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1 day ago
Current My favourite drive is Drive (2011) staring me, Ryan Gosling
23 days ago
imagine using the status bar, fucking nerds
1 mo ago
okay fine just one more RP then I'm done
2 mos ago
Time to fade away lol
3 mos ago
I feel like I'm close to reaching my enjoyment for RPs now that other writing opportunities have come out


Literally 1984 by Jorjor Well

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How's everyone doing on posts? Again if we're having some difficulty, I can put something up to nudge at everyone.

I am fighting my local council over 20 pieces of paperwork : (

Chipping away at it but if not, I'll just wait a few posts to jump in, even if that means waiting for the first event. I'm still here for now
I'll try and have a post up in the next few days!
Looking at the sheets, I think it's pretty funny no one picked ex-Republic/reformist.

Horthy has some stuff going on today, it's not dead or delayed, just a bit of a busy day came up. Do not fret, it's all still going to go ahead as things seem!
I do be excited to start writing for this.

@LetMeDoStuff @ReedeThe23rd @Auz @Kuro @Dusty @Psyker Landshark @Chev I think I got everyone for the OOC plugs

Am I clear to move my CS over?
<Snipped quote by LetMeDoStuff>

Mmm, yes. However the Empire has employed them with far better results.

Yes, however, counterpoint, the empire sucks ass. Your honour I rest my case
Hmm...Trandoshan aren't usually a common sight on the good side :/

Makes it more interesting when they are, right?

Ya'll cowards don't even listen to good music
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