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Current Kid: "I can't wait to grow up! I'll finally get treated like a human being!" Adult: "I'm not allowed a sick day despite possibly developing a chest infection?"
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Anyone who says 2D graphics in games can't be stunning has never played Hollow Knight.
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I like video games because effort and perseverance actually get you somewhere, which is more than can be said for real life.
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@Crimson: Doughball doggo is best doggo.
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Psychic/fairy is about as magical as you get. Plus once you're fully evolved and get a mega stone, considering your whole love and justice theme, you're pretty much a classic magical girl or boy.
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Instantly seeing through Harry's denial, Renata gave a light chuckle. "You're a fellow history enthusiast, there's no way you can't know about the Ruinous Quartet. Did you figure out how to find them?" Had he learned the locations of the stakes as well as the tombs? Or was he in the process of doing so? She trailed after him as he rushed out, only to lose sight of him in the crowd milling through the grounds. She didn't even need to check her Rotom phone to know the bell would be ringing soon, the cue for the gathering at the battle courts, where the Treasure Hunt would be announced.

"We might as well make a move," she murmured to Maera, who bounded beside her as she traipsed up the steps. The Treasure Hunt. The thought of it made her nerves buzz with equal measures of excitement and trepidation. What kind of treasure could she expect to gain? A collection of gym badges? A large team of ghost type Pokemon? Or... Could she really hope to uncover the mysteries behind the Treasures of Ruin, even though Harry was ahead of her in that regard?

Silent amidst the chattering students, she sipped her slushie as she waited for the announcement, eyes scanning the already sizeable crowd for Harry. She'd have a few questions to ask him later.
@Raineh Daze

Ukiko may not have gotten Nico access to the bag of snacks, but her jumpscare plan at least had been successful. Chortling, she drifted to the ground. "Told you I'd manage to sneak up on you some day!"

By her side, Burabura rolled her one eye. "A simple hi would've gone down better-bura."

"Like I said." Ukiko's Cheshire cat grin grew. "Gotta get some training in. And why not have fun in the process?" The other reason, the one she didn't voice, was that being around so many people still set her nerves on edge. That feeling of not knowing what to say or do was hard to shake, but putting up a brash goofy act helped offset it. She wasn't that timid little Hotaru Ukiko any more. She was Ghostlight.

Accepting a mochi from Abigail, she munched on it as she listened to the mission briefing. Her eyebrows furrowed. A shade successfully evading a magical girl? That wasn't a usual occurrence. "Heh. So it knows it's not the scariest thing in this park," she said, her gaze flicking around at the others. "It can run, but it can't hide! Burabura and I can keep a lookout from above. If we both stay invisible for as long as we can, and dip into the trees in between, we should be able to make sure nobody notices us... as cool as it'd be to start an urban legend, it wouldn't be so great to let scaredy-shade feast on people's freakouts."
@Raineh Daze @Ammokkx

Reading Takara's message as she strolled towards the national garden, Ukiko snickered. Yes she was late, but she had a good reason to be. Magical girls needed to train, didn't they? And what better way than by taking this opportunity to perfect a surprise appearance?

She put away her phone and hid behind a wide tree, two issues nagging at her thoughts as blue-green wisps danced around her. The first was the fact that magical girls could sense each other. She'd need to find some way around that. The second, well... As the wisps died down, revealing her ashen-skinned, frill-clad transformed self, that second issue materialised in the form of a floating paper lantern by her side.

"I know that look on your face all too well-bura," her familiar chided. Ukiko rolled her eyes. Trust Burabura to start being annoying the moment she appeared. "What are you planning on pulling this time-bura?"

A smirk spreading over her face, Ukiko crept forward until the meeting place came into view, along with the distant forms of several other magical girls. "You did say I needed to take this seriously and hone my skills," she whispered. "So this is just a little sneak attack training. Don't ya worry, I won't actually hurt anyone, just gotta wait for the right moment."

She ignored Burabura's drawn-out groan and mutter of "Excuses excuses-bura."

Crouching and peering out from the bushes, she spotted the perfect chance. A certain pink catgirl leapt at Abigail, aiming for a bag filled with what looked like snacks, and missing as the much taller girl raised it high. A distraction. "Now!" Ukiko whispered, turning invisible, Burabura reluctantly doing the same.

With Abigail's attention divided between Nico and her dog, Ukiko rose into the air and sped forward. Stretching her hands out like claws and putting on a crazed rictus of a grin, she blinked back into visibility right in front of Abigail's face. "Yaaaaaaaah!" Maybe this would even give Nico the opportunity to grab that bag - of course, given the assistance she now had, sharing of the snacks would be much appreciated.
<Snipped quote by LuckyBlackCat>

The whole point of his character is that he is a disgruntled customer service employee. If he’s a new employee, he wouldn’t really have any reason to be disgruntled.

He could still be bitter about all the debt he's in, and the fact that he's going to be stuck in a customer service job when he feels he's destined for more.
Kenji was recycled from a different office RPG that didn’t get too far. I had a feeling he might not work, but it was worth a shot.

I think I’m going to try with a different character.

Kenji looks like he'd work fine as a new employee though.
@LuckyBlackCat She’s accepted, but she’s gonna have to pick up her illusion game if she got hired despite her ‘slacking’ streak.

Lol yep she will, that's the one thing she puts true effort into. Thanks, I'll add her to the characters section!
@TheNoCoKid Okie I'll keep it as is. I'm guessing from your post that the slacker illusionist is accepted?
@TheNoCoKid Yep I gathered that, poor Karen lol. Anyway as much fun as the CS was to write, I can change the first person thing/job interview style, or leave it as is, depending what you'd prefer!
@TheNoCoKid Is this CS style ok?

Thinking it'd be kind of hilarious to have an illusionist who's terrible at lying. Especially if she manages to fool a fae who doesn't understand the concept of outright lies xD
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