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7 days ago
Current *sour fml
7 days ago
Final Fantasy XIII is like a fine wine. It starts as spur grapes but eventually it's aged to like Barefoot wine from Walmart. Drinkable.
8 days ago
Gotta love when you get ghosted by 4 people in the same two week period of time.
8 days ago
Me checking this site every day waiting for one of my partners to respond: 🤡
15 days ago
I wanna do an RP with a Jungle Book/Tarzan edge but set in Yellowstone. Now just to find a partner who can do it
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Love detailed role plays more than life itself sometimes! I usually play females who are either nudists or get naked easily. No limits and will explore just about anything you want! Time zone is eastern standard time.

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Still looking
Canceled, lack of interest and reliable partners
Ok bub, I'll give it a shot.
@MaidRpYes it is, thinking 5 to 8 players

Well I've played Yugioh for a while but dropped out since late 2018, I would love to be apart of this. I'll try to get ygo pro going tomorrow. Would you be making all the decks yourself? Do we have any input on what our characters would play? Is this set in the timeline of a specific series (DM, 5Ds etc)?
Would this be a group RP? I've never done one but I wouldn't mind trying this one with you
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