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2 mos ago
Current Victory for Agamaggan!
6 mos ago
If we could measure and harness the level of stress everyone is feeling this week, we could probably power the country for a long time.
6 mos ago
My new obsession: kobolds. Reason: buncha cuties.
1 yr ago
Found a solid job that I'm very happy with! Huzzah!
1 yr ago
Status Update from Last Year: "Job hunting. Great way to start the new year." Well I'm still job hunting. Great way to start the new year!


I'll fix up this Bio later to make it real nice. For now, know I used to RP all the time but I had a few years hiatus. I'm back!

Preferred RP types: Fantasy (high or low), sometimes Slice of Life, sometimes Sci-Fi.

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Dropping my hat here. Oops! Ah well, I'll leave it for interest's sake.
Amelia "Ricky" Hightower

RP: Asynchrony

Here it is! I was thinking of adding a movie theater into the town, but decided against it. Also @psych0pomp the three rumors you want us to PM you, do we tell you which ones are true and false?
@psych0pomp Are the Hightowers fairly affluent?
Looks good! I'll be working on my CS over the course of the next day or two.
Auz and I are still workshopping our characters. We haven't forgotten!
Auz and I are working together on characters. We'll figure up some CSes relatively soon!
I'm really sorry for the silence, guys. I wasn't kidding about the work keeping me busy lol

Only had the chances to come online to check notifications and a diddy with a casual RP post. Not sure I'll have the time to read all the IC posts, though, and it would be appreciated if someone could catch me up. Bernard seems to be escorted after the events of it all, anything else I need to know?
I like the setting! You have my tentative interest.
Υ‡Ρ’Ρ” ς๏ภՇг๏ɭɭєг

"Child? Why, I oughta--" Cane swinging from her shoulder to point at the other masked one, she stops. Her stance and stature certainly suggest younger life, and she pauses as she realizes that she may, in fact, be younger than everyone present. The men, once they stand, are taller than she and her voice even reflects that to a degree. She freezes in place as if she is a fencer is caught in the middle of a still life paint commission. The cogs of her mindscape feel jammed until there is a click and she is caught up to the present.

"Yeah, yeah, I speak your language too simple not to. But enough about me!" She waltzes up to the beaked one and hunches over slightly, looking around at the others in the room with a suspicious tone. For many, she would definitely be invading personal space as she scoots closer to the robed person. "So! Who are you? Who are they? Where are we? And what is that aroma coming from you? It's intoxicating." Holding the cane to her chest now, she takes a deep breath.

"Can I help you with something? Can I help them with something?" She raises her voice toward the end and shoots an arm up, waving her cane around above the two of their heads. "Hey! Everybody doing okay?!"
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