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Current Location: Von Carnage Mansion, Wine Cellar

Soon as the Huntress spoke up once again, Fable's facade dropped to an unamused glare. Partly cause he overheard Klava poking fun at him in the middle of her strategizing, but mostly cause there was no need to keep it up any longer. "So much for formalities." He uttered not-so quietly, sparing a quick glance to Protector, who had decided to back him up. "Was hoping to talk this out, but alas." He said, preparing to counterattack as Bob threw one of the liquor-filled kegs at the two. Okay, probably an easy breakable, Protector's shield should-

Unfortunately his speculations would prove true. Fable didn't have enough time to take cover before the Huntress fired at the keg, causing it to explode. "Ngh-!!" The boy himself recoiled in getting struck by the burning spirits. The magical flames may not have burned as bad as their normal counterparts,

But let's be honest, it still fucking hurts.

Taking refuge behind Protector's shield, the boy did his best to quickly put out the flames that ate through his jacket and burned his "skin". If he had to ditch it this early, then screw it. He can heal himself later. Though he was more worried about his teammate getting burned too. Atleast now they know why the Huntress and the Pyromancers were grouped up together. The bartender aesthetic for the latter might've been a dead ringer though. Speaking of.

Even if Fable could only focus on one half of the opposing team at a time, he did overhear the other woman (Must be the Bartenders' leader.) hurrying the other two out of not wanting to become thralls. So neither of them are controlled? Makes things slightly easier. Peeking out from behind cover, he waited till the keg Bob grabbed was closest to the robot, then quickly fired a lightning bolt at it. He hoped this could buy Klava some time to put her plan in action.

Then again. Wouldn't ignoring them only hinder Billy more?

Level: 2
Experience: 1/20
Currently In: The Doll House
Word Count: 371 (+1 Exp)
Albedo @Lugubrious, Treat @Gentlemanvaultboy, Papyrus @Dark Cloud

At the sound of their companion catching up, Frisk slowed down enough to where they walked side by side with each other. The eerie nature of the doll-ridden pathway failed to phase the child, not when the possibility that their new friends could be dealing with something dangerous. No offence to Albedo, but they had a plan for a reason. Did it even matter at this point? They can do something about Treat's bullies later.

Through the irritance they tried to hide over the situation, they spared a remorseful frown to Papyrus. "I'll explain when I know everyone's safe, but for now..." That was all Frisk could say to him once they arrived back at the mansion. Their eyes shot open at the sight and sound of a panicked Treat. Oh crap, something did happen did it?! The child wouldn't have time to ask before the wolfgirl took a nasty tumble down.

"Eek?!" Swift as they could, Frisk caught her before she hit the ground. Treat flinched at the sight of Papyrus, to which they reassured her: "Easy, he's my friend!"

Then the poor girl told them about what happened. What they found, what Treat escaped from, what Linkle was holding off even now. Frisk's eyes refused to close at this point. Something like this was what they feared. Despite the child's hesitance, Treat attempted to reach the sled by herself, only to trip on a broken ankle. They looked between Treat and the sled, then ran to grab Linkle's weapons, ditching their stick in fair trade.

Now wasn't the time to be afraid.

Frisk looked over to where the two arrived. If Papyrus followed them, they were certain Albedo was behind them. "You're hurt." They told Treat as she was helped up, though they hope the other two hear them out as well. "One of us has to get you to a medic, or...something similar. I'll go on ahead and help Linkle." With their words, they made their way towards the shed. In anticipation of battle, the child's soul finally made an appearance, hovering a few inches from their chest.

Regardless of who follows them, Frisk would wait a bit on them before decending into the darkness. Determined as always.

"Buckle up, Buttercup, this one's lengthy!"
- Finn

Christmas time was something Maura used to be fond of, the one day where families get together near the end of a year to feast and give gifts. She always found the decorations, the stories and such charming, but never got to celebrate it in the past. Her work came first.

But now? The mere thought of Christmas left a sour taste in her mouth. Bitter and disgusting.

It had been a week since that dreadful day had passed. As much as she wanted to meet up with Finn and the others to discuss their plans, she had informed Rowena she was going to be late. She felt drained. Maybe she could continue organizing the Cradle to keep her mind off things, she thought. What she didn't expect was Finn offering to help with that. Well, it was somewhat expected. He was a weird sort of new to the official organization thing like she was, so he was bound to ask about the strange space that housed their stock.

"Watch your step, gravity's a bit low in here." Maura told him as the two stepped inside. The boy stumbled, but regained his balance just as quick.

"Dark too. And cold, though I guess that isn't a problem for you, huh?" On his end, Finn used a bit of beast magic to help maneuver around the hammerspace. A pair of wings on his back, and the sight of...basically any nocturnal animal. Oliver did note his eyes looked weird having his pupils dialate so much. He looked around. "Man, this place is big! How are you going to organize all this by yourself??"

Maura shrugged. "It's a decent time-killer. I've already cleaned up a good bit of it, but then there's also the cadavers I gotta get into coffins..." She trailed off, sorting through some artifacts.

"The ca- what??" Finn's eye widened.

The witch pointed a thumb to the mausoleum section of the Cradle. "See for yourself. Veronica stored stiffs in here to keep them from reviving. It's how this stuff remains. Just kinda ends up...cursed." She explained. Though it wasn't enough to keep the boy from feeling off about it. Killing's one thing, but to keep the bodies like trophies? Necessary or not, even he wouldn't pull a stunt like that. But Finn couldn't say anything. He wouldn't, until they somehow found a way to keep the gear without the need of the bodies.

"Dark magical power, right?"


"Makes sense." While the two idly talked, Finn looked around while purposefully avoiding the corpses. Eugh. until he spotted a pair of twin blades. While one looked like it once walked among angels, the other had a more hellish motif. He blinked once he realized what he found. "Hey, I remember these! Commissioned something from Riona after we fought Vladimir, right?" He asked Maura, remembering the day they brought Oliver back.

The witch looked over her shoulder at him. "Hm? Oh, yeah. I decided to put some of my own things in here. Was wondering when you'd want those back." she explained, picking up what looked like a yellow masquerade mask. Well, yellow with a golden trim. It looked normal at first glance, until one notices the ends had...tentacles. Instead of the common string. Maura rose a brow. Disguise artifact? Certainly a clingy one, if it's trying to grab at her face meant anything. "Hope Hastur doesn't want this back." With a shrug, she nonchalantly tossed the cursed thing aside for now. "How are the others? Oliver's not with you today?"

"Nah, he's working with Riona in getting that hotel set up. Said she saw a buisness opportunity in that abandoned thing. Hopefully she got someone to manage her bar while that's going on." Finn idly twirled one of the blades in his hands, trying to get a feel for them. Although he noticed his hands trembling, he felt a creeping urge to fight someone, something,

He simply ignored it, and set them down for now. "Miss Dewynter's going to be taking time off for the sake of her mental health. She was obviously against it at first, but I managed to convince her. Lauren's helping Valerie set up shop in one of HQ's rooms, if anyone can gather information it's them two. Mint's painted a target on Amanda's back, so I told her to lay low for a while, and Maribel's doing god-knows-what." Finn listed off.

"Rowena's visiting the twins' grave, and anyone else who didn't get specific orders are free to scout out for...something." He then frowned slightly. "Any news about Miss Howard?"

At the mention of Samantha, Maura paused, unsure of what to say. Or think. Even if they speculated, what happened with here back at the tournament was weird at best. "Well, I don't feel a splitting headache yet, so there's just using healing magic once or twice to prevent anything worse from happening to her." She sighed. "I won't lie, part of me is hoping to talk with Sam without worrying about Justine or some shit. But..."

While she talked, the boy caught sight of something staring back at him. An eye. A red eye, infact, floating in a strange lantern. Or whatever it's containted in. He grabbed the lantern and held it up to look at it closely.

Was it staring back at him?

...It was.


Finn and the mystic artifact had a short staring contest, before he set the lantern back down with a shudder.

"You can have that too if you want! Heard it projects future events or something." Noticing this, Maura called back over to him.

"Erm, maybe later! Damn thing gives me Déjà vu..." Finn politely turned down the offer, shooting the artifact a quick glare. "Anyways, if you're worried then why did you let Justine stay at your place for the long run?" He asked, no ill will intended despite his question appearing harsh.

"Her old lair was destroyed a long time ago and she doesn't have anywhere else to go. I'd take any of you in if I have to, there's plenty of room."

"Hasn't that sort of kindness put you in this mess in the first place?"

Maura's brows furrowed in thought. "I said I'd keep an eye on her in case she did anything funny, didn't I?" Though when Finn rose a brow at her answer, she frowned. "I don't know at this rate. I could keep giving answers yet none would satisfy. I could say I see a bit of myself, one of my selves, in Justine. Or that I want to flip the bird at Father for being a fourth-dimensional prick, or I can sarcastically say I took her in because Ronnie's stray pets have been nothing but thorns in my side the whole time." She rambled on, getting progressively more frustrated.

"But no! But no. God, Maribel would get onto me for getting soft. I know it." The witch pinched the bridge of her nose.

The boy on the other hand felt hesitant in trusting the past-vampire. " sure we should-"

"I already know what you've heard."

Finn's eye widened. "R-Really now??"

Maura was strangely calm in contrast. "I looked back up to when my connection with Betty was severed. Frankly it was foolish of her to compare unintentional thralldom to something severe as, well, that." She said, careful around the subject for Finn's sake. "Especially since there were many factors to concider at the time. Elvira's song influencing the corrupted magicals' mental mutations for one, Veronica willing sacrificing her for a gamble against Justine's another thing that should've been sorted out yet by the time we got Betty back she's ditched town and left me to finish things off." Maura's eye twitched. She groaned, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed.

"That fucking party was a lost cause from the start. Anyways I'm not sure if she remembered exactly what happened or was playing dumb cause she didn't want to blame Veronica, but to solely blame Justine, call it that, then turn around and say it's cause you were tossed aside?? What the fuck????" She ranted on. "Look, what I'm saying is, don't worry about it. If I did, it'd be like ditching you when you got the title of Sinner."

"Y'know that's different. Wrath and...Lust I think, are two different levels of screwed up." Finn argued back. "But, I get your point. So now what?"

"Well if you're going to go up against Penny, we gotta look out for anything that'd give you a power boost. Without corrupting you, of course. We don't need a repeat of your past experiment."

At the mention of a previous screw up, Finn hovered a hand over his blind eye. Something he wasn't proud of, but learned to live with. "Right, think there's any bounties-"

"Not to interrupt anything, but we got hostiles breaking speed limits!"

Both their eyes widened once they heard Valerie through their magicoms. "Do we have a count? All units outside, what are we seeing??"

"So ya know those deer-looking demons that you're not supposed to say the name of or it gets stronger or some shit?"


"Yeah, we're seeing a bunch of them. I don't think I can fly that fast."

"I'm counting about six packs of them, can't tell what they're planning asides from merging packs, but if you hurry you can knock down a few." Valerie reported. Finn looked back to Maura, waiting on the go-ahead. She smiled back.

"Just be careful around Beacon, will you? I'll go check on the other two." With that, Maura opened an exit nearest to the boy's partner, and he hurried out.
<Snipped quote by Majoras End>

Enjoy the Mantis Lords. ^-^' Probably have already beaten them by the time I sent this.


"Holy absolute units, Batman!"
Current Location: Von Carnage Mansion, Concrete Barrier >> Wine Cellar

While the others were talking, Fable waited quietly, and patiently. Klava's question for some food post-mission did earn a rose brow from the boy, but he expected the laid-back nature regardless. Surprisingly, Maverick was down for the idea, even offering to let the freelancers hang at their lair if the mansion ends up a no-show. "If anything, we can still swing by that Nerine Vista place if you want!" The Timekeeper offered up to the maiden. He hadn't heard anything from his sister yet about it. Maybe she was too busy at the moment?

He looked over to the other espers. The harlequin looking lady, Tetrad seemed cool enough. Then there was Pepsi Man without the bodypaint. The unnatural muscles would've been a slight cause for fear if his head didn't look shrunk in comparison.

The boy tried his best not to snicker.

Luckily the last of his new acquaintances actually approached him theirself. At the sound of the Protector's greeting, Fable turned to face the...surprisingly tall figure in armor. His eyes widened behind his goggles, looking up to them in the face. He was already a bit short, but the difference in height was kinda intimidating. Well, if not for their kind greetings. A gentle giant. The boy shook Protector's hand. Not too firmly, but just enough. "The Timekeeper, o-or just Timekeeper is fine. But my friends just call me Fable anyways." He introduced himself with a crooked smile. Yet they would not have any time left to talk further. It was time to head in.

Billy cleared the way for them before they ended up in a wine cellar. Seemed quiet enough, at first. The boy looked around, wondering if they could do anything with the kegs, if they were full anyways. Might be full of something poisonous as far as he was concerned. There was an eventual fork in the road that led to two types of trouble. A bunch of pyromancers that could burn the place down and take the group with them, and a regal looking huntress with a robotic butler. On one hand, the Pyromancers might be magi, but on the other...

Maybe it's a bold move, stupid even, but maybe he can talk the huntress into standing down if she's just a hired gun. Hopefully she's just a hired gun.

Choose your words carefully.

The boy scoffed. "'Just more vagrants'? is that any way to treat someone else from the higher-class??" He chastised the pair's behavior, a fist resting on his hip. The huntress did give off the vibes of a noble. "You should know better than to assume, looks can be quite deceiving these days!" He shot them a quick hypocritical pout. He wasn't afraid of the fact that she could fire at any second. Fable folded his hands behind his back, one still holding his weapon. He slowly began his approach. "Although, I must say. That is a fine piece of machinery, if I ever seen one! I assume you're his creator??" He innocently asked, internally thinking through differents plans at once. If his gamble seems to work, he'd keep at it. If not, he could only hope it stalls her long enough for someone to attack, or for him to avoid getting shot at most.

And more importantly, he hoped the others wouldn't notice the little truth weaved into his acting.

Level: 2 (Level Up!)
Experience: 0/20
Currently In: The Warrens, Snowdin >> Heading back to Treat's House
Word Count: 356 (+1 Exp)
Albedo @Lugubrious, Papyrus @Dark Cloud

The child frowned. On one hand, they were glad Papyrus landed somewhere relatively safe. On the other, maybe they got their hopes up for nothing. They could tell, even if the skeletal sentry tried to hide it with frustration, he worried for his brother. "Well, look at it like this." They told him, their attempt to reassure their friend. "If you're here, then I'm sure we'll run into Sans eventually. He's probably keeping an eye out for us as we are for him." Frisk looked back with a smile. "Maybe we can ask Grillby if he's seen-"

The child's attention drew over to the sudden appearance of the alchemist. So they were followed, huh? Frisk didn't react much until Albedo said something. Their brows furrowed, yet the smirk on their face didn't bear any irritance. "Didn't think you'd be that worried for me." They playfully jabbed back. But it was a good thing he was here. Soon as he asked about any findings, their expression turned more serious.

"I only managed to asked a couple of people, but apparently Treat is what they call a "Wolfskin". Basically a werewolf, from what I can tell. She needs something called a Beaststone to shapeshift. Though that might just be to help control it. Which makes me wonder..." Frisk relayed their information to Albedo. They were notably more talktative to people they know.

"How stable is her second form? I'd rather not assume the worst, but maybe the reason why the rabbitfolk are afraid of her, is cause she can't control her powers??" They frowned at their own theory. Then it crossed their mind. If Albedo was here, then that left Linkle and Treat to deal with whatever was haunting that weird mansion! If anything happened to them...

"Albedo, this is my friend Papyrus. Papyrus, meet Albedo." Frisk introduced the other two in their trio of strange names, and began walking back to Treat's house again, a bit quicker than before. "Not sure how time works here, but he says he appeared in Snowdin Forest. Maybe most recently." They explained, silently hoping nothing went awry while they were out.

Welp there's everyone accounted for somewhat. None of them had decided what to do with their blu coins yet, but I'll get an official CS for Valerie and something for the witches up sometime later. But for nOw-

Level: 1
Experience: 9/10
Currently In: The Warrens, Snowdin
Word Count: 540 (+1 Exp)
Panne, Yarne @Lugubrious, Papyrus @Dark Cloud

So the two were mother and son, soldiers even. At first glance, they did seem related, but Frisk didn't know how until they overheard Yarne's desperation for a break. Now, they didn't know much about military-like things, but...geez. Can't you let up on the poor guy a bit? He's your dang son! The child wanted to say something about it, but found themselves trying to find the right words to not make Panne angry.

On the plus side, she didn't shoo them away after they asked them a question, so the polite option worked well! They had tensed up a split second when the two heard them approaching. Did not expect that. And frankly, they got used to being called many version of "Human" a long time ago, didn't bother them at this point. While the mother was unphased at the mention of Treat, the sort of bravery Frisk can't help admire, her son eventually responded in fear.

Apparently the wolf girl was a Wolfskin. Some sort of shapeshifter. And she had to use something called a Beaststone to transform? Apparently not?? The quiet child thought to themselves, a theory brewing in their head. How stable was Treat's two forms? Did she revert to a more animalistic sense of mind when she shapeshifted? If she lost her sense of self whilst transformed, would she remember when she reverted? They'd have to go find Albedo, ask him about it-

Frisk would snap out of their thoughts when a sudden weight pushed their snowcap over their eyes. They moved it out of the way once the weight hopped off to see a familiar white dog. Fluffy, white, and charming if not for the hijinks it pulls. The child's brows rose, atleast the pesky pup persisted in their predicament. Though why was it in a rush?

A familiar, jovial laughter would draw their attention next. Could it be??? Frisk spun around, their eyes widened to face one of their friends, alive and well, and just as happy to see them as they were him. The dog aside, the child returned Papyrus' hug with a chuckle. "I'm glad you're okay."

It was a good sign too! If Papyrus was here, then that sure as heck ment Sans was out there somewhere as well! Man, they must be worried about each other. Frisk made note to keep a look out for the lazybones. They looked back to Panne, who asked if they could let them continue with their drills. They were going to answer when they saw Yarne's reaction. Poor guy.

"Right. Just, please don't overwork him. Even if he is a soldier, he's still your kid, isn't he?" Frisk asked of Panne, trying to look out for the other taguel. "C'mon, Paps!" With the newfound information, they began to make their way back to Albedo and Linkle, making sure they didn't walk too far ahead of the skeletal sentry. Hopefully they weren't gone long.

"Hey. Dunno where you ended up first, but did you manage to find anyone else? Sans? Undyne? Or did you just ended up in New Snowdin?" Frisk asked Papyrus. They were tempted to ask him about Flowey, but thought that the stupid flower wouldn't do them any good unless convinced.

"Old Greg's gonna be haunting my nightmares for a week."
Current Location: Von Carnage Mansion, Concrete Barrier
|Objective: Clear a path to Justin Von Carnage!|

The day he had anticipated had finally arrived. While some may be hesitant in going against G.E.M.I.N.I.'s wishes, the Timekeeper already made his choice. Even if Billy hadn't approached him during the hit against the Bog-Man as he called whatever the heck Jan was, it wouldn't stop him from hijacking this op himself. So it was somewhat surprising to see the Maverick bounty well-received. Atleast they'd have a fair match against a whole squadron.

Then again, as the thought crossed his mind, he couldn't help but worry. Some; if not most of the freelancers, had taken GEMINI's mission(s?) before this, hadn't they? How would they react in seeing them on the opposing side? Indifference? Scorn? Were they even expecting them? For the boy, it would feel like an inconvenience to be branded as an enemy to the goddamn government of all things. He'd like to stay neutral with both parties as long as he can, if it meant getting closer with his own research.

...As much as he wouldn't admit it, it felt good earning his own pay. Sometimes. With how well off he and his family were, Fable mostly prefered someone else to have his half of the rewards reaped. At first, he didn't even know what to do with what he earned from defeating the Crab Rave. After some concideration, he decided to get something practical. Mainly a bike to get around places faster, seeing as he was a bit too young to get a driver's license at the moment.

Like the others, the mechanical mechanic rode up to the concrete wall that would soon mark the start of their race towards the target. Fable already knew Klava, atleast there was someone he recognized, but what about the other two? How would they feel about having to fight with a kid?

He mentally groaned. Way too many questions!

So he instead listened to Billy's plan. Once the wall was knocked down, the freelancers would clear a path for him to face Justin. While it didn't feel right to leave the vampire to someone else, the Timekeeper could always step in if their peculiar boss-at-the-moment needs help. Which leads to the elephant in the room. Fable tried to hide a grimace when Billy mentioned that they'll be dealing with other espers, and those magi he heard about. It's one thing to kill unreasonable monsters, but killing other humans?? He didn't even know if they were thralls or not.

...Was Jan unreasonable?

An involuntary shudder. Now's not the time, damnit. If he can't find a way to convince them to back down, so be it. He can deal with the aftermath afterwards.

"Let's get this over with." As Fable finally spoke up, he adjusted his goggles to where they were over his eyes. The sooner they get the head start, the better.
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