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I now have 5 or so RPs on Roleplayer Guild, but I'm not burning out...
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Diligence's Hammer:

Also, still deciding whether to reopen this to new players, but the answer might probably be yes.
After some thought, I don't think I should join; sorry for the inconvenience.


A heads up, the way the RP will be run is it will focus on one country at a time. Each with their own self-contained stories to participate in and affect some of the outcomes.

Seeing as I could start it in any country I like, I'd also like to ask players what country they're most interested in as a starting point. I realize the decision should be made somewhat early, as it can affect what kind of character people would want to make to start out.

Decided on Geo!

Name: Celeste Zum Deikum/Cassandra Troia.

Age: 24

Gender: Female.

Bio: Celeste remembers her father as a kind man, albeit stressed due to his work in keeping Side 3 free from the Earth Federation. Growing up, she would later see that despite this kindness, he did not see her as his heir, despite being his oldest child in this timeline, and the seed of resentment was planted in her. Her brother, Casval, was more precious to their father than she was, and also had a streak of... ruthlessness? Courage? Or even cruelty masking as strength? Either way, the two siblings tried to love each other, but as she tried to educate herself in politics, tactics, and even the un-woman-like art of strategy, relations between her and her father grew colder and her brother and younger sister blamed her.

The Zabi Family's spies caught onto these tensions, and they tried to send Ghiren, the most attractive of their sons, to seduce her. She spat in his face, moved by a 'sixth sense' which saw a darkness in the young man. Her father, believing that she was at fault, sent her away to a remote portion of Side 3, where she was quickly forgotten... Too quickly.

In the place of her soft exile, a small town set in artificial rolling hills on the far side of a colony, she discovered that she was one of the Newtypes her father preached about and revered, but not expected his daughter to be. She had the power to sense people's feelings, their nature, and eventually, the ability to influence their thoughts. For a brief moment, she thought about trying to gain her father's recognition by showing him this power or maybe even using it on him and her family to make them all respect her as they should. Then, Zeon Zum Deikum died or was assassinated, and then his successor, Degwin Dogdo Zabi, sent several men to take her into custody so she can be married off to Ghiren. But by then, she sprung her trap.

By being kind and generous to the townsfolk, she gained their love. And by using her power to peek into the hearts of the men and women sent after her, by playing to their hopes and dreams, by refusing to control their minds and emotions directly and instead revealing to them why they were wrong, and that there is a better way to achieve spacenoid independence, she gained their trust. And when she next disappeared, she had a set of loyal guards with her.

Years later, as a war between the Federation and Zeon drew closer, there were rumors of a 'Lady in White' in Side 6, Riah, who called herself 'Cassandra Troia'. She drew large crowds to her, warning of the consequences of war, the billions of people killed and millions left traumatized, of the damage to the Earth's ecosystem and the normalization of mass atrocities, of the legacy of hatred that will scar civilized space and create a cycle of war, brief truces, and war again that would last until the last human was dead.

This did not go unanswered; many tried to shut her up, or even assassinate her, but all failed, or even worse for her enemies, were converted to her side. Eventually, she was donated a ship by a sympathetic member of the Riah Autonomous region, a ship technically flagged as a 'civilian' one but with more weapons than usual. Her plans now are to wait for the war, gather disillusioned people and deserters from both sides to her banner, and bring peace... Even if she had to resort to force and hypocrisy to do it!

Skills: A gifted public speaker who is no slouch at practical politics, able to gain the loyalty of not just fighting folk, but also logisticians, financiers, and accountants, aka the people who can keep a fleet running.

Personality: A pure-hearted hypocrite, a daughter at odds with her family, but who still loves them deep inside. A believer in the justice of her cause who nevertheless is willing to examine said cause for flaws and switch her methods to 'something better' if the latter can be found. And finally, someone who wants the love of a father who is now too dead to give his acknowledgment.

These contradictions point to the fact that Celeste Zum Deikum/Cassandra Troia is a woman trying to make her way in a man's world as best as she could, yet plays the feminine roles of peacemaker, mother, and nurturer. This is not a weakness in her view, for what she desires is something she knows both men and women want - Peace and the prosperity that can come with it. Nevertheless, she resents the sexism in which her father had treated her and does not want to restrict others from following their dreams because of their gender...

Newtype(Including Rank E to A)[Y/N]: Y, Rank A.
Had an idea for a newtype pilot and a gouf- maybe I'll play into it and be a descendant of Ramba Ral

You mean son or grandson? Or Ramba Ral himself?
Collab between @Sniblet, @Aisede, and @Letter Bee

Flashback, Sison Auditorium Barracks, September 26 2022

Noel woke up to a bad day, having had only a few hours of sleep. They had won, and the Government of National Salvation had given him a rank up, but the latter were currently trying to hold back Chinese attacks on the Philippines' meager and shoddy infrastructure; it didn't help that China had owned a lot of the Philippines' power plants, enough to shut down access to electricity for a couple of months remotely. Nevertheless, in his improvised office once reserved for the auditorium's manager, the sixteen-year old was willing to see whoever insisted on a private meeting with him.

Okay, Kaitlyn, you can do this. He's your superior, he's obligated to hear you out.

Technically, Corporal Castro is her superior officer, who answers to the Sargeant, who answers to the lieutenant... But he'd entertained her request for a meeting, and that's all that matters.

Accepting his invitation, she entered the office, giving it a cursory look over before directing her attention to... A child.

A god damned child.

She stared at him for several seconds before remembering herself and standing a little straighter.

"Private Kaitlyn Price, sir! I... I have a request."``

Noel looked at her, bags in his eyes evident, and said in fluent English, "Second - No, First Lieutenant Noel Alonso here; what is the request, Private?"

She hesitated.

"... I would like to request the immidiate military discharge of Hannie Cavalet, sir. please."

Noel blinked and said, "Not my call; the Australians 'volunteered' her. But I can get her assigned to a noncombat role in the rear lines or find a way to exempt her from future missions or delay her participation in them. Would that be enough?"

Don't appear to be too eager to help. You do want to help, but remember, these are your subordinates and we're in a war; we need everyone we can get.

He then sighed and said, "I'll just work harder to fill the shortfall; I know what it's like to be a kid who fights. There's this other kid, Nemo, even younger, sent by the Americans or some rogue branch of their 'CIA'. I don't want him hurt either, but here's the thing; both of them have useful powers so I can only do what I offered to do just now. But point is, she's not the only one who's gone through horrors, not today, not before."

She paused at this, a pained expression flashing across her face.

He's right. If I do this, how many lives will be lost that she could have saved?

No! You can't save them all. And this is a war, people are going to die. What matters is helping Hannie. You can figure the rest out later.

"Thank you, sir," she says in a measured tone. She thumbs the needle in her air, soldering on. That's her thing, after all. "I'm sure she could be of some use in the rear lines...

What... What exactly does that entail? What would she be doing as a noncombatant?"

She needed to know, before she signed Hannie up for a horror of a different kind.

Noel sighs again and says, "Helping the medics by carrying small or small-ish items, sewing uniforms, helping the mechanics by carrying small items, oh, and refrigerating food and other supplies with her Noble Arm. Do any of those sound traumatic?"

"No sir." That all sounds rather tame, actually. "Thank you, sir."

Okay, so how do I excuse myself now?

"Um... That was all... Sir."

Noel nods, "One more thing. If you care about Hannie, you should know that the Australians - Or rather, their own rogue branch of their Government - have forwarded me a dossier. Said dossier reveals that Hannie came into their custody when her Noble Arm manifested and there was an accident which killed her father and crippled her mother."

He then looked directly at her and said, "They can reveal that to her mother at any time; you get the picture? So be ready for anything. Now, Private, you are dismissed; sorry."

So they have... Blackmail material on her?

Frowning, she excused herself, and made her way back to Hannie.

She'd have been excited to give her the good news if it wasn't for that last part.

Will they threaten to release that information if Hannie doesn't fight?

They had volunteered her, after all, but do they even know what she's doing down here? Do they actually know if she's fighting or not? Maybe it doesn't matter...

So lost in thought was she, in fact, that she barely noticed she'd completed her trip until... Well... She was there.

"Haaanie ~"

She slipped on a smile as she saw her little Hannie, right where she left her in the waiting room.

"I have good news for you!"

Wow, she wasn't gone very long. Hannie didn't even have time to get bored. She looks up at Kaitlyn's face, and realizes that it must be very good news.

"Mm?" she says. "What'd you do?"

Her smile widened, and she knelt down In front of her.

"I went and talked with First Lieutenant Noel, and you've been reassigned to a noncombat role in the rear lines!"

She wasn't sure if Hannie actually understood enough of that, so she followed up with a clarification.

"It means you don't have to fight anymore. You'll just be helping out the medics and carrying some stuff around... Does that sound good, Hannie?"
Hannie's reaction is immediate. It starts as a small exhale at "don't have to fight anymore," and her eyes quickly well up.

"Wha... what? Really? Not at all?"

A hissing voice in a deep part of her tries to insist that this is a bad thing, that she is giving in to weakness... or something... but she's not in a position to listen.

"Nope!" She's flat out beaming now, and can't help embracing the little girl in a giddy hug.

She hasn't been this excited since she signed up for the army.

"Not at all ~ it's over."
@Coltshan, Sadly, I prefer the Feds, but I am curious as to whether I can make a kid of Zeon Zum Deikum who genuinely wants peace and coexistence.
@SkyHresvelg@The World@Chiro@Aisede@MagusDream@Lewascan2@Sniblet@Conscripts@Senhara@Creative Chaos@Nimbus@The Man Emperor@KaiserElectric

@Gerlando has been promoted to Co-GM. Also, we are pondering - pondering - on re-opening this to new players...
Older Idea

Digimon Sliders - Children of Eniac

Long ago, there was the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, the first digital computer in the world. After him came ENIAC, the most well-known of the early computing machines. As they operated on Earth, they created another plane of existence, the Digital World, a mirror of the world of matter inhabited by sapient creatures called Digimon. Wishing to create more of these dimensions, ENIAC and Atanasoff created the various Yggdrassil units, to go to other worlds in the Multiverse and create Digital Worlds there, and Digimon to inhabit them. And for a while, this worked...until the Ygdrassil Units' flaws made themselves evident.

For the Yggdrassil units slowly became overprotective at best, prideful and arrogant in the middle, and tyrannical at worst. And one world's Yggdrassil was not only the last type, but harbored ambitions of waking his siblings to the truth of the Multiverse, so that they can all band together and take it over, usurping ENIAC and Atanasoff in the process. This Yggdrassil failed, foiled by a band of unlikely heroes.

Or was he? For in his final throes, this Yggdrassil, Yggdrassil-666, managed to send one last transmission out of his universe, a transmission received by another Yggdrassil, and another, and another, until they all realized the truth; they were not alone, while their creators, Atanasoff and ENIAC, were weakened from recent conflicts.

And so the remaining Yggdrassils allied with each other to form the Great Yggdrassil Alliance, with the intent of combining their legions into one Multiverse-conquering army of unstoppable force. But first, they had to overthrow ENIAC and Atanasoff, and even at the end of their strength, the two were still formidable.

Sounding their metaphorical trumpets, the two Supercomputers called forth Chosen Children and their Digimon from other worlds, asking them to fight once more, to band against the enemy that seeks to take over all worlds...


Okay, you must be lost, wondering, who are Atanasoff and ENIAC and why are they the creators of Yggdrassil and the various Digital Worlds? Well, ENIAC and co come from various Digimon Video Games not released outside of Japan, linky here*. And, well, let's just say that they are calling various Digimon and Chosen Children, some Canon, others Original Characters, to help them.

Does this mean that you can play Taichi, Sora, and the original Digidestined? Sure! However, some characters like Ryo Akiyama and Ruki Makino, are restricted for in-universe reasons.

There's also a third option, such as alternate versions of the Canon Characters (for example, an Osamu from a universe where Ken died).

Anyway, have fun!



1.) No Godmoding or Powergaming, aka no controlling other players' actions, no defeating your enemy in one shot, and no shrugging of all hits without a magical shield.
2.) There will be both mature themes here, even if it's Digimon; prior warning.
3.) You can be, sigh, villainous, but not psychotic. Your character must be able to work with others, even if its just to use them as meatshields or pack mules.
4.) At the same token, I'd like there to be at least one intelligent, competent, and somewhat diplomatic 'good' person in the group.
5.) Be polite to others.
6.) Caveat to 1.) You can defeat your enemy in one shot if you have a Mega and they have a Rookie, but doing so will be looked down upon.

Character Sheet

This is an obligatory notice that I'm working on the world, but if anyone's curious here are the themes of each elemental nation. I'm thinking of non element nations too but they will definitely be minor. Here they are.

Anemo - Meiji era Japan, age of Shinsengumi and rebels

Electro - Tesla coil steampunk, industry based anglo European nation.

Pyro - Gunpowder and pyrotechnics specialized Chinese nation

Geo - Middle Eastern themed on a sea of sand with warlords and sand pirates.

Dendro - Western Frontier, cowboys and USA theme.

Cryo - Germanic Viking themed with militaristic society.

Hydro - Roman Italian alian and canal cities like Venice. High society and luxury.

I'd also like to remind once again this is all early 20th century-ish in terms of tech and time period, so do picture them roughly in that context. I'll have more details at a later date including the core conflicts of each nation, so stay tuned.

I love the AU!
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