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Hey Peeps!

New guy here to the Guild and I'm looking to jump back into role playing. I'm on the hunt for a new partner to conquer create worlds together. I'm looking for pure escapism, lots of fun, epic adventures, and a blank canvas for our muses to run wild. Anywho, I'm pretty laid back but this is what I'm looking for in a partner in crime:

- Give me at least 200+ words a post. I usually range between 300 - 800+ depending on the RP and my mood.
- Be happy to post 1-3 times a week. I'm a busy man so don't expect a post a day but I can usually pump out a decent reply 2-3 times a week.
- I'm looking for a long-term partner to works together on long term plots.
- I can do romance (but I don't have to) but I can't make that the only plot. I prefer fade to black for sexy times but can write smut (in small doses) when it feels right.
- I prefer to play male characters but I'm happy to write female npc's and minor characters.
- 18+ please. I'm in my late 20's and can write about adult themes.
- Most importantly, I'm looking for someone to have fun with, to chat OOC'ly, to write outrageous plots, and to put our characters through hell together.

Now that the boring stuff has been taken care of, let's dive into some plots I have floating around: NOTE I will be playing a male character.


The Darkness Beckons.
star wars - sci-fi - space opera - fall to the dark-side
On the fringes of the known galaxy, Two Jedi discover an undiscovered planet. As they explore the unknown world, they discover the ancient ruins of an extinct empire seething with the dark side. At every passing minute the ominous energy beckons then deeper into the heart of the ruins where they find an ancient Sith holocron. Tempted and corrupted by the dark energy, the two Jedi explore the forbidden knowledge that their Order seeks to keep from them.

Basically I'm looking to RP two Jedi be slowly corrupted by the Dark Side. This will definitely be a slow burn long-term plot that will see the two Jedi slowly fall to the dark side, survive and come to grips with leaving the order, and eventually building a New Sith Empire out of the ashes. There is room for a romantic sub-plot between the two characters which will lead to an interesting character dynamic as their relationship comes under strain as they rule an Empire together. If this tickles your fancy but you feel like you're not a Star Wars geek, then don't be intimidated. We don't have to make this as close to star wars canon and can make it as original as we want.

Tea, Scones, and Murder for Dinner.
cozy murder mystery - romance - 1920's - light hearted
Take the dashing opulence of the 1920's, and the plots from Agatha Christie's novels (eg Poirot, Miss Marple) with a crime solving Duo who spend half their time arguing with each other. Two amateur detectives bump into each other while investigating a murder, and are forced to work together. Though their personalities clash often, the two of them work well as a dysfunctional team and end up gallivanting through Europe and the America's solving outlandish mysteries. Expect the romance to be a slow burn with a lot of ups and downs.

The Dream Walker
regency england - fantasy - inception inspired - romance
In Regency England (the early 19th century) the Society of Supernaturally Gifted task two unlikely gifted people to investigate the source of nightmares that have been haunting the rich and powerful. A blind Noble's Son gifted with the ability to enter and manipulate dreams, and a woman who has the power to induce sleep on others, team up to investigate the 'dreamwalker' causing debilitating nightmares. Our characters will be traversing and manipulating people's dreams as they investigate the strange and weird goings on in regency London.

The North
fantasy - norse inspired - romance
A tribes-man is plagued by the same dream for years. Every night, it is the same woman in his dream. After a successful raid to the south, he captures and is rewarded a slave who has a remarkable resemblance to the woman in his dream. Honestly I don't have much of a plot idea with this one other than this starting prompt.

If you're interested in any of these plots, or if you have a plot or two yourself, please flick me a PM... I promise I won't bite (unless you want me to).
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