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5 yrs ago
Current Awooooo
5 yrs ago
Dear everyone. I know I had a little burst of energy and time to reply but I lost that kinda quick with work again :c I'll reply soon. You're not forgotten.
5 yrs ago
Sorry I've been silent lately. Work has got me running ragged. I'll reply to everyone soon enough :c
5 yrs ago
I gots a Bluetooth keyboard for my phone so now I can make replies from work c:
5 yrs ago
I'll be home in two hours or so! Than I'm available all night again!


I'm a twenty two year old woman from NY and I love doing FxF pairings. Feel free to send me a message anytime and see if we can hammer something out.

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I'm looking for a partner that wants to do the old anime inspired school slice of life trope stuff with me.

Some weeb romance, two classmates falling in love and all that awkward good stuff. I'm pretty open to suggestions so just DM and we can hammer it out. I don't mind a variety of personalities or dynamics to get something interesting out of it.

DelinquentxClassRep, Sports Rivals, ShyGirlsxGyaru etc. whatever you think would be fun.

Would prefer FxF but I'd be okay with a FxM if someone wants to play the role of female.

I'm okay with some minor twists too, or a little bit of spectacle if it makes the story more interesting too!
I think I'd love to get a little 1x1 going with Girl's Frontline as the setting. T-Dolls and T-Dolls or T-Dolls and Commander or even Sangvis Ferri. Open to suggestions.

Looking for someone to play a F role. I can easily do F as well or M if that's what you'd like. Just shoot me and a PM and we can hammer out some ideas!
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