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@Light I've got to be honest, this mage stuff is giving me the wrong vibe. Sorry if I've led you on, but there won't be any mage dwarves in this game.

No worries, I think I can come up with something else.
@Light I really like the idea in general! I would like it even better if we could transform it from being very DnD to a more, say, Tolkien-esque variant. Maybe less mancy and more mysteries? How do you feel about that?

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, the magic in LotR seemed pretty straightforward magic too. If you mean less "I'm casting a spell!" and more weaving supernatural energies into a desired effect, then sure I'm all for that.
<Snipped quote by Light>

Well, I hadn't planned on it, but I like to think of myself as open minded. What did you have in mind?

So, druids are nature revearing mages who channel spiritual and elemental magics, yes? This idea won't change that much. But what I do want to do is replace the stereotypical animal loving, artifice hating, tree hugger hermit with something that might fit more with the stone and metal centric dwarf. If you're familiar with D&D druids, you'll know their subclasses (specializations) are called Circles.

I call this one: The Circle of the Machine

Druids of the Circle of the Machine revere nature and seek to protect it as much as any other druid. The caveat is that they understand that the machine of civilization is not only inevitable, but also something that has in fact occurred naturally. These druids seek not to destroy artifice and other "unnatural" creations, but to safely welcome them into the causality of existence, so they can coexist with the natural world in a healthy balance.

As far as their powers go, the Circle of the Machine focuses heavily on the elemental magics of geomancy, metallurgy, and electromancy. While most druids can shapeshift into animals and plants, these druids instead use their Wild Shape to take on elemental forms of stone and metal constructs.

If this idea is too far fetched, I can most definitely play something more toned down for a lower magic setting.
@Duck This sounds awesome! I'm definitely interested! It seems like the perfect place to try out the themes and flavor of an idea I've had for a while: an interesting subversion of expectations on the classic druid archetype.

That is- is if there is magic among mortals in this setting?
The doctor's tired face lit up a bit when Filo and Jaden contributed so many questions to the conversation. He nodded and smiled a bit as he replied. "Ah, I'm glad to see that you lot care enough to look into this further. And here I'd thought the Commission was going to give me a group of brutes who just wanted to get paid." He adjusted his glasses and dug through the mess of documents on his desk, fishing one sheet out and looking it over. "I will have a team move all of the building and research materials up north once you secure the area, I won't expect you to bring anything you wouldn't bring on a normal expedition. But as for that, we're unsure of the climate north of the Elder's Recess. We do know that the crystalline structures at the Recess's edge do extend north for quite a while. But we have no evidence to suggest that it gets significantly colder or hotter beyond that. Our best topographical data suggests that climate changes here in the New World gradient in a west-to-east formation rather than north and south."

Daelen set the paper he was reading from back down, and looked up at the group. "I'd like a report daily, as you establish a route to the meteor and once you secure the area."
Hello and welcome! Glad to see more people getting into role-playing!
@Hybridjelly Blades in the Dark (and other Forged in the Dark games) work really well in play by post formats. They have a good amount of meat to them when it comes to rules and mechanics, but everything is still very simple and straightforward, and it's very light on dice.
As the second chairman of the department, Doctor Daelen's office was spacious and quite ornate. Almost a combination of a private office and public waiting room, there were chairs enough for the whole party lining the walls to either side. In the center of the room, two more chairs were poised on either side of a cozy coffee table made from half of a tree log cut longways, turned flat side up, and supported by wedges of stone. The back half of the room was dominated by a large dark oak desk, polished to an almost obnoxious shine in contrast to the mess of papers that littered it, and a single fine leather chair behind it. On the back of the wall rested an array of certificates in the center, proudly declaring the various scholarly degrees and scientific accomplishments of their owner. Banners marking the First Fleet flanked these markings of prestige, and beyond those were decorative pieces of art, paintings of various landscapes on the left side, and a large graphite sketching of a rathalos in flight on the right. Sconces lined the walls above the chairs, giving the room the same earthly cozy mood as the rest of the stone-cut halls here.

"Yes, yes, I'll see to it as soon as I'm done briefing the scouting party!" A nasally and somewhat bothered voice echoed down the hall and poured into the office through the open door behind the group of hunters. Immediately following this, footsteps hurried through the hallway, getting louder and louder until a shorter-than-average wyverian appeared in the doorway, wearing a lab coat and holding a stack of papers. "Ugh, secretaries leaving my door open again-" He paused, cutting himself off as he looked inside and met the gaze of four hunters and two lynians staring back at him. In a small fluster, he brushed his moppy chocolate colored hair away from his blue-grey eyes, which were guarded by large round glasses. "Ah- I see you're already here. You must be the Prismatic Metor scouting party, I assume," he half asked, half assumed as he pushed past the lot and let himself fall into his chair with an exhausted flop. He didn't bother waiting for confirmation before continuing. "I am Doctor Daelen. The Commission has put our department in charge of investigating the meteor that has fallen from Prismata's Comet, and I am spear-heading that research. If you're all here to participate, then I'll speak frankly; your first assignment is to locate the meteor itself, and establish a forward base in the vicinity so that I can safely move a team from the G-R-D up north. Any questions so far?" He spoke a bit faster than one might like, and after allowing the papers he was holding to join the mess on the desk, he looked up at the party quizzically.
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