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Current I wonder what the forum's musical preferences are.
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I wonder what future Animes I should watch, been stuck in an Isekai slump right now. No idea what else I want to watch besides Tensura and Shield Hero once that comes out.
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I really want to be able to travel again real bad. I love visiting North America again.
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Altera Dance best dance.

A 20-something year old from somewhere in the Eurasian continent. Love roleplaying, but with a preference for Fantasy mixed with Sci-Fi or a more modern setting. I'm a bit of a picky roleplayer, although I won't necessarily shy away from a good roleplaying premise should it presents itself to me.

Feel free to DM me in site and in discord if you're interested in adding me to an RP. Right now I need more role plays in my life, not less.

J'ai parle Français aussi, et il y a un autre langue qu'il n'est pas indiquer, primairement en risqué de mon identité.

Adore, Adore, Adore chantre Français et Japonais. Anglais aussi.

What about your music tastes?

Alright, enough French.

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@King Cosmos@13org@AWACS@BigPapaBelial@Martian

The dinner the team ordered was finished in no time. A quick succession of talking, followed by chewing sounds that gave Amanda a tremendous amount of data to be later processed. This is certainly a very interesting experience, while the android is familiar with the concept of eating, and has seen humans eat, she has not seen such a concentrated amount of pleasure visibly emanating from the group. This act of bonding over shared food certainly will make Amanda think more about human nutrition once this mission is over.

And speaking of things being over. The dinner was quickly finished, and Amanda insisted that she should be the one paying for the bills. "Hey, I probably receive a larger paycheck than all of you, it's the least I can do as your team leader." She replied to every attempt made by the group members on paying their own share. "Don't worry about it, pay me back in your performance in this case, okay?"

She quickly bid goodbye to the team after the dinner. Making sure that their trek back home (or hotel) won't be anything too dangerous, walking back herself towards the OMR office, she was already on her way to her sleeping quarters, but turning a corner, she met that Demon Madeleine once again.

"Oh, hey Madeleine. How's that cleanup op going?"

"Oh, Amanda, welcome back! Going as well as it should be. All evidence should be in your office by tomorrow. Say, I also heard that you might be planning a trip to Minsk? Belarus?"

"Oh, yeah! That. The Minsk situation is pretty complicated, but I do think that I need to split the team into two parts. One will handle the situation here in Frankfurt, decipher evidence, catching criminals, do the typical stuff. And I need to take a task force to Minsk. It seems that one of the portals that was used in the Warehouse opened in Minsk, and I intend to follow this trail of breadcrumbs to hell if I have to."

"Well, say hello to the Devil for me should you go to hell. It's been a couple centuries since I myself ventured back down there." Madeleine visibly joked. Both of them chuckling a bit at the implication. "Oh, Amanda, I nearly forgot. Since you will be away in Minsk. Perhaps... I can take temporary charge of your team in Frankfurt should they need a leader of sorts? I take it that you'll have your hands full trying to ensure the safety of your team in Minsk?"

Huh... She's right. Amanda thought. How did I not think of that yet?

"That... would actually be nice Madeleine. Huh, how did I not think of that? I trust that you have a lot of experience dealing with agents right?"

"Obviously Amanda. I have to work with at least some people during my centuries old life, a bunch of hodgepodge agents from all over the world should be nothing for me. I can handle it."

"Well, then I expect you to be present in my office at 10. We'll discuss the situation and I'll then have you take charge of the home team. Would that work?"

"Fantastic. I guess I'll be sleeping right away now. Don't wanna be late to our little meeting now do we?"

"And so will I."

Just as the two of them were about to part ways though. Madeleine asked one final question, a question Amanda's been silently dreading this whole time. "So, where did you go for dinner?"

"Uhh, I think we went to this place called Gaststätte Atschel. The food seems good, but I kinda fear that you might laugh at me for eating at some tourist trap or something."

Madeleine's eyes glowed the moment Amanda mentioned that name. "Oh, on the contrary, that's... a really good first choice Amanda. Nice."

Silently, Amanda felt a wave of relief as Madeleine praised her. Let's hope that Amanda won't be bringing the group into tourist trap restos from this point forward.

"Wow... I did not expect that there are that many documents being hidden inside that house."

"Do not blame me for that Amanda. I suggest you check up on Mr X and see why he has a bunch of paperwork lying around."

The meeting between Amanda and Madeleine was a huge mess from the start. Not necessarily a mess that strains their relationship, quite the opposite in fact. But a mess that the two of them genuinely did not expect. Amanda woke up, and entered into a room filled with documents of official... stuff, and a confused Madeleine telling her that this is not her fault. "I swear I will kill the clerk who took my orders too literally. When I meant to 'send the important documents to her office first.' I really should've meant the really important ones. Sorry for the mess Amanda."

"Nah, don't worry about it. It just means that the group staying here would have a lot of work to look forward to in the next couple of days. Slaving away to paperwork should be no problem for them, hopefully."

And surely enough, Amanda's Slaves Agents soon arrived. All of them blissfully unaware of the impending paperwork doom that greeted them should they stay.

"Alright. So, Madeleine here will be a temporary replacement for me in the next couple of days, because I will be taking a short flight to Minsk and investigate the stuff Faye uncovered while at that warehouse. Faye, you're coming with me to Minsk okay? I probably need your Fae senses even more now to deduce what their plans in Minsk are. And all the rest of you are free to either stay in Frankfurt, and sift through the evidence uncovered in the house. Or join me in an Adventure in Minsk, don't worry, the boring paperwork stuff won't be there forever. I'm pretty sure that Mr X will be mobilizing resources even more now considering that we've gathered a significant amount of evidence."

"So, make your choice agents." Amanda declared, her tone deliberately boastful, as if they're playing some sort of gameshow. It's the least she can do to lighten up the situation.

--The fight begins--

@13org@Shirly Swad@Medili@Martian

The Dragon seemed to scoff when the woman suddenly dropped the very obvious poison, and the Golem seemingly quietly casting out a bunch of spells. He wasn't so sure what those spells are, but it seems that these spells might hinder his movement for a bit. His pride would be his undoing however, as he slowly sniffed out the poison. Confident of his body's ability to take it, but then suddenly, as if from nowhere, he started feeling a bit woozy.

Is the poison powerful enough to make him woozy? Impossible! No sane human would be able to bring such a concentrated dose! Even still, the dragon's movement started becoming erratic. And then the sudden attack from Fei. Which knocked him down, face planting his face towards the Snow covered ground, alright, it looks like it's enough playtime for now.

Going back up with a sudden roar. He swipes his tail, easily knocking Fei's legs off balance before the tail swings again, firmly planting him into the side of the mountain pass. The mountainous rocky walls forming the shape of a human as Fei's impact left a significant dent. And then he proceeded to power up his breath, a powerful concoction of mana and electricity, while also swinging his two forward talons towards the adventurer group.

The fairy didn't even bother him, and his offers for payment was swiftly ignored by the dragon. Which unleashed a powerful breath of mana and electricity towards the group.

Which was quickly met by an invisible wall. A wall Anki quickly activated once she knew of the Dragon's intent.

"A wall of Yggdrasil, smart. But I've seen mages cast similar spells, it won't block me." He commented, before quickly bearing his full weight into the wall, significantly straining it, and it would've broken, had the Dragon barely noticed a certain Dark skinned woman exiting from it's walls. Barely out of the Dragon's peripheral vision.

A certain Ksatria Naga is barreling towards him, and vanished just as quickly as she appeared on his vision.

Srikandi had told Anki to activate the spell, an order Anki quickly obliged, and using her strong form. She ran straight towards the dragon as the thorns suddenly restricted the movement of the dragon.

It worked, worked way better than Srikandi had hoped. And she uses her experience to swiftly enter the Dragon's underside, before tearing apart the dragon's exposed underbelly. Taring doing good work as gashes were opened up all across the belly of the dragon. Srikandi would've killed the dragon outright if it wasn't for a talon that she didn't notice suddenly impacting her stomach. Strong enough to make her lose air (as well as cough blood), the talon quickly slammed towards Srikandi, throwing her away back towards the group. The dark skinned knight is okay, but she felt that something inside of her was broken, and not fixable in any practical amount of time.

But the damage was done. The Dragon was hurt, and was visibly bleeding, the sword-smiths that made Taring would've been proud of it's toughness, but Srikandi doesn't have time to ruminate on that, as the wounded dragon is quickly becoming even angrier at the group. Screaming in pain, before unleashing yet another wave of strikes hitting the magical shield the Scion of Gaea have set up. Not enough to break it, but more than enough for Srikandi to get nervous. Even a young dragon can nearly overwhelm such a powerful spellcaster. And so she has to think fast.

Thank goodness the potion from Catherine seemed to work wonders though, as his lethargy was quickly showing, the strikes of the Yellow Dragon, while powerful, is pretty erratic and not as impactful as it should be. The group would've been domed up in a rock wall if it weren't for Catherine's immediate actions when the dragon arrived.

Nonetheless, this is a situation that warrants alarm.

"Anyone here got any ideas on how to kill him?" Srikandi asked. Before coughing up yet even more blood. "I'm... not available to act at the moment, but the dragon is probably at his weakest right now. I... need some ideas." She stared at Catherine, Anki, and the new arrival that is Dumas. Fei's probably doing some martial arts strikes towards the Dragon right now, but in all honesty. She's confident that he won't land the killing blow.

So who will?


Wow. Bunga was particularly entranced by the look of the botanical gardens when they entered. And when Sukoro Jinga was visible. Her interest was even more piqued by the flower the man was studying. A Rafflesia Arnoldii? Here? Bermuda really is some center for innovation isn't it? She personally has seen the flower herself, took some heavy trekking across the Sumatran Jungle, and a few encounters with wild beasts that she easily shooed off once her strength was shown towards the animal. But damn, even the scientists at the University back home struggle to make a Rafflesia bloom inside the local municipal greenhouse, and this Sukoro guy here is studying the flower with little to no effort.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing, the flower of course, but no doubt the fact that this flower is a sight to be seen at all here. She thought to herself. Visibly seeing the flower, the rotting smell of this infamous corpse flower not bothering her at all. The 18 year old busy looking at Sukoro Jinga studying the flower, she herself is an Egoist, but the woman can appreciate a scientist doing his work with passion, even in a subject she has little to no experience personally.

Now that she thought of it, does the University she studied in even have a Technologic studies branch?

The sudden questioning from the German Technologist kicked her off from her daze. As the sudden and aggressive queries from Lucretia stunned her, she knew that Lucretia had a... peculiar way of asking questions, but darn girl. You can stand to be a bit polite perhaps?

"Umm, Lucretia? Perhaps asking Sukoro Jinga such a direct question would not be uhh, productive." Bunga commented on her. "You might anger him y'know? Maybe you can ask him politely. Asking nicely has a tendency to yield better results, at least that's my assessment on the matter."

Of course. Being an Oriental herself, she profusely apologized for Lucretia's perceived rudeness. Asking such a direct question even in her culture would be a death kneel for someone's reputation no matter who they are. "Gomenasai Sukoro-San." Bunga apologized. "But I think that this German woman may not understand Oriental manners. Perhaps we can start over yes? My name is Bunga Kurniawan and she is Lucretia von Konigsmahne. I was wondering if you can perhaps spare this petite German woman here a box with Starsteel Formulization locked into it? She seems to be very interested, and perhaps do you know of any other Nusantarans in this great city? I have been hard pressed trying to find my fellow countrymen, but I just can't seem to find anyone but myself hailing from the Archipelago where I live. Do you perhaps know of some Nusantarans yourself?"

There is a risk she might anger Lucretia for interjecting her this way, but if she gets the Starsteel formulized box and she gets to know where her countrymen are. Then this might be worth it. At least she hopes it will be.
A pilot's acceptable, but maybe we can talk this further on the discord server.

Here's the link.
Is this thread still accepting new characters? I am very much interested in joining up if there is room still available.

We are! Do you know what character you might be interested in?


Bunga was visibly elated when the small German girl accepted the invitation. But her elation turned into disappointment when the Technologist mentioned Sukoro Jinga's nationality, yah, a Japanese technologist. Not exactly a Nusantaran by any stretch of the imagination, but, trying to keep a positive mood, Bunga imagined that the Technologist would know some Nusantarans himself. Bermuda is a big place after all, so she expects that there might be some Nusantarans present here.

Bunga refuses to believe that she's the only Nusantaran person here.

"Alright then..." She responded to Lucy's statement. "Just so you know, I'm not a Japanese, but since I've already agreed to help search for him, I might as well continue along."

Utilizing her fox ears to great effect, Bunga concentrated and took in all the sounds permeating from all of Bermuda, someone busy doing chores, a bunch of students talking about dating issues, and oh so many more random stuff Bunga picked up. "Hmm, perhaps we have to go somewhere else? So far, all I'm picking from my ears is just random noise." Bunga commented. Further concentrating on finding any mention of Sukoro Jinga, some officials talking about taxes, some men talking about how beautiful some of the women in the campus are located, and a whole miscellaneous things about whatever the hell the students are talking about.

At least most of them are talking about academic matters such as Formulas though, so some silver linings in listening to the conversation.

"Mmm no, didn't hear a single whisper of Sukoro Jinga from here." Bunga said towards Lucy. "Oh and perhaps before we go search and stuff, why don't we introduce ourselves? I'm Bunga Kurniawan, an Egoist from the Majapahit Federation. I research on Animal formulae and how we can replicate them. How about yourself?"

@King Cosmos@Martian@13org@AWACS@BigPapaBelial

Sure enough, just as busy as the group was talking. The chef was busy preparing a medley of food for the group. Schnitzels, Bockwurst, Hamburg Steak, and a bunch of other stuff the group ordered. The food came quickly afterwards, the group, pleasantly surprised by a mixture of food and drinks, are now starting to eat, and eat well. "Wow, you're all really hungry aren't you?" Amanda asked, seemingly surprised by the eagerness some of her agents are chowing down the food. "I do get descriptions of how food tastes and feels like when ingested, but I never understand the strong attraction humans had towards food. I mean, eating nutrients can't be that good can it?"

She eyes the Bockwurst being eaten by Faye. "Can you describe it Faye?" She asked. "How it feels to have that in your mouth and all... Sorry, sorry. I know I'm being weird, but I just can't... get away from the fact of it. It can't be that good can it?" Amanda's mind is just having trouble computing all of those potential sensations. She knows that the OMR is researching on artificial tastebuds and a working digestive system for Androids. And she really fears that should they pull it off, and they put her with those augmentations... Her mind will literally melt with all the potentially good sensations assaulting her mind. "You know, if there's an augmentation that allows me to eat food. I'm kinda feeling on not taking it. I fear my mind's gonna melt form all those good sensations or something."

The sudden question from Morgana about agents though, suddenly piqued her interest. Amanda was silently thanking the researcher for posing that question, since the food stuff is bothering her mind too much at this point. "Uhh, sure Morgana. Just let me clear my mind first, then I'll answer."

She has to be in a good frame of mind to answer her question for this one, since it'll get pretty messy if she explains it with her messy brain right now.

"Huuuuuhhhh. Alright, so there's this thingy we have in our Philly office, yeah the HQ. Called the 'Agent Potential Calculator'. Don't worry it's not some magical contraption that does mind control or that stuff. Just some super advanced algorithms inside a computer we Androids helped build at the request of the Director herself, it is meant to assess the potential future of agents based on reviewing their abilities, accomplishments, and history within the OMR. The machine changes all the time really, sometimes even radically changing the 'potential' of an agent should he/she accomplishes some radical mission or experiences some crazy stuff. But nonetheless, I'm getting sidetracked here."

"I chose all of you here because that Agent Potential Calculator calculated that you'll be a perfect match for this mission, basing on all your abilities, magical skills, academic history, and status within the OMR. The calculator picked all of you for this particular mission, and honestly. Considering the potential all you agents have, and the abilities you've shown in that small firefight that afternoon. I think I've made the right call to heed the Calculator's calculations."

"Anyway. Micheal, what did you order?" Amanda asked, trying to shift the topic back again to food.

@Ozzy Cross@Forsythe@RedPandaGamer@Searat

"Alright, if a bunch of branches is what you want, a bunch of branches you shall get." Yoshina responded, quickly putting her hands to work gathering any remaining branches scattered around her. They are in the edges of the forest after all, and thank goodness that the trees in this forbidden forest tend to shave a lot of branches off. It almost feels like the expansion of this forest is being hampered by something rather... magical.

But that is a mystery for a later time. Yoshina brought Rudolph a bunch of branches, and then quickly parted off again, the Princess highly intent on continuing her temporary mission of... gathering branches...

She knew that this is not necessarily the most exciting thing to do right now, but in a way she is glad that she's doing this. All that action for today, the time with the bandits and then the time with the branches, are slowly winding down for the day. And Yoshina feels like the group needed some respite from all the nonsense pouring their way.

"I got more branches." Yoshina replied, bringing another huge stack of branches and dropping it in a growing woodpile in front of Rudolph. "Do you need more? That seems like a lot of branches to do an advanced spell."


Amid the chaos of the entire situation with Jeanne, and the general hustle and bustle of Bermuda. A woman, wearing clothes that easily catch the attention of everyone, with a body that also catches the attention of everyone, and a skin that's practically kissed by the sun, was busy enjoying her time in Bermuda. She herself was a bit too busy scheduling meetings with fellow academics and just enjoying her time in this artificial city suspended on the sea, currently, she was too busy looking for books to read and purchase. The sudden summoning of the young ones as they converge into the library, and Ryuuko volunteering to taking care of the problematic French lady seemed to solve that little problem.

But now Bunga is faced with another quirk that she has to solve. She has already bought a large stack of books from the bookstore. A collection of treatises concerning Formulae in nature and whatever progress Polymaths across the world has made in deciphering the Formula on natural objects. She herself was a Polymath busy doing research on such subjects herself, and her fox ears and fox tail, very visible for everyone to see. Are both twitching in excitement. She had a good night's sleep yesterday, and was more than ready to plow into the literature of the books she just bought, perhaps learning about progress in Egoist practices might give her the inspiration to further her research, an insight here and there at least wouldn't hurt right?

Honestly, while she is interested in joining her government funded research trip into Bermuda, she honestly felt pretty lonely already, there aren't a lot of Nusantarans or people from the region she lived in. Well, there's that Vietnamese Egoist she saw a while ago during that little exposition in the Library, but other than that... she couldn't even think of anyone else that might be more in her wavelength really. Everyone either comes from Europe, Zhongguo, the Mughal Empire, or some part of Abya Yala. Interesting people and all, but not what Bunga needs in order to familiarize herself with this city.

But just as she was about to go home, all chores for the day practically all finished. She passed Bermuda's many, many post offices, and overheard a girl saying the name 'Sukoro', and her fox ears perked up, she turned her head. Her paper bag still containing many books, and immediately took notice of the situation.

It looks like a German girl, very petite, and with some technologist construct that floats around her. She seems to be frustrated with something, although Bunga's not quite sure what she's frustrated about. Deciding to take the initiative, the Nusantaran woman quickly approached the small German girl out of the post office, and into one of the many bistros that dot Bermuda.

"Umm, excuse me?" Bunga greeted the white haired woman, crouching down to match her at eye level. "Are you searching for someone named Sukoro? I know this might sound weird but uhh, can I join you too in the search? I'm kinda searching for someone that could be my countrymen, and when I heard the name Sukoro, I kinda have to meet him. Would it be okay if I accompany you in this search? I promise I will be of help! My ears can hear from quite a distance, so I'm sure I would be able to pick up someone mentioning Sukoro."

She hopes that the girl wouldn't be too frightened by her size (in more ways than one) and her stature. She really just want to meet this Sukoro guy, maybe talk to him in Trade Malay or some language they're both familiar with. And hey! If she can make a German friend, all the better right?

--The Dragon Arrives--

@13org@Shirly Swad@Medili

Srkandi felt it. A sudden rush of wind, the feeling of dread rising within her. She is not intimately familiar with this feeling, but her brain is already scrambling to figure out potential solutions. This is incredibly bad, she knows that an imminent danger towards herself and her party is coming. She has read many a tome inside her family mansion's library, stories describing a dragon's arrival, and the might the dragon wields when humans are obstructing an objective the creature has to go through, whole villages torn apart. Cities burnt to ashes, and only a combination of magecraft, martial ability, and a little bit of luck is enough to kill the rampaging dragon.

This group only has 2 mages, an alchemist, and 2 warriors. This is not a combination that she feels any confidence on facing a dragon. Even a younger dragon would be a mess to deal with. If it is an elder dragon...

"EVERYONE!!" She turned towards the party. "We must get out of here, does anyone know a place where we can hide? I know when we're in danger and my senses are telling me that a dragon's quickly arriving. We must find a cave of we're-"

A sudden, massive roar cuts Srikandi off, as a massive snowstorm suddenly blew snow all over the party. Blinding everyone for a second, before Srikandi felt her stomach drop seeing the creature that made that little snowstorm...

A dragon, yellow in color. Standing many feet tall above everyone, surveying the damage brought forth by their little skirmish a while ago. It looks like a Younger dragon, so Srikandi felt some comfort in that fact, but should he (is it a he?) opens his mouth and blasts everyone with an electric current. There is very little she can do to protect them. And Srikandi has no interest in dying right now, she has family, she has friends, and she has this party of hers that she needs to protect. All of them (except that half orc) are good people, and the adventurer quickly put her mind to work, trying to devise a plan that can get them out of this mess ASAP.

"Anki... Anki" Srikandi whispered towards the automaton as the dragon slowly combed through the dead kobold. "Can you silently prepare a ward spell? Like a magical shield that can protect us? Please make it as discreet as possible. I don't want to tip the dragon on what we're preparing.

"You know that this is no use, right?" The dragon suddenly turned towards them. "Do what you want, mortals. But those kobolds are the trip-wire for anyone daring to enter these mountains. I am pretty sure, that that little meteor that hit our great table is the cause for your party's presence, and honestly? If you just paid the Kobolds the toll, none of what I'm about to do to you now would've happened."

Everyone felt a sudden ping of dread inside themselves. "But, I am a merciful one, despite you killing my minions. I highly respect an adventurer's party that can show strength like that. So, let me repeat what the Kobolds might say when you entered this particular valley then. Pay the toll, and I will let you go."

"What in the world is that sound?"

@deadpixel101@King Cosmos@DracoLunaris

"Did you hear that?"

The roar was felt even as far as the Great Table itself. With everyone suddenly turning their heads towards the sudden rumbling and roar that even shook the plastic table. Everyone, with the exception of Galmira herself, was now much more tense than usual. "Uhhh, Galmira. Is that one of yours too?" The Captain asked. "Most likely." She replied. "A younger dragon by the sound of it, much, much younger than me. Only a few centuries old, probably out there charging tolls to adventurers entering the Dragonspine."

"Wait, adventurers? There are adventurers in this world?" Almira asked again. "This is really a fantasy world isn't it? We just crashed into a fantasy world of swords and magic and dragons...

"I may not be familiar with what you refer to as 'fantasy' Almira, but yes, we do have swords, magic and dragons. Why do you ask?"

"I... nevermind that, since you mention the taste of humans. I take it that this adventurer's party probably consists of humans as well, right?"

"Most likely, yes."

"Then I need to prepare a small expedition. You can't seriously expect me to just sit by and watch a group of humans getting mauled by a dragon right?

Galmira then went silent for a while, a silence that seriously did nothing to make Almira anymore comfortable. Just as Almira was about to turn to Q-T and tell her to prepare the rovers for a combat expedition, the female dragoness turned her head once more, her eyes locking into Almira. "You know, perhaps I can be of help. I am well aware that my silence may be uncomfortable to you, but dragon to dragon fights are generally verboten among us. Even with that, I can still take you there. It will certainly be much faster than riding your... self driving carts around in this terrain."

That last sentence stunned Almira. Is... is she really going to do the trope now? "Wait, you aid that I can ride with you? Like? On your back ride with you?"

"Exactly. It will be much faster, and if that brat takes a shot at me. Then the rules will be broken and I can assist you in the fighting."

Almira knew this is a bad idea, riding a dragon on her back in this snowstorm is a surefire way to kill yourself, the workplace safety department will have a fit should they hear what Almira is gonna do here, and she has to set a good example for the crew as well. She is playing fast and loose, and the reactions of the crew will be all over the place should she take up Galmira on her offer...

"Alright, so, anyone else wanna ride on the dragon's back?" She asked everyone present. Galmira not bothering to interject. "I'm going to bring my assault rifle and some combat gear, Q-T, inform the security team to set up an expeditionary force, and then tell me whether you want to ride the dragon on her back or not. Okay?"
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