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22 hrs ago
Current I think it's funny that Pokemon trades tell you to "Take good care of X!" when 9/10 you're just going to release or trade them away again lol
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1 day ago
don't do it, wraith. it's a trap
5 days ago circle k has free item coupons, get them while you can cuz they expire on the 30th
8 days ago
there are no rules in the wild roleplay west, dark cloud
8 days ago
who gave Cthulhu access to the internet



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@SaintJiub Trying something new with the colored text?
Thinking about doing something different for my birthday next month. Usually, there's a bunch of my family that gets together for birthdays and goes out to eat wherever. But I kind of want to spice it up and have us go all to the movies instead. There's a few I want to go see (65, DnD, Mario) right now, so I could probably bang one or two out that day depending on showings.
If you're using an AI to write an RP scene, then you shouldn't be RPing. RPing is a hobby. If you're not enjoying it enough to do it yourself, then stop doing it.

Tbh this.

I can understand why people would use AI for scenery pictures or whatever, but if you're using it to write your own posts why are you even bothering to RP lol
@Vampiretwilight psst you forgot to ask your own question
Welcome to the guild, @BaileyBlue302. As an ice breaker, are there any particular genres, fandoms, etc. that you're interested in?
Welcome to the guild, @scribblehead.
My spotify playlist thought I needed to listen to this repeatedly today despite being on shuffle. I ain't gonna complain, though, it's still an enjoyable track from my childhood that I can regularly listen to.

Does anyone use Pokemon Home? I'm just throwing fodder at the GTS and what not from my POGO account to fill out my Pokedex.

edit: lol just got a shiny japanese kakuna for a random metapod, nice
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