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About me as a player.
When I make a character I consider every aspect of the character—and the context of the universe it's in—from its nature and demeanor, to its ambitions and motivations; and quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. Did I need to say all that? No, not really, but I felt like correctly using 'and' five times in a sentence. The reason I give such consideration to these characters is because I come to RP to for the challenge of being someone other than myself. What I would do in a character's situation does not interest me, and it's not the point. Knowing the character as well as I know myself means I can do what the character would do and really feel the weight of those choices.

About me as an author.
I consider all play-by-post games I play in to be a form of interactive, co-authored stories, where in the characters all play a part; and as a consequence all authors play a part. When I engage in collaborations I try to make my character's goals and motivations as clear as possible to the other authors I'm engaging with, and trust they will respect the game and not meta-game that knowledge (particularly: Using out of character knowledge to make in-character decisions). I've observed that this is the most difficult line for other players to walk and I find myself entering into collabs sparingly with anyone I've witnessed not delivering on a pattern of excellence in this regard.

About me as a person.
I have years of experience in LARP, Table-Top, MUDs & MMOs and more. I've been role-playing longer than the average millennial has been alive, and have played just about every kind of character—in every kind of medium—there is. I've also written a bit of fan-fiction (FiMFiction) and original fiction, as well as served as a serious editor for both. I don't mention my experience to brag. It's just a fact. I'm not being modest either since I don't believe in it. Modesty and Arrogance are two sides of the same coin. Understating one's abilities is just as dishonest as overstating them. Doing either is a sign of insecurity, and a deception perpetrated with the intent to garner respect or sympathy. If I'm starting to sound like a super villain, well, there is a reason why.

Character Sheet Thread.
Legion's List o' Character Sheets

If you like Ponies, and my brand of RP, then why not read some of my horse words?

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Hey, do we have a discord?

Actually, what I you said was this:

My response to that was this:

You never asked what that meant. You only told me it was wrong. I have since made this clarification in a still ongoing investigation:

It would be most pertinent for you to wait for the collusion of that investigation before continuing to involve yourself.
Before starting the review, I would like to

You stated that you would not involve yourself in this character's approval process. You need to respect that you have obligated yourself not to get involved and so, as we agreed previously, I will continue to wait for other GMs to review Mylar (instead of you).
@Sini I added the section [Infancy] based on what we discussed so it should be an easy thing to find and review review. I also made minor changes to [Early Childhood] to ensure the added information is not being talked about twice.
Withdrawn pending conversation with @Ruby
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