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Current The hard part about trying to play some politically savvy mastermind is the assumption that the world operates off real world politics and not your DM’s politics.
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Don't put too much stock in prophesies. At best they're full of shit, but more often than not they're one of those self-fullilling kinds. Plan for what happens afterwards instead.
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A character isn't deep or compelling just because you let them get hurt a lot, are always depressed, or do morally questionable things.
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"Humans are the real monster" plots in zombie apocalypse stories are so fucking trite, there wouldn't even need to be zombies left before someone starts getting nihilistic about humanity.
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There are two sexualities: Straight and Political


If you're here either you're wondering what I'm doing cause I need to post in your RP (In which case, calm yo tits, I'll get around to it), or you want to know who I am. So let's begin.

I'm a college age asian kid who has more heart than he has senses. I'm still working out this whole "adulthood" thing, so until then I just do what I feel I must. As far as personality and traits go, I'm not one for boasting. So if there's anything redeeming about myself you'd have to figure it out in person or by word-of-mouth. Generally however I'm rather perverted, in the best and worst ways. nothing is too much until I've crossed the line, and that just means I've started.

As far as Roleplays I like, I have a thing for fantasy, though I'm also good for some types of sci-fi, supernatural, Modern, and slice-of-life. If it's open and sandbox, I'll probably join it. Never really been a romantic, I often chose to sexualize any notion of romantic encounters I come across. I generally write at Casual quality, though I have no issues with Free-Level Rp/Players and I can hold my own in Advance.

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<Snipped quote by Lucius Cypher>

Faeril, watching Reyvadin:

Fret not, Reyvadin isn’t so cocky as to think he could ambush them even with everyone’s help. But if they were distracted and caught with their pants down, well...
Are the crossbowmen armed with any other weapons? Depending on the potential plunder, it may be worth while to try and pick these guys off.
Sorry for the long wait. Been a busy few days.
As Cat approached the hoarder, she would be able to make out some of his more notably features. namely, his strange eye. It bulged out of his head like a swollen wound, and was much too large for a human eye. It was so large that his eye lid was unable to close around it, giving him a constant, unnerving glare. He had a scraggly beard and missing teeth as well, though that wasn't nearly as unusual considering the eating habits of most tunnel denizens. His twisted smile was more concerning, though given the lisp he spoke with it may just be a physical impairment along with his strange eye. "Aye, yes! Have many things I do seeds of death for you. Lets see lets see what fine things we can trade, what deals can be made, yes!" As Cat showed him the .308 bullets, he seemed intrigued. They were quite large calibers, so he took out a box containing a mix mash of bullets. Unfortunately, most of them seemed to be small caliber, meant for pistols and handguns instead of rifles. A double-edge sword because the hoarder seemed very interested in getting the larger bullets, and managed to scrounge up 18 .223 rounds, suitable for your rifle.

"Have other things too you'll like. Maybe food or clothes or a pipe! Yes yes, I see that bat you have there. I'll trade it for a this bag, that's fair!" The hoarder eyed the baseball bat as he reached into his junk pile to produce a dirty paper bag. Inside of it was a bunch of black rocks, which Cat could identify as charcoal, at least 5 pounds worth. "This is a good deal you see. These rocks will save you from the deep freeze. Relic of the human past and built to last!" Aside from that, he also had quite a stash of nutrient bricks. Most of them were crumpled up so chances are Cat would have to trade them by a vague handful, but with careful rationing there was enough nutrient bricks to last a month between herself and Donny. The rest of the hoarder's items seemed to be dirty clothing and literal trash. It was a good thing the bags they were contained in didn't have any tears, or he might've just invited a plague to this little camp.
"Ah what a sharp tongue. Now if only your wit were to match, we'd certainly have something to work with. Alas, the best we can hope for is sunnier weather and some fortune." Reyvadin quipped as he was in the process of pruning a second, longer staff. For himself naturally, as this one was of better quality than his first. He had just finished shaving off the bark when the sound of a man's scream echoed through the woods. "Sounds like an opportunity to me." Reyvadin says as he continued to carve away at the staff. Oh sure, he was afraid. Everyone here was practical a walking meal for whatever beast was out there. But having a sound mind and focusing on the task at hand helped him steel his nerves. It wasn't completely unlike some of the battles he had faced in his early years as a knight. Back then he was so cocky as to travel with a small band of warriors instead of a proper army, and paid the price when his men got ambushed by wild beasts and wily bandits. Reyvadin was blessed to have survived, and matured from those experiences.

As Faeril and Reddek went off to follow the trail, Reyvadin followed slowly after, behind the tall Skayleigh who had also fashioned himself a staff. Which was fine for Reyvadin, man was so huge Reyvadin would need to forge a pike to make him a suitable walking staff. Speaking of which, it wasn't too difficult for Reyvadin to add one more addition to his better walking staff: a sharpen point. Using a stronger staff that was about shoulder height for Reyvadin, he effectively carved out a crude spear to defend himself with. It lack heft of course, and being made of untreated timber the spear wasn't the most sturdy. But better than just swinging a branch around, hoping to bludgeon enemies away. At least with a spear Reyvadin can more reliable deal with a potential threat considering his skill with such weapons. And who knows what enemies they'll face before them.

As the trackers found a clue of the recent victim, Reyvadin listened to their words and tried to get an idea of what might've happened. He was no genius, but using his mind and imagination worked wonders when trying to both survive and outmaneuver one's enemies. Reddek mentioned smelling smoke, and when Reyvadin took a whiff he picked it up as well. Twas no mere campfire but something bigger. Either a bonfire meant for a much larger group or possibly a burnt down hut. Reyvadin was familiar with both scents. The others had a bit of a debate as to whether to follow the beaten path and possibly find monsters and men, or try foraging through the forests to avoid trouble. Reyvadin voiced his thoughts.

"If there's a beast on the prowl, it'll be in it's element if we walked through the forest. At least on the backroads we'll have room to maneuver if it should come out of the bush and try to attack us. Not to mention if this smoke is from a camp, there may be supplies there we can secure. And if there are others we could try to talk to them... Though chances are anyone out here is just as criminal as we are so they could try to rob us. In which case I would recommend we attack them first. If I had to guess, assuming the fire comes from a bonfire, could be a group of brigands or hunters and one of their own made the mistake of breaking off from the group. Made himself wonderful prey for a beast."
Rodger dodger, I'll have a post up by the weekend. It's been a busy week but I keep thinking I got time.
Tis what happens when you get quoted verbatim.
It was not long before a Cyber Skeleton, a different one from the one he sent, returned to Tungsten with Io. The weapon of his Master, his creator, AlphaQ. For a moment the giant hesitated. He has never touched her belongings without her permission ever since she had left. She gave him and the Cyber Skeletons specific orders, and never returned. Her mission was surely important that... That she couldn't be here. All that was left was memories of her.

"Hesitation doesn't suit you."

Tungsten snapped out of his trace as he looked to the axe as it spoke to his mind. He picked up Io, slinging the axe onto his back where one of his magnetic plates ensured she was secured to his body despite lacking a sheath or strap. He turned and began to leave, following Faetalis and Levia out.

"Of course. I am glad to see you are well."

"Creator AlphaQ made sure that even in the face of total global annihilation, I would be safe. I am more interested in knowing how you had survived the calamity."

"So you know. I... Cannot say. We were simply doing our duty when this cataclysm occurred. Creator Faetalis has given us orders and we have been following them since."

There was no response from Io, so Tungsten assumed that she had no more questions about the matter. After all she was fairly intelligent and would know that Tungsten has no answers himself. As curious as they both were about their circumstance they wouldn't be able to find out much just by chatting to one another, not to mention Tungsten had a job to do. He'll debrief Io later once he returns to the Big Scrap Alley. The two joined Faetalis and Levia, silently following her out of the guild and towards the forest. It was uneventful aside from the deer, which Tungsten had picked up upon and identified it as not a threat. Though Faetalis didn't realize this and nearly blasted it, making Tungsten make a mental note to remember that not everyone shares his level of perception.

Shortly after Faetalis asked Tungsten to have a Cyber Skeleton message Gamma about her tasks. Had Tungsten been alone, he would've had to awkwardly explain how he would be unable to do so, considering he didn't bring any Cyber Skeletons with him and they were all back at the guild. But fortunately he had the foresight to bring Io along. "Of course Creator Faetalis. The message has already been delivered." On his back Io had heard Faetalis' message and relayed it back to the nearest Cyber Skeleton relative to Gamma's location. He would immediately drop what he was doing and would head to the hive to ensure Gamma received the message.

Soon after Faetalis left to continue her scouting, and thus it was time for Tungsten and Levia to begin their operation. Though Tungsten had passively been scanning the area since he got out here, he took out Io and flourished his weapon. Focusing his sensors on the area around him, expanding it further than usual, he was able to get a geographical layout of the area. It was a good location for a fortress, and perhaps once the guild is fully operational what would have been a cursed would become a boon as their Guild becomes an impenetrable bastion against those who would seek to harm them. But for that to happen there was much work to be done.

"Overseer Levia. Follow me over here. This area is most efficient at reaching us, and thus it needs to be destroyed. I recommend that you cause a landslide over there, so that the resulting destruction will make the path hazardous."

Meanwhile, a Cyber Skeleton received orders from Io. He would make a beeline straight towards Gammaton, making his presence known with his footsteps as he knelt down to deliver his message. "Orders from Creator Faetalis for Overseer Gammaton." Sticking his hand out the Cyber Skeleton produced a hologram of Faetalis giving her order as Tungsten and Io heard it. Afterwards the Cyber Skeleton would remain in case Gammatron had any further orders for it, or until she dismisses or leaves him behind.

“Tungsten, can you pass a massage on to Gamma with a Cyber Skeleton? I need her to, once she and Mae are done, if she choose to go, start having her colony dig an elevator shaft to the bottom of the mountain, and tunnrl door outwards from the centermost point of Infactorium. However, I need the entries to be made discreetly; a door for us to know, and no other. Another thing, have Mae and Gamma both understand, the humans aren't to be physically harm by them, but if any should harm themselves and be left for death, they thusly spoils of war. They deserve something in return for being used in such a vile way by my hand. That's all.”
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