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Hopefully I'm not too late to join. I'm just getting back into RPs after a break and this one looks fun. Anyways I made a family sheet, let me know if anything needs changing.

Rory Serrano-Moore

Location: Dorms -> the Field (School Carnival)
Skills: N/A
First Day Fit

Rory had decided to spend an extra day with their family, even though they were supposed to move back into their dorm yesterday. But Rory didn’t think that Headmaster Coulson would mind the slight delay. After many months away from their family, Rory wanted to spend as much time as possible with their fathers and siblings.

Rory was actually still in contact with their sister Claire, messaging each other back and forth on their StarkPhones. It was mostly things like I miss you, hope you have a good year, and other fluff. But then Claire reminded her sibling that she too was planning to attend Avengers Academy next year when she became old enough to enroll. The thought of having their sister going to the same school as them was a mixed one for Rory as they would probably just worry about her the whole time she was here. But then they remembered that their roommate Diana’s younger brother was starting at the Academy this year. They figured it would be kind of weird for her.

By the time the texting petered out between Rory and their sister, they were back in their dorm room. Apparently Diana had already left it as her stuff was already put away. Rory briefly wondered where she had gone as he unpacked. They also eyed Diana’s pet Tauriel as they placed their pet frog Kermit down.

In no time Rory was done unpacking, as it seemed to be a quicker process every year they came back to the Academy. Not wanting to miss the excitement of the School Carnival, Rory departed their room at Stark Hall and took the stairwell down the building and outside. A few minutes walk from there and Rory had entered the carnival.

Looking around, Rory tried to spy anyone that they knew. However it was all a mix of people they had never seen before or at least never talked to. This was a given as the Academy seemed to be expanding its class size every year, or that’s at least how Rory felt. A lot of these unknown people were gathered around a particular booth, so Rory went over to see what was so exciting.

But once they got closer, Rory could see that it was a man with large muscles attempting to lift Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor. For a full minute the man struggled against the hammer, veins bulging in his arms. But eventually he gave up, walking away while looking drained. An announcer then asked if anyone else was ready to give it a go, looking in Rory’s direction. The shape shifter immediately shook their head, already knowing that they weren’t worthy. As Rory left they saw one of their classmates approach the hammer.

Rory then went deeper into the carnival, passing by some interesting booths. They even had face painting where you could look like your favorite Avenger. But what drew in Rory was the big area set aside for the Academy Knights, the school’s medieval club. They were letting people get into mock combat with a foam sword. This interested Rory as they had been playing a video game over the break where you play as a medieval knight.

“I’m down for this,” Rory said to the person running the booth.

“Alright, we just need an opponent,” replied the student, “Any takers?”

Rory took a seat beside the stall, waiting to see who would challenge them in foam combat. It looked like they would be getting in their combat training very early this school year.
Cool, that would work. While I wait to see if any other players are interested, you can watch those videos I posted as they are great reference, even if you already have some knowledge of Fate Core.
@Dark Cloud
Scoundrels and Bounty Hunters would work as potential rebels, as long as they have a reason to hate the Empire, or at least be willing to fight against it.
Sorry about the delay, depression has been beating me up this past week.

Sorry to hear that. Perhaps I’ll see you in another RP in the future.

Well @Redcord made a Thor sheet and got approved but has since disappeared. As such I am saying the role of Thor is open again if you want to play it. Just make a character sheet for me to look over.
Sorry about the delay in responding, my depression has been real bad this past week.

@Mistress Dizzy
Both ideas would work, however I am more partial to the first one. It would be interesting to see how a doctor would fit into the Rebellion.

@Dark Cloud
If you are referring to the Fantasy Flight RPGs, I literally have no experience with them so I couldn’t run them. But Fate Core is a pretty easy to learn RPG that works for a lot of settings.

Glad to see that you are interested! Do you have a character concept in mind?

Also if anyone is new to Fate Core, here are some helpful videos:
@Omega Man
Sorry about the delay on the post, depression has been kicking my ass this past week.

Interaction(s): @Omega Man- Gabriel | @Eviledd1984 - Midori | @Dragonfly 9 - Joseph

Colton, now garbed in the armor of the Black Dragon Force Ranger, raised his fist to strike the charging clay monster. With a strength he had never felt before, Colton’s fist collided with the monster’s face, instantly breaking its rock like skin. Before Colton could react to what he had done, the monster’s face shattered before the rest of his body turned to goo before disappearing completely.

“Damn,” Colton muttered as he stared at his fist.

A wave of energy rushed through Colton’s body as he wore the Ranger armor. Just wearing it made him feel incredible, like everything about him was heightened. Colton paused for a few seconds to just take in the sensation, having a power within like he had never felt before.

But a scream for help broke Colton’s focus on the new power. With a much faster pace than usual, Colton took off into the deeper part of the park. In almost no time Colton found the source of the scream, a couple that was surrounded by four of those clay things. Colton wondered just how many of these things were in the park.

Out of his peripheral vision, Colton spotted another person in Power Ranger armor, this one clad in red. Colton also noticed that he was using a dagger to fight off a monster. Wondering if he had one as well, Colton finally realized that he had a Dragon Dagger attached to his belt. With a quick motion, Colton armed himself with the blade.

Colton then charged at the four monsters, but as he did so, he saw another person running to fight the monsters. He recognized her as Midori, but saw that she was not wearing any Ranger armor. Colton wondered how she would fare without the power the armor provided.

But Colton pushed that out of his mind as he lunged at the first clay monster. With a yell, Colton slashed out at it, knocking the creature away from the scared couple. Then with a roundhouse kick, Colton sent another one flying. The Black Dragon Force Ranger now placed himself between the two remaining monsters and the couple.

From his new position, Colton could see that another Ranger had arrived, this one clad in white. But Colton couldn’t focus too much on the newcomer’s arrival, as both clay monsters rushed him. Colton managed to deflect one of their fists with his Dragon Dagger, but the other monster made contact, landing a blow to the Ranger’s gut. Colton recoiled as the wind was knocked out of him.

“Crap..” Colton muttered.

However he recovered quickly, raising his left knee into the monster that had hit him, causing it to collapse to the ground. Colton then rolled over in the air, his dagger slashing into the other monster. This resulted in Colton on top of the monster, driving his dagger into its chest, causing it to turn to goo.

Colton then rushed to his feet, seeing that the other three monsters were also getting up. The Black Ranger raised his dagger, as the gathering of monsters began to move toward him.

“A little help?” Colton asked.

Colton looked around the park, seeing the couple running away. But he was more looking for the other two Rangers and Midori, only to see some more clay monsters enter the park. Again, Colton wondered just how many of these things were out here? But he didn’t have any option but to fight them, so he held tightly on his dagger, steeling himself mentally to fight off the monsters.
Both Quicksilver and Dagger are accepted. You can move the sheets to the character tab and make a post in the IC.

@Redcord @PatientBean
Just checking if you guys are still interested in participating? If so could you post in the IC tab.
@Omega Man
My apologies I've been real busy with real life. I don't have time today, but I plan on getting a new post in all the RPs I'm in tomorrow.
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