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Anyone waiting on a post from me, its been a busy week, expect responses to come towards the weekend! Thanks for patience!


Been on-and-off of the site for a long time. Male, mid-twenties. My interests are varied, but steer towards western fantasy and sci-fi. I'm picky with my weeb media.

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I have to go to work so I can't write him up yet, but could I make a claim to Aengus?
Unfortunately, as excited as I was to play, I've recently bitten off more than I can chew, so I will have to bow out. At least for now. So, if you still want a sniperboi (or girl) you go ahead and shoot for it.

Sorry for any inconvenience~
If i can be a Tremere im so frikkin interested. I've got a lot of RP on my plate though so I may lurk for awhile.
@Lucian I was thinking about having him meet up with the rest of the retinue once we arrive at the Safe House.

Just shoot me a message when you're ready! I'll happily lurk until then
Interested and would a stealthy sniper or marksmen work?

Well that's just bad timing.

Also, how will Joshua be deployed? Will he be with the rest of the group, or hanging back/scouting? Maybe he was deployed in secret to shadow the team in case things went south?

EDIT: Just looking for a way to write him in.

Images to come when (if?) I find some art I like.
You may want to post this in the 1x1 interest check section
Just Character Sheets
@Metronome Gotcha, thanks for replying!
So like

How do you all feel about

A vampire
A totally ordinary new character with a weird taste in drinks?

EDIT: He would be in the style of Ann Rice's vampires, to pin it down.
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