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Thomas and the ice generating criminal had barely any time to stand up before the masked man leaped across the street, landing in front of them. Blood was still dribbling from the mouth of the criminal as his attacker raised his fist. Not thinking clearly, Thomas acted on autopilot, placing himself between the criminal and the masked man.

“This is ridiculous! Stop!” Thomas shouted.

The man hesitated, “Get out the way! This fool needs punishing.”

“And who are you to dole out punishment?” Thomas asked, fear present at the back of his voice.

“Because I have the power to!” he responded, pulling back his fist as he did so, “No get out of the way.”

Thomas’ legs didn’t move. He wasn’t sure if that was because of fear or courage. As he stared up at the raised fist, Thomas had various memories of the past come to my mind. He wondered if that was the whole your life flashing before your eyes thing that preceded death. He thought of his family, of how his first day away from them would be his last. Thomas closed his eyes.

“Freeze!” came a scream from behind Thomas.

Thomas’ eyes immediately opened, his head turning quickly to see that the police had finally arrived. Two squad cars were now only fifteen feet from Thomas, with four cops covering behind their doors, guns drawn.

The man in the mask lowered his fist, “I have no battle with you.”

“Put your hands up!” an officer replied.

The ice user behind Thomas immediately raised his hands, “I surrender! Just don’t let this crazy motherfucker kill me!”

Thomas had seen enough cop shows and videos to know that if he didn’t comply with the officers then he could very well get shot. So his hands shot up into the air as well, before he lied down on the pavement, trying to look as least intimidating as possible.

“What are you doing?” the masked man shouted at the police, “He’s a worthless criminal. He should be shot like a rabid dog.”

“Shut up and put your hands up!” was their reply.

Instead, the man in the mask walked past the prone Thomas and grabbed the criminal by his collar, “You’d really fight me over this piece of trash?”

“Surrender now!” came the answer.

Sighing, the masked man threw the criminal to the ground, causing him to cough up blood. The second he hit the pavement, a single shot rang out, tearing through the masked man’s left shoulder. He hissed in pain.

“Damn it Jackson!” an older officer yelled, “You wait till I give the order to shoot goddammit!”

Blood started to flow from the masked man’s shoulder as he glared at the police. He then looked down at the criminal lying on the ground, his fists clenching. But upon looking back at the police, he eased his muscles.

“I’m not the enemy here. One day you’ll see that,” he hissed, “One day you’ll be with me cleaning up all this fucking trash.”

Before the officers could respond, the man jumped into the air, landing on a nearby roof. He then continued to leap, moving from roof to roof. The older cop swore before calling in for backup to follow him. After that things got a little hazy. An ambulance arrived soon after to take the criminal to the hospital before the cops could talk to him, as he seemed to have broken ribs and internal bleeding.

The cops did question Thomas alongside the other motorists that were on the street. Thomas was completely honest with them about what happened, save the fact that he had used his power to push the criminal out of the way. Thomas attributed the big grab due to an adrenaline rush. It seemed like the other witnesses agreed as no one had seen the golden energy around Thomas when he propelled himself, the brief sight being lost in the chaos of the encounter.

Thomas was still shook up as the cops let him go. They had taken his contact details and said that they would be in touch as their investigation progressed. The stress of his first day in San Fransisco had left Thomas drained. As he walked over to his truck he was reminded that the front had been damaged by the wall of ice. While he could still drive with it, it was unsightly. Thomas wondered if he could get an employee discount if he took it to Luke’s auto garage.

Thomas looked up another route to his new home, as between the ice and the police, most of the street had been cordoned off. Thomas drove in silence, no music playing, just him and his thoughts. He wondered if the criminal would out him as an altered, as he had definitely seen him use his powers. Thomas hoped that the whole saving his life thing would allow for some secret keeping. But then again, when faced with a police interrogation, who knows what secrets he would give up.

The thought still bothered Thomas as he found the house. It was of a decent size, with a driveway that could fit two vehicles. Thomas pulled his truck onto the left side of the driveway, as Luke had specified. Then he walked to the side of the house, pulling out the key Luke gave him. Opening the side door, Thomas walked down a flight of steps into the basement.

For the first time Thomas saw where he would be living. It was a small basement with four rooms: a bedroom, washroom, laundry room, and kitchen/lounge. There wasn’t much furniture, but Thomas hadn’t brought much with him. To Thomas it was a perfectly acceptable living situation.

Still exhausted, Thomas sat down on the small bed that came with the place. He pulled out his phone only to seen that he missed two texts while that whole incident downtown was taking place. They were from his brother. The first was an image of some kind of medical tent next to a coffee shop not far from where he used to live. The second text was a link to an article from today.

Confused, Thomas opened the link. It was an article recapping all the presidential announcements today regarding altered individuals. First was a long list of restrictions on what altered people could do. While that was bad enough as it was, the Forrester government had started randomly checking the blood of citizens to see if they were altered. Thomas now realized that the photo Daniel sent was of a blood checking station in their neighbourhood back in Phoenix.

Thomas was immediately fearful for his brother, as he still thought he could be an altered. The photo he had sent meant he was near the blood checking station, so Thomas wondered if that meant he had been tested. Thomas was also fearful for himself as he was definitely an altered. A quick Google search revealed that the same kind of stations had already started popping up in San Fransisco, with some kind of violence already happening at one.

Thomas let out a long yell of fuck. Images flooded his mind again, but rather than memories of the past, they were anxieties of the future. He had thought that he could get by as an altered by keeping his head down and only using his powers in emergencies. But if they were mandating blood tests, Thomas saw no way to coast by.

With his head still full of anxieties, Thomas lied down and closed his eyes, hoping his tiredness would win out. It eventually did, as darkness invaded his mind’s eye, encompassing all of his psyche before beginning a deep sleep.


Avi’s flight had been delayed by an hour, as there was a bad storm over the Rockies. He had been sitting in the Vancouver International Airport for a while now and was getting quite bored. He had come back to his hometown to visit his parents, as he hadn’t seen them in two years. They were aware that he worked for the OMR, but didn’t exactly no what his job was. Truth be told he had been undercover in Mexico for the past two years, trying to expose a group trafficking in banned magical ingredients. While it had been a long case, it did end in the arrest of most of the group’s leaders.

Yet, even after doing such a good job with his previous assignment, the OMR already had need of Avi again. It had only been a week and a half of free time for Avi before he was contacted again. Avi leaned back in his chair, looking over the brief fax he had been sent. He was needed in Germany, in regards to stopping weapons smuggling. The mission was in his usual wheel house, plus he was fluent in German, as it was one of the first languages he mastered in high school.

What was different this time is that he would be working with a full team on this assignment. Usually the only person Avi had to keep in contact with was his handler. Avi wondered about who he would be working with, as he knew the OMR employed all kinds of people, with representation from almost every species. Avi thought it would be cool if he could work with a deity, as he had never actually met one.

Avi was considering getting a frozen yogurt cup, when the PA system announced that his flight was now boarding. Avi placed the fax back into his carry on bag and started to walk toward the boarding area. The flight to Frankfurt would apparently take about ten and a half hours, time Avi could make use of. He had considered either bringing a book to read or to practise up on his German, but he was really mentally tired after his time in Mexico, so he decided to use that time to sleep.


Avi awoke at about an hour out from his destination. For a second he forgot where he was, reaching for the wand hidden in his jacket. Another second later, he remembered what was happening. He let go of the wand, technically an item he wasn’t allowed to bring on a plane, the illusory invisibility spell still active. The spell in question was strong enough that no one during his previous assignment even knew he had a wand on him. Avi was always taking a risk by bringing his wand on his person, but he always felt more secure knowing it was there.

By the time the plane landed, Avi had drank some sugary cola and was now fully awake. He disembarked the plane and made his way over to baggage handling. Avi had packed light, all of his clothes contained in his carry on. What he did grab was a sealed briefcase that housed his knife and gun. As an OMR agent he was allowed to bring it on a plane, but it had to stay in the cargo bay sealed.

Avi picked up the brief case and headed over to the front of the airport. Waiting there was an Elf in a suit with a sign that read: Xaviron Mosley. Avi walked over to the man, remembering his cover story that he was an appraiser of magical items from Canada. As Avi approached the Elf he gave him a quick nod, the Elf recognizing who he was. Avi was led outside the airport to a small black car, one without any OMR markings.

As Avi entered the car, the Elf turned to him, speaking in English, “Coffee?”

Avi waved his hand, “No, can’t stand the stuff.”

“Alright then,” the Elf said, taking a sip of the coffee instead.

The Elven chauffeur drove from the airport into the heart of downtown Frankfurt, the radio playing some German pop the Elf sung along to. Soon Avi could see the OMR office, a tall building he had previously only seen in files. The Elf drove right up to the front of the building, still singing in German. Without saying anything, Avi got out of the car, which promptly drove away, presumably to pick someone else up.

Avi entered the building. Waiting in the front was a Dwarf dressed in a turtleneck and sport jacket. “Good day sir, how can I help you?” he asked in German.

Avi replied quickly, his German not at all rusty, “I am an OMR agent, here for a briefing.”

Pulling out his ID, Avi let the Dwarf scan it before being signalled that he could go deeper into the building. Avi made his way up the stairs, pulling the fax out of his bag to recheck what room he was supposed to go to. Upon confirming the room number, Avi began a brisk stride to get to it. The delay on his flight, mixed with the sudden abruptness of leaving Vancouver, meant that there was a good chance that he would be late for the meeting.

Upon finding the room, Avi heard talking coming from within. With the faintest of movements, Avi nudged the door open, slinking his way inside, hopefully unnoticed. Inside was a menagerie of different races, but what caught Avi’s eye was a woman taking off her clothes. Avi had heard that Europeans were more liberal but this was taking it a bit far. But Avi quickly saw the point as she revealed that she had gears and mechanisms for a body.

Avi had heard rumours that the OMR had artificial beings, but he never thought that they would be so life like. The robot, or Amanda she called herself, began to explain her origins. Avi was a little bit shocked that the OMR had been making artificial beings for nearly his whole time alive. And apparently they had rights? It was a lot to take in, even for a Canadian, as she made her joke about Americans expecting a robot apocalypse.

The next person to speak was named Ross, apparently having served during the Shattering. Avi was always amazed whenever he met a survivor of that battle as he had heard the stories of soldiers dying by the thousands to take out the Abomination. Seemingly echoing Avi’s thoughts about the Shattering was a Dwarf who wondered why this mission would require such a legendary warrior.

Rather then dwell on why people like Amanda and Ross would be needed on the team, Avi decided to introduce himself to them, “Xaviron Mosley. Illusions, appraisal, and intelligence. First time on a team like this.”

He had decided to speak in English, as even though they were in Germany, he was unsure if everyone present was fluent.

Arthur watched as Muriel walked away, heading toward a gathering of people talking. For a second Arthur thought he saw a bolt of electricity and was bewildered, before remembering that he was at a conference for people with powers. As Arthur wondered what other powers would be on display here, a scent of lavender blew down on the summer wind. Arthur wondered where it was coming from as the smell was quite strong and he didn’t see any lavender plants.

Deciding that it must be a part of a power, Arthur decided to head over to where it was coming from. As Arthur walked across the grass, he found that the smell was emanating from two attractive man talking. One had the whole surfer dude thing going on, while the other was covered in tattoos. While not usually Arthur’s type, there was something alluring about the tattooed man, something besides the pleasant smell.

Seeing that they were deep in conversation, the tattooed man seemingly showing off his ink, Arthur decided not to barge in just because they both were attractive. He turned away, hoping to find someone else to talk to, only to spot one of the cutest dogs he had ever seen in his life.

Arthur always had a soft spot for dogs, his neighbours growing up having one and his landlady letting him walk hers. On autopilot, Arthur approached the dog, ready to pet it. But a little girl got there first, pleading with her own puppy dog eyes to pet the dog.

Arthur abruptly stopped, almost running into the family surrounding the dog. Taking a moment to refocus on what he was doing, Arthur finally saw the dog’s owner. He too was attractive, and Arthur wondered if plant essences could turn you hot.

Arthur slowly walked up to the dog and its owner, “Do you mind if I pet your dog?”

Arthur then turned to the little girl, “But you could totally go first. I mean this dog is cute enough to wait in line to pet. Right?”

Arthur then felt a little awkward, thinking that this mom must be asking who this strange man was and why was he talking to her kid. Arthur’s cheeks started to turn slightly red as he worried about being weird with this dog, his attractive owner, and this family he was engaging with.

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Sorry about the lack of a post, wasn't really sure what to do next. Anyways I'm putting a post up now.

Thomas was still a little bit flustered about what he saw on the TV as he drove away from the mechanic shop. The whole superpower thing was so different to him. He figured he probably was one of the few not revelling in it, having only used his power like five times. Those who embraced their powers kind of scared Thomas, like that Reaper guy. While Thomas liked to consider himself a progressive, he was definitely not on board with the whole overthrow the government thing.

The voice of the GPS on his phone told Thomas to take a left. Luke had given him a spare key to get into the house. Apparently Thomas would be staying in the semi-finished basement under Luke’s house. Luke said that even though him, his wife, and his son lived on the top floor, they wouldn’t bother Thomas, except for using the washer and dryer that was in the basement.

Thomas wondered how big his living space would be. Truth be told he actually hadn’t seen any images of the place. In fact he hadn’t known about a lot of things before coming to San Fransisco. He had rushed to leave Phoenix as he felt a desperate need to leave it and its memories. Some of those memories came back when a ping on his phone announced that his brother had texted him.

Thomas and his brother’s relationship had been rocky ever since the death of their father. Both of them had survivors’ guilt, and when Thomas looked at his brother’s face all he saw was a younger version of his father. Thomas assumed that his brother felt the same way about him. It made it to painful to actually talk.

As Thomas’ truck came to a stop at a red light, he decided to look at the text. While he knew he wasn’t supposed to do this while driving, the need to hear what his brother was saying outweighed the rules. Thomas read the text out loud.

“Hey bro, how are you? Mom told me you made it to San Fransisco. What’s the coast like? Anyways, I just hope your okay. I know this energy storm stuff was messed up and how it changed things. I hope it didn’t change you too much. Just be safe.”

Various emotions washed over Thomas as he put down the phone. One that surprised him was fear. The wording of: I hope it didn’t change you too much. Did Daniel know that he had gained powers? He had been very careful the very few times that he used them to do so in the middle of nowhere, with not a single person around for miles. Maybe Daniel had powers too? It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. If Thomas had gained powers from that energy bolt, it had also hit his brother, so maybe?

Several honks broke Thomas’ concentration as he realized the light was now green. Cussing quietly, Thomas began driving toward Luke’s home. He had only made it about six hundred feet before a wave of ice covered the street. Thomas slammed on the breaks, bumping into the wall of ice, denting the front of his truck. Thomas turned off the ignition and stepped out of his vehicle.

As he left his truck, Thomas saw someone sliding down the ice, which seemed to be coming from their hands. The ice creator seemed to have dark skin, but it was to tell as they wore a big hoodie and a mask over their face. Thomas locked eyes with the man as he slid past him. Thomas broke eye contact when out of his peripheral vision he saw someone leaping off a rooftop and onto the ice.

“I’m gonna fuck you up!” the man shouted as he collided with the ice, causing it to shatter.

This man was also wearing a mask, but also had some kind of superhero outfit on, including a bullet proof vest. More cars slammed to a stop as the costumed man leaped at the hoodie guy, who shot out a blast of ice. The guy in the costume punched the ice, making it instantly shatter. The hoodie guy swore as he jumped back, barely avoiding his attacker’s fist.

“Man, I just robbed a 7-11,” he spat, “That shouldn’t give me a death sentence.”

“Crime is crime. A sickness,” the costumed one said as he punched again.

This one landed, knocking back the hoodie guy, blood rushing out his mouth. Gurgling on blood, the hoodie guy attempted to create a wall of ice between himself and the costumed man, only for two punches to break it completely.

“Fuck!” the hoodie guy screamed, blood launching from his mouth.

The costumed guy raised his fist, clearly ready to finish the criminal. Without thinking, Thomas moved. Jumping toward the ice, energy burst forth from Thomas, propelling him toward the criminal. With a few milliseconds to spare, Thomas grabbed the man in the hoodie, pulling him out of the way as the costumed man’s fist bore into the street.

“An accomplice?” the costumed individual said confused.

Thomas swore as he and the criminal tumbled to the street. That was time six of using his powers, and he did it on a busy street in a big city. Thomas prayed that he had moved fast enough so that there were no witnesses, or much worse, footage taken of him.

“Thanks?” the criminal spattered in between bloody coughs.

“Don’t thank me yet,” Thomas replied as they both got to their feet.

Thomas turned to see that the man in the costume had spotted them. He leaped up into the air and began to fall down toward Thomas. Thomas prepared to launch himself again, but then he heard police sirens. He definitely didn’t want to use powers in front of law enforcement. Not sure what to do, Thomas pulled the criminal and himself backward, hoping that was enough to dodge the crushing blow of their attacker.
Never done a roleplay like this before, but it reminded me of good memories of playing Wipeout back in the day. So here's a character.

Well here is the half-elf I was talking about.
Interested in participating. Quick question though. Are half-breeds a thing in this setting, specifically half-elf, half-human? I was considering playing a half-elf, but if that isn't a thing then I guess I could play a fullblooded elf.
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