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Current Hello vampiretwilight.
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They don't dark. That dignity left awhile ago with the earlier secret lairs. Though I do still enjoy MtG and D&D personally.
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I don't think I'd be able to drink only one cup of coffee in the morning or a day. Then again I've started measuring my consumption in ounces most recently.
8 mos ago
It has now dawned on me, as my eldest is making his fifth or sixth character sheet, that I've been subconsciously raising a potential play group.
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Time for Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and painting miniatures for Age of Sigmar


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Awesome that puts him back at 20hp.
I forgot to fix Jørmund's HP after the fireball got retconned. I'll have to fix that soon. The six HP isn't accurate but I do not remember how much damage the fireball was. I'm going to go back through the posts and see how much damage he had taken before then.
Lemme know when something pertinent to everyone happens, I find it hard to figure out what IC has to do with everyone or a separate conversation. Anyways, hope everyone's week has been good.

It's been extra busy at work but ok.

Rory looked up at both Jub and Brut discussing the potential issue of the land punishing the group for stealing from the hags. As the small dragon had mentioned the hags viewed everything in Prismir as theirs, though the elf was not sure how that may extend to the inhabitants of the land.

"Would these living things be the property of the hags? I do not think that is the case Jub. If it were just by simply being here long enough you may end up as their property."  She paused to take another bit of the snake wiping the grease off with a small piece of cloth. "Now I will warn you that there is a potential that we could end up in some strange bargin do to the rule of reciprocity. Some Fey can see the giving of gifts as means to making a contract. If these hags believe in this rule so much, they could try to use it to put us in a poor position."
Went with history as it was the higher of the two. Got a 22. Not to bad.
@Guardian Angel Haruki how much might Rory know about how deals and such are done in the Fae realm?
*clawing on the ground, dragging myself into the game zombie style*

Sorry for the wait, everyone. X_X

All good, I'm busy as well with trying to get things done in my house so I can move in.
Yeah I'm probably one of them. I've not been able to do a whole lot recently with trying to get my house ready to move into.
I'm glad I rerolled otherwise we'd be down two pcs. Jørmund had 6hp left.
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