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Megan Pendragon

Location: Rumple's Home
Skills: N/A

Megan tilted her head slightly at her brother. "It's incredibly easy, have you never been cross with a corpse before?" she asked. She was routinely angry with the deceased, especially when the organs had begun to liquify, as it was increasingly difficult then to collect any meaningful or useful evidence. She frowned, hearing what Jack was saying about an artifact. If it was something worth hiding, she had to assume that it was something powerful. She also guessed it was likely magical - that seemed to be the theme.

She didn't want to stick around and look for this. She wanted to get out of there while they were ahead - they had rescued Jack, the mission objective was fulfilled. They had to wait in silence as Merlin tried to track down the artifact, and Megan was feeling more and more impatient, more antsy. However, they didn't have to wait for long. The door opened and Megan snapped her head up.

Severed heads were tossed at Jack's feet, as Rumplestiltskin himself came into the area. Megan was ready to slash at him with excalibur, but Merlin tossed a fireball at Rumplestiltskin. "Let's go," she prompted her brother, heading for the exit quickly.

Genosha: July 15th, 2021 - 1:20 PM

Veil, Casper, and Sunshine

Location: the Magda Eisenhardt Memorial Housing Complex - Omega Building: Renegade's Apartment
Skills: Mediumship

Sunshine shook her head again at Waverley - it was still too humany those suggestions. "Nah, no ceremonial weapons. Just our mutant powers," Sunshine clarified. Marrow didn't need weapons anyways - she could always grow them. And Sunshine could use any spikes Marrow had shed if she needed one. Plus, the goal wasn't to kill each other - just to be their true selves. She did, however, pick up on Waverley having somewhat of an ulterior motive for wanting to film the ceremony. "Fine, you can, but you can't post it anywhere," she relented.

Havok paused for a moment, before nodding. "Of course I want to fucking talk to her," he replied hastily. He didn't love the idea that Casper would have to be present for the conversation and a small part of him wondered if the ghosts Casper conjured were really the same as the person who died. Were they just memories - or were the ghosts truly real? He then rolled his eyes at Waverley, even though he knew she meant well. "Right, because if Polaris really was chill again, she definitely would have been there when I woke up."

"No need ta apologize for something ya didn't do," Renegade told Spark Plug and Feedback. The table wouldn't be too difficult to replace - hell, she'd probably be able to find a mutant who could use their unique abilities to simply repair it, making it whole once more. No, she was more concerned about Zarina's violent outburst and whether or not Zarina was safe for Genosha. Renegade did smile ever so slightly at Waverley's realization about the money. Her son was right - the only people on Genosha who used money were those who left its shores and went into the human world.

Veil bit her lip ever so slightly, as they all were able to see Zari's memory. It felt like an invasion of Zari's privacy to witness it, but overall, it did seem to add context to Zari's stories and claims. The home from the vision hadn't been anything from the 21st century - at least, not anywhere on Earth that she was aware of... It looked steampunk almost, as if someone had married a machine shop with a viking's home. When it ended, Veil half expected Zari to lash out again, but instead, she seemed much calmer.

Zarina had claimed to be from the future. She didn't want to upset her. But now that they didn't have the X-Cutioner breathing down their necks, Veil had time to process the information she had learned. And for better or for worst, she trusted Renegade and Moneta. "Zari... Who are you?" Veil asked bluntly. She wasn't one to mince words, even when she wasn't going through an emotional rollercoaster of grief and change.

Renegade didn't want to touch that conversation with a ten foot pole. Instead, she decided to respond to Max. "Oui, there is. Selene runs Voltus Glade, all the magic types train together and all up there," she explained.

Outside of the apartment, Casper fumbled in his pockets at Echo's question, before coming up empty. "I usually do, but not today apparently - sorry fam," he apologized. He then glanced as Andy came out into the hallway and started slinking on by them. James seemed like he needed more time, he was clearly going through something. Ben flickered, reappearing right in front of him.

"You missed the old lady using her powers," Ben told Casper unhelpfully. "... Everyone's pretty rattled. Are you okay?"

"Me? I'm always okay, you know that Ben," Casper lied - although he really was feeling fine right now. He was used to being completely disoriented and thrown into new environments. He'd learned how to adapt to all of that a while ago, but not everyone here had. It wasn't as traumatic in his opinion as when Wanda had rewritten all of reality, since they were more or less all together. And yes, it was tragic and sad that Sapphire was dead, but... Her ghost was free to hang around and bother him, so he just didn't feel as sad.

Skrull Prison Ship

"Entering Earth's atmosphere in three... two... one..." Captain Marvel announced, as they began the re-entry sequence. From the bridge, everyone could see brilliant flames more or less surrounding the ship, as they plummeted towards the surface of the planet. The panels didn't indicate that anything was going wrong - the ship was higher quality than almost anything that could be found on Earth, with the exception of Wakanda and the Avengers.

Then, suddenly, all of the alarms started blaring at once. Red lights were flashing all over the place. There had been a gigantic BOOM and a shake like an earthquake rippled through the ship. "Ah, shit. Who jinxed us? Come on, fess up!" Iron Man complained. "Was it you, Hulkie? Did you rig the engine core to break off?!" He didn't seem to be being super serious, but he was correct in what had happened - the engine core had just... detached.

Meaning that now, they were plummeting to the surface with no mechanism to slow down. They were gaining speed rather than losing it, so unless someone came up with a bright idea, they'd all be very dead - very soon.

Pennsylvania Avenue: Washington D.C. - Missouri: 11:50 A.M.

It was the day before the UN Summit in Geneva, so the Secret Warriors needed to act quickly. They were the only ones who could properly go undercover as Secret Service agents, as the Avengers and whatnot were just too recognizable. The plan was for one team, disguised as Secret Service, to go into the White House while Captain America went to meet with the "President." Once inside the Oval Office, they'd have to take out the real Secret Service and the skrull President, and replace the skrull with the real President before anything was obviously amiss. They'd have to maintain their cover as well, that way they could escort the real Jakobsen to Geneva, where the Avengers and all would be waiting with some flerken allies.

Was it a great plan? No. Was it the best plan? Also, no. But it was the plan they had - and it would have to make do.

In a van parked on Pennsylvania Avenue, Niah and Sparky were in charge of all surveillance monitoring. They were able to listen to everyone's comm devices and ideally, they'd be able to hack into White House security in order to get a visual on everything that was going on. At the moment, they'd see on their monitors that there was a school tour of sorts going through the White House. There wasn't any sign of the First Lady or baby Alcie. In the Oval Office, the Vice President (Ricky Goldsworth) was currently chatting with "President Jakobsen." Captain America was entering the White House now, speaking with one of the "President's Aids."

Inside the White House, Bonnie had her hair pulled back into a tight bun and she was wearing dark shades. She was positioned outside of the Oval Office with Cass, having been in the first group to slowly infiltrate the White House. Across the hallway from them was Oliver, Raynor, and Matt. Escorting Captain America himself was Kwassi and Jakobsen, with Evelyn and Amelia doing a loose follow.

"Mr. President, sir, it's good to finally have a chance to speak to you about Hill's unjust regulations of superpowered individuals," Captain America said, as Bonnie opened the door to the Oval Office for him.

Amelia was trying not to squeal from anticipation. She was looking forward to this sort of fight. It seemed like the sort of epic behavior people got up to in the movies.

Raynor was dead silent, his eyes on the prize more or less.

Runa Johansson

Location: Helheim
Skills: N/A

Runa hadn't known what to expect from the god in a cage - but a hug and having her hair ruffled certainly hadn't been on the list. She expected her body to recoil, to protest the contact, yet it was actually... nice? Balder ruffling her hair reminded her of the slight warmth of the sun from days spent laying outside in the grass, her hair gaining a bit of heat from it. He was incredibly calming as well and just seemed to give off good vibes. She didn't feel mad or cross with him - Runa was used to negative emotions, so in their absence, she wasn't sure what to do beyond smiling somewhat shyly. "It - it wasn't just me. I had help," she told Balder - her father?

As Balder commanded for them to shield their eyes, Runa was confused for a second before complying. He was the light god - it made sense that he could blind people if he wanted to. When he spoke again, Runa assumed that it was safe to open her eyes, and she saw that Hel and all of her minions seemed to have been blinded. She went to follow Nadia, only to be suddenly scooped up - Runa yelped - and placed onto Betty's back. She was blushing bright red as Betty then transported her and Klara on out of there.

🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: Camp Half-blood: the Shrines -> Infirmary
Skills: Superspeed

Leda nodded. "Yeah, think Hades would be chuffed with this," she agreed. The shrine was looking much nicer than it had been before, so it was more or less time for them to move onto the next shrine. Once Zeus' was cleaned up, they'd be done with the Big Three. She didn't know if the small act of cleaning out the shrines would help with the cosmic balance, but Leda figured that it couldn't hurt, and it was a nice chance to talk with her girlfriend without others around. Leda grabbed the rest of the supplies, gave the Hades' shrine a mini salute, and then started walking with Kiera to the Zeus shrine.

Of course, they weren't the only ones there - Rosie was in the shrine. Leda paused for a moment, about to suggest that they give Rosie some space, that they were intruding on a religious moment, when she realized that something was wrong. Rosie seemed like she was in some sort of trance. She wasn't responding to Kiera talking to her or snapping her fingers. "Oh, shit. I think she's having a vision - about to give a prophecy," Leda exclaimed. But then, things got stranger as Rosie collapsed into Kiera's arms. "Yeah. I'll run her." Leda then scooped up Rosie, gave Kiera a quick peck on the cheek, and then took off at a dash to the infirmary. Once she got to the infirmary, she put Rosie down in a bed. "Oi, need a medic, pronto!"

☀️ Nancy Parker ☀️

Location: Camp Half-blood: Dining Pavilion -> Outside the Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

Nancy wrinkled her nose and shook her head. "Ugh, gross. Vampires are way too sexualized. I'd rather be turned into a goat." Had Nancy known what asexuality was, she would have realized that her sentence was a great example of it. She didn't know she was a sex-repulsed asexual however. She just didn't know something like that existed. She picked up the glass of Mads' blood, glad that Mads hadn't asked her what it was for. She didn't want to break her oath, especially not in front of Niah - she didn't want to give her friend a wicked headache or anything like that.

"Yeah. Loads to talk about. Not to mention a stupid prophecy," Nancy admitted. She glanced around the pavilion, seeing so many people just going about their lives, unaware of the mortal peril that was right around the corner. "Everything's going to hell again." Namely, she had seen Mads fall into Tartarus and she was not going to allow that to happen, especially while Mads was still cursed. Nancy bit her lip slightly at Niah's question. "Honestly, I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine."

Nancy then left the dining pavilion, seeing her father still outside with the Sun Chariot. She held up the glass to him. "It's not wine, so don't drink it," she said sarcastically.

Megan Pendragon

Location: Rumple's Home
Skills: N/A

Megan was instantly relieved as she laid eyes on her brother. He seemed to be unharmed and most importantly, alive. She didn't mind corpses, but she would very much prefer for her brother to not become one any time soon. Others bolted from the room - maybe more hostages or servants, Megan didn't really care which. And now that she knew her brother was alive and well, the next objective was to get him as far from this place as possible, and then learn what precautions they could take to ensure he was never spirited away by magic again. "I'm glad you're alive. If you had died, I would have been incredibly angry with you," she told her brother bluntly.

Then the screams happened. There was always something happening in this world. Megan had her sword at the ready, prepared for whatever would come. No matter what, she wasn't going to leave this place without her brother. She doubted Jack could even defend himself properly, despite being a cop he didn't even carry a gun on him. "She's right. We're of no use to them if we get ourselves captured and killed here." At least, she didn't want her brother to stay behind. Megan would rather he go back and then they attempt a rescue.

Guin Stark

Location: The Kyln
Skills: Telepathy, Pistol

"There is no way that this is OSHA approved!" Guin quipped, as Mary made a sort of moving beanstalk elevator situation. Mary had grabbed her arm and Guin really wished that there would have been some sort of plant safety belt. She wasn't scared of falling - more of being dropped and hitting the ground with a splat... and especially since with Pietro more or less out of commission, she couldn't count on him to swoop in and save her. She had really gotten used to having a speedster on call. At least the trip was short. She was very happy when she was on solid ground, especially as her arm was sore from the trip on up, as at times it had felt like her arm was about to be ripped out of its socket. "Okay, I won't sue you for endangering me at work, but you have to go on a date with Rudy Giuliani. It's only fair."

However, she was very happy when Mary tossed her a space gun. "Okay, fine, I'll take a bribe," Guin joked. She then swore as she took two shots - one to the leg, another to the shoulder. They felt like a dragon had spit up mini fireballs and felted her with them. Fuck fuck fuck that hurts! Guin exclaimed through the mental link. Mary took care of the first wave or so of the guards, and Guin, feeling very much annoyed that someone had shot her, decided to continue Mary's good work. Guin was clearly more of Princess Leia than a stormtrooper when it came to shots, firing off the space gun and taking down five easily. What hurts? What happened? Are you okay????

"Okay, this is my new favorite toy!" She then fired off more blasts, taking out another three. She was having fun now with this. She shot another one - this one was a kill shot, hitting them in the chest. These assholes fucking shot me! Getting shot is baaaaaaad!

Runa Baldurdattir

Location: The Kyln
Skills: Darkness Manipulation

Runa huffed. It really irritated her to hear about how incompetent other justice systems were, as her brother ran the courts on Asgard and was the pinnacle of justice and fair treatment under the law. She made a mental note to complain to her brother about the Nova Corps the next time she was on Asgard. "Of course they simply assumed, they appear to be severely lacking in brains as of late," Runa muttered with a frown. Lance seemed to be enjoying himself as he rampaged around, and Runa didn't sense that he was in immediate danger or anything like that. He had helpfully cleared the stairway for them too.

She didn't need to take the stairs however. She swirled darkness around herself and threw herself high up into the air, propelling herself ever upwards until she reached her desired destination. It was half throwing herself, half flying really at the end of it. She nodded at Mary, Bethany, and Guin, seeing that Guin had a gun that she seemed rather happy with. Runa rolled her eyes slightly. Guns had absolutely no aesthetic to them in her opinion. They weren't as elegant as traditional Asgardian weapons.
NPCs - Season Three (Genosha)

Genosha Leadership: the Quiet Council


Genosha: July 15th, 2021 - 1:10 PM

Veil, Casper, and Sunshine

Location: the Magda Eisenhardt Memorial Housing Complex - Omega Building: Renegade's Apartment
Skills: Mediumship

Veil nodded slightly - she hadn't even considered the possibility that they would be split up. She had lived with the Mutant Underground for what felt like an eternity, the thought of not having Spark Plug or Sapphire just a few feet away at night... it was strange. It was equally bizarre for Veil to realize that she wasn't in charge here. She had been leading the Mutant Underground for so long, it was weird to know that she wasn't the one with the final say and she didn't have all of the information. She was just like the rest of her family here, minus those who had been on Genosha and fully conscious a bit longer. "Of course, we will... if we stay here," she whispered softly to Spark Plug.

Casper gagged slightly at Spark Plug's teasing. "I did not have the complexion for that dress," he said with a sigh, shaking his head. "It was before I discovered god's gift to the world - Sephora. A little blush would've gone a long way towards tying that outfit together..."

Renegade smiled at Spark Plug. "Pas problème. Ah'm sorry if any of them were disturbed, Flower Child might've snuck into here when ah was with the Quiet Council. Ah think ah got it all back from her, with the addition of the flower crown to the robotic head," Renegade explained. She tucked some of her hair behind her ear. Her left eye had a scar running through it, with the eye itself a more faded shade of blue than her right eye. She was clearly old, having several adult children, but looked like she was in decent physical shape for her age. "Ah non, those are mutant medical garbs, designed to prevent I think stiffness and sores, monitor vitals, ah'm not a médecin so I can't be more specific than that."

Havok glanced up at Spark Plug, debating for a moment brushing her off. "I'm fucking fantastic. My girlfriend's gone to the dark side and we've been freezer burned, so for all I know, she's either fucking dead or still evil. And then Sapphire drops a bomb on me and gets herself killed, so I can't even begin to process my feelings on that, as I have to mourn her. And now, we're stuck on this trippy ass island with a bunch of murderers, so yeah, I'm great!"

Sunshine hadn't told anyone she was getting married yet for a few reasons: 1) she knew that James wouldn't approve of her fiancée and she didn't want to fight with him about it, 2) she knew that Jack wouldn't care about her being engaged and she wanted to fight with him about it, and 3) she had wanted to tell everyone more or less at once, so that way they could get all of the freak outs out of the way. She knew from movies and TV and all that humans made a huge deal out of weddings, spending waaay too much money on dresses and flowers and food and pretending to be nice to people that they hated.

She didn't want a human wedding.

"Her name is Marrow, she's very cool," Sunshine reassured Waverley. "There's no date or venue and there won't be pictures or food or anything, because that's all human stuff. I dunno, we're still figuring out the details. The two ideas so far are a ritual fight or asking a telepath to do something in the astral plane," Sunshine explained with a shrug. Sunshine glanced at Miranda, considering what she said. She didn't really know much about Moneta's personal life. "Is your daughter here on the island?" she asked.

The conversation was interrupted though with Zarina having a complete meltdown. Renegade sighed slightly. She had seen things like this before with her own children. David and Val would have good days, great days really that made her forget that they were sick, and then the slightest thing would set them off and they would instantly turn to violence. They hadn't conducted a psychic evaluation on the newcomers yet, largely because everyone was supposed to have a fresh start in Genosha, a second chance.

"Hey, deep breaths," Veil encouraged, jumping in as Renegade put a finger to her forehead. Veil went on over to Zarina, standing three inches taller than the young girl. Veil had seen people lash out like this before, especially young mutants who had lost everything they knew and couldn't cope with the change. "When you're ready, can you tell me what's going on?" Veil asked gently, locking eyes with Zarina. In her experience, the problem was usually something deeper than a lost or damaged item.

Casper didn't really want to listen to the child throwing a temper tantrum. And he was feeling concerned - James hadn't come in with them. "Ben, let me know if anything interesting happens in here, okay?" he asked the ghost, before dashing back out into the hallway. He grinned widely, seeing his sweetheart, although he sensed that there was something wrong. "Fancy running into you around here..." he teased gently.

Skrull Prison Ship

Anelle shook her head slightly. "There is no need to apologize for that," she said softly. "I welcome the contact," she admitted. She had been exiled, forced to live in a cell, kept from her lover and her child. The guards never beat her or anything, as she was still a princess - but no one ever embraced her or anything anymore. She felt a little touch starved at times. She looked a little sad as Maria said she was going to stand watch, but went inside the training room with Flynn.

"I understand," she told him, before shapeshifting into Flynn. She then punched the bag. It moved a little less than it had when Flynn hit it, mostly as Anelle didn't have the proper techniques. She had only taken on his shape, not his memories and skills.

Outside of the training room, two skrulls started walking down towards the training room, holding what looked like gym bags. They seemed basically like two bros who were going for a workout. They frowned when they saw Maria. "What are you doing?" one asked. "Either get in the gym or get out," the other grunted.

May 18th, 2021

Clint Barton's Homestead - Missouri: 10:30 A.M.

Bonnie nodded at Niah's request - if Niah wanted privacy, then she deserved to have that honored. "Alright, if you aren't the President, myself, Sparky, or Niah - scram," Bonnie said authoritatively. "Niah has a right to some bloody privacy right now." She wasn't usually one for swears, but the situation was tense and she figured a bit of cursing might help get people to leave. A small portion of her mind was wondering if Flynn would have known what to do here - or if he had just been a grunt at O.M.E.N. They never really talked much about his previous job, just as they also didn't talk much about Bonnie's deceased husband or the time she had spent in the asylum.

"Oh, right, my bad. Feel better, Niah!" Amelia wished, before walking backwards, thinking better of it and turning around, and then walking off of the quinjet.

"If you want, I can pose for a picture of you with the hospital bed for your insta," Spider-Man offered. "I do it all the time for the kids in the cancer ward in Queens," he added. Bonnie shot him a look and Spider-Man followed Amelia off the quinjet and out of the way.

Raynor wasn't thrilled at the idea of Sparky being in here as they battled a demon without any back up. Unfortunately, he didn't have any power or knowledge that would deem him essential. He locked eyes with Sparky for a second. "You need anything, I'll be right outside," he told her, before leaving the medical ward and leaning up against one of the inner walls of the quinjet, out of sight but still within earshot, so that way he could run back in if anything went wrong.

Bonnie wished that they had given Niah the sedative as the President performed the exorcism. She fought to keep her expression neutral, to not grimace as Niah foamed at the mouth like she had rabbies, or the way her eyes turned black and she began to hiss. It sent a chill down her spine. She could feel it in the air - the 'bad vibes' more or less that the demon was putting off. It felt like depression, anxiety, grief, and rage all wrapped up into one horrible, all consuming wave of darkness. She winced as a cloud of dark smoke was more or less projectile vomited out of Niah.

"What do we do now? We can't leave her alone like that, she needs medical attention," Bonnie stressed. Her mind was going rampant with all of the possible injuries Niah could have sustained, but truthfully she just didn't know - she'd never seen an exorcism before. The smoke had taken the form of a demonic bear and was continually slamming itself up against an invisible barrier, the salt being the only thing keeping it from breaking through.

Outside of the med bay, Raynor glanced at Oliver. Amelia had gone outside entirely, probably off to squeal over the baby flerkens that were being born, and Spider-Man had gone with her. "That doesn't sound good," he muttered, hearing the echoes carry Niah's screams.

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