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Current Hello vampiretwilight.
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They don't dark. That dignity left awhile ago with the earlier secret lairs. Though I do still enjoy MtG and D&D personally.
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I don't think I'd be able to drink only one cup of coffee in the morning or a day. Then again I've started measuring my consumption in ounces most recently.
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It has now dawned on me, as my eldest is making his fifth or sixth character sheet, that I've been subconsciously raising a potential play group.
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Time for Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and painting miniatures for Age of Sigmar


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<Snipped quote by Lurking Krog>

Correct. It's even Jub's most used cantrip at this point.

Aurora has it as well. Guess she did think of it, quite honestly I as the player didn't think of it, either XD.
Jub: Has a spell that could make Aurora's rations take like truffles
Also Jub: Probably isn't nice enough and doesn't know care about Jingle Jangle enough to offer to do so

One day I'll play a nice character in one of these xP One day.


The manner in which Brutrumukk had taken the cage from Aurora had left her in a briefly stunned state. She knew she couldn't have kept as firm a grip on it but the lack of even asking for it to be handed over baffled her. At least until she recalled some of the prior interactions the bugbear had with others.

Jub's question brought the elf's attention back to the present and bringing the matter that nothing was asked in exchange for the cage being opened. "There is a rule of reciprocity though I am unsure of why Jingle has not out right asked for anythingin return. That does make this seem way to easy. "

Aurora stepped forward with some of her rations that she had brought with her and offered them to Jingle Jangle. "It's not truffles but I have plenty of extra food if you want these."
I don't have anything else to add right now.
<Snipped quote by Lurking Krog>

Just so you know, there is a small formatting error at the very top of your post.

Noted and fixed. Must have missed it when I had to fix another part of formatting in the bottom part of the post. Thank you for the heads up.
Post is done.

As Jub mentioned to the trees that they were seeking the help of Jingle Jangle, Aurora shifted the cage around to display the trapped Sir Talavar. " Sir Talavar here is stuck in this cage. He had told us Jingle Jangle may perhaps have a key to this cage."

When Halander asked about the dormant queen, the elf turned to let him know what the rest of the group had learned earlier from Sir Talavar. "Unless there is information we are missing, The Dormant Queen is Zybilna. She is currently trapped by the Hourglass Coven and her rule over this domain had been split between the three hags. Though anymore information of her exact where abouts would be appreciated." She finished looking to the trees.
I did not initially see an opportunity or necessity for Aurora to add to the conversation. However after re-reading the previous posts I see one now. I will work on getting something up tonight or tomorrow.
Are we waiting for another player to post?
<Snipped quote by Lurking Krog>

Out of curiosity, why did you use a skill you had no bonus for when you could have used one of the skills you had a +5 in?

While that would have been optimal I thought he would be more in line with trying to demoralize the attackers. Insight, survival, and history didn't quite feel right for what he would be doing.

While marked for death by their leaders him being on the front lines, not taking as much damage potentially due to blessing of the forge, dealing more damage potentially due to second level spell magic weapon, and healing wounds dealt with healing word. Basically trying to make their attempts to kill him seem useless while striking down those who confront him.

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