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Might as well call it in, I may have came down with Omnicron. God my head is killing me...
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Technically, Earth is the original dirt cake.
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Oh hey, it's my birthday again.
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You fool. You absolute fool. The edge in us never dies, it only mellows.
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No. Dodecahedron.
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Collab with Kamek @DracoLunaris

"Hmm?" Omori's head turned to face the witch stepping over to him, introducing herself as Kamek. He nodded when she noted that they've bumped into eachother beforehand, but patiently waited till she was done asking questions before answering. He motion over to himself with a hand over his chest. "Omori." the boy introduced himself in return. His voice was near emotionless, yet carried a faint ghostly echo to it.

"I've been fine, more or less. This place is...different." He explained, glancing around before looking back to Kamek. "Dangerous."

”Oh yes, Galeem has made quite the deathtrap of a world that is for certain” Kamek agreed unhelpfufly, before quickly atempting to be reasuring by saying ”But don't you worry, I'm quite sure here is the safest place in it! The people having control of their senses and all that”

”Oh and, do you mind if we walk and talk? I do have somewhere to be, but I am happy to answer any questions you have while we travel there"

Omori tilted his head. She needed to be somewhere? Couldn't let her miss anything important cause of him. He nodded. "After you, ma'am."

”Thank you kindly, this way" the mage said, directing them both to start heading in the direction the rest of the Koopa Troop had been going to get to the planning meeting.

The monochrome boy quietly followed behind. After a moment of thought, he spoke up again. "Is it...okay if I help bring some people here too? Get them help like I needed?" He asked, thinking back to the guards that broke him free on arrival.

”Hmmm? Oh, by all means, the more the merrier infact." the mage replied, before asking the boy ”Though does that mean you intend to set out to try and find them?" with a hint of concern in her words. It was at that point that they arrived in the meeting room, which conviniently presented the map of the known world to them such that Kamek could gesture to it while saying ”The land is quite vast and, as you know, dangerous. It would be unwise to travel it alone"

He nodded again. "My friends and sister are out there, under the influence of something that can get them fatally hurt. I've been looking for them since I ended up here anyways." A faint frown of worry crossed Omori's features for once, his eyes downcasted to the floor, then to the map. "I've been staying in Limsa until I was prepared to head out again."

”Well... if you can tell me what they look like I'm sure we and the mercenaries can keep an eye out Kamek began, before realising that the boy might well insist on heading out no matter what and tenatively offering ”Or if you really, really, really must seek them out yourselves, you could do worse than sticking with one of the official teams. We'll be covering a lot of ground so if we haven't been where they are yet, we will surely find it on our travels"

Official teams?

Omori's mood seem to lighten up at the offer. After the butt-kicking he had to endure last time, it was obvious he'd need whatever help he could get. Who knows if he'd be that lucky outside of town? He let a fist rest under his chin in thought, then nodded. Kamek could see a ghost of a smile form on his face. "I'm in."

The mage sighed to herself, becuase the child was now effectively her responsibility but then nodded and told him ”Well then, welcome aboard" because it wasn't like the boy was going to be the only kid on the team after all.
@Majoras End Ah I see, I never really played the Kingdom Hearts games because the lore doesn't really make sense to me. All I know is from baseline knowledge thus my opinion is not the same as your own. Honestly I should give the games the good old college try someday. And that's fair, wasn't my intention to argue.

However what we all can agree on was how truly amazing it was when Banjo was revealed, I tell you I got tears in my eyes. And that is because I grew up playing the Banjo Kazooie games.

The plot's a bit nuts and sometimes hard to grasp. You'll have to cover some ground if you wanna get the extent of the first arch, but imo KH2 is the best of em.

By all mean, didn't intend to argue either! Just felt like talking, that's all. I do get it though, not being interested in certain characters' reveals. But hey, Joker and Bayonetta's from the WiiU/3DS line got me into some good games.
<Snipped quote by Majoras End>

Absolutely a fair point. Oh no, I totally agree with you there it is absolutely something that they got Sora in Smash and I certainly commend them on that. My gripe is two things, why not a more iconic character and why end adding new content to the game when it was a probability they could have milked the franchise a bit longer?

Cant answer the first one out of sheer bias. Though I'd probably be equally shocked if they added, like, Zagreus from Hades into Smash. But he'd probably function similar to Byleth so *shrug*.

Second. They'd have to let the series/game (and in fact, the people working on the stuff) rest at some point. Ultimate is meant to be the last installment after all, The Big One in bold.

And frankly, let the arguments over the who's who of smash bros picks die. Please.
@Dark Cloud

On one hand you are entitled to your opinion,

On the other you have to at least commend them for even making it possible. Most wanted or not, Disney's stingy with their copyright.

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Albedo @Lugubrious

Frisk's change of strategy for the most part went better than their first attempt, at the cost of a broken leg. Though their bout of adrenaline would numb that for the moment. They managed to stagger the undead warrior, breaking it's jaw and caving one side of it's head in. The youth clicked their tongue in disatisfaction. Was it not enough to behead the stupid thing?? Wasn't enough to keep it from retaliating either. The Draugr practically threw itself at them, ready to make them suffer the same as...

Frisk was forced on the evasive. Forced to take whatever measures to prevent the warrior Draugr from reaching them and their soul. A gradual, grim realization caused their racing heart to drop to their stomach. They forgot about the Hel-Walker. Albedo was still cornered.

...They were too late.

A decisive act of desperation, Teba fired at the shieldbearing Draugr, leaving the one he was dealing with an opening to merely get thrown to the other. But it was too late. It's sword remained pierced through the woman's heart.

Driven to avenge or otherwise, the remaining three cleared out whatever undead were left. When Teba landed on the Hel-Walker nearest to the child, they bore no hesitance in cracking it's skull open.

They survived. But for what?

The avian's chastising seemed to fall upon deaf ears on Frisk's end. But they could hear it. Every word. Yet their gaze was frozen on where Melony's ashes once were. What could they have done different? Their magic could've lasted long enough to reach her, right? Were their foes really that out of their league?

Why weren't they strong enough?

They could've responded to anything Teba said, but they were unable. Not with the lump in their throat forming. Instead, they limped around, gathering and crushing the spirits of the Draugr and the Hel-Walkers that remained. Then they approached Melony's spirit. They carefully knelt down next to it and gently cupped it in their hands. Their face twisted into a guilt-ridden frown. "...I'm so sorry..." Frisk's voice cracked, and they hugged the spirit close to their soul...

And in the next moment, an older woman stood where the fallen child once did. It took a moment to process what happened, and Frisk's eyes widened. "W-Woah. This is...something!" She looked herself over. "The others are going to flip over this! Hope the change isn't too jarring for them. Then there's the added chubbyness, that's going to hinder me a bit..." She trailed off in her thoughts, then turned her attention back to Albedo. No matter what reservations they both held over this, someone had to take care of Melony's Pokemon in her steed. The woman walked over to him. "Guess it's down to us then, huh?" Frisk asked, then looking over her new items. She'd shrug off the broken leg for now, until they find healing items on their way up.
I swear a bulk of my characters being relatively nuts is a curse on my own writing

With most of everyone heading out to Bolorton, that allowed the witches to hold a meeting of their own.

Yet the distance between Maura and Justine wasn't the only sight of something amiss. Something seemed off about the Cradle Mother in general. She was either busy with something else or another, or could only be bothered to interact with others for a brief moment. Of course, Rowena was an exception to this. The Witch of Life even caught her younger sibling spacing out at times. She didn't wish to pry, but did offer to take over for a while, let her get some rest. The glare in response. Unintentional or not, that was a definite no from Maura's end.

What was going on through her head?

Once all of them were gathered in a room (away from Valerie's, at her request) Maribel spoke up first:

"Well, not sure what else we must know besides the impending doom of Penrose, but I bet you'll be happy to know dear Amanda should be able to return in a couple of buisness days~!" The nightmare witch chuckled. "Mint's been a bother to pick out, but perhaps if she and Oliver work on a permanent cure for her friend's father's ailment, they won't have to rely on that bunch of swindlers any longer~"

"Bit late on the uptake, ain't it?" Lauren rose a brow. "Not like they'll let Pinky go without a fight, especially not if she's accumulated a debt, and especially when they can reach her royal pain-in-the-ass-to-fight through her." She crossed her arms. "Luckily Beacon hasn't been stupid recently either, probably busy with preparing a counterattack against Wonderland. Thank fuck Vanhorn got us some info on their military works, I can use that to find weakpoints and shit." The emerald haired girl looked over to Maura to see if she would speak up next, then went to the next option when she got nothing but a shrug. "Got anything, Ro?"

"Ah! Goodness no, I've just been treating Miss Howard with everything else going on..." Rowena frowned. Maura looked back at her, almost in plea. "It's strange. I'm not sure if her body's in a state of comatose to try and heal itself, or if it's afflicted by her own magic or..." She trailed off. "I'll keep trying though! I just...need more time to figure it out..."

Time huh?

Maura and Lauren both looked at each other, as if to confirm something, then the latter spoke up again. "If no one else has anything to say, there's something we have to tell the two of you." Once Rowena and Maribel were listening close, she nodded to the reaper.

"...Jen's in Penrose."

The two's eyes widened for vastly different reasons, but surprise nonetheless. "Really now~?" Maribel grinned. "Has she grown impatient at our efforts?"

"Impatient doesn't even begin to cover it."

The group became startled at Jennifer's sudden appearance at the doorway. The false witch was leaning against it with her arms crossed. Lauren pointed at her with a annoyed glare. "How the hell long have you been standing there?!?"

Jen shrugged in response. "Long enough. But y'know, you should really start using anti-scrying measures when you're talking in Cradle. If Mister All-Seeing Allfather and his pet can use Valerie and your conversation as fodder against you, who knows what else could be forfeit here." She explained, looking directly at Lauren when she addressed her specifically.

"What do you want this time? Nothing's happened to Finn yet." Maura asked. She wasn't the last thing she wanted to deal with at the moment, but she still wasn't up for dealing with her bullshit.

"No shit nothing's happened to him yet and BY GOD may I murder a man when otherwise, but anywho!" Jennifer walked over and sat down next to Maribel, who surprisingly (or not surprisingly) didn't react much. "With him okay until the next free time, that leaves me to remedy you AND your little shithole of a faction." She explained.

Maura tried to retort, but couldn't think of one. She opened her mouth then quickly shut up. She had to listen. No matter how psychotic Jen was.

"Good. Atleast you know when to shut up now. Anyways, anyone got a list and clipboard? Maybe a pen?" Jen asked around, and Maribel dropped the needed items next to her from her nightmare dimension. "Oh. Thanks Mari. Now then, what have you been doing anyways? Like, specifically? No, 'trying to stop Mint and/or Beacon' isn't a valid answer anymore."


Maura didn't have an answer.

"I see. I know Finn and Oliver, well, Finn alone got put into dealing with Wonderland and Penny. On his own accord for the former too! What a card! The latter I'll admit, we've been a bit of an influence on that. No matter what those two idiots think, I can tell he's just going with it." For a moment, it looked like Jen frowned in worry. But only for a moment. "But other than that, what are ya standing around for? Get out there, get the word out! Get some new recruits after the rest left you for dead!"

The false witch teleported out of the room for a nanosecond to get a snack. Looks like she raided the sweets. "I know you have some reservations there, especially with most solo's either choosing to live peacefully in the mountains or feeding off Penny's palm right now. Honestly, might as well rename this damn town into Sanctuary since that's what she calls her 'precious kingdom' now. Eugh." She took a bite of the chocolate bar in her hand after opening it. Her face contorted quickly, did she accidentally get dark chocolate? "But what's stopping you? Besides the Grand Magistrates? I know they were gonna give you a new recruit, but looks like she's skipped town too."

At that Maura tiredly furrowed her brows at her. "I think you already know, O' great Exodus..." There was a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

Jen grinned. Now she can get to buisness.

"She hasn't chosen to defect to Odin yet, but Justine's grown more distrusting of you. Especially over her sister, who's currently getting treatment. How long until this trust fades completely, I wonder? Remember. Sanngridr is still part of Mint. The maid's involvement is another story we'll read another time. You getting all this?" Jen asked Maura. Who silently nodded.

"Then you know what should be done. But take heed, patience is an important virtue. You'd only make things worse by desperately speeding up the process." She got up and walked over to the other red-eyed woman. "...Y'know, kind of a weird pattern I'm seeing. Red eyes? Black hair? Wonder if it means anything." Maura visibly tensed up as she leaned forward. Rowena had to restrain herself from stepping in. This was between the two of them. Jennifer hummed in thought as she stared, tilting her head to the side almost...innocently. A sense of deja vu.

"As much as I'd like to resort to killing you and making sure your next incarnation is less incompitent. I're not unsalvagable yet. After all, I too was a dumbass once." She chuckled. The reaper was more confused on the other hand. "One more thing, freshen up will ya? You actually do have a new recruit on the way!"

Maura's eyes genuinely widened. "W-Wait, really?!" With that, she hurried out the room, Jen casually walking behind. Before she dissapeared behind the doorway, she turned back to the other witches.

"Oh yeah, could one of you chuck this over to Finn for me?" She asked, tossing what looked like a silver pocket mirror to Lauren, who was the nearest to her. "It's not a real artifact, nor is it as fancy as Asengav's black mirror, but it'll let me communicate easier without having to physically be around. Alright gotta go, talk to you later Mari!" With that Jennifer left.

"...Fucking shit, I'm getting a drink." An exasperated Lauren walked out too.
I put down one pretzel as offering.

Oh overseers of fate, what is in store for this ill soul?!
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Volatile Symbiosis.

I have a stand now.
Skidaddle skedoole, Flustered poodle, HAVE POST.


The more time had past with little response, Lupin felt a bit self-conscious. Seemed this group was too busy with other stuff like complaining about the assignment from the teacher or the tuner's offer to notice her. Maybe she was in a different class? Maybe she was too quiet? The fancy looking girl did wave at her, to which the wolf girl lightly waved back. Then there was another blonde that properly introduced her. One that carried a certain elegance she couldn't pinpoint, she made a mental note not to antagonize her.

Then there was the red-haired girl that went over to greet her too. But when she transformed? Lupin looked over to Ozma soon as she started speaking.


Then she promptly turned flusted at the sudden marveling at her transformed state. Her ears popped out of her hood, revealing themselves. She was going to tuck them back in when the red-head asked to pet them. She did it anyways. The audacity. ...But it did feel nice, if not a tad bit embarassing. She nearly zoned out for a second there.

"Hm? Oh, my bad. Don't know how this all works yet so..." She trailed off in response to Ozma's explanation, then cracked a smile. "Thanks for the help, even if it isn't much. ...You can stop petting me now."

Then another blonde in a ball gown (frankly, very impractical for combat) took notice of her. And her tail. Are magical girls with abnormal features uncommon in this circle? Yeesh. Anyways, she introduced herself as... Okay just gonna stick with Olivia or Rose, cause long monikers like that can be a headache to remember. Lupin's own was intended to be short, sweet, and to the point. Something like "Magical Wolf Scarlet Lupin" is kinda stupid. Olivia then introduced the currently untransformed fox girl, Suzuya, and...

Sweet Baby Christ's cradle, how is she not being driven insane by simply looking towards this sight for sore eyes??? It'd make sense for Rose to have some form of immunity from being driven mad by the presence of a cosmic entity beyond comprehension from how she described him, but hey, at least he's polite. Lupin casually waved back to Thyerg before turning her attention back to his waifu.

"Surprised the red jacket wasn't the dead ringer, but yeah." She answered her question about her grimore. Olivia went on to ramble her fascination about the wolf she took traits from. Lupin's brows rose. She certainly didn't adopt his size in that case, or his stomach. "He'd have to unhinge his jaw too in that case, wouldn't he? In fact, the wolf managed to survive being gutted and stuffed with rocks before he was killed, so what if the wolf wasn't a normal wolf at all?" She humored her, giving her a playful wink. "They do say monsters prowl the woods after all~ And ah, wolves don't usually talk unless they got something going on with 'em. Trust me, I would know." She joked.
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