralt found himself regretting just about every decision he'd made since boarding the Atomos once more. Raising an arm and waving, Geralt yelled out to those onboard Shippy. "Little help?! Turns out this thing doesn't really do moving all that well!" With any luck, they'd swing by close enough for him to make the jump over.

Still, until he was picked up, he'd keep his guns trained on the schools of flesh-eating fish trying to turn Shippy and his other allies into mincemeat. He wasn't willing to risk hitting Bella, Sakura, or the others who chose to engage in close-quarters combat with their new enemy.

And still, things got worse. The little monstergirl grabbed the larger monster, and ripped its eye out. Even Geralt had to suppress a wince at that. A moment later, she did something the megaWitcher didn't expect: chucked the damn thing like a stone at the Atomos.

The next moments went by in a flash. Bowser yelled, Shippy started moving, and then the Atomos was suspended in the air, radiating a bright yellow light. Something about it seemed familiar to Geralt, and he had to assume it was the doing of one of their allies. He let out a little sigh of relief as he watched Bella, Sakura, Rika, and eventually even Bowser's fight. Bella's situation was certainly unenviable, what with the whole "Trapped in the jaws of a demon eel thing", but she had her friends backing her up. Speaking of which, Sakura had Friend Hearted the giant monster he shot a massive hole into. Part of him was exasperated with her apparent desire to befriend every living creature, but part of him was a bit relieved, because they'd clearly chosen to back the wrong horse when they first came down.

Which was, frankly, about par for the course in Geralt's experience of "helping with limited information."
Geralt of Rivia

Edge of the Blue- Seaward Bay

Lvl 7 (37/70) -> Lvl 7 (38/70)

Word Count: 482 words

Geralt's inexperience with flying vessels in all forms meant he was unable to understand just exactly what Sakura's idea really entailed. He knew storms went high, and he knew this ship they were in could go high. He had no idea how high either of those things went, however, as that information was for most purposes irrelevant to him. Sure, some monsters might be able to fly above a storm if they had powerful enough wings, but he'd never heard much on such a thing, and it was a fool's errand to go hunting in the middle of a storm anyway.

If it was feasible, it would probably be a good idea, Geralt could agree. He simply had no frame of reference for whether it could be feasible, and thus held his tongue as the Koopa Family discussed the idea and its merits. Bowser's own interjection left Geralt with a raised eyebrow. He knew the boss was a man of eccentric taste, but building a castle in the middle of the ocean on a tiny island that was constantly harassed by storms-

Skellige. Bowser was talking about Skellige, though with extra storms. "Actually, boss, that almost sounds like Skellige. Storms aren't quite as bad, but its a nation founded on an archipelago surrounding a larger main island. The castle is on a smaller island adjacent to the larger one, and the only real way to it is by crossing the bridge. Of course, a flying vessel like this could just ignore that, but it's as you say, a highly defensible location for a castle."

When they started receiving reports from Rika's scouts, Geralt frowned. Another battle on the ocean was the last thing they needed. At least, as Bowser said, they were ignoring the Seekers and just fighting each other. They'd be able to cruise right by and-

And Bowser was jumping out the door as soon as he heard the little one was a girl. What a dastardly villain his boss was, truly.

Sighing, Geralt stood awkwardly and followed him to the open door, jumping out just after Rika. His impact with the water wasn't too harsh, as Junior thankfully kept them low. He was probably predicting somebody jumping out at some point, since it had happened twice already.

Moments after he hit the water, he summoned the Ordnance Platform below him, rising back out of the ocean on top of the massive disk on top of the Platform. "Let's see what you can do." He muttered, pointing all five guns at the large monster. He wasn't sure if the four smaller guns would have the range to hit it, but they reloaded faster than the main cannon, and wouldn't leave him high and dry if his target turned and charged.

Closing his fist once he was confident at his aim, Geralt ordered the guns to fire with a yell.
Geralt of Rivia

Edge of the Blue- Seaward Bay

Lvl 7 (36/70) -> Lvl 7 (37/70)

Word Count: 398 words

"Geralt." Was the simple response to Mirage's statement. "If your experience is as extensive as you say, you'll fit in with us quite well. The Cadet and I are from worlds teeming with monsters of various shapes, sizes, and temperaments. We make our living by hunting them, though his is a much more respected profession than mine." He didn't delve further into the depressing topic that was the treatment Witchers got. There was certainly no need to spoil the celebration.

He listened as Nadia spoke of her old life as well, with Link offering some tidbits of information about an aquatic race of people he knew. Although, something about his comments struck Geralt as odd. "So, how long do Hylians like you live then? Because if one hundred years is enough to be a young adult, but you knew him when he was a young child...that doesn't add up." Geralt had a look of concentration on his face. "Because you're not that old-looking yourself, but you're older than he is." Unless they had access to age-preserving or magic and Link was lucky or important enough to receive it.

When the revelries ended, and the group returned to their respective ships, Geralt found himself...displeased with the current situation. His new size made it rather difficult to fit in places he would have previously. For example, the inside of the Atomos. As it was, he now found himself sitting inside the airship where he previously would have stood, or sat in one of the chairs. But now, none of the accommodations fit him, forcing the Witcher to simply sit in the hold. He wasn't uncomfortable, per se, but it was rather undignified.

The state of the Bottomless Sea itself, however, was a more pressing concern for all present. The turbulent water, the incredibly ominous sky, and that weird green beacon seeming to beckon to them. He didn't exactly have a great vantage point from where he was, but that seemed like as good a place as any to head to. Rika's plan to use her smaller flying ships to do reconnaissance was a good one, and Geralt found himself wishing he had the capability to do so.

Still, the giant gun platform was a nice bonus, even if he hadn't had a chance to really put it to use yet. It seemed like he would be getting the opportunity soon.
Geralt of Rivia

Edge of the Blue- Seaward Bay

Lvl (35/70) -> Lvl 7 (36/70)

Word Count: 301 words

The scene at the newly set up spit was a peaceful one, even as Bowser and Mr. L bickered about some grudge the two carried from some previous adventure. Geralt didn't find himself caring all that much about their petty grievances, though, and as the others gathered various foodstuffs, the gargantuan Witcher helped set up the less delicate bits of their meal. The yellow-suited gentleman they'd encountered soon returned with a veritable horde of bananas, and Geralt gave a soft smile that didn't seem to quite fit his face. "Well, Mirage, thank you for that."

Soon, Peach and her fellow ladies also returned with a haul of pineapple and watermelon, helping to round out their meal further. Choice would only make their respite more enjoyable. However, it was the news that Kamek returned with that brightened the mood the most. Brineybeard had survived his close encounter with the deep blue, and was drinking his sorrows away back in town. Of course, the news could have been better, but the man was alive. Healing the emotional wounds that were obvious in the message Kamek relayed would take time, time the Seekers simply did not have. Perhaps once they returned and he reunited with Shippy he would feel differently. Perhaps one of them could even give him a Shipgirl's Spirit if they found it did not suit them.

"Kamek, you've done as all a great service. Please, sit with us, rest, and enjoy our meal. We've one harsh battle behind us, but still have more to come." Saying this, he continued his own meal, still getting used to the whole 'Giant' thing. Looking over at Shippy, he smiled again.

He was glad. Things were looking up, for once. The only problem was that the inevitable crash might just hurt even more now.
Geralt of Rivia

Edge of the Blue- Seaward Bay

Lvl 6 (74/60) -> +20 Battle Rewards -> Lvl 7 (35/70)

Word Count: 612 words

New Power!: Second Life: When Vitality reaches 0, you become temporarily invulnerable and regenerate 100% Vitality. The effect can only be triggered once every 180s.

"Hmm." Was Geralt's first word in his new form. He looked about once the light receded, and it took him a moment to realize that he was tall now. Not taller, tall. He dwarfed most of the others, and was even taller than Bowser. He looked at his arms, which felt a bit heavier, and noticed their increased size. His gaze travelled to his chest, and he frowned at the new structural weakness in his armor. It probably wasn't as glaring a weakness as it would have been at his normal size, given the fact that few things would be able to easily reach that high up and accurately hit him there. Still, it bothered him more than he'd care to admit.

The claws were a decent touch, especially since they felt natural enough. Spirit Fusion really seemed to even fused lived experience and instinct, which was one hell of a boon when it was giving you new body parts and changing proportions. As he looked, something caught his eye.

A horn. He had a horn now. Smack dab in the middle of his forehead. Oh. Heh. He was a unicorn now. Other than that, the worst part about this was the hair, and that was easily remedied. The oversized Witcher wordlessly drew his hunting knife, bunched his hair up, and sliced it back down to near its original length and returned it to its loose ponytail. "Much better." He said, now really looking around at the others. Rika, one of the ex-Abyssals, was comparing their horns, and a peaceful smile found its way to Geralt's face. "Indeed, that we do, our horns are majestic now, and we match quite well." He let out a small chuckle at the haiku, which came naturally to him. "Huh, that was...fanciful." And for a moment, the Old Geralt was back, but he wasn't concerned. The battle had ended, a little revelry wasn't a terrible thing.

Sakura's own observations did nothing to dampen his spirits. "Of course, Sakura. Witchers have excellent senses, after all. You shouldn't even have to speak up." The conversation was short, but that was okay. She was going off with Peach and Rika to find food, and that yellow-wearing guy, Mirage was it? Strange name aside, he was going off somewhere else to get something to eat. Link was fishing, and had asked Bowser for help starting a fire and was, predictably, ignored. "I'll take care of it, Boss." Geralt suppressed a laugh at that and walked over to a nearby tree, felling some branches with his claws. They sliced through rather cleanly, and Geralt took to examining them as if they were a sword.

Wood in hand and separated into properly-sized logs for a fire, Geralt moved to a spot that would at least not be detrimental to keeping a fire going, and once his pile was built, quickly made the Sign of Igni, pouring just enough power into the spell to light the logs. It took more than it might have normally, what with the logs having been freshly living moments before, but it was nothing compared to the power it took for combat.

Geralt did notice, however, that moving in his new form took the slightest bit more effort than it used to, and that effect would probably only compound in combat. Whether it was due to size, the fact that few things were as well-conditioned as a Witcher, or some other factor, he couldn't say. But Geralt would be sure to take it all into account the next time they found themselves in trouble. It wouldn't do to get stabbed because he got tired quicker.
Geralt of Rivia

Edge of the Blue- Seaward Bay

Lvl 6 (72/60) -> Lvl 6 (74/60)

Word Count: 931 words

Geralt's ears were still ringing as he was flung from his giant bird's back. He landed in the water with a harsh smack, and a dull pain spread across his body but was quickly forgotten as Abyssals and Shipgirls fought around him. On instinct, he cursed, but shook his head and called on his Strikers for help. The trio of Imps appeared, raking through their Abyssal brethren with reckless abandon, unphased by whatever phenomenon had caused them to slow and cease their attacks. One of the Navy Shipgirls stopped by to grab him and pull him onto her back, to which he uttered a calm thanks. He watched as Heinrich cheered on her fellow Shipgirls, the battle slowly growing smaller as he was whisked away towards Shippy. It wasn't long, thankfully, but he spent the trip looking upwards, towards the retreating figure of the Monsterbird Formerly Known as Roach. It was somewhat sad to watch it fly off, despite the fact that he'd only ridden the beast for a few minutes, Geralt could really have gotten used to it. Still, he was alive and the Harbor Demon wasn't, so whatever price he had to pay that wasn't in lives was worth it.

Back on Shippy, Geralt looked around at the others. Many of them had taken on Spirits to do battle against the Abyssals, and he had to do a double-take just to be sure they weren't actually Abyssals. "Well, I lived." He jokingly announced, before Sakura ran up and hugged him. He gently patted her on the back. "I'm alright, Sakura. We did it."

He didn't miss that she looked downright miserable about it all. He didn't miss the worry evident in her, he didn't forget what she'd said last night about not wanting to kill anybody. He hadn't missed her choosing, in the midst of a genuine battle, to spare her enemies. He watched her slowly unravel, knees tucked under her chin as her sobs slowly abated. She mourned for their enemy, and all he could feel was a hollow sense of grim satisfaction. That monster had slaughtered Shipgirls and the denizens of Limsa by the dozens if not hundreds. While he could look at Bella and Rika and wonder what might have been, he wasn't going to lose sleep over it. Between being enthralled by Galeem and the sheer monstrous size and power, they couldn't risk bringing it back from the brink of death only for it to decide that the war was still on.

Geralt listened calmly to Sakura as she psyched herself back up and into a mindset where she could stand to stand, even commenting on how beautiful the scenery around them was. He couldn't help but agree. Nadia's agreement pulled a comment out of him, on the topic of becoming to numb to feel anything. "She's right. Like I told you last night, I'm old, and tired. I'm used to death and killing. You don't have to be, ever. The strength to keep going is important, but don't make it out of apathy. That being said, I doubt you'll have that problem. Your heart's too big, too pure for that."

Link's warning about the Felynes brought about a short conversation about their proclivity for lifesaving antics. Geralt did remember vaguely Link being defeated in some manner or another and coming out fine, but with everything that had happened it had slipped his mind. While it was certainly possible that Brineybeard had been miraculously rescued, he wouldn't count on it.

The fight as they entered the inlet was hardly worth mentioning, but it was an event that did technically occur, as mundane as it seemed after their experience in the Bay.

What stood out, however, was the strange egg-carrying man who warned them about a 'Living ship' up ahead, the mention of which caused Geralt to snap-draw his pistol from its holster and nearly snarl a demand for the enemy's location, before hearing Bowser's voice ironically reigned him in. Whether it was the reminder that he wasn't alone on the Path, or that he was slightly caught off-guard by the overly-loud noise, he wasn't entirely sure. It might have even been both. Even he, a war-hardened warrior still found himself hypervigilant after a battle like that one.

It was about that time that people started making their way off Shippy and the Atomos landed. Geralt stopped the Cadet first, greeting him with a nod. "Thanks for the help back there. You too, Nadia," He gestured at the Catgirl, "Had something to ask you." Pausing for a moment to make sure of his wording, he asked his question. "Noticed you grabbed that...thing's Spirit. Was wondering if you were planning on using it. I've been thinking about giving a Fusion another shot, and that thing had more than enough cannon on it to make a big change in what I can handle at distance."

It made sense to Geralt. Augmenting his skills in close-combat with guns and cannon would allow him to better fight, especially if they ever got caught in another battle where he couldn't get in close without some crazy insane plan. Deadly as he was in melee combat, he was limited to two weapons with limited munitions and somewhat unimpressive power.

Assuming Cadet acquiesed and nobody had any disagreement, Geralt would fuse with the Spirit immediately, not interested in mulling it over any longer. He'd felt pretty useless during that whole fight until he got onto the Helmaroc King's back, and even from there he was only able to do so much.
Geralt of Rivia

Limsa Lominscuttle Town- The Black Bay

Lvl 6 (71/60) -> Lvl 6 (72/60)

Word Count: 724 words

The fight continued. Abyssals and Shipgirls fought, killed, and died in number, though the former tended to suffer more numerous casualties than the latter, even if those individual casualties were less devastating. From above the battlefield, Geralt got a good look as the Atomos performed a strafing run on Shippy, wiping out Abyssals left and right. Those aboard Shippy were holding their own, with Blazermate's horde of undead doing some seriously heavy lifting yet again.

And the Harbor Demon was shooting. Its first shot missed the Jackdaw by a good few hundred feet, but with power like that, even that distance was far too close for comfort.

He could see that Peach had returned as well, delivering Spirits to the fighters aboard the living vessel and hopefully turning the tide of the fight. Perhaps under different circumstances he'd consider taking one for himself, but especially now that option was impossible. They needed every moment of time, and safely boarding Shippy would waste far too much for what it might get him.

With that being said, however, Geralt found himself in the odd position of being unable to actively influence the battle much without risking his new Roach. It seemed to be somewhat less sturdy than its size would imply, but then again it actually did just seem to be a really big bird and not some kind of hybrid or special monster variety. Flighted birds were not known for their sturdy constitutions, what with the whole hollow bones thing.

Regardless, any move he made would have to be carefully planned and executed lest he risk being blown out of the sky by that monster's guns.

Kamek's massive fireball prompted Geralt to order the Helmaroc King closer, given that it was now distracted by the damage it was suffering. Sure, it was also wildly firing into the air, but there was no order to it, and the Witcher took advantage of that to get a closer look at the Demon's construction. It looked like a number of those cannons had some serious vertical limitations, especially the big one. He very well might be able to take advantage of that and drop some bombs on its head from above.

And oh no it was shooting at Shippy time to do something. Carefully using his legs to keep a hold for a moment, Geralt fished out a grapeshot bomb and held it between two fingers as he regained his hold on Roach, at the same time commanding it to steady out for a smoother flight. He'd have to get the timing down, preferably when it was preoccupied on aiming to fire at him. It felt almost like using his comrades as bait, but if he screwed this up it could be a bit before he got another good shot at it.

When the second shot rang out, this one nearly sending the living vessel overboard, Geralt's flight path was ready. He grabbed a second bomb, not sure if something that size would even be stunned by one. Powerful as they were, he'd seen higher wyverns and powerful fiends practically shrug his bombs off. Carefully holding the devices in his hand, legs keeping him secure, Axii still binding the Helmaroc King to his will, he approached at a slight dive.

Sakura's own massive fireball flew in, and moments later Geralt's own hearing was deafened by the roar of the Harbor Demon's cannons. He lost Axii, the Helmaroc King squawked in fury, and he nearly lost his grip, compensating with the hand that was now free grabbing at feathers while his other threw the bombs directly at his target's face. "UP, dammit, up!" Geralt yelled, still reeling from the sound and unable to focus enough to refocus on another Axii Sign just yet. "Get us out of here or we're both dead!"

He didn't see what had happened to Shippy, or presumably Brineybeard. He had no idea the Cadet was coming hot on the Harbor Demon. All Geralt knew at that moment was that if they didn't get out of there, he'd never find Ciri again. He'd never see Yen, or that stupid unicorn she refused to part with. And that was just not acceptable. "GO!" He screamed, trying to recreate the movements he'd done with his sword to control the bird by forcefully but nonviolently pulling on feathers.
Geralt of Rivia

Limsa Lominscuttle Town- The Black Bay

Lvl 6 (69/60) -> Friend Heart Lvl 6 (71/60)

Word Count: 1,150 words

It worked.

That was the overwhelming thought in Geralt's mind for a moment. A wave of healing energy washed over the Helmaroc King, the wounds it had been dealt closing themselves rapidly before his very eyes. Of course, he couldn't give that the attention it would have deserved otherwise, given that he was still split between keeping himself from falling and maintaining Axii's control over the bird-like monster. Thankfully, the effort required was not as great as he expected, meaning that this really was essentially just a really big bird. He was still careful not to lose his balance, though, and that meant he was only able to get a general picture of the situation on the water's surface.

Things were going well for the Blue Team, especially compared to when he'd first mounted the bird. He wouldn't quite pat himself on the back for this insane plan helping to free up the Atomos to help Shippy, because he saw that the waterborne ship's own team had done quite a bit on their own to improve the situation. What he would pat himself on the back for was the startled cries of a horde of Abyssals as they were ripped from the water in the talons of the great Helmaroc King and crushed into dust and Spirits, which poured out of the open-air cage their hosts had perished in and back to the surface of the water.

Geralt was very, very careful not to stray too close to either ship, and even more careful to stay out of the line of fire of the Navy, lest they mistake him for an enemy in the chaos of the fight. As the battle raged, Geralt found he could fluctuate the intensity of the flow of power to his Axii Sign, allowing him to 'rest', if only for a few moments here and there.

It was shortly after one such moment that he had the Helmaroc King slow and keep pace as it flew over the Atomos. "Hey!" He called to those below who could hear him. "It worked!" He laughed, happier than the others had seen him since his brief reunion with Yennefer. "Now let's- " And that was when it happened.

The Demon of Kwolok Harbor showed itself.

"Oh but of course!" Geralt shouted as he saw the massive monstrosity slaughtering Shipgirls, about other Abyssals like they were playthings, and otherwise wreaking havoc on their allies. "Time to go." He simply stated, ordering his mount to fly high, high above the others so that he could get a better look at their current situation. Whatever advantage he could glean might very well be necessary to turn the tide once more in their favor. Their goal was the river at the top of the crescent-shaped island, and the massive fuck-off Shipmonster was in between them and it. Sure, they could let the Navy bleed to death slamming their corpses against it and sneak around, but that left the possibility of reinforcements chasing them once their allies were slaughtered, which it certainly looked like they would be without further assistance.

Whatever Shippy did before would likely be either frowned upon by the allies they were trying to help, conveniently ineffective, or too resource-intensive to do again, so he wouldn't count on it. Still, if the living vessel was capable of unleashing that power in a more focused manner again, it might do to factor it as a potential backup plan.

The Atomos was slower than before with the added armor and weapons, and its maneuverability wasn't fantastic, but it was a single ship, albeit a flying one, making it theoretically possible to load the whole crew on board, send Shippy back, and just fly past the fighting. He had a feeling that wouldn't fly with some of the others, but the plan was to get them past and into the heart of the enemy's territory. Wasting time-and possibly their lives-bogged down in the fight here wasn't exactly conducive to that plan. The more heroically-minded members of their team would probably resist, even if they ultimately acquiesced, as well.

No, the best plan was one that took one or both of the Abyssal's biggest players off the board, allowing the Navy to fulfill their portion of the plan to the best of their abilities. The Princess that sent the bombers, and whatever the hell the new freak that showed its face was. Both, ideally, needed to go down. The sheer volume of armaments on both of them made attacking from above less than ideal, unless he could get directly above them without being detected. That itself would be somewhat of a challenge, but if he could pull it off, he might be able to drop onto them and do some serious damage with bombs and blade. But it was risky, probably even riskier than this scheme he'd pulled off.

Sizing Bowser up was a possibility, but given the Abyssals' superior aquatic mobility, they'd need to devote resources to neutralizing that advantage. The Navy could assist on that front, true, but it could leave them vulnerable to reprisal from lesser Abyssals. Ideally, Blue Team would be able to handle these opponents themselves. Cadet had that bow he was now using, in addition to close-quarters skills, Link was a ferocious swordsman with a few extra tricks Geralt still didn't quite understand up his sleeve. Hat Kid was bouncing around, seemingly with an answer to all of life's problems in the form of some kind of hat. That Frog guy had fought the Sorceress seemingly well, and hadn't gotten killed against the Abyssals yet, so he could help keep Shippy afloat. Blazermate could seriously power up somebody, but that would leave Shippy vulnerable while she did it. Nadia was new and a relatively unknown factor to the Witcher, but she seemed to be pretty damned resilient, and certainly not a bad shot with those cannons. Of course, there was also Sakura, Junior, and Kamek, but those three Geralt felt he had a good read on. For now, Peach was away from the fight as well, but she'd fused with a Shipgirl, so there was the possibility of using her to help box in the Abyssal leaders with Bowser, he supposed.

The Witcher had ideas, but nothing solid. No cohesive way to blend these abilities together to take their foes down. It frustrated him, the guy who'd taken up the mantle of workshopping this invasion plan with Kamek and the other Shipgirl commanders (though it felt that they had little input on the overall strategy, just serving to give them some info).

He stayed up, watching, waiting to figure out some weakness, some flaw in their opponent's formations, anything he could use against them. There was always a way. Always something to exploit. And he'd find it, or his name wasn't Geralt of Fucking Rivia.
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