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12 days ago
Current I want to go fishing some more. Honestly, with these prices out here these days it might be wise; go out for a weekend and stock up the freezer with channel cat, bluegill or something.
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[X] - Flochian Flambe
@Sockofpancakes as of right now account deletion is not possible, Mahz hasn't coded into the site. The only way accounts can currently be "deleted" is by perma ban.
[X] - A street side stall. A queue of hungry customers stretches outs like a snake.
[X] - A Kauldron brand, enchanted wok, perfectly smithed to distribute heat evenly.
Welcome to the guild, @NoChill.
Watched the Uncharted film earlier today. It was about what I expected from a video game movie; meh storyline/plot and writing but still an enjoyable watch in the end.
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