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Suzuya: Was given a dorm in the janitor's closet. Has to share her bedroll space with a mop bucket that never gets cleaned.
There we go, a Suzuya post. It's rough being a foreigner, a wallflower, and being the new girl whose quickly overshadowed by another flashier New girl.

Now she just needs someone to accidentally kick sand in her face to complete her suffering.
Suzuya Kuzunoha

Burning Heart watched the Pageless fall from a respectful distance, eyes steady as she observed the clash of near half a dozen strikes upon the monster. There was no harmony to be found in it, but a heart warming unity of purpose saw each blow open a crack in the Pageless and widen it, creating a path for the newborn Magical Girl to strike true. The Japanese Magical Girl's grimoire pulsed with approval, an echo of a pulse running alongside Suzuya's own that took joy from seeing the birth of a noble Onna Musha as she was nurtured to this moment of conception by the efforts of her seniors. It was a moment of noblity in birth, the grace of matrons elevating a maiden into a sisterhood that persisted against the encroaching dark time and time again.

It was everything Suzuya had ached for and would never have. Not a week into her life as a Magical Girl and already could she see another be inducted with all the fan faire and acceptance of a story book made manifest. There was bile on her tongue, it's acrid taste mixed with the ash lining her throat to make for a bitter concoction to swallow.

But she didn't need the domination of her Grimoire to force back her resentment, as she hadn't the heart to sully such a moment and her powers wouldn't see it stained by the fouler side of a woman's heart either. The perpetual wall flower watched the danger pass and the people rouse from their stupor, magic erasing the stomping of a godly staff and her own roaring flames. The scent of gunpowder left the air and even the errant slashes of Xolys where absent from girders and stonework.

The Beast himself struck Suzuya in the oddest sense, for while she was uncomfortable by it, Burning Heart's hold upon her left her with no ill effect. In fact, just seeing Olivia carried in upon it left the Grimoire considering him a substitute mount when next they entered battle, a sentiment that came with a palpable disappointment from the Grimoire in its host. Suzuya couldn't blame the book for feeling that when it was her inability to tame a horse that was stiffling it's full power.

Grimoire and Magical Girl shook themselves, finding it easy to lose themselves like this when they lacked a present threat to give them purpose. Weirdly enough they did this upon finding Camelot motioning to them before she turned away, something they took for a loss of interest from their lack of response.

"These are fine warriors. Perhaps we will have more time to mingle later." She opined aloud, her Japanese clipped and curt as it drifted into the morning air, before turning away and darting back to Merrywell as the group departed for their fortress in this foggy land.

Only at the gate did Burning Heart release it's hold on Suzuya, the girl's confidence melting away with her tails just as they came before the throngs of Magical Girls going about their business. And the incesant whispers her ears naturally tuned towards, a frown dominating her expression as she curled her arms around herself for some small measure of comfort.

Prickles of gooseflesh crept along her arms as her eyes scanned back and forth, trying to put faces to the words even as she realized they weren't directed at her. Still, it didn't do anything to make her feel welcomed here. She was better at understanding English and reading it then speaking it herself, but the alien tongue left her aching for the support of her Grimoire.

Then a weirdo leaped into a bush and exasperated girls barreled towards them, Suzuya releasing a shriek as she found herself knocked over onto the dusty courtyard. Why did I even come here?

Given I’m writing Suzuya as someone entirely controlled by her Grimoire when transformed she’ll be a lot more animated when she drops it. Even if she’s too much of a coward to even verbally say “Notice me Sempai!”

Gonna be fun.
And since Monday is my only day off and I've only been getting five hours of sleep for the past few days and that won't be changing till Sunday night, I'll be posting monday.
She’ll warm up to it when she has taxable money to funnel to the homeless problem :3

Granted being both an idol AND a magical girl would attract all sorts of tuxedo wearing men and creepy stalkers. It’s turn into Symphogear real quick
If this were set in Japan she would be trying to round everyone up to form an idol group that uses actual magic to outshine all competitors. She’ll have to settle for cosplay and dreaming of Akihabara
It’s going to be adorable when Camelot discovers Roma’s love is cosplay as she’s stuffed into a Saber Alter dress and has to sit through hours of make up. Fufufu.
Imagine Camelot siding with Merlin.

Yes, Roma’s looking forward to having Camelot Alter as a friend and accomplice. Will make it easier to clip the angel’s wings and blacken them in the pitch of humanities infinite deprivations.
Look at it this way. No matter how anyone falls there will be a devil and Angel waiting to steal their soul and mold them in their image. Roma just offers a better deal then “Serve Merlin till suffering horrid death by Pageless”
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