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Current Bored. So, freakin' bored.
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Trying to build IKEA furniture. Send help...and possibly wine.
2 yrs ago
When people take themselves so seriously, it makes you giggle. Like sheesh - this is a solid two 2 on my importance radar. I think I'll live👌
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Hi all,

I have a ton of free time and I need to keep my brain ticking. Not to mention prevent myself from dying of chronic cabin fever. A touch dramatic, maybe? Yes.. But it gets my message across😉

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. The RP will have mature themes, and a good helping of romance. As far as sexual action, we can fade or write. I'm totally chill either way. There will be an assortment of themes. Infidelity, crime.. The sky is the limit.

High Casual or Advanced writers only please. I like to develop a fabulous story, with strong characters. I'm always open to OOC and listening to my partners ideas - so feel free to bash my inbox as often as you'd like. I'm a friendly kinda' gal'.

So, ideas? I'm going to list a few below.. And I'm looking to play F. I play a damn good M, but I'm jaded. I'd love to change it up and play F. But fear not, no damsels in distress here.

Preofessor x Student (College/Uni based)
Detective x Detective (A dynamic duo that find themselves not only wrapped up in a huge criminal case, but each other too)
Boss x Employee

All of these pairings can be tweaked.

That's about all from me. Shoot me a PM.
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