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Just to change up my status. I'm doing better than I did a year ago. Hopefully everyone else is doing okay.
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In a bad place... Hope everyone's doing well.
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Stay safe boys and girls.
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College is both kick ass and kicking my ass, nice to know things haven't changed too much around here.


Hey there, nice to meet you. My name's Liotrent, most people I've met here call me Lio. I've been doing roleplays since highschool. I'm currently in college taking up a creative writing course. I'm not very talkative, I get anxious around people and I tend to tense up whenever I need to talk to someone new. I've got a lot of other problems, I'm working on them as I go, but if you'll have me, all the better. I look forward to getting along.

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Gen. Lee Abrams: "Admiral Durnham, Lucas J., you were ordered by the Lead Director to ONLY protect the medical ship and the Nano Construction Vehicle relegated to Sol in order to assist allied ships in the system. Is that not correct?"

[Durnham took a sip of water before replying to General Abrams]

Adm. Lucas Durnham: "Aye sir."

Gen. Lee Abrams: "Then why did you lead your ships on the offensive Admiral Durnham? You were supposed to stay back."

Adm. Lucas Durnham: "Sir, I escorted the two ships closer to the front to provide more adequate support to our allies. It was then we were engaged by electronic warfare and the friendly fire incidents occurred. I led the remainder of my unaffected ships to hunt down the culprit before damage could be dealt to our unarmed ships, sir."

[The jury began to look towards each other and hushed conversations could be heard but not understood]

Gen. Lee Abrams: "Why then did you deem the mining vessels to be a threat? The purpose of the mission was to apprehend the perpetrators alongside our allies, not annihilate them. We are a self-defense force admiral, not a proper military."

Adm. Lucas Durnham: "Sir, there was no way of knowing whether any of the mining ships were truly mining ships or disguised E-warfare vessels. I ordered my ships to engage any and all threats, this included the mining ships, sir."

Gen. Lee Abrams: "After your ships regained control, why did you not call off your assault? The Columbian and Xandalian fleet were more than capable of wiping out a small combat fleet. Were you under orders to do so?"

Adm. Lucas Durnham: "Sir, I was ordered by the Military Science Director Timothy Candy, to engage and show the might of New Haven to the foreigners, sir."

[The general stood up in shock, the murmurs then turned into heated debates among the jury]

Gen. Lee Abrams: "ORDER IN THE COURT!"

[The jury settled down while the general refocused on Durnham]

Gen. Lee Abrams: "Do you understand the accusation you are making Durnham?"

Adm. Lucas Durnham: "Sir, I am merely answering your question. I was under orders from Director-"

Gen. Lee Abrams: "Enough, I'm elevating this case to the board. This matter involves one of the directors. Court is dismissed."

[End of transcript]

Doug sat quietly next to Hubert as Hubert sat on the floor of his office listening to the audio transcript.

"I knew that little turd had something to do with the Sol incident. All Timbo had to do was be god damned patient! I said I would handle it! Jeez, it's like no one listens to me anymore."

Doug sat up and licked Hubert's face, "I listen! Besides, I think it's just because before meeting the rest of the colonies, Tim didn't really have much of a job, now he does!"

"So the man gets a taste for power and wants more... Geez, I knew I had a bad feeling about him back in the academy. WELP IT'S NOT DURNHAM'S FAULT! He was just following orders. Buuut, if I don't do anything, that'll push the blame on Tim and that's not exactly good either." Hubert put a hand to his chin and hmmmmmed as he thought of a way to deal with the situation.

"Wait, but isn't Tim a danger to the Directorate? Wouldn't it be better to just let him get ousted by the board?" Doug tilted his head all confused like as he looked at Hubert.

"The procedures for ousting a director is time consuming and there's no telling what he'll do. He's had six months to prepare. It's best to let him think I'm an idiot that'll let him get away with everything while I keep my cards to myself. The Praetorian project is still on-going and I think I'm going to form a new task-force... Perhaps..." Hubert's eyes drifted to Lucas Durnham's file, he held out a hand and waved it over towards the front to move the holographic display in front of him. "Maybe, Admiral Durnham would need a demotion and a transfer to some remote 'ship breaking' facility and some RNR at Elysium-3..." Hubert smirked as he looked towards a file named NHS SKYRIDER - PRAETORIAN PROGRAM

Doug then looked towards the file, "I thought Aldini was going to be the one taking the Skyrider..."

Hubert then replied, "He still is, but he needed a tactical adviser. From how Durnham conducted himself, the man seems to have a talent of knowing when and when not to do things. Sure the tribunal was a pain, but for him it was logical. Tim knew he had power over Durnham, but Durnham knew that he could flip it all around in a Court Martial. Looking over the evidence, the man even had back ups of his conversation with Tim. This course of action presented the highest chance of retaining his rank."

"Buuut he won't though."

"Yeah, but compared to what Tim could've done, this is still a cake walk. Not to mention, it will not count towards his military record. Aldini and him will do well, I just know it." Hubert started writing up the orders and his course of action to the board of directors.

Doug rested his head on Hubert's lap, "Oh by the way! The Khan has a message for you too! Something about an alliance of sorts?"

"Oh that? SUN? MOON? What is it now? Just send Dick to do it, he knows what to do..."

Doug stood up and booped his nose on a holographic button labeled simply as: 'Call Dick'

Dick was once again going to be woken up rudely that day.
I'll move this forward if no one else will post. Give me two days.
Well the real call of duty is upon me now. I am deploying first wave for disaster relief in my home province. Will try to keep in touch but I'll be in the mountains so service will be patchy.

Damn, good luck and stay safe. Do some good out there!
Hiya, is this still open? I'm very interested.

Yup still open.

Also as a general announcement, don't worry about not being able to post. Just relax and post at your own pace. I'm not gonna write another update for a while.


A single unarmed ship as large as one of New Haven’s carriers emerged from the gate. On board there were trained medical staff, medical supplies, medical androids, food, water, and more. The fighting in New Hollywood has been all over New Haven net for days. New Haven, as a sign of good faith, sent NHS Torchbearer.

The Torchbearer was a stripped down defense carrier made to carry out a neutral medical aid mission. New Haven did not want to pick sides at this time. They were still new to the situation and rather than be swayed by either side, they chose to render aid to both through their medical expertise. Doctor Logan was in charge of turning this carrier into a hospital ship. There were already different sections for different people for different countries of origin.

“Are the medical transports ready?” He asked while his foot kept tapping on the floor. It was an unconscious thing but Logan was already nervous about all of this.

“Relax, the Medical Director and the Lead Director were very explicit in their instructions. While we ourselves may be an unarmed carrier, our staff are completely competent. We have security bots, scanners, and veteran defense personnel on this ship. You needn’t worry about a thing.”

Captain Marcelli Aldini was quite confident in the ship’s security. It was doubtful that any old craft would attack a neutral vessel. Not only that, it was communicated beforehand that the Directorate would send such a ship to alleviate some of the suffering. They were already making preparations to lock into geosynchronous orbit to begin operations airlifting injured soldiers and civilians to be treated for their wounds. In a way, this was preferable to capture.

There were several procedures, but during transit from surface to orbit, there’d be several rules that’d be stated. It essentially means that any unforeseen incidents regarding weapons discharge and fighting onboard the Torchbearer are strictly prohibited and the Directorate is willing to intervene with lethal force if this begins to endanger New Havenist staff. If this is acknowledged then the parties involved, not including New Havenists themselves, are solely responsible for any consequences this may incur upon the Gateway community as a whole.

The helmsman then reported the situation of the vessel, “Sir, locking into Geosynchronous orbit. We are ready to commence operations!”

Then communications, “Sir, open broadcast is ready for you.”

Aldini then took center stage on the bridge and stated, “To any and all stations that can hear this transmission, this is the NHS Torchbearer. We are here on a Neutral Aid Mission. All ships coming from this ship towards the surface will be carrying non-combatant personnel. They are here to help evacuate civilians and aid in evacuating soldiers that are in critical condition. This will of course include the White Flowers…”

Aldini paused for a moment to let this statement kick in. “... We will be providing a frequency for all who require aid. To mark your location for immediate medical support, either use a laser light and wave it around so that our I.R. sensors can pick it up, or pop a green smoke. I repeat, green smoke from this point onwards will be regarded as a medical mission. Any attempt to shoot down medical aid will escalate New Havenist military involvement in order to protect these craft...”

Aldini shifted the tone of his voice, “... Okay, now that the official message is done, here’s the dumb-dumb translation. I’ll be straight with y’all, y’all already have enough people shooting at you. Don’t make us have to add to that problem. Because here’s what’ll happen if any of these craft get shot down. Military ships will flood into this system. Military transports will start setting up safe-zones, which I’ll be honest, aren’t very safe and will have people ready to shoot at literally anything that has a gun. It don’t matter whether you’re injured or not, they’ll shoot you. You’ll have New Haven orbital fire missions that’ll cause more damage than there already is. Don’t be dumb-dumb, hell we even gave y’all the IFF signal for our ships on open broadcast, so if y’all shoot down enough of ‘em you’ll be missing the point of this all together you damned idiots. Captain Aldini out!”

The crew looked at Aldini, and so did doctor Logan. “Was that speech at the end necessary?”

“As someone who deals with idiot, fresh-from-boot, marines? Yes, it was very fucken’ necessary doctor. Get your people ready to commence operations.”

Soon, a the first few medical transports would leave the NHS Torchbearer, how many return would be up to the people around them and the people on the ground.


Nano constructors and satellite launches marked the first week of new contact. It's said that construction ships were off to make an embassy at SOL. However, it was busy here too, nano construction vehicles or NCV's have been setting up in locations to create new infrastructure for the Trans-gate communication network. It's said to be able to receive and retranslate different types of broadcasts to fit New Haven equipment. New towers were being set up, network stations being manned, and signals from the gate being streamed to millions of homes across New Haven from New Athenia to New Roma.

One of them was a regular man named James, who's now appraising the situation in the ECU in New London and New Beijing. There were a number of civilians and tourists alike stuck in the warzone, caught in between. There was news of clashes with several intervening countries. One video came with commentary.

The man was filming from a balcony he was filming the street with the noise of war surrounding him. "I- I think there's a firefight down the street, I thought I saw some Columbians earlier."

At that moment White Flower freedom fighters pass by on the street bellow him. "White Flower, what're they-"

Suddenly a wave of bullets come down the street, the Freedom Fighters of course return fire. The camera shakes as a rocket is fired at the revolutionists and an explosion rocks the brave guerrilla journalist's building. "FUCK!"

We come back to James, he clicks his tongue, other transmissions are from more official sources from other nations, but they aren't able to penetrate too deep into the situation. All of it seems so chaotic. There was even some video of the Khanate's ape men conducting operations in the cities.

"Didn't think that our new neighbors would be riddled with war like this." James took a sip of his coffee, unbeknownst to him, he would be joined by hundreds of thousands of people making their opinions on the White Flower situation. Many hoping that such a thing would never happen to New Haven. The Robotics Proxy War was quite enough.

As if that wasn't enough, mainstream directorate news brought up some unrest in the Sol System. The Xandalians and the Columbians are already on the move. Political director Dick Wazzinski made a statement that ECU to provide aid to all involved as a neutral party and that delegates at the meeting place were already putting the gears into motion to move this plan along. He then went on to explain the situation of Sol in detail.

"... At the moment, the Xandalian Republic and the United Republic of Columbia have already sent their fleets to intercept. There are talks amongst the other nations to get involved. The Matuvistans and Zetans seem to already be making preparations to join the others. Lead Director Hubert himself stated that we are to help our fellow nations in a non-combat capacity to defend our ancestral home. We of course will send our own ships for a defensive formation around the Meeting Place and our Nano Construction Vehicle that will be set up nearby to prepare to supply the interested parties. There are no further news at this time."

James sat down slumping onto his seat, it seems there were a lot more things happening. It had only been a few weeks but there was already a lot of drama happening. James took a sip of his coffee before looking out towards the New Athenian skyline and thinking about how wonderful it was that it was still fresh and pristine.


Another person was watching these things unfold. He was given an assignment to make sure that these new deployments of the defense fleet went off without incident. For once, Timothy was happy about this move, a chance to show the New Haven Directorate's potential - a show of force. What didn't sit right with Timothy was that the fleets were not to operate in a more active combat capacity.

"BALDERDASH!" Two carriers, four cruisers, a battleship, three destroyers, an NCV, and a medical ship. That was all they were sending to these two places. They didn't have a lot of ships to begin with. Out of fifty ships only this many were going to Sol.

This wouldn't have been the case if he was in charge. These people also show that they are capable of running the Directorate over if they so wanted to. The Directorate would be a footnote to these so called 'friendly neighbors'. The news streaming from the Earth Cultural Union has already displayed that these nations were not adverse to war either. Hubert was going to drive them into oblivion.

He would not let these nations screw over the directorate. He would have the Directorate display its strength. He walked over to his table and made several inputs on the touch display.

"Military Science Director Candy, your call is going through to the NHS Resilience."

The holographic display of admiral Durnham answered in full white dress. He was an older, more competent looking man.

"Sir." The admiral rendered a crisp salute to Timothy.

"Admiral, I'm assigning you a mission. With your ships, I order you to intervene when possible to display the strength of the New Haven Directorate. Show our new neighbors we are not to be trifled with. You have full authority to fire upon sighting the enemy! That is a top secret directive. Need to know only. Am I understood?"

Durnham was taken aback, but he dared not question his orders, "Yes sir. I will execute these orders to the best of my abilities."

"I knew I could count in you Durnham. May fortune favor you admiral!"

Little did he know what this little stunt would lead to.

@Sigma@Crusader Lord@Dog@Irredeemable@SgtEasy[@Tort]


James continued through the hall, now more focused on trying to find his target. That little electrical stunt earlier made him wary of the people around him. He looked at all the jubilant faces around him, once again he found himself thinking, 'how nice it must be to be ignorant of the shadows around you.'

He moved towards the infirmary, perhaps the shards of glass might've wounded his target. If she was there then it would be no problem. All he'd have to do is wait at the entrance. But with each passing moment, he was beginning to find interest in the people around him. There was that one questionable french woman from earlier, she was making quite the racket. Then there was that smooth talking Mughal and a tiny German girl. There were even people from the New World, Incas and the like. These were all people he saw before bumping into the one Miss Yun. But this diversity made it all the more difficult to find that one person he so desperately needed to fulfill his mission.

To make matters worse, it seems more and more people were taking to dancing. 'Damn it, I really don't want to dance, not now. Where the hell is this damned target!?'

Lost in his thoughts, he would not realize that in that moment, he would've reached the infirmary and have its doors slam into his face and sending his poor top hat flying once again. "OUCH!-"

He quickly subdued his innermost rage and tried to react normally, picking his hat off the floor - again.

"Could you please not swing the door like that willy-nilly good sir! That hurt quite a bit!"

In that moment, James dignity and pride were hurt. Any other day - any other assignment this would've resulted in a beating, but not here. Not now.


The Champions Gather

Aurelion and his men disembark and meet with the chieftain of these proud people beast-kin. His men did not blink at the sight of blood. This was their charge, their duty. Many of his company were veterans from the age of his father, Solis Aurelion I. Alongside his ships were the last of the Rarian Minotaurs. They disembarked as quickly as their chieftain did.

Aurelion looked to this motley company. He knew of course more would be coming soon. He gathered his men and told them to be ready to march within the hour. He then turned to face Iazok and the Minatour Chief, Karduke the Iron Bull.

"Two mighty chieftains and a warrior king alongside their chosen men... No oracle could write this prophecy..."

He then looked to Iazok, "I see you've already met the enemy and crushed them beneath your boot... Let's not waste time with pretty words. Where are the rest of the enemy? Where can we find them and crush them? My men stand ready to beat these monsters with blood and steel."

Unbeknownst to them, the darkness moves once again. Hordes of monstrous creatures the size of elephants, a formation of puppet soldiers consumed by the very malice of the dark, and creatures that hound and bite like rabid dogs march to meet them again. A force raised to beat the coast into submission.

A figure among them raises one hand and a shrill voice echoes out amongst the darkness and is heard by all, even by those at the coast, "Go, march against them, and break them. Conquer and consume all in your path. Do not stop until this world's flame is extinguished. This is the command of the great one."

The air was filled with the ominous war cry of a thousand broken souls and monstrous wails from the behemoths among their ranks. Their march quickened until it was a mob of charging men and monsters moving against the frontlines. It would only be a few moments before the war horns of Susset blared once again.
I'll make a post by this weekend just to move things along. If you're making posts to reply to stuff, please be aware! :)
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