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Current the trees have gone broadway i repeat the trees have gone broadway
2 mos ago
I just got Paper Mario Origami and wOW bold move making the opening feel like a horror movie, Nintendo.
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2 mos ago
@Jerkchicken I like dumplings but ONLY dumplings? Not even any real meat, or fake meat like seitan? Where's the fruit or veggies? Wheat? Potatoes? VARIETY?! How can you only have one kind of thing?
2 mos ago
The weirdest songs get lodged in my head. I haven't even listened to it in years and BAM suddenly Dominick the freaking Donkey is hee hawwing all across Italy in my brain.
2 mos ago
Birthday came and went. Just another day now.
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Level 2 [0/20] (Word Count: 265 +1)
Location: Edge Of The Blue
Party Members: Peach @Lugubrious, Mirage @Potemking, Link @Gentlemanvaultboy

Something about the sight of the strange skeleton shark struck Mr. L as eerily familiar. An armored Sharkbone with the body structure of a Skellokey. But all those eyes send a shiver up the thief's own bones. Nothing with that many eyes is good news. A giant seasquid creature is annoying enough but this?

Something in him is distressed. Much more distressed than he actually feels. Thorns and spikes and its carving a path along the ship as it drags its ugly carcass all over the place. And its attacking the princess. Not that he cares. The broad can go jump in the water and sink.

"Oh no you don't," he snaps as his hands move in an unfamiliar gesture. The previously sickly and pathetic attempt at a electrical spark has become a full crackling sphere which joins the potshots that Peach, Link, and Mirage have taken at the creature. Bones and spikes are clear signs that the stupid thing can take a physical beating and return any would-be stomper with pain for their efforts. But all those eyes studding that idiotic skeletal structure just scream out for attention. And attention those eyes are getting. After all its not like the stupid thing can shoot lasers, right? High on the success of the electrical hand thing finally working right, L tosses the electrical spheres a few more times at the creature. "Keep an eye on the damn thing! I don't know what murky waters it comes from but a sea thing willing to get up on dry land is always bad news, drybone or not!"

Level 1 [10/10] (Word Count: 291 +1)
Location: Edge Of The Blue

He may not have any primer but whoever said someone could be completely logical under the various layers of stress that the man in green is under would be lying. The magical wrench the robot lady mentioned wouldn't be much help with it either way. The 'grenade' that he's put together is more like a ball of loosely packed metal shards. Rather than exploding and sending shrapnel in a wider area the item will instead act like caltrops. Some of it should properly embed itself into the monster's flesh, more will simply scatter about and be more of a nuisance than anything else.

Yet its a very good thing that Mr. L's pitching arm is... better than he ever suspected, really. It like he's played sports professionally in another life. He could have even lead a team, like... L Leapers! ... No, that sounds dumb. L Vacuums... why would he even.. That'd be saying 'L Vacuums: We Suck!'

But while he was frantically getting stuff ready, things got really hectic. There's too much going on even considering the nature of how insane reality can get. It's more crazy than one of Dimentio's 'shows' and who the Stars is 'Bella'?! The girl who got snagged by the monster? That girl from the the beach party... yeah, she seems to think so. L looks down at the hastily assembled tool. This won't be of much help...

What good is a thief and a pilot in a sea battle anyway? A strange malaise starts to creep up, but L shakes it off. He might not be able to do anything just yet but there will be an opening sooner or later. Either to use his hastily crafted weapon or to literally leap into the fray.

@Shiny Keldeo Refined the two non-joking sheets a bit. Debating on working on a third.

Sprucing up my sheets.

@Mistress Dizzy
Cute ideas, although I have to ask for clarification:
Is the mouse a spy FOR Robotnik or spying ON Robotnik?
Repurposed Metal Sonic, hmm... could definitely be interesting having basically a rogue agent out there. No loyalty to anyone but himself, but still seeking to beat Sonic. Definitely has potential for sure!

Not gonna lie, Metal Sonic as an alternate gameplay mode would had been fascinating in Forces. Heh, they wouldn't even had needed to write lines for him!

Metal Sonic has shown that he is capable of betraying Robotnik. Whether it was real or fake in Heroes is up for interpretation but the idea that even his greatest creation could turn on him is a fascinating one.

Giving Metal Sonic the impetus for betrayal by a third party makes sense given how many different versions of Sonic-styled Sonic Killer robots there are and how many distinct iterations probably exist in the comics to boot. There's bound to be at least one that wasn't recovered by Robotnik's forces (or even Sonic and co considering Gemerl).
As for Talos, I do actually have plans later down the line to introduce Shade and possibly some others from the Twilight Cage through some dimensional distortion stuff. So we could wait till then, or he could literally be the first foot soldier sent to Mobius, perhaps as a test of their device they used to send him there. If I recall correctly, it allowed them to temporarily exist outside the cage. Maybe it malfunctioned and trapped him there? Plenty of room to play.

I was toying with the idea of a bunch of initial tests sending weak or expendable low ranking troops as "Marauders". Aside from the armor looking the same, it'd be easy to claim they were rouge agents if something went wrong.

How many "failures" there were is up in the air. Especially since I'm not entirely sure how the temporary dimensional shift would handle if the person is killed or turned into a Robian. In this case, Talos is just letting people assume he's a cybernetic or powerarmor-wearing Snake.
I'm going to continue working on these later, but at this hour my brain's fried.

Idea 1:

Idea 2:

Joke Suggestion

Indeed, still interested.

Level 1 [9/10] (Word Count: 886 +2)
Location: Edge Of The Blue
Addressed: Bowser @DracoLunaris, Mirage @Potemking, Blazermate @Archmage MC
Mentioned: Sakura @Zoey Boey, Geralt @MULTI_MEDIA_MAN, Link @Gentlemanvaultboy, Hat Kid @Dawnrider

From the Party
It took Mr. L a bit for the fact that Miss Whomever That Generic Lady Was is actually Miss Pink and Princessy. Outfit would be one thing but she really looks nothing like what she did after the Whoa Zone. "Sheesh, so these 'spirit' things are like some sort of weird powerup that sticks? Ugh, no thanks. I'm great the way I am and I don't need anything like that."

"Hmm, no Red Jumpman lingering around... Good. I hate his ugly mug. You and Pinky are bad enough but at least you two don't make me want to hurl." It's weird the way Mario's face makes him feel dizzy. Like he was hurting his Brobot instead of some stranger. Pah, whatever. Speaking of... "Not sure on what I'd need right now but I could use some stuff to rebuild Brobot's beacon. That is if Brobot can get the signal from this dumb place..." Possible that Brobot got completely wrecked when Castle Bleck probably got demolished but if there is any chance... Mr. L has to try. The junior minions and 'Miss' Nastasia and the Count himself can all go hang for turning their backs on him. But Brobot is his.

The thief gives Bowser an odd look at the talk about getting stranded on the moon. Getting possessed, sure, probably happened more than a few times to the guy but by Red Stache?! "You know, considering how many times you get possessed maybe you should look into some charm or barrier against that crap. I bet you coins to cookies that with your luck you'll get taken over by a simple generic boo next time."


Something inside of Mr. L is screaming that this is a bad idea. That he really shouldn't be doing this. Even more louder than any time he's done something even slightly 'wrong' so clearly that annoying voice is just some lingering conscience... even if it was apparently right not to trust anyone at Castle Bleck. Yeah, you heard me, you stupid little cowardly thing. Shouldn't had trusted them if they were so quick to forget me.

But did that tall (er... now not-so-tall) mamaluke just diss Brobot? "Big words coming from someone who needs a freaky possession-based powerup just to swim. If I had my metal bro here then I wouldn't have to stick around all this stupid water or put up with a mook like yourself." Yeah, the sudden and actual changes in that sportsball guy's appearance is making L less and less likely to pick up one of those Spirit things. That thing's disturbing!

The tall giant was asking some rather stupid questions of Little Boy Blue. What, Mister Big White and Overly Muscular is surprised that someone older than a century could look so young? Puh-lease, you could have someone lingering for a thousand years in a chest and look no worse for the wear!

Meanwhile, Peach is yammering something about caution and one of the junior minions asks him something him diving in. He has no idea who this chick is, but the cadet minion's little punny tone does not go unnoticed. "How else would you fight sealife without lasers or shells? Wait for it to get on some dry dry dock or wash up on a beach? Peh, you have to get in. ... wait what do you mean those things will turn into spirits?"


wait what the hell did the robot just do? Who gave the robot control over rotten zombies?! Or bombs!? ... Okay the bombs are a nice touch, admittedly, and expected for a robot to have. "What, you run out of lasers?" he pitches the medabot's way.

...did someone just get all confused over the idea of a bottomless pit? But those things are everywhere! Why would you be so surprised that such a thing exists? Honesty, he's surrounded by idiots... again. Great. "And you! Bottomless pits are completely average! You want something weird, its all this 'perma-powerup' crap. And why is an exposed core weird? There's all kinds of planets and planetoids that got entire chunks missing." Mr. L is certain he's never been to another planet (setting aside the whole dimensional stuff) but he's definitely got the impression he's seen telescope images.

No, Mr L is definitely not delaying jumping in because of the giant eels. No this has nothing to do with a terrifying impression of something bigger than even 'Moobs' over there. He's just... trying to remember if he has any spare Items. (And what is it with bubbily friendly 'heroes' and fireballs?! First its Mario, now its this Sakura chick...)

... his definite intention to join the fight is mentally derailed by the fact that there is an actual child on the ship. Not another tiny Koopa or some shapeshifting menace (possibly? Mimi is that you??) but an actual tiny child whose hat is bigger than they are. "Oh Stars and stones... There's a kid on the ship. WHY is there a kid on the ship?!" Right. Kid on the ship. Giant monsters in the water. Why does he give a shit? No idea but he scrambles around for loose hunks of metal and gadgets that no one will miss. Mr. L is hastily assembling a fragmentation grenade. "Hey! Robo chick! You got any welding tools?"
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