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8 days ago
Current 96000 words, 330 pages, 45 chapters, 8 viewpoints. First novel, done.
17 days ago
I’m so close to being finished with draft 1 that I can taste it. Probably just another fifty pages to write.
2 mos ago
Coming to the end of month two of novel progress and I'm chilling at 237 pages (~70k words). 🥳
3 mos ago
Just started on page 80 of my novel! Progress is actually happening this time lol (coming to the end of month 1)
12 mos ago
Chillin' like a villain


Thrawn: "I have read about the nightswan. Have you?"

Nightswan: "You refer to the fact that it sings only as night is falling?"

Thrawn: "Yes. You do not expect your stand to succeed, do you?"

Nightswan: "I know that it won't succeed."

Thrawn: "That does not necessarily mean the end. I can give orders for you to be taken unharmed."

Nightswan: "They will be ignored. Half the troops here are Batonn Defense and Restos is determined to get rid of me."

Thrawn: "Then come with me now!"

Nightswan: "A man must do what he must, Admiral Thrawn. Even if his stand is against the fall of eternal night."

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If your application is more than 500 words, you’re doing wrong in my opinion. Every roleplay should be Jump In, no cap.

Bruh, your application was 1300+ words 😂

(I know it wasn't a regular app but like still lol)
@Skwint My advice is worry about your character. It's not a competition and unless your character has no details or personality to them - they'll be just fine.
@Flagg I like making my characters fail and grow from it. Trust me, I have no plans for unbridled badassery.
Name: Owun Thornwood

Age: 17

Physical Description:

Sir Owun stands six feet tall. He has white-blonde, shoulder length, hair, and mismatched blue and red eyes. His skin is fair and he has light scarring from sparring practice. He has sharp features with a slightly upturned nose and a heart chin.


Owun prefers to be subtle in his actions and will try to deal with a matter diplomatically before he draws a blade. He often recites poetry to the dismay of some of his friends from his home. But he is by no means a coward and would step into the way of a charging bull if it meant that his charge was safer for it.


Owun hails from a small hold in the Thornwood south of the capital, Azon. His father, Oster, serves as liege lord of the region and takes his name from his holding. From a very young age Owun practiced with the men at arms at swordplay. His father declared him an expert of the art at the young age of fourteen. Though Owun knows he had much to learn and also knows he is no expert yet and that his father had simply done so for posturing sake. When he was sixteen he was raised to knighthood by his father’s lord, Harwick Reece to whom Lord Thornwood was vassal. At seventeen he chanced upon a small coterie traveling across the land via coach. Only they were being raided by marauders and one of their guards was dead. Owun rode into the fray and killed two before he and the remaining two guards were able to drive off the raiders. He later learned that the coach was carrying the crowned Prince. For his service he was later named to the King’s Guard and given the place of the fallen man on the Prince’s protective detail.


As a discovery writer I like to flesh this part out as I write the character.


Owun uses a montante which is a light greatsword.

Example IC:

My home crisis has managed to resolve itself and I see that the RP hasn't begun yet lol. I'll renew my interest.
@Flagg I apologize but I've had a crisis at home. I'm going to have to withdraw.
I apologize but I've had a crisis at home. I'm going to have to put a hold on this.
@DarkStar Sure is. So that's four then. Though I do feel the need to point out that this is about as steampunk as FMA. It's not heavily so.
Dope. Sot that's three so far. I'll get started on an OOC when I get a chance. Shouldn't take too long. Expect to see one in one-three days.
@sassy1085 Indeed.
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