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Current Meeting new people online is always so uplifting. It's crazy just how many people are in the world. It makes me feel so small and humble. ♥
4 mos ago
Sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree. ♪
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4 mos ago
Thank you lovelies for your replies. I just won't join any group rps then and stick to 1x1. I've been stolen from before and it's the worst thing I've ever gone through so my alarm bells were ringing!
4 mos ago
WHAT?! That's a rule here? I take my OC to someone's story and they can just straight up STEAL them? Seriously if that's a thing warn me now. It's not a compliment to be stolen from EVER.


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@LadyAdiraa I don't have anything in mind myself as of right now, but as a sort of tip: I'd suggest checking out 4chan's /tg/ board. It can be kind of a shitshow over there (it's 4chan after all), but they usually have some sort of draw thread up where people post reference sheets in hopes someone will draw it for them. Maybe give it a look as well since you're wanting to practice your art?

Hiii, I've had bad experience with that site previously so I don't use it. But thanks for the suggestion regardless it was sweet of you to try and help! I don't actually have trouble with getting requests lol, I just put this topic up here because I'm new and wanted to give something to the community. ♥

Update: The cut off for this will be the 19th, forgot to add that to my original post. xP @Majoras End even if you are the only one who joins it just means you're 100% guaranteed to win. xD

Update #2: I don't think I can double post so I'm just editing this one! Since only one person joined I'll be making art of that character. ♥
𝐻𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑜 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓁𝒾𝑒𝓈,

I'll try to make this as quick as possible since I'm sure you are all busy roleplaying! But I'd like to practice my drawing and 99% of the time I only feel motivated when I'm doing artwork for others so please post reference pictures/your oc images below and I'll put them in a randomizer to choose one person I draw. Just a few rules though!

• OCs (Original Characters) only.
• Only one character please, can be any gender.
• Must have reference images.
• Human-like only. I will accept add-ons such as ears, tail, horns, etc.
• No furry or anthro. No mecha. No creatures. Etc.

If you have any questions please let me know, my art style is anime, I can do chibi's too if you're interested.

I'm new by a couple of days, but still wanted to say hello and welcome. I know exactly what you mean about joining a site and then being too intimidated to do anything. Especially when you reach out to people and don't have any luck with writing right away. But stay strong, -sends internet hugs of support- I am a bit of a cheat though because I never join a site without my best friend so I always have someone to fall back on if things go array!

Pretty much 100% with you regarding character development. ♥ Oh wow though to you having so many characters. I know a few people who have over a hundred characters and write all of them. I could never have that many, I'd get so mixed up, haha. It'd be really cool to see some of your artwork too when you are comfortable.

Take care of yourself and good luck Vincabeo, it's wonderful to meet you.
I'm interested! Going to be sending you a long PM soon. ♥
I hiccup sometimes out of the blue, not sure why. But it always surprises people when I do. It's embarrassing sometimes when they point it out so blatantly because I don't think about it when it happens since it's so normal to me.
My bestie/roommate showed me this site. She'd seen it years ago, but it was so different from the forums we were used to that we shied away. Still, glad we joined now. There are a lot of interesting people here. And it'll be a nice change from what we're used to considering what's happened to the usual place we used to write.

I never know what to say about myself here. I love writing, it's a huge passion of mine. I enjoy reading other people's stories too and witnessing the original characters and worlds they create with others. I like other basic things, like drawing, playing games, watching things etc.

I pride myself on being honest despite the hardships that brings. I've been writing for years. Mostly with my best friend, and our one pairing that's past their 10 year anniversary by this point, lol. I have a cast of characters I care a lot about and tend to bring them everywhere I go. I love seeing how the environment of their story changes them just like real people.

Hm, what else. Um, something uncommon about me is that I loathe discord. For personal reasons but it's something I avoid like the plague. I have tried getting into it to give it a chance, but it ended up the way I expected and so I've evacuated the area so to speak. I also don't really like fantasy roleplays unless I know the other person rather well. I prefer slice of life genre, the one everyone tells me is boring, lol. But I won't go into full details about that here.

Writing to me isn't a hobby, it's a way of life. I write everyday first before anything else because it's something I love. I like to analyze characters and writing much like I do with shows/movies I watch or even games. I'm always eager to learn more to expand what I know with writing. My writing size varies from large to small depending on the situation.

I have no idea what else to write here. Other than that I've read a lot of your guys posts already and really love the passion I see. Please keep being amazing. ♥

P.s Call me Adira, please! My username just has a bunch of aaa's at the end to help keep it somewhat consistent. Most places don't have LadyAdira available, so I just started putting a's at the end.
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