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You can write for 20 years and still have nagging self-doubt. It'll be ok, just enjoy the process. At least that's the story I tell myself.

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@Prisk Yeahhhh being a sub is definitely a hit against the soul. Definitely are treated worse by virtually everyone. My long term assignments left me with anxiety attacks and a trip to the hospital for fear of a heart attack (just spicy anxiety I guess) so I really don't believe that education is right for me.
Do you work as a teacher? Substitute?

Resident/site sub for a high school and am trying to get out of education. No disrespect but it's not for me. Introvert self just gets too drained.
So, sorry school started up this week and everything's mach 5 with the new students and a job interview on Monday. I'm hoping to get a post up this weekend during the lull. :)
@Krash I noticed you changed Errikos codename to Dreamer. Was curious as to why.

Honestly felt that Conductor did not roll off the tongue well and explored different forms of Deus ex Machina and machine related phrases, but nothing really stuck out. I toyed with the idea that souls and that Errikos isn't his body since he can jump into electronics so to speak and realized I accidentally'd Ghost in the Shell but again, nothing really clicked outside of cliche stuff like "Ghost" or "Specter" etc. I toyed with the Matrix route too of using technical terms ala Switch, Cypher and what not as it would make sense but... didn't narrow it down. I finally landed on Dreamer since he appears to be unconscious while he's diving. I really don't feel like I've gotten it right yet and honestly am still working on it... If you're wanting to snag that title, then by all means, go for it.

Tbh I'd been so focused on my cybersecurity test that I took earlier today I wasn't putting as much effort into this lol.

annnnnd now that I have some time without haranguing myself over studying, name changed. Peter can have all the dream stuff to themselves lol
Gonna stay lazy and just roll Errikos, he's a good character and I need to get over this bullshit I've developed of making characters that just don't socialize XD
That's is pretty assuring and good to hear!

It's just me and I only have the thing about wanting to fit in with the group and previous bad experiences elsewhere that has made me overthink too much for my own good.

I've already started some work on my character.

Send that shit and join the rest of the self-conscious and overthinking group. ;)

And on that note... I'm... not sure about Errikos atm, I know I said that earlier but it'll take me a bit to decide whether A. He's unchanged, B. He's here but altered or C. He gets shelved and replaced.
Understandable, I appreciate the honesty from both of you and look forward to the second take. School is getting ready to start for me and being a teacher typically means lower engagement here but we'll see. I've honestly enjoyed reading the characters and bits created and would like it to continue. On that note I mayyyyyyy want to restructure Errikos a touch, not sure how yet... idk he feels a bit disconnected from the group. My stupid habit of making characters that don't engage well XD.
Oh no, I just goofed and left it there as a placeholder. Thanks for the compliment :) sorry for taking so long lol

DAY 1 《》 LOCATION Group B LZ, apartment building outside Steelwater 《》 Late Morning 《》 [@]


That's why people hate the UDF.

The thought rattled around in Errikos' mind as his gunship cleared a ridgeline allowing him to see what was the remainder of the city. Towers crumpled and falling in the distance as monstrous explosions sent shockwaves through the air rattling the crew inside. There was little in the way of restraint either as the explosions seemed to hit everywhere. For a moment, his heartrate spiked and he found himself breathing faster as the image before him became intertwined with the memory of the last moments of Belleconna as the massive rock crashed down and the screams of those in the distance at their impending death became overwhelmed by the raw force of the impact. Rigas had to move away from the window to focus his breath. We're doing as much damage as them… no wonder there's a resistance movement. The helo continued to rhythmically shake as the shells fell, and with each impact, the disgust rose in Errikos, if he was strong enough he'd reach out to disable their guns but they were well beyond what he'd been able to accomplish thus far. Still, he had to ignore them as best as he could because he had objectives here.

Comms chatter lit up as the other helo began it's descent with Garuda spearpointing the strike. Using the comms systems, Errikos tapped into his helo and used it as an amplifier for his power to jump to the other helo and tapped into their onboard camera to watch the insertion. Between her and a male with a sword he didn't know well, they were easily cutting through the crowd. That'd draw even more aggro and make his life easier.

"2 minutes!"

The line rattled from the cockpit and Errikos pulled himself back, blinked wide to center himself and went towards the back ramp. He was getting dropped on the roof of an three story apartment building.

"Alright out! Out! Kick some ass!"

The ramp was lowered and he was out the back onto the rooftop. The dust swirled immensely from dirt and debris making Errikos shield his mouth from the storm as the helo pulled off to go support the other group in the hot zone. Once the bird was gone Errikos took a long drawn out look at Steelwater burning in the distance. "Blessed Mother...Was that them or us?" Jets tore through the sky above with much more focused fire rumbling in the valley beyond like thunder and Errikos could feel a small tinge of relief… at least the NavDiv pilots weren't so reckless.

The graying man did one last check of his gear, stowed his PDW, and deployed his drone from the roof. He'd be relatively secure here and could survey his next move in the absence of good intel and provide some support to the others. It was quite a large model that folded in on itself. Made it bulkier but it was much quieter when operating and allowed for a larger battery and uptime. He interfaced with the drone and at once it was soaring up through the air. The entire operation would have dedicated surveillance droned tethered to an AWACS or command post in the area so Errikos didn't bother sending it towards them. His task was further in the city.

With a thought he engaged the microphone, "Group B secure at LZ, commencing operation."

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The secondary gunship landed on an apartment building some distance away from Group A and at the outskirts of Steelwater before taking off to provide gun support to Group A. I don't know if anyone else is on the Group B gunship so I didn't write that in. Errikos posted on the roof and deployed a drone to scout the city itself.


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