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If anyone is reading this, let me apologize for disappearing and abandoning this roleplay. I've been struggling with depression and this site was neglected as such. I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this, and again say sorry that I screwed this roleplay up.
Sorry about not being around. I've really been struggling with depression, and this site has been neglected as such. I am still interested in participating in this, so expect a post tomorrow, or two days at the latest.
Alright, I posted.
Lord of Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans

The water god found that he no longer needed to clear away the young priestess’s tears as she managed to somewhat compose herself. She then confirmed that Sir Oren was indeed a Klois Knight. The word Klois still rattled around in Trineon’s head, just narrowly avoiding his mind connecting it to something, something that would reveal what it is. This continued to bother Trineon as he felt like there was a missing puzzle piece in his mind.

Flora then offered the gods to follow her somewhere. Trineon immediately decided to follow her, as he felt he could trust her. It would also seem that Alasayana and O’Menus trusted her enough as they both told her to lead the way. But as Trineon focused on the priestess, he couldn’t help notice what Ashte and Moridax were doing to the body of Sir Oren. The god of the underworld filled the corpse’s lungs with a green fog, one that was definitely magic. Trineon appreciated the gesture as he turned back to the priestess.

“Would it be alright if I carried the body of Sir Oren with us? I wish to give him a proper burial when we can. If he is as good a man as it seems you believe, then he would deserve at least that dignity,” said Trineon to Flora.

While carrying such a large man as Sir Oren while journeying would seem like an impossible feat to most mortals, Trineon was gifted with divine strength. Plus it would be easier for him, knowing that he was helping the young priestess, who Trineon had taken a liking to. This was not a rare occurrence, as the last time Trineon was alive, he would favour certain mortals.
Sorry about disappearing, I've been having a rough time with my depression. But I am still interested in continuing with this roleplay.
Sorry I've been in a depressing episode. I can post tomorrow, or if that's not soon enough you can skip me. Sorry again for the delay.
Sorry about the wait. I have got a post up so feel free to continue the story. Also thanks for being so understanding.
Lord of Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans

The water god continued to make the young priestess’s tears float away. Within a few seconds she became aware of what Trineon was doing, surprise appearing on her face. She then started speaking again, talking of the fallen Sir Oren and something bad happening. But before Trineon could ask what the bad thing was, Flora began crying again. Unsure of what to do, Trineon placed a hand on her shoulder as he continued to cause her tears to float away. The sun god then started to speak to Flora in a rude tone.

“Give her a break. This Sir Oren clearly meant a great deal to her,” Trineon said to O’Meus before turning to the girl, “I know you are still grieving, but like Alasayana said our time in which we can be safe here is fleeting. I know it must be hard, but we don’t have time to do proper funeral rites. Instead we shall honour Sir Oren by keeping him in your memory.”

As Trineon spoke to Flora, the word Klois kept shifting around in his mind. It was like an elusive thread, always just avoiding his reach. From what he could tell, it was a name of something, but whether that be a person or a place, Trineon could not currently say. The truth of what Klois was kept just escaping him, his mind racing to catch up with it.

While this was going on, Aureia was busy catching up the newly arrived Moridax on all that happened since they awoke today. She then asked if anyone remembered Klois, starting the whole challenge in Trineon’s mind to place it over again.

“Klois? They said something about a knight of Klois. So I’m figuring that is what they serve under. What I don’t know is if that is a ruler like a King Klois or a land like a Kingdom of Klois,” Trineon mused before turning back to Flora, “Do you know what this Klois is?”
I am definitely still interested in participating. Would totally be up to having the roleplay continue.
Thanks for hearing me out. Hope you guys have a great time with this roleplay!
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