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Today kind of sucked, but I'm alive. So, whatever.
11 mos ago
I love [@dryden] ~ ( ´ ∀`)♡
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Hooray! One prologue post coming up!
@wheels, stay nice. It shows strength and courage in character and is a rare quality.

I am reading an indie novel called The Lightkeeper by Sherry Shenoda. I haven’t finished it yet, but it is beautifully written and gives me high hopes for a good ending. I can’t help but recommend it.
@Mokley, I’ll keep her ‘tude in check, but by all means, if she is causing a problem in any way, let me know as so I can tone it down.

Your idea with the wind manipulation only being seen by her sounds great.

I can’t wait to play! ❤️

&fingers crossed.
Subscribed. You had me at @Mokley. I’m coming out of hiding just for this patch of fun.
I vote for Guiding Lights.
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When I was about two or three, a mole on the middle of my chin appeared, and around the age thirteen or so, a smaller, symmetrical mole appeared above it. I used to be embarrassed by the oddly placed moles and was very conscientious when I had to go in public or meet new people.

I remember asking my mother if I could get them removed, and she said when I am an adult and would like to get them removed, I could. However, as time passed, I grew to enjoy the moles and saw them as my own little trade mark. In fact, a couple years ago, I had a business photograph taken of me, and they photoshopped the moles from my skin without asking permission. I was pretty irate about this.

In an age where laser and plastic surgery are rampant for the insecure, I feel honored to have these perfectly aligned beauty marks. I even have a slight fear that one of them might become cancerous and have to be removed. They are unique and have helped mold me into who I am today.
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