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Hi, Welcome to my profile.

Type of genres I like to rp are mostly anything involving Supernatural beings with some fantasy. Maybe a bit of action every now and then, if you have something funny to post, go right ahead, make me laugh (it's not hard).

I still love crossovers, I just don't do them as much as I used to. (I will join one if it's free roam for the most part and I am allowed OCs)

I do animal rps sometimes (mostly wolves or lions)

Check out all my characters here.

Things I like to do outside of RPG: Play games, watch YouTube or Take a nap. My type of games are MMORPGs(like Everquest or Wizard101), Sims(2, 3 and 4), pretty much stuff like that as long as said game allows for character creation with a variety of options. (I'm a creative person)

My favorite genre of music is mostly rock and anything I can dance and sing along to.

I love all animals but my most favorites are dogs and elephants.

Here's my discord: Tifa's Group

I am an old time rper. I was on the old guild and did a lot of GMing. It's just been awhile since I've been on here.

That's it for now :)

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And accepted @Shadow Dragon
Thanks for joining cause I was about to give up on this.

Also, would anyone care if I changed the title and plot a bit? Hopefully I won't need to make changes to the provided CS if I do that.
A world where supernatural beings and humans, some super try to live in harmony, but it not easy for every non-human. Even in this modern world, some supernatural beings are still hiding from it. Can humans deal with the strange sights they might see and can the non-humans deal with everyday society?

I may edit my last rp/convert it into this or make a fresh rp. It never got started anyway so yeah.

Interests(excluding myself): ....
Yay, thank you.
Read rule 7 please.

If you are accepted, me or a Co-GM will ping mention you saying so.

Wanna be a Co-GM? If I trust you enough or you do something to earn it, you might be one.

Member count(excluding myself): 5
Name: Jared Niles
Nickname: None
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Species: Werebadger

Likes/dislikes: To be revealed.
Role in society: Supernatural Specialist (kind of).
History: He was a paramedic working on a patient who happened to be a vampire, but he was often skeptic of supernatural stuff at first. He had a co-worker named Paul who he believed watched or read too many fantasies until the night he had his first transformation. This patient cared for him just he did him and thus they became friends. He has no idea if he'll meet him again or not.
Other: Will have fits of rage during full moon weeks.

Name: Valon
Nickname: None
Age: 18, but looks 16.
Gender: Male
Species: Human, but with a weird condition.
Likes/dislikes: Likes Zaxby's, Hates his condition and evil doctors.
Role in society: Citizen
History: An evil doctor pretended to take his blood when he really injected Valon with something else entirely.
Other: Has a special tube he won't let anyone touch in order keep himself from growing giant. If it does get taken from him, he will NOT be happy.

Name: Virden
Nickname: None.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Were-Giant
As a giant, he looks mostly the same except taller than a forest and has a row of sharp teeth in his mouth.
Likes/dislikes: Likes: Hanging out in his cave or at the beach. Sometimes likes being alone and sometimes likes being with other people. His dislikes are unknown at the moment.
Role in society: Citizen who lives in a cave in the forest.
History: "It's both a true and confusing tale."

Other: The cave he lives in seems to be special one as it seems to accommodate for him during a full moon.
Role in society:
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