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Thank you all for the welcome!
I'm not sure how to do these anymore, the last time I did this on a forum was in 2009 but I'm looking for 1x1 roleplays? We can build a world, characters and dicuss plot lines before getting into it?

I have roleplayed on discord for years with the same partner since I left Ernya. I mostly do MxM but I'm definitely wanting to do MxF, it's just that I haven't had much experience with it.

All my roleplays will be 21+.

A few storylines/plotlines/tropes I enjoy:

As far as how long my responses are, anything from one paragraph to 500 or so words, maybe more depending on what's happening. I do enjoy playing multiple characters in the same roleplay and I do respond pretty quickly with multiple responses every day. If I can't keep that up I will let you know.

Lastly a writing example from my one fanfic:

Yeps, I think that is that, please let me know if you are interested, thank you!
takes deep breath

Phew I haven't done this in soo long but I'm here now so hi! I am Lilith and I am 27, female, +2 GMT timezone and I just wanna have fun with our characters. I mostly do 1x1 roleplays but I'm looking forward to exploring some more. It's great to meet you all!
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