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Trying to build IKEA furniture. Send help...and possibly wine.
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When people take themselves so seriously, it makes you giggle. Like sheesh - this is a solid two 2 on my importance radar. I think I'll live👌
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I have a confession. I absolutely adore Tudor England. It's one of my favourite periods of time - I'm not even sorry for my historical geekiness.

Last night I re-watched the old series from start to finish, and now it's left me hankering for some Tudor inspired roleplay. I want to jump into Henry VIII's England, and make that our backdrop. But I do want to be clear - I do not expect you to have a PHD in the subject. We're going to keep our story true to time, but that doesn't mean we're going to be factual hounds.

What's got me so in love with it all, huh? Well, it's a massive melting pot of angst, politcal intrigue, debauchery and familial pride and pomp. It all mingles together to make a really juicy starting point for any RP. It would simply be impossible to run out of inspiration.

So, this pairing will absolutely 100% be mature and encompass a wide array of mature themes - so please be 18+. I am happy to fade-to-black if that's your preference. On this occasion, I'm looking for an MxF pairing. I would totally prefer to play F, but I can write a dang good M if I like your idea enough. You need to be comfortable having a main character, and bringing in extras as we go along.

Romance is going to happen.

Please be an advanced writer - but I am not going to sulk if you make a typo or use the wrong verbage once a while.

Sooooo, potential pairings!

Lady-in-waiting x King

Two Nobles in rival households are embroiled in a long standing affair. Will they be able to keep their secret? Will they stay? Will they run away together? Who knows!

King x New Queen (Arranged) However, they will have met when she was a Foreign Princess.

Princess x Groomsman

And there are many other possibilities to boot, too.

If you fancy embarking on this Tudor delight with moi, shoot me a PM!
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