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Still alive, if barely, I will be back properly on the 20th.
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Will likely not be able to post for quite some time in my current roleplays - If I do it'll be very slow and staggered, sorry guys this is only temporary.
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My pool of friends is drastically lowering since any of them that buys Andromeda makes my shit list.
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The Nahant Enclave - Day 1

The irradiated crows producing their harrowing caws signalled that morning had once again arrived in the Commonwealth, at least for the Lt. Colonel who resided in an almost completely restored Croup Manor, now renamed to "Edens Paradise".
With a grunt the man kicked the sheets off his bed and got ready for a new day, his agenda was full, as usual, but today a large piece of it was going to be taken up with a few of the other officers, they were making plans on establishing a new defensive line near the Nahant Wharf, tensions were on the rise once again with their friendly neighbourhood raiders, it seemed like it would only be a matter of days before it was all out war, if one could call it such a thing when dealing with degenerative scum like the ones at Libertalia.

The Lt.Colonel donned his officers uniform, which looked nothing like the old ones used back in the Enclaves prime- cloth undergarments and light shirt and briefs, covered over with a high-quality leather overcoat and polymered steel armour covered the body and knees, it made for a stylish yet protective outfit, and one the man was personally quite fond of.
The colouring itself was a dark green, much like the old one however.

After a brief bite to eat he was ready to begin the long, but ultimately profitable day ahead of him.

It was noon when Henry met with the other officers at the main gate, they had a lot to discuss.
There was 7 of them in total, all original members of the Enclave but equally at the time they were young and inexperienced when they left the Rock, guided by more experienced and older hands they eventually acquired the ranks of their fallen comrades as time progressed, all of them were middle aged now but brimming with experience and leadership potential - should he fall, one of them were more than suited to pick up his banner and take his place - something the original Enclave never really had.

The Lt.Colonel spoke first, greeting them all.
"Greetings everyone, I hope you've all had a good nights rest because we have a great deal to do today - as you are aware the raiders nearby are becoming increasingly aggressive and..." Henry was cut off mid sentence by his Captain, which at first made him extremely annoyed; however what the Captain had to say immediately made up for it.

"Sir, sorry to have to cut you short, but I felt that some news I've learned should take priority on today's agenda - a group of traders stopped by last night and started talking about on of their ilk discovering an object called "the beryllium agitator", other than the fancy name I didn't think much of it until I looked it up on our databases from the Rock - Sir, this item was used in the reactor that powered the Rock in the Capital wasteland."
A strong silence followed that statement until Henry broke it.

"A beryllium agitator? Here, in the Commonwealth?"
A confirming nod from the Captain was all he needed to start smiling, a rare occurrence.
"Well then, this changes a great deal - one of the main problems we've had carrying out numerous projects is creating the necessary power to test and use them, Captain I want you to assemble a team, head out into the Commonwealth and try and follow up on the lead you have, unless it's actually in the hands of a lone trader don't engage should you find out it's location, simply make note of it and return here so we can decide how to act."

The captain gave a salute and quickly made his way off the gate, rousing a few of the more experienced soldiers as he did.
Turning his head back to the rest of the Officers Henry dismissed them, dealing with the raider scum could wait for another day. Learning of this items existence here meant he needed to head back to the NOS, were the scientists were all working - there was a few projects he needed to discuss with Volk.

After a short walk, that was increased in length by ensuring he did a brief inspection of the settlement on his way there the Lt.Colonel arrived at the place they first called home in the Commonwealth, it wasn't much to look at but had decent scientific apparatus located inside it, as well as a capability to provide clean water to a great deal of people, food always came second in survival - if you sorted the water out, the rest could wait for at least a short while.
His path to Volk was littered with salutes from the science team and their helpers, he had them working around the clock on various projects that they had from the Rock and indeed based on a few technologies their new potential allies, the Institute had provided them.

Volk Kramer was the oldest of them that had arrived here, but as such he was invaluable for his scientific know how and his expertise in computing and engineering.
Henery had him working on something very special, and that was the first thing he brought up when he spoke.
"Volk, how's Project Eden coming along?" He knew the answer already, of course, which was preceded by a long drawn out sigh.

"Slow, but steady - as you well know, Henry" he said scathingly. Volk turned from his work and straightened his glasses giving a sloppy and half arsed salute when the pair faced each other.
"Now, other than bother my work, do you have anything important you wanted to discuss?"

For the first time in a few weeks, Henry actually did have something else to say barring bother the mans work.
"Yes actually, I thought you'd be interested in knowing that the Captain has come to learn of a Beryllium agitator located somewhere in the Commonwealth."
The reaction was instantaneous, Volk immediately straightened up to attention and spoke with a fervour in his voice.

"WHAT?! Really?! Do you realise, just how much that item would aid us? We could be well on our tracks to restoring the Enclave to it's former glory if we had that!" Volk gave a cautious turn to the hermetically sealed doors that contained Project Eden with a glint in his eyes.
"The Project would take months to finish; instead of years, do you realise what that would mean? The Enclave could rebuild properly again!"

A broad grin donned the Lt.Colonels face when he replied.
"I know, and Project Eden is instrumental should the day come when we can show our hand to the Brotherhood, and any other enemy we may have - including the Institute, friend or foe they may be in the future."

Volk turned and started muttering to himself - "GO! Leave me to my work, I'm going to start a new set of scenarios based on the power level we had back at the Rock for when we get the beryllium agitator, as well as get out the schematics to build the reactor in a safe place."
Henry knew that attempting to talk any further with the eccentric Volk Kramer would be useless, but the main assumed they would get their hands on it, if the Enclave knew of it's existence, then it was fair to assume that so did other groups in the commonwealth, including the Brotherhood.
For the time being, this would be their top priority, everything would be moved forward, the countless projects that were being worked on to return to their former glory, so they can begin to purify the Commonwealth from the scum that inhabited it - so much depended on this, and now the man would have to work out a replacement should they fail to acquire it, they needed to resolve their power situation, and soon.
@NecroKnightDon't worry, it's extremely low key and in it's infancy as of yet, it will be a good while for either of them; or the pair of them to make any reasonable move against another faction or the Brotherhood, considering that both of these factions are outright enemies of the brotherhood anyway, banding together seemed like a logical move.
@NecroKnightGotcha, just wanted to clarify ^_^

Also, I'll be adding this to the faction sheet me and Andro whipped up some prior arrangments between our groups.

"A short time after the the kill switch order the Enclave came across the group responsible for it, although this was unknown to them at the time - due to this heavily and advanced armed group taking a temporary settlement at the Nahant docks, contact was made to establish whether or not they were hostile and if not was their stay for long?
After a tense initial meeting that was made down the barrels of Plasma and Laser weapons alike, it was obvious both sides had a taste for technology.
After a small discussion between the leaders of both sides a deal was made, but in turn so was the identity of both sides, both of them had something to keep close now, as both of them were enemies of the Brotherhood, it meant that if one side were to betray the other, then the other side had the means to destroy them in turn by releasing information to the BoS, however their shared hatred for the group seemed to be decent bponding material.
In return for aiding the Institute in repairing naval vessels for them to travel to their new base of operations and allowing them to use Nahant as a base of operations when in the Commonwealth, the institute gave them resources, scientific knowledge, schematics and above all a promise that Synths under their control would leave them alone.
This seemed to be the beginning of a fruitful relationship."
@NecroKnightYou say someone has a Beryllium agitator, do you mean one of the groups? Or a random trader?
@Andronicus23I noticed that you mentioned the Nahant docks in your CS, if you wanted we could do a bit a collab in our CS's about both factions meeting each other during this time?
@Andronicus23I agree, you could be connected to Far Harbour, you could a settlement they've established on the mainland for better trade, which would be a better idea on implementation.
@Andronicus23I would think, personall, that Far Harbour is a bit too removed from the Commonwealth to act as a major faction in this RP, considering you need a boat to get there and functioning boats capbanle of traversing the radioactive swill that is the sea probably aren't very common.
But that's just my thoughts on it.

History: The Nahant Enclave donned the addition to it's real title upon arriving and settling at the Nahant Oceanological society, far to the North East of the commonwealth, it's location was deemed of great strategic value due to the single bridge that connected the area to the mainland, although the Rebel fortress Libertalia located south of the settlement was regarded as a threat, the group repelled several raiding parties and eventually the two settlements decided to have a mutual agreement to not attack one another and stay out of each others way - trade was also established but kept to be infrequent as possible to prevent any further disputes.

The group of Enclave survivors has a long and bloody history, and their numbers have thinned considerably since their exodus from the Capital wasteland a few decades ago, whilst the Nahant Enclave still maintains many of Edens beliefs, the group is aware of many mistakes made by the President, which ultimately led to his demise, and indeed the fall of the Enclave.
The groups main purpose is to reestablish themselves and become a force to be reckoned with once more, the day that occurs will they then start pursuing a slightly modified Eden Doctrine upon the surrounding settlements and area.

Needless to say, ever since their arrival to the Commonwealth things have gone downhill considerably fast, the group decided to isolate themselves after the Brotherhood showed up, growing slowly and remaining heavily on the defensive - they did not wish to attract the ire of their old foes, learning that the Enclave still existed would have made them a prime target against an enemy they simply had no means to fight - as of yet.
This allowed them to remain fairly intact and indeed the isolated nature of their location meant that the cataclysmic events of the war that followed was barely even noticed by the settlement, their leader and the settlers themselves had no wish to get caught in the war and kept to themselves, growing and fortifying their location.

At the time of the "Kill switch" order, the existence of Synths had become very apparent, and just how well they had infiltrated society, whilst the Enclave had known and heard about the existence of synths prior to this event, they had long decided that based on what they had heard that a synth was little different from a human, although reports about the earlier generation synths and their destructive capabilities - due to their remote location though, they never actually witnessed the earlier generations synths.
At the time of the kill switch a number of different things happened, the raider fortress Libertalia underwent an upheaval and power struggle due to their leader being ousted as a synth, after a great deal of fighting and bloodshed a new leader rose to power, a hard line against all synths due to the recent uprising, as well as that the raiders began asserting their control again, which put pressure on the Nahant Enclave, an all out conflict seems to be on the horizon between the two groups.
Thankfully, the Enclave was spared from the majority of damage from synth infiltration, being a knew settlement didn't omit them from the kill switch order but the fact that the power hierarchy was all limited to wastelanders foreign to the Commonwealth meant that not a single synth was in any upper of even semi-important position, when the attack came, they were put down with ease, although a few innocents were killed during the attack.
Since then, outsiders have had a much harder time finding a home or place in Nahant, undergoing a rigorous screening process, a very watchful eye for weeks and an incredibly difficult climb through the ranks.
The Enclave makes trips out into the North to recruit people to their group from outside the Commonwelath, in order to prevent or at least lower the chance of further infiltration.
Once again, despite this, synths are allowed to live here - declaration that they are a synth before entry helps instil trust as they know that an eye will always be kept on them, an they will never be able to acquire a leadership role, but nevertheless a home can be found here for them.
By the time the major events passed the aftermath was taking it's toll on the rest of the Commonwealth the settlement had grown quite large in size, their group accepting synth and human alike, although refusing entry to any ghoul.
By this time their control had extended to the Nahant Sheriffs department, and the entry to the rest of the settlement had become heavily fortified and well manned - the constant supply of meat from the ever common Mirelurk that dotted their shores meant that they were a well fed and fast growing settlement that had begun to attract attention from the rest of the commonwealth - people knew of its existence now, but very very few people knew of it's past.

The settlement is armed with the Enclaves signature weapons, the Plasma Rifle and Pistol, however they are rarely ever used and only ever in an emergency due to the scarcity and expense of the ammunition required to use them, the defence force that operates similar to the old Enclave Army, a well structured and organised pseudo-military with ranks receives training every week; a minimum of 6 hours, with specially modified single barrelled shotguns that fire bags of sand in a similar trajectory and speed of the Plasma projectile, allowing the defence force to be somewhat trained and accurate with the weaponry once they need to be used, making them a deadly and efficient force with these weapons, despite their rare use.

Notable people: Lt.Col Henry Muller (OC), 1st Lt Mia Cross, Enclave scientist Volk Kramer (Npcs)
@NecroKnightAll done ^_^
In reference to the "accepting of synths" part, I meant that the group didn't care if you were a synth - so if one of them were open about it, they'd be accepted nonetheless, due to the fact that Eden wasn't even human they're far more accepting of Ai or synthetic life forms than most groups are at this juncture.
But yes they have no way of proving their existence, or who is one, and who is not (barring a bullet) but they are accepting of them, if they decided to divulge their existence.
Anyway, I'll add some more to the sheet.
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