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Current *headbutts desk*
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Back after a long hiatus
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I need more inspiration
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Been a while...
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Starting to become increasingly twitchy......


I like drawing, painting, writing and creating.
I like animals especially dogs.
One day I would love to have a pet piggy.
I can be crazy and weird but I think thats a good thing, right?
I love movies and wish I could RP them more but I am shocking at getting other characters right.
I also love music, especially when I am painting!

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Almost always, what have you got in mind?
That works, I can create a character that would suit the needs. Did you have an idea what kind of character you wanted to play?

I am thinking perhaps an ancient power tied to the planet and could spread beyond it if not contained, etc?
That looks pretty awesome, I think it would be a fun time, having the characters as enemies-turned friends would be very interesting. Are you wanting to have humanoid type characters?
Hate. Death. Power.
He is a warrior, an assassin and more powerful than any pathetic hypocritical Jedi. He had trained for so many years. Perfected his art and gained in his power. He would not fail in his vision.
Why then, in moments of quiet, did he hear a voice? The nightmares behind the fog of memory... A sweet smile and eyes like an endless blue ocean. Then a scream unlike any sound in the galaxy. What were these visions?

When she was a child, her best friend was ripped away from her. She has spent years learning new skills, trained as one of the youngest Nightsisters. Nothing would stand in her way, and she would not allow herself to falter. She swore a promise to the two brothers left behind. She would search every inch of the galaxy if that's what it took. She would find the monster that stole the child, and fulfill their childhood promise. She would find the Lost Prince of Dathomir, and bring him home.


Hello There!

This is a brief introduction to the RP I have in mind. If you have not guessed already, it is centered around the Sith Lord Maul and a Nightsister he was close with before his capture by Sidious when he was between 5 and 7.
Since then, this Nightsister has trained to be strong, powerful and clever in order to find Maul, break him free and kill Sidious if she can.

The Nightsister is an Original Character of mine, I am also happy to play Savage or Feral if needed, though if you could play other characters other than Maul, that would be great. The timeline can be pre-Menace or even during the clone wars or both and we play through a lot of his history.

I write in semi/advanced kind of style and am hoping for similar. Let me know if you are interested.
Thank you!
Still looking
Open to more ideas
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