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Current Have got to get better at estimating how long it takes me to actually write out the portions of a story that seem practically done in my mind."Oh it's just this, this, that, and done." *hours later..*
1 day ago
WiX tip: Do not use "Quick Edit". Quick Edit is possessed. Plus regular edit is quicker, actually.
6 days ago
Back by no demand: X-Men Envisionings! There's a certain MYSTIQUE in Pt. 5!… Plus an answer nobody wanted = another desperately needed!
11 days ago
Just made a purchase, feeling both good about it and "what do I need that for?" I'm positive all questioning well cease once it arrives.
20 days ago
Realities revealed - things are about to get good! Check out Pt 4 of X-Men Envisionings' first Vol: "Relativity":… New posts Thursdays!


'The Reality Is: X-Men woke something up in me.
The Reality Is: It's getting me through.'

So, suffice it to say, after life finally lead me to watching the FOX X-MEN movies (just this Summer of '22), I got super inspired from the *first 2. That take on the world, the characters - namely Cyclops (& Jean Grey). I became possessed by a creativity like I haven't in a while - I just had to see these characters in further scenarios!

Now I'm deep in development of "X-MEN Envisionings" - a mini-series worth of stories I intend to have ultimately as a Web Comic (ARTIST NEEDED…), but will likely be released first in text-only format, on the like-named site I made .

Thanks for your interest if you check it out!
* I do not support abuse of any kind.
I'm just responding to the art.

And so why am I here? Call it another compulsion + crash course in character -- if I can play Cyclops etc. well enough in the looser realm of an RP (looser as compared to individual writing where you control everything and can churn out multiple drafts), well.. Plus, some things are just better explored not exclusively in one's own mind (while others things are the opposite).

*I'm a "concept creator" / "story teller" by trade, and my X-MEN preoccupation is but one of multiple story spaces I exist in.
Some of the rest being my own, original work, such as a procedural sci-fi drama or an action-fantasy series whose characters I may well explore here, too.

But for now *cue 🎶X-Men Animated Series theme🎼swelling into Fox Movies theme🎵*
Interest Check:…

I also have a non-X-MEN art request in the Gallery:…

Random Thoughts + (for the posterity of it all) Old Statuses

I think those who grew up with Pokémon have a special section in their brain just for such. That's how I explain being able to recite 3/4 of the 1008 individual 'mon currently in existence (that last 1/4 eluding me only because I've yet to play those games and get acquainted), plus types, type match ups, and many moves.

12th Jan 2023 Evening
Feeling like I just solved for pi figuring out how to correct the editing for a video of mine.

12th Jan 2023 Evening Later
Playing Faerie Bubbles on Neopets and feeling like Cyclops when I eyeball a tricky trajectory correctly.

13th Jan 2023 Afternoon
Multiple reasons to implode today.

24th Jan 2023
I spent more time than I care to admit laying in bed yesterday morning, mentally exploring an idea I'll probably never actually use. Berated myself. Wrote it down anyway. Then indulged again at night.

I legit just said to myself while deciding on what music to play: "I want one I can really smooch to." wanting it to set a scene I'm writing. ... which isn't even a smooching scene.

Feb 16th 2023
Feeling a little accomplished for launching the first storyline of my web comic. 20,711 words and I hit my deadline. It's here if anyone's interested:

March 3rd 2023
I'm so bad at collecting stamps on Neopets.

I want to find that universe in the multiverse where James Marsden kept the role of Griffin Holbrook on 'Party of Five'.
Not because I didn't enjoy Jeremy London. But just because I'm curious.

March 9th
Had a Neopet zapped Mutant by the Lab Ray, and several zaps later my Mutant's become a Robot. As an X-Men fan, that's amusing.

March 10th
It would take me nearly 3 weeks (and 4 parts in) to realize I never updated the homepage of my site from "Coming Soon" to "Now Released!" 🤦‍♀️I feel like I'm ripping the spine outta' my poor book.💣

March 16
I am just going to spontaneously combust once I get to a certain future storyline of mine given ALL the notes and idea insanity I have to sort through. 👍 It's gonna' be great!😬But time yet. Lots'a.

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Jaclyn Chreyz

Location: Mansion Grounds
Skills: Power Mimicry - Active Power: Flight

OfAll -working through a headache at the very least- was trying to observe the battlefield as well as she could from this height -- there had to be something she could see, that she could put together...

While nothing advantageous was jumping out at her, she did notice a couple of her teammates.

It seemed the crack that had rang out before was from Max's arm, given the look of it when he got up. OfAll noticed his face more; the pain in it beyond just physical.

She also noticed Edus; attention on his teammates more than that Toad guy.
Natural as it was -nobody from the Mansion was fighting only for themselves, and there were different roles to play, maybe his was typically that of the healer- it stood out to OfAll somehow.

Then her attention was brought back to Nekra at her taunting words.
"Errghhh!" She was hit again.

Well, flying did seem to offer her some advantage after all, as for the first time, a hit by Nekra hadn't sent OfAll on an unavoidable collision course with a solid surface, but this hardly gave OfAll a figurative lift. She still had no idea what to do.

Now her attention was being taken by the feeling of being banged up and bruised.
And there was so much else going on -- the sounds of combat all around her, powers going off,
the feeling of tension, emotions....

She heard a strange voice, saw Neil staring in Max's, but she wasn't sure what was said.

OfAll was good at focusing under pressure, thinking through stress.
She was not good at doing these things amidst chaos. It was like encountering tree branches fallen over the tracks of her thoughts.
Or having to put out one fire after another without time between to figure out why they were igniting in the first place.

Wait a minute...OfAll was seeing more fire ignite. Flames of eerie yet wonderful colours,
emanating from Max!

Tombstones seemed to rise up in their wake.
What was this about?

Then she heard his voice loud and clear..
..and it brought clarity.

Not about the tombstones, but this fight. This wasn't a large battle, these were matches.
A snippet of earlier conversation filtered back into OfAll's mind: "...securing his spot in paradise..."

OfAll didn't know what was going on, yet conversely realized what was happening.
"I don't recognize this contest, either," she stated in a bold voice, essentially echoing Max's sentiments.

Though just as she was saying this, a new sound rumbled forth almost over her words.
She looked around and saw yet more flames, this time in the shape of a bird and somehow mingling with various plant life.
This time, it was all emanating from Marygold.

"Phoenix..." OfAll spoke nearly inaudibly, processing what she was perceiving....
Welcome, @Purpura : )

After a week's hiatus, X-Men Envisionings - Volume 1 is back, with its 5th part:…

Hold on for the ride -- X-Men are hanging on for their lives!
I like to explore darker themes, but in a tactful and respectful way. I try to avoid dark themes for the sake of shock value, and I also try to avoid themes that I don't have anything meaningful to add to.

Sounds good, man.
Welcome back. : ) And hello to your two dear doggies.

Let it be on mortal record: I acknowledge the existence of Striga.
Jaclyn Chreyz

Location: Mansion Grounds
Skills: Power Mimicry - Active Power: Flight

"What..?" Jaclyn said nearly under her breath -an expression of surprise more than a question- turning to look at Edus who had just touched her hand. She hadn't been quite sure what he said, but her headwound wasn't stinging in the air so much, and she felt she'd gotten more on top of her aches - rather, he got her there.

"Sure, it's yours," she quickly answered his question regarding her hair. So that's what he could do, eh? It was handy.
Unfortunately, with the speed of Jaclyn's opponent, even partial focus on Edus was too much away from Nekra.

OfAll also hadn't been successful, it seemed, in hiding her sprouted wings beneath her shirt.

In any case, OfAll realized her opponent had moved again but didn't see where -- she braced herself for the next throw.
Which wouldn't come.


More than seeing, OfAll was aware with her now freshly aching body that she was in a minor crater. It was a wonder she didn't feel worse - but it took a minute for her muscles to want to work again. Whether her opponent had considered her beat already, hadn't anticipated the impact for herself or was otherwise occupied, Jaclyn didn't take time to figure out - speed was not on her side so it was act first assess after.

She managed to get up onto the ground proper and work those wings -who ever said fairy wings weren't durable?- getting up and away.

However, she wasn't used to flying -all the muscles involved and balancing. Liking riding a bike for the first time in the air!
Honestly if anyone was looking, it was a wonky sight.

She managed to get stable enough to get an aerial view of things and decided the best course of action was not to continue fighting Nekra, but to get herself some help by giving it - she saw Edus's opponent. OfAll was fit, but the guy looked too stocky for her to lift -even if he were slight, extra weight probably wouldn't be wise to take on before she could manage her own in the air- but she could dive bomb him.

That's exactly what she did.
Or rather, tried.

She'd gotten so close but whether it was her aim, his agility, or both, impact didn't occur and she was just able to pull up again afterward. Maybe she hadn't committed enough to the assault...

OfAll was starting to feel anxious about when next her initial opponent would catch up with and slam her. She didn't know if she could get up from another hit of that calibre, and looked around -partially for that blur, partially for any other ideas already feeling manifesting flight hadn't been a good one.

If nothing else, maybe she could assume a coordination role if she could get a bird's-eye-view of the battlefield; lend assistance more mentally than physically.

However, much as she tried, she was too beat to get adequate altitude - she was only a bit higher than a standing adult.
Hi, SparkleNana! Man do I know what you mean - I went through a long funk where I could barely concentrate on even watching TV or playing video games, and I used to be a daily gamer. I'm still not back to how I was, still dealing with energy zaps (like right this moment) which makes it difficult to write too, for sure. Anyway, welcome back, and I'm glad you're on the other side (or at least on the way?) of your funk.
In Username Origins 18 days ago Forum: Spam Forum

Well, mine is the alterego name of one of my characters, who I came here in part to play, so I decided yeah why not, let's just use that character name as my screenname. And the name itself, I was coming up with a showman-type or magician name, as that's what my character is, and he uses "special effects" a.k.a. "FX" in his performances, so I just wrote that out in a way that resembled a name.
Jaclyn Chreyz

Location: Mansion Grounds
Skills: Power Mimicry

Jaclyn exited the Mansion with one thought in mind: Where am I needed?
She looked around for the others -- she was seeing a lot of fire and had just thought she saw some bizarre, make that unreal silhouettes of the X-Men but had no time to form a full thought on that as a she was positive something just blurred past her vision.

Something much nearer than any of that other stuff---suddenly she was SLAMMED back against the Mansion.

Naturally Jaclyn raised a hand to the part of her head that had collided with the stone.
There was blood on her fingers.

Head wounds were notorious in the bleeding department however, and she had to focus to avoid another knock.
While OfAll processed what just happened her -now stationary- opponent jibed her. They seemed to be waiting to see if Jaclyn would actually put up a fight which gave her time to think fast, though she felt more jumbled doing so after that knock.

What would work?
Due to the nature of OfAll's powers, she had to be thoughtful. Once she mimicked a mutation she couldn't mimic another one until an amount of time had passed - time enough the battle would surely be over. Whatever she chose she would essentially be locked into it.

So what was she facing: a mutant who hit hard. But the hit involved contact...if she could keep away from them...
But this mutant was also a speedster. How to keep away from that?

It might work!

They wanted to jibe, OfAll could jibe: "You had the wall do the damage. Why don't you show me how challenging you can be when it's just you, me, and the open air?" Her tone held more controlled calm than attitude. She placed her hands on her hips.
But more towards her back. It would look just like some cocky stance, but she was actually holding tight to the hem of the back of her shirt -glad she didn't wear form fitting clothes- ready to give her wings some space.

She was actually banking on being thrown again.
OfAll didn't figure she'd have a chance to get off the ground on her own speed considering her adversary's speed.

But if she was already in the air with velocity...
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: ) Hi.
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