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Current Having the urge to scratch a cyberpunk itch... keep writing bits for a story but idk if I want to run it XD


You can write for 20 years and still have nagging self-doubt. It'll be ok, just enjoy the process. At least that's the story I tell myself.

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I'm sorry for not getting a post up and just lurking. I have a job interview coming up on Thursday that I'm trying to get ready for and there isn't much thinking about other things. I'll be delayed until likely this weekend, maybe sooner, sorry :).
I'll start off with @Krash: Your writing is absolutely on point...

Imma be real this made me a little uncomfortable hahaha. Thank you very much for the kind words, I appreciate the recognition tremendously. I've almost always enjoyed writing and, right alongside it, have almost always had nagging self-doubt and imposter syndrome which makes for a nice combination. I do admit that I'm right alongside you with Aeolian; I am quite jealous of how well they manage to maintain their own autonomy within the story. Both following the plot while also both having and pursuing their own goals makes for a much richer story and has always been something I struggled with.

Errikos "Conductor" Rigas CEC Proper - Meeting Room NA NA
It was always a bizarre feeling entering a place like this. Having been inside for so long made him naturally long for what he felt was fresh air, nature, things that he primally was drawn to as a human at some base level. Yet ever since the comet cursed him with these gifts, he felt welcomed in a place such as this. Walking down the hallways of the CEC, Errikos could feel the hum and rhythm all around him, like a heart beat, an artificial pulse. If he closed his eyes and really focused, he could… almost… make out an electric map in front of him like a neon road map filled with information. He couldn't make out the info of course, not like some cyber sec goon running packet capture to see what was in the stream but he could follow paths, directions. It could become overwhelming if he stayed in that dream for too long. Still, where birds and a breeze afforded a sense of liveliness outside, the digital chirping that only he seemed privy too gave these complexes their own life that he could toy with. He toyed with the idea of brains too. He'd been able to harness electricity, and what were brainwaves outside of electricity? Could he manipulate those? Could he dive into someone's mind? The potential for that was haunting and almost exciting. The ideas swirling in his own mind reminded him of sci-fi films he'd seen that were laughable fantasies at one time and now something he could potentially do now.

Errikos entered the meeting room with nonchalance, his clothing wasn't customized, his pants were tucked into his boots and his sleeves were rolled up to about his forearm but they weren't done with the pristine manner of the UDF military proper. There was nothing particularly striking about him save for two metal balls that floated around his left hand that was held just forward of his thigh as if he was holding a cell phone. It looked as though he were still a bit early as there were two, what looked to be women, and one general. Others filtered in and the meeting started. Errikos wasn't really paying attention to the other Aeons just yet. He was trying to focus, almost excessively, on the mission especially since the cast members meant this was far from ordinary.

Then the argument started. Errikos said nothing, he simply watched with a mild discomfort turned amusement fitting a melodrama. The balls around his hands zipped more aggressively as the tension in the room grew. He recognized Bahamut, it'd be almost impossible not to. He was like a living comic book hero with how the propaganda painted him. Errikos didn't really follow the athlete worship of following other Aeons outside of ones he'd personally worked with but even he knew Bahamut and… consequently, Garuda who was currently exchanging a verbal fight with the general. First day and this? This will be a good story for later… or it could kill me there's that too… best not think like that. He listened intently now, trying to make mental marks so he could jot them down later, he cursed himself for being so lazy about learning about his team. Usually it didn't matter, but with this being an entirely Aeon unit, it made more sense to know the other hot shots he was working with. One or two personalities was enough, he wondered what it would be like if the whole unit was a personality, his eyes drifted towards Featherswallow as that thought touched his mind. He didn't know much about her outside of her position and the drama that the paper's published and, while he wasn't trying to judge her unfairly, he was going to avoid her if possible.

As the meeting concluded, Errikos zipped away, catching a whiff of a sentence without really knowing its implications. "…are truly fucked. Do y…." It sounded like it came from the general judging by the tone but he couldn't be sure. What was the problem? Was Bahamut that big of a deal or was there something else? The UDF usually played that way, everything seemed like a shell game where everyone is watching the shells spin and move but seemingly only the tops in IntDiv actually knew where the pea was and what the real reason behind everything was. Errikos tried to brush it off as a topic to think about later. In the meantime he made his way towards the armory. He noted some of the others from the meeting doing the same. He grabbed what was needed. He wouldn't be playing in the sand as aggressively as the others so he grabbed a pump action grenade launcher, a compact PDW with a not so compact suppressor, an electrified telescoping baton, a portable drone, and a smattering of tools and tricks he enjoyed using and felt would be worthwhile.

After a while he had a combat pack and a haversack loaded with goodies and was on his way up to the surface. He wasn't going to go into the fun zone with the others and instead opted for the rooftop landing with a gunship. The pad was abuzz with staff that weren't going with them but were rather supporting them, mostly NavDiv logistics that were topping off the birds with ammo, gas, brakelight fluid, fuzzy dice, whatever… There was already a decent amount of noise so when the Conductor boarded the gunship, he didn't say anything to the door gunner he passed but rather just nodded and gave a thumbs up before grabbing a seat inside. He could already feel the nervous energy spinning up and his right foot bopped up and down on its toes to release some of it.

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Errikos entered the room with two metallic ball bearing sized orbs floating around his hands, didn't speak during the meeting went to grab his gear, and is now on one of the gunships that will make a rooftop landing. He found some amusement in the argument, and picked up the tiniest fragment from the conversation between the General and Garuda.
Everyone keeps changing their pfp and it's throwing me off XD working on a post now. Hopefully up today.
No no I’m sorry for not communicating it well I meant the actual tech we have with us. What we can bring. How ‘futuristic’ are we allowed to be. That kind of thing.
Very cool pieces, thanks for sharing.

Here's one for our villain in the psychic style.

Do we have to fight hi? XD Also. I may have missed this so I’m double checking. Tech wise how do you want us to ply it? Sling stuff in the Ic and if it’s too much, we walk it back, or do you want us to run things by you?
Admittedly a pretty cool app hahaha

Opening post is sweet, excited to get going!
Did I accidentally start a food theme? Lmao
I am a doofus lmao. My night mode was wonking the contrast and hues on some font colors so when I tried to choose a dark font to be unobtrusive, it made it glaringly bright.
Yes, let's change that right away. I've prepped the code for it and another color. Everyone can use this, and I'll use it myself when necessary.

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Replace - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Done and edited, I tried to do the same for the Lore footnotes to make it easier to pick out but I'm struggling to get colors working well on this website and whatever color code I use ends up a very harsh brightened version of the intended color lol. The guide at the bottom isn't helpful either for what the forum accepts. Or is the preview bugged?
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