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Taking a slight break from RPG. Might be around here and there. Who knows.

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So like, what features are currently being implemented? Or what does the list look like now?

Well, as others have said prior, the staff can't implement anything/make any current changes to the site until Mahz shows up again. But I think @LegendBegins was working on some quick, easy fixes or something along those lines that would be ready to roll out whenever Mahz came back. Things like VM changes or whatever.

At least that's what I last remember hearing in regards to any actual "updating" opposed to future feature requests.
Yellowstone. Never got around to watching it until late this year because I didn't have Paramount+ and/or Peacock at the time. There's just too many streaming services these days, and Yellowstone has some weird licensing deal where some seasons are one platform where others are on another. Anyway, the show's cool; always been interested in those "neo-western" type shows, and the National Park backdrop is interesting as well.
Does anyone have the link to the Wayback Machine?*/w…
So, for those not aware, you can "cheat" an image to overlay onto another image through the use of [sub] and [sup] in a post's code. But is there a way to push the image further upwards/downwards without going into an image editing program and doing it yourself? I've tried tacking on more than one [sup]/[sub], but it seems like only one actually takes effect and the others don't do anything. Tried to brute force it with fake/hidden lines to see if they'd push the image into place as well, but it doesn't seem to change anything either.

Example as to what I'm trying to ask. You can see there's a slight overlay of the bottom image onto the top:
Trying to egg breed for a shiny in the older Pokemon games is a pain in the ass. I could do some RNG manipulation but that's a lot of work trying to find out my secret ID and other stuff required to properly time the RNG for a shiny right. I guess for now I'm stuck with hundreds of Lapras just sitting in my boxes. At least we can say Lapras won't be lorewise near-extinct by this point

@TGM get it
@KrystalKleo To my knowledge that's the only way to get "small" text/font on the guild as of now, so I'm afraid not. You might be able to get something "small" off unicode or those "wacky, cool" fonts people use for aesthetics, but that'd raise an issue as to whether or not that specific text is supported by someone's device and won't look like a bunch of blocky squares or something instead. Otherwise, I'd have to say your only other option is to wait until Mahz comes back (which IDK myself when he will) for any new font size implementations.
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