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@ERode Aah, got it! I'll update her Character Background with these.

@Izurich All good! That won't be necessary anymore haha.
@ERode Glad to hear I didn't muck it up ahaha, thanks for reviewing it!

So to answer the questions:

At this point, Ryuuko has no love whatsoever for her family and vice versa. Still, there are definitely some information that she had deliberately withheld as she also understand the prudence in not telling the whole truth. In her case, this isn't based on any notion of loyalty but instead out of her own self interest and self machinations; she wanted to be sure to have some "bullets" she kept close to herself that she can use at the right time to deal the most painful blows possible to the family. So TL;DR, she had exposed much but not all of it to Kaiser Institute.

Hmm, I would say it will take her a full day to fully regenerate any lost teeth regardless of the number. As far as physical capabilities go, she is actually weaker than the standard martial-inclined Egoist. For her it's more the realization that there are conveniences to be had in having some degree of superhuman physical capabilities than an actual inclination towards it. If, say, an elephant is 4 to 6 tons in weight then the most Ryuuko can lift and toss around would be around 1 ton. As for the nation, yes, that would be Germany. Should I put that instead as her country in the sheet? I can follow Izurich's for that.

Hope that cleared things up!
Oof, here goes. The very first character sheet draft I've ever made. Ended up going with an Egoist instead of Technologist after some brain storming. I took references for the format from the example provided and also from Izurich(Thank you! And sorry for kind of copying the format! Not even sure if this is acceptable to do ahaha). Please review it and correct me as necessary. I think I might have confused my character's nation among other things. I hope I didn't make too many mistakes but sorry in advance if I did, haha...

Oooh, got it. Okay, thanks for the answer! Poor lightning people becoming vilified, despite that their existence did in a way helped with ending the war.

Alrighty, I'll start thinking up a character. Probably gonna be a Technologist. Being bullied because of disinclination towards traditional staple food optional, haha~
Oooh, this looks really interesting based on the information provided. The Formulae in certain parts sounds somewhat kind of in my opinion like alchemy in certain fictional series. The transmutation/modification of already existing matter akin to Equivalent Exchange, the focus on "magic" being in reality scientific, and the execution of such "magic" being reliant on rules and limitations, I found these to be reeeally cool concepts!

Excited and nervous. If I qualify, this will be my very first RP in this site. But regardless I'm definitely interested.

Pertaining to the lore, I wonder why the Dynamism of Lightning got banned by the Geneva Convention? Being banned in such regard meant that it is probably seen as exceedingly dangerous/outrageously unethical/unnervingly easy to mishandle/et cetera. But why? Curiosity tingled~

Also got a question regarding Technologists that I would like to ask. Do they generally have a certain, say, "favorite object" upon which they typically apply their formulae upon, or do they just perform formulae on whatever is available, or are both cases common?

Last but not least just to make doubtlessly sure as I've never done this before, should I start making my character if I'm interested or is there something I should wait for before I jump the gun?
Welcome and hello, Medili!

I hope you enjoy your time here and discover the amazing art of roleplaying to be a future hobby. It is fine, gets the imagination running, and you get to meet a lot of great people along the way. Plus it helps improve and advance your writings skills!

Thank you for the welcome! Yeah, I'm mostly reading things for now, trying to get a better understanding of what this is all about. So far, I like what I'm finding out about it. Here's hoping that this will be a great experience too~

Welcome to the guild~

Thank you for the welcome, I'm glad to be here~


Thank you!
<Snipped quote by Medili>

I've seen squirrels and dragons here, even dogs

Right. No feeding squirrels, dragons, and even dogs here. Got it~

Poor dogs...

@Medilieveryone seems fairly friendly so seems like a good place to learn

Glad to hear that. I'm just learning about things for now. There sure are a lot to read and digest, haha~
Welcome , please enjoy your stay, just don't feed the animals

Hello, thank you for the welcome! Oh, there's animals here? Where??
Im new to this too nice to meet you!

Hello, thank you! And that makes the two of us then haha~
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